The Perfect Match
August 8, 2005 by Cody LaPoint

History tends to repeat itself. Wrestling history is no exception, including ratings and attendance. Wrestling hit a big boom in the 80's, but then lost a lot of steam in the early to mid 90's. Then the Attitude Era hit, and wrestling, as a whole, was big again. WWF, WCW, and at times even ECW were getting great ratings, as well as many more PPV buys than ever before. But then the competition died.

You know the story from there - WCW got bought out, ECW went bankrupt, and WWF reigned supreme. After that, WWF was changed to WWE, and wrestling seemed to be at an all time low.

However, it is now 2005, only four months away from 2006, and the all mighty, mega power that is losing money, WWE, has finally got some competition. NWA-TNA jumped onto the scene in 2002, and has since been gaining some speed in becoming the next number two promotion. And Ring Of Honor, much like ECW in the mid to late nineties, has a growing, loyal fanbase, and wrestlers that could out wrestle just about any wrestler in WWE, mind a certain few (you know who they are). And fans of the wrestling business, excuse me, "smarks", are already jumping to conclusions, saying ROH and TNA are going to out wrestle, and out entertain WWE. However, reality looks as if it has a different feeling on this subject.

Wrestling, as a whole, is in a really bad state, financially. WWE is starting to run in smaller venues, some they have never even been to before. TNA hasn't worked more than one arena in the past two years. And ROH, while continuing to expand it's popularity and fanbase, is still only doing tiny arenas that only locals know about.

That is why we, the wrestling online community and actually every wrestling fan, needs to start giving back to the wrestling companies that have entertained us for so many years. Instead of just watching it on TV and computer, start going to more shows. Any show would be fine. Instead of looking at wrestling merchandise, buy it. Buy as much as you can. The wrestling promotions would sure love your money, and companies like ROH and TNA could finally get a fighting chance.

I'm not going to tell you to just give all of your money to the companies. You're going to get it back in return. That's what the title points toward. Wrestling and eBay, are indeed the perfect match, much like a cattle prod and a cow's unwelcome mat, or Rey Mysterio, Jr. and Psicosis. You could buy merchandise, like a Homicide shirt, or any ROH show you can find, straight from their website, and then sell it on eBay. Therefore, the promotion gets money, you keep your money, and some person that might stumble upon the item on eBay might get a newfound interest in wrestling, plus a new shirt or tape as an added bonus.

Feedback would be very appreciated, just to get the gist of what everybody is thinking.

by Cody LaPoint ..

Ray Thomas wrote:
I Feel the same way about supporting local, independent, and mainstream wrestling. I usually go once a month to this local wrestling show called WARRIORS OF WRESTLING( As for WWE, can't afford the tickets but I do buy the DVDs. I'm also a avid fan For Combat Zone Wrestling, Ring Of Honor, and IWA-Mid South. BY THE WAY, IF YOU'RE A IWA MID SOUTH FAN, PLEASE SUPPORT THEM. THEY ARE IN DANGER OF CLOSING DOWN BY THE END OF THE YEAR. FOR MORE INFO, PLEASE GO TO THEIR WEBSITE AND VISIT THERE FORUMS. As for the Wrestling in general, of course like you said, wrestling is at a all time low. Maybe to Me, It's because the lack of interest in it. Everyone strives to bring something new to the table but if you seen one Hardcore claiming to be different promotion, you've seen em' all. So to me, with the rate that wrestling is going, it's not gonna be around much longer if it continues like this. TNA has a a bright future if they invest it right. So does ROH. But it's gonna take all of us to make this thing work. To all smarks that get on here and bash promotions and shows for no apparent reason and just do it to hear yourself type, you're not helping the cause. You're only killing it. To everybody else, keep supporting wrestling as a whole. I've been a fan since the early to mid 90s and the last thing I wanna see is for wrestling to be non existent on TV and in general. By the way, SUPPORT WOMEN'S WRESTLING. WOMEN ON WWE (EXCEPT FOR VICTORIA) ARE NOT LEGITIMATE WRESTLERS. THEY'RE EYE CANDY!
samw wrote:
You sound like a marketing department spokesperson at WWE. I hope you don't mind but I think I'll watch it on TV and follow the rest on the internet.



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