Will Batista Defend His Title Again"
January 8, 2006 by Clancy Moar

It seems that it has been much too long since Batista defended his coveted World Heavyweight Championship against anybody. He has not defended it since No Mercy which was what" 4-5 months ago" And my question to him is... When will you put your title on the line you big nancy boy!"

If you are a frequent viewer of Smackdown! like myself, I'm sure you might be wondering, why hasn't Dave put his title on the line for so long" Hasn't he held the title for too long" And why the hell does he do that weird dance thing at the start of his entrance" Well my friends, if you asked me, I would simply say that the animal has turned into somewhat of a kitten when it comes to risking the gold and needs to be put in his place. Also, I believe the reason he has kept the title for so long is because he has only defended the World Title one-on-one. Don't you think he could have been in at least one Triple Threat Championship Match" I mean take a look at John Cena; he's risking his title against 5 other men in an Elimination Chamber match at New Years Revolution. And he took on Jericho and Christian at Vengeance, Masters and Angle on RAW, Angle & Michaels at Taboo Tuesday, what more do you want"

Please let us recap Batista's recent Pay-Per-View results, shall we"

Armageddon: Batista & Rey Mysterio vs. Big Show & Kane (Victory to Big Show and Kane)

Survivor Series: (Team Smackdown!) Batista, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, Bobby Lashley & JBL vs. (Team RAW) Big Show, Kane, Chris Masters, Carlito & Shawn Michaels (Victory to Team Smackdown!)

Taboo Tuesday: Street Fight - Batista vs. Jonathan Coachman w/ Goldust & Vader (Victory to Batista)

No Mercy: World Heavyweight Championship - Batista vs. Eddie Guerrero (Victory to Batista)

Tisk, Tisk, Tisk.

Last time was at No Mercy" You've gotta be kidding me! Cena has defended his WWE Championship at every Pay-Per-View he's been included in since he took hold of the damn thing!

And why have both Cena and Batista held these titles for so long" I'm finding it to be bloody boring! What I would give for Michaels or Angle to take the gold or JBL or Undertaker or Even Rey Mysterio to be wearing that belt that has been around those abs for much too long. What I would like to see again is the Undisputed title coming back and anyone from RAW or Smackdown! being able to grasp it. Perhaps if Batista and Cena were able to hang on the belts till Wrestlemania XXII (22) maybe Cena, Batista and the 2006 Royal Rumble Winner could go for all the gold! Who knows" Perhaps even a fatal fourway"

Anywho... that's all I got --- Thanks for reading!

by Clancy Moar..

Antonio Figueroa wrote:
You do realize that Batista's lack of title defenses is because he has a serious back injury, right" And that he probably won't be defending at WM now because he has a triceps injury" They will most likely be stripping him of the title in the next few weeks.
Tyrone Hunter wrote:
Hey Guy, you know wrestling is not real and is all based around storylines, how old are you" Uh yeah, everyone knows the situation with the SmackDown! roster since the death of Eddie and uh Batista is injuried for real for real. Besides its not even Batista's call if he defends his title. Dude what are you on" There is really no one else to hold the spot of the world champion, expect for Randy Orton, but their (creative writing team) is going to drag that one out. JBL had his title run, Booker and Beniot holding down the U.S. title division, but rest assure you can never be sure with WWE, check out what happen this past Sunday at NYR. And Batista doing a dance at the begining of his entrance, its obvious that Batista is holding an imaginary uzi or some sort of gun and pretending to shoot it, then throwing if its his fist or even the imaginary guns while the fireworks explode. The Boogeyman and Scotty Too Hotty do dances to their entrance, not Batista. Dude, put down the hashpipe, cuz its clear you just wanna take up space and write some bulls**t article. Will Batista defend his title, you need to get one of you smoking buddies and have them defend your ridiculous article! Nuff said.
Pat Stergos wrote:
He has a back injury and a brief reign as Tag-Team champs. He can't be your monkey all the time.
Jesse Lee wrote:
I realized this too. Batista hasn't defended his title for the longest of time. However, you have to look at it this way. He's injured and there's no one else who should be champion on SD! Taker only shows up a few times, Randy should be saved for future purposes, and-if you don't remember-JBL was a dud. Btw, I personally liked JBL, even when nobody else did. SD! has no one in the championship calibre (in their minds) to beat Batista at the moment. Of course, I'd do something with Chris Benoit, but that's just me marking out. Anyway, it wasn't until they found (by which, I mean brought back) Mark Henry when they decided to put Batista in a one-one SL feud. Who do I think will beat Batista" Not sure. When will he be beaten" Not sure. Will people complain about the new champion as much as they did with Batista" Of course.
Daniel Johnson wrote:
Batista defended his title on the November 25, 2005 episode of Smackdown against Randy Orton. He would've defended it the previous week against Randy Orton and Eddie Guerrero in a Triple Threat Match but it was canceled due to the death of Eddie Guerrero.

Unlike John Cena, Batista was involved in the RAW vs. Smackdown storyline. He wasn't going to have World Title defenses against RAW superstars at that time. He wasn't in a rivalry with anybody on Smackdown so he wasn't going to defend the title. He was facing RAW Superstars at the PPVs and WWE usually only has title defenses on PPV.

He was then going for the Tag Team titles with Rey Mysterio. He's not going to defend the title in tag team matches. Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro aren't serious contenders for his title so they won't go for it even though that's who he's rivaling. Now, it looks as if he'll face Mark Henry at Royal Rumble
Ashton wrote:
I AM SO GLAD JOHN CENA'S TITLE REIGN IS OVER. But for Batista's title reign, he has been very impressive. But the upcoming feud with Mark Henry will be A HUGE Disaster, Mark Henry has no talent, but his strength impresses me alot. So when Batista eventually loses his title, Randy Orton will be announced the winner after hitting the RKO on the biggest stage of them all WM22.
Satinder B. wrote:
I think the reason Dave Batista is not able to defend his title because of his back injury. Remember the Triple Threat Match that was suppose to be aired. Batista Vs Randy Orton Vs Eddie Guerrero ( Bless his soul ). Rumor's held that Eddie Guerrero was suppose to be victorious that night, and take the Title. Anyway nice written article.
Whittle20 wrote:
"Great column. I know what you mean Clancy. However, the real reason why Batista hasn't defended the title for so long is because he has nobody to defend to! To me there is no real great challengers anymore on Smackdown! at the moment. If the late, great Eddie Guerrero was still alive today, I would be quite happy to see him as champion. Also, people like Undertaker, Randy Orton and Chris Benoit who have held a world title, are not ready for the main spot at the moment. For God's sake, they are pushing a crappy feud with Batista and Mark Henry! With no decent challengers to the belt, I see Batista holding the belt for quite a while more.



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