Charlie Haas's Return
May 4, 2006 by Chris Rowly

Firstly, I would just like to introduce myself. My name's Chris Rowley and I live in the UK. The UK part is important because I am using British English spellings, not American English. Not that this actually that important, because almost everybody will know what I am trying to say, I just didn't want to appear stupid.

A few weeks ago on RAW, much to my delight, Charlie Haas, (of 'The Worlds Greatest Tag-Team' fame), returned to WWE programming. As a wrestling fan who scours the Internet daily for the latest news and updates, I already knew of Haas resigning with the WWE and was excited about his return. However, I didn't know that this much anticipated return was going to happen on the April 17th edition of RAW, and was as surprised as, well a very surprised person, to hear the music was echoing throughout the St. Louis arena. It took me a moment to realise that this was in fact the much-missed, technically sound Charlie Haas. I then realised that a dream match of mine was about to take place; Charlie Haas vs. Shelton Benjamin, former Tag-Team Champions and two of my favourite wrestlers of the brand-split WWE era. Two technically sound, and in many ways high-flying, Superstars about to have a match many had been waiting for, for a long time. The match between Haas and Benjamin was awesome, and I mean AWESOME.

I was sad to see Charlie Haas and WWE part ways in July of 2005, as he was the highlight of SmackDown! for me. The release was one of about a dozen when it seemed WWE were ridding themselves of Superstars they deemed wouldn't be able to bring in the ratings. In many cases I agreed with many of the releases made by WWE in the summer of 2005, but not this one. Haas seemed able to work with anyone in the ring, and also had mike skills. When teamed with Benjamin, I felt Haas was the stronger of the two when it came to cutting promos, as well as with in-ring ability. Haas also showed these skills when teamed with 'Gay Icon' Rico Cosantino (released by WWE in November 2004). Although the promos were mainly left to Rico, Haas showed that he could 'work the mike', when he could get hold of one.

After the surprise release of Rico, Haas was left to team with Hardcore Holly, after calling of his engagement with real-life lover Jackie Gayda (on WWE television, not real-life). The Haas-Holly team was going nowhere fast and the WWE team decided it was time for them and Haas to part ways. Also released was Jackie Gayda.

Haas resigned with WWE in December of 2005, but was unable to return to the roster straight away because of prior agreements with Indy Feds he had promised to uphold.

I was surprised to see Haas on RAW, as I thought much of the wrestling on SmackDown! was more his style, but, no, I was wrong. Haas and Benjamin had one hell of a match, the first of many to come I hope, and I look forward to seeing him on WWE television more often.

by Chris Rowly

CMA wrote:
I think it was a very over the top statement to stress that Haas's return match on RAW against Shelton Banjamin was 'EXCELLENT' afterall the main contributer to the match was it's basis that it was a match between old tag-team partners, I mean what else did the match really have" Also the part about Haas's 'mic skills' I thought wasn't necessary because as far as Haas goes who's honestly concentrating on his mic work"
Kamil wrote:
I really don't get the point of your column. You mainly just talked about how excited you were about Charlie Haas returning. You also gave some facts on him, but that is it.

It is obvious you are a Charlie Haas fan, and you are obviously a fan who likes to stick up for their wrestler no matter what, but let me tell you. This column served no purpose. You just mainly told about how you love Charlie Haas. Let me tell you frankly, no one really cares. You gave people nothing to talk about. And Charlie Haas is not as good as you believe buddy.

I'm just putting this to tell you in case you don't have many responses. Next time you make a comlumn. I think you should make it better. Hmm, maybe..... I don't know. Give a subject for people to talk about.





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