RAW Diva Devastation
June 20, 2006 by Cody Rochel

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Over the past few months, WWE RAW Divas have been plagued with injuries and losses. Divas aren't a HUGE part of the WWE, but they are important nevertheless, especially to RAW. On RAW, Trish, Ashley, and Beth all appeared to be on the chase for the Women's Championship. Now that they're temporarily out of the picture, who will step in to the Women's Title race and how long will it be before the injured Divas return"

Trish Stratus was probably on the verge of regaining her title at Backlash 2006. That all changed when she suffered a shoulder injury during her match against Mickie James for the Women's Title. That put Trish out of action for a couple of weeks. Hopefully, she will return somewhere in the near future and be back in the title hunt.

Ashley was possibly going to get a Women's Title shot until her leg injury in February 2006 during a Diva Battle Royal. That put her out of action for a couple of weeks. She then made an appearance on RAW in March just to be tied to a chair by Mickie James. Excepted to return to RAW, Ashley surprised everyone by appearing on SmackDown!. Now that she's not on RAW, she can only go for the Women's Title after she's gone through her new storyline on SmackDown!.

Beth Phoenix has experience prior to the WWE, which better qualifies her to have the Women's Title. Beth started of in wrestling industries such as Far North Wrestling and Ohio Valley Wrestling. Beth was signed to RAW in early May 2006. As soon as she debuted, Beth joined forces with Trish Stratus and called Mickie a psycho. About a month later, Beth suffered an injury in her jaw during her first single match against Victoria. That required some surgery and a metal plate. If Beth wants her title shot, she'll have to wait until her injury heal, which won't be until at least September (maybe later).

Torrie Wilson started off her wrestling career in the WCW around 1999 and aligned with the likes of David Flair, The Filthy Animals, Billy Kidman, and Shane Douglas. Eventually, she was signed to the WWE in June 2001. She started off by doing a few matches and managing Tajiri for a little while. For the next couple of years, she feuded with various Divas such as Dawn Marie and Sable. To this day, the Women's Title has been out of Torrie Wilson's grasp. Maybe it is her time to shine and capture the title from Mickie James.

Candice Michelle isn't exactly the most deserving for the Women's Title. Although she is easy on the eyes, she doesn't have many aggressive moves. She is better at posing for Playboy than wrestling but still not that bad of a wrestler. Candice has no wrestling experience prior to the WWE but she is learning fast. For her first few months in the WWE, Candice stayed aligned with Torrie Wilson. They eventually started a feud with Candice remaining a Heel while Torrie turned into a Face. Recently, all she has been doing is "flirting" with Vince McMahon. For right now, Candice has a small chance of holding the Women's Title.

Victoria, having held the Women's Title twice, is surely qualified to be in the hunt for the Women's Title. Being a previous bodybuilder also shows that she should get another shot at being in the Women's Title storyline. I also noticed that she was voted the best RAW Diva in the 2005 Awards. Seeing how she is the strongest Diva on the current RAW roster, Victoria is definitely a possible choice to be back in the Women's Title race.

Maria has thus far been a cute, innocent backstage interviewer on RAW. She has been in a few matches but none of those matches really meant anything or even lasted long. One of her matches was for the Women's Title but like most of her matches, it didn't last very long and Maria lost. Maria's experience with wrestling is minimal and she will need to learn some more skills before she can actually win the Women's Title. If she wants to just keep being an interviewer, she can do that too.

Melina has just recently made a swap from SmackDown! to RAW. By doing this, she has a better chance of getting involved with the Women's Title race again. The last time she got a Women's Title shot was at Survivor Series 2005. At that event, Melina lost to Trish Stratus, who was the current Women's Titleholder at the time. Ever since then, she has just been managing Joey M. and Johnny N. until their break up. Now that she's on RAW, Melina's chances at the Women's Title are getting better.

Lita used to be a fairly decent wrestler but for the last year, she has just been walking to the ring with Edge. It wasn't always that way. She used to be a fairly good competitor. She even held the Women's Championship twice. Ever since her plot with Kane, she has done remotely nothing. I suppose it COULD have something to do with her ACL injury, but that happened over a year ago. If she feels up to it, she should consider getting off Edge and back into the Women's Title race.

Stacy Keibler has a fairly long history in wrestling. It all started when she won the Nitro Girl Search in 1999 and became Nitro Girl Skye. The Nitro Girls eventually broke up and Stacy became Miss Hancock. Over the next year or two, Stacy went through a storyline involving her pregnancy. Eventually, she ended up joining WWE when Vince McMahon bought WCW. In her early WWE years, Stacy managed the Dudley Boyz, Test, and Scott Steiner. Stacy was even voted 2004 Babe of the Year on She eventually got into some matches on RAW. Very few of those matches were for the Women's Championship. She then went to SmackDown! and was involved in very few matches. From what I've heard, Stacy is just about finished with the WWE. If she is, her title shot will be forever out of her grasp.

These little mishaps have to stop. The WWE can't just keep on signing new Divas to replace the injured or released ones. It won't solve their problems forever. Perhaps the Divas should practice more often so they won't severely injure themselves again and again. Seeing how DX is reuniting, bringing Chyna into the picture would also qualify her to be in the Women's Title race. Although, she may want to get into the Intercontinental Title race like she did before. One way or another, these Diva injuries must come to an end.

by Cody Rochel ..

Stephen wrote:
To Cody-- Chyna isn't coming back to join DX. And why would WWE give the belt to Torrie Wilson or Candice Michelle" They can't even wrestle
Dylan L. wrote:
Who really cares" I know I don't. I don't want to watch a horrible "wrestling" match between girls, I don't care about the Women's Division. I know a lot of other people don't either. In fact i think they should remove the Women's Title, and replace it with the European Title. Basically, i don't care about the Women's Division, and I know a lot of other people don't either.
Simeon Hubbard wrote:
I think that it's time for Victoria, Lita, and Melina to step-up and take the ball into their court, b/c the last time the Women's Title was defended on RAW was on April 10th against Maria and the last time that it was defended on a PPV was @ BACKLASH.

I think that Vinnie Mac should either let someone w/REAL talent step-up or the Women's Division is only going to get worse, I mean Torrie and Maria are not ready for the Title shot and Candice would be a MAJOR crime, b/c she is completly talentless.

I'vs said this many times, I would hate to see a precious title like the WWE Women's Title go to waist.

Either Vinnie Mac comes up w/somebody to take the title, or I'm afraid that the Women's Title in the WWE will be no more, I mean ever since the injuries to Trish, Ashley, and Beth Phoenix, the Women's Division has gotten completly boring, w/the Wet 'N' Wild Matches and that STUPID Tag Team Bra & Panties Match.

Come on Vinnie Mac GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, before you losee all of your REAL talented ladies to TNA and they'll be MORE successful.

Also if the WWE was smart a couple of years ago they would have brought back the Women's Tag Team Titles.

I'm tired of the talking, I'm tired of degrading matches, and I'm definately tired of seeing the Diva Search and that STUPID Diva Dodgeball, I want to see wrestling for a change.
Jonathan wrote:
The Diva's are great for posing, but as far as wrestling goes, its not the greatest. There's only 4 women Divas that have any wrestling skill at all. Mickie James (The best one might I add), Trish Stratus, Beth Phoenix, and Victoria. To be honest, Mickie James really saved the Women's division. But other than the four I mentioned, there's nobody else. I think Lita should definitely wrestle more. She was a great female wrestler in her day and still could be. But a big mistake that the WWE made was getting rid of Gail Kim. And as much as I like TNA Wrestling, I hate seeing Gail Kim over there because it's a waste of her good talent having her walk down the aisle with Jeff Jarrett and company. Plus TNA doesn't even have a women's division. If you put Lita back in the mix and have Gail Kim, then the women's division would be much more interesting then it is now.
Christopher Powell wrote:
Hey, you forgot Kristal Marshall and Jilian Hall. They have way better wrestling skills than Candice, Torrie, or Maria. If Vince can just get the idea into his head that Divas don't belong on Smackdown! then they will probably move to RAW. Maybe they can trade Kristal and Jilian for one male wrestler(say, Matt Striker, Rene Dupree, or Rob Conway). That will probably never happen, though. You're also forgetting two other potential Divas: the 2006 Diva Search Winner, and Jackie Gayda. She's married to Charlie Haas(who just freakin' RULES), and she got "fired" from TNA. Other than that, I agree with your article.
Simeon Hubbard wrote:
First of all TNA IS going to get a Women's Division as soon as they sign more women, and they said that they are more interested in signing the former divas that have been released.

Second Gail Kim says that she enjoys being a wrestler as well as a valet as long as there is NO T&A, and WWE showed their true colors by promoting eye candy nonsense and also Gail Kim and Traci have wrestled in TNA LIVE House SHows and as soon as they get enough women THEN they would have a better Women's Division, and also Jackie Gayda is NOT fired from TNA it was all part of the show, and until TNA gets a Women's Division we'll just have to be patient.

Also the RAW Women's Division has gotten completly boring b/c of all of the SPorts Entertainment nonsense, I mean ever since Beth Phoenix's injury they had Torrie and Candice compete in STUPID T&A matches like Wet 'N' WIld Contests in which the wonner gets the Magazine Cover for the WWE Summer Special Magazine.

Also VICTORIA is a TRUE professional athlete and is one the best and she is INDEED one of my all time favorite wrestlers in the Women's Division along w/Gail Kim, Lita, Jillian Hall and many other REAL talented athletes, but as far as I'm concerned much like the WWE CW Title Vinnie Mac has also let the WWE Women's Title go to waste, I mean when was the last time the Women's Title was defended on RAW back in April and hasn't been defended ever since.

Also WWE is about to get MORE boring b/c they are going to start another Diva Search, I mean when is Vinnie Mac going to stop w/this Diva Search Nonsense"


You know what: I LOVE TNA b/c it's wrestling, but I think that WWE is not interested a Women's Division b/c if they were then they would know how to manage it right by NOT having all this eye candy GARBAGE.

Also instead of having wrestling we have to put up w/Jerry "The King" Lawler and the MALE WWE Fans screaming PUPPIES, GIVE IT A REST.
Cindy Dorman wrote:
Jackie did not get fired from TNA! she can't wrestle anyway I say the next womans champ should be Victoria or Lita but it's probably goin to be beth :(
Sam McIver, Jr. wrote:
I agree with some of the comments stated in the RAW Diva Devistation column. RAW doesnt really have any real wrestling talent nowadays. To me the divas seem like "Random Wrestling Bimbos". I mean they are hot to look at but their matches are horrible because they are always the same.




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