Who Cares About Umaga"
August 23, 2006 by Cole McManus

I was watching RAW on August 7, and the main event for the night was billed as Triple H vs. Umaga. Only Umaga wasn't billed simply as Umaga. Instead, he was billed as "The Undefeated" Umaga. My question was, "Who cares if he's undefeated"" More importantly, who cares about Umaga in general" Umaga is a terrible addition to WWE.

For one thing, what's the use in calling him undefeated when you look at the list of wrestlers he's defeated" They've been no-name jobbers, jobbers from Heat (Eugene, Viscera), and old-timers (Jim Duggan and Kamala).In fact, the only big name guys he HAS defeated are Ric Flair, HHH, HBK, and John Cena, and to defeat three out of four of those guys, he got help from outside interference. And his in-ring abilities are not that impressive either. Here's what you get from a Umaga match: flying headbutts, the Samoan Spike, and that running butt squash in the corner thing. Don't get me wrong. These moves could probably kill you if they were really applied, but I'd rather see a match that's both physically and mentally challenging rather than see Umaga just mercilessly beat the crap out of someone just to fill some "uncivilized savage" role.

Speaking of which, this whole "savage" gimmick that the WWE has stuck on Eddie Fatu sucks. First of all, it's based on stereotypes that are more suited to the nineteenth century rather than the twenty-first century. Secondly, since it's a stereotype, it's more suited for the exaggerated cartoonish era of the 80's and early 90's. Oh wait...wait a minute...oh, that's right. This was already done with The Headshrinkers! Something's wrong when creative has to recycle old gimmicks. These days, the characters who make the professional wrestling are supposed more real with a more human touch (ex: Edge, Angle, Van Dam), not over the top meatheads.

Is Umaga supposed to be WWE's answer to Samoa Joe" If so, TNA has clearly won this battle. Samoa is a REAL Samoan WRESTLER, not just a Samoan who throws power moves (although he can, and better than Umaga). His abilities have led him to the domination of the X-Division (and TNA in general). The man is going to be the NWA World Heavyweight Champion one day. AND, he's undefeated in singles action by defeating credible wrestlers without the help of someone else. The list includes A.J. Styles, Christopher Daniels, Sabu, and Scott Steiner. Who's Umaga defeated" Steve Lewington (and if you don't know who that is, then my point has been proven).

Umaga is not impressive in any sense of the word. The only thing to do is to drop him. But I'd say keep ARMANDO ALEJANDRO ESTRAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDAAAAAAAA, just because every time he says his name, it sounds awesome.

by Cole McManus ..

Kirsten F wrote:
I agree 100% that all Umaga does is destroy and no-one really cares. Although he has defeated some of the greats on RAW but we don't need him. I agree strongly on the point of keeping ARMANDO ALEJANDRO ESTRAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDAAAAAAAA because him saying his name is legendary itself.
David Macnab wrote:
I agree with 2 Major points. 1) WWE's answer to TNA's Samoa Joe is Umaga. And TNA have won the battle 2) And Also. Keep Armando Alejandro Estrada. His name sounds Awsome
Rich Lehmann wrote:
Uh, me, I do. First off, anybody that ever saw 3 Minute Warning knows that the now Fatu can handle himself in the ring. I saw him do a moonsault (although a bit sloppy) off the top rope to put Jeff Hardy through a table on the outside of the ring. From a guy his size that's scary stuff. And second, as far as the Pacific Islander stereotype, he has a Pacific Islander tribal tattoo across his face... ACROSS HIS FACE! What are they supposed to do with him, have him initiate the return of I.R.S." Or maybe he could be Jerry Lawler's evil dentist. People don't tattoo their face to make themselves look more civilized. Where have you seen people with his type of tattoo, photos of Pacific Island warriors and the guy that rents surfboards in Tahiti. I think they made the wise choice. Sure they could play up the warrior and play down the savage canibal but he's a heel and this is scarier. WWE has a huge 8 year old audiance (sure it stinks but then again, that's when I started watching it.) That's why it's always been gimmick heavy. Lastly, Samoa Joe kiss A$$ because he's amazing, not because he has Samoa in his name. They barely even play the Samoan angle at all. Samoa Joe would be a travesty in WWE. A 300 lb guy doing suicide dives has zero margin for error, he's an insurance nightmare. Vince would slow him down and cut most of his most visual moves until he ended up looking like Umaga anyway. Umaga is a solid addition to RAW.
Nathaneal Shearon, wrote:
You must be on drugs to say Umaga is not exciting! Umaga is a lightning bolt of energy. He comes out of nowhere, kicks everybody's ass, samoan spikes you, and leaves you for dead! And just think about the possible future story lines. Umaga turns on Estrada! Umaga finds love ( Fabolous Mulah would be good! ), Umaga gets HIS ass kicked for once...And actually his victories are a who's who of sports entertainment! Stop hating on Umaga, not everybody can be your favorite wrestler, Simon Dean!!!!
Kyle Gurrent wrote:
What the hell is that ''Samoa is a REAL Samoan WRESTLER'' comment supposed to mean anyway. Are you implying that Eddie isn't a real Samoan" And As for recycling wrestling gimmicks.........Um, that's what wrestling IS, has and WILL ALWAYS DO. No matter what promotion it is. So that comment is irrelevant. Next comment, yeah Samoa Joe has beaten more credible people but, HOW LONG HAS HE BEEN IN TNA! Yeah that's what I thought. Umaga's been in the wwe for how many MOUNTHS AND JOES BEEN WITH TNA FOR HOW MANY YEARS" Give umaga some time to develop more credible victories, before you start bashing him in articles. And to the ''is umaga supposed to be Joe's counterpart in someway"'' comment. WHO CARES" I mean really! How many people watch TOTAULLY NEEDS AUCTION anyway, 1.2 million, 1.5, exactly" Fact is, if Joe were brought into wwe, the fans would see Joe as the rip off not umaga, just due to Joe's lack of exposure. Umaga can't wrestle" And you know this how" Oh let me guess, from watching choreographed booking on a live worldwide television wrestling show. You want to blame somebody for umaga coming off as lame, blame wwe creative, everyone else is nowadays (AND RIGHTFULLY SO!). Fact is, you really aren't in the position to say if umaga can wrestle or not, since you never wrestled him or even been in a wwe ring. You aren't a wrestling expert, until you strap up some boots and head down to developmental. AND EVEN THEN IT TAKES YEARS JUST TO BE SURE YOU REALLY KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOU'RE DOING. Then you can call yourself an expert and say people can't wrestle. But since you haven't, you can't call someone a bad wrestler if you've never wrestled them. With this article, you just come across as a stereotypical stupid internet mark sitting on your ass, criticizing someone's wrestling moves that you couldn't pull off in your wildest dreams. And in writing stupid articles like this, make the rest of us look bad. I didn't like umaga when I first saw him and Im not too fond of him now. Not wrestling wise because contrary to your statement, umaga can wrestle, just look at some of his ovw tapes on youtube (that is if wwe hasn't taken them off!). But character wise, because ranting like a wild man while you perform eye opening power moves just wont get me to cheer for him. So, I may not like some superstars, and I have the right to say they have a stupid character (as it comes with the price of admission). I also have the right to say that he has bad mic skills, but I wouldn't dare go as far as to say he can't wrestle, when I've never been one on one with the man or even met him in person for that matter. So Cole, keep your comments in your head if they all sound like this, because if they do, then you might come across to a lot of people as slow.
Nicole wrote:
Dude, I could not agree with you more. He is pretty useless. I agree with your point that he is WWE's answer to Samoa Joe, only no where near as talented. It seems as if both Raw, Smackdown, and ECW are all creating some sort of "Samoa Joe Copy." We have Umaga on Raw, the Great Khali on Smackdown, and the Big Show on ECW. When you think of it, since coming to ECW Big Show has yet to lose a match. Also, your point about how his gammick is "cartoonish." It is no doubt, but it also seems a little racist, or it may be offending to some samoans. When you look at Samoa Joe and then you look at Umaga, you can't possibley not be offended if you're Samoan! In TNA Samoa Joe is normal, just really strong. But in WWE, Vince has to take it overboard and have a tribal-like gimmick with him shouting with AAE controling him.

I must agree, Armando Alejandro Estrrrrrada's name is quite awesome.
Doug Hagen wrote:
Let us see here, Umaga has a very limited skill set. Who the hell doesn't" Cena punches, kicks, punches some more, flying elbow (Umaga's headbutts), Five Knuckle Shuffle (Umaga's Running Butt Squash), yeah, Cena's Five Knuckle is sooooo devastating, the F-U (The Gorilla Press to a Samoan Drop, now that IS devastating) and the STF (Samoan Spike). Cena's successful, why not Umaga who is allowing his manager to speak for him"

Let's look at HBK, shall we" He has a broader repertoire of moves but it's pretty much the same thing. Being almost knocked out lying on the mat, the kip-up, the miraculous recovery, the flying elbow, the flying elbow drop then Sweet Chin Music. Triple H's move sets are also not very varied either.

How about Rey Mysterio" Yep, flies around the ring which can be entertaining, but pretty much he has the same exact move sets from match to match. Pretty coincidental that the only time wrestlers fall on the second rope AND stay there are when they are facing Mysterio. Ain't it, eh" We (not I) can suspend disbelief that Mysterio can hold the World Championship when he weighs a buck-fifty soaking wet against guys that are twice his size and strength. You can suspend belief for Mysterio, but you can't suspend belief for Umaga" That's kind of hypocritical if you follow that credo.

As far as the Umaga gimmick goes, it's a breath of fresh air in the WWE. Yeah, it may be recycled from the Headshrinkers, but guess what, he gets heat for it. I don't consider Umaga the WWE's answer to Samoa Joe, I consider Samoa Joe as TNA's answer to Goldberg (the undefeated streak). Yes, Samoa Joe is an incredible athlete but the only thing that even links Samoa Joe to Umaga is that they are Samoan. Speaking of the credibility of Umaga's character not being 21st century but 19th century, does this mean that Hurricane was 23rd century and shouldn't be recognized as a successful gimmick"

Lest we forget, every "new" character that is supposed to be dominant does plenty of squash matches prior to getting to the big guns. They've all done it, just to build up the heat or the pop. For the record, Umaga is still pretty new to the scene and I think it says something that he is involved in a feud against DX. Eddie Fatu (Umaga) can wrestle, but he has been limited to a specific move set (power) just as we know that Cena can wrestle (early Cena .vs. Angle) but he's been limited to specific move set as well.
Ernesto Diaz wrote:
On the August 21 episode of Raw Umaga interrupted an Intercontinental title match with Kane and Johnny Nitro. He viciously attaked Kane and I think Umaga is gonna start a rivalry with Kane. I hope Kane beats his ass. I'm tired of watching Umaga win squash matches by just doing headbutts, a running butt move, a samoan drop, and the samoan spike. I'm also tired of Estrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaadddddaaaaaa. I hate his voice.
Andrew Betts wrote:
i have to agree Umaga isn't that great he's got power but nothing else well the "dreaded" samoan spike it looks cool but it's no where near as good as the muscle buster or the rear naked choke Umaga is just a cheap rip off of Samoa Joe, just look at Samoa Joe he's got power but not just that his style more of UFC fighter with the ever so popular ground and pound where as Umaga is just this "savage" but since when does a "savge" have a grill that's right a grill but those who don't know what I mean a grill is a set of teeth normaly platinum with diamonds meant to look like the grill of car so now that i've explained that back to my point Umaga is Eddie Fatu a.k.a. Jamal from 3min warning which i think was a much better gimmick but Armondo Alejandro Estrada is saving this gimmick from being a total flop
Mark wrote:
UuuuuuuuuMaGaaaaaa! **chop** If I could jab my virtual thumb into your throat, and scream the name of Raw's Savior, I would. Samoa Joe is a big fluffy goon, who is nowhere near as immense as the Undefeated Samoan Bulldozer, UMAGA!
Blake Adams wrote:
I agree with you all the way he got no talent and he's gimmick stinks Samoa Joe is better with better mic skills and WWE should just drop him if they dont they will loose lots of fans believe me
Steve Hall wrote:
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Finally someone who agrees with my logic that Umaga is the worst thing the WWE has come up with since Bastion Booger. Umaga cannot wrestle. As a matter of fact, if you saw where he was wrestling Triple H and Shawn Michaels. He was so winded because he is so fat and out of shape. Sure he moves well for a big man. But I rate him right up there as one of the all time worst wrestlers in the history of the WWE. Great point on NOT comparing him to Samoa Joe. He couldnt carry Joe's luggage at the airport. Please somebody get rid of Jamal....oh I mean Umaga.
King Of The Bears wrote:
I totally agree, Umaga is useless. He is typical of the stereotypes in the WWE today. If someone is samoan he has to be a savage, if he's english he has to b either a snob or a thug, if he's scottish he has to wear a kilt. Give me a break! All the WWE are doing is insulting the intellegance of the fans. Why cant he just be a normal wrestler who happens to be samoan or english or scottish or latino. Samoa Joe doesnt need to have a fake face tattoo or pretend not to speak english or shout all the time to represent his heritage. He lets his in ring ability speak for itself. Umaga was created because the WWE wanted to show samoa joe what he could have been with them but all theyve done is make themselves look like idiots. Also, KYLE GURRENT, is all well and good you berrating someone for not knowing umaga in the ring. How many matches have you had against Umaga my hypocritical friend" MMMMMM" Answers on a postcard please!!!!
Shawn wrote:
Good column overall and I agree with you 100%. I am a fan of WWE and of TNA and if WWE thinks that this is their answer to Samoa Joe , they have a lot of work to do. I'd also like to note the feedback left by Rich Lehmann, I just thought I'd let you know that the tattoos on Umaga's face are NOT REAL or in case you haven't noticed that the design is different every week and by the end of the match the "tattoo" is rubbed of the sides of his face. Just look at the picture that was posted with this column.
Erkka Järvinen wrote:
UMAGA CANT WRESTLE"! You kidding me" Have you seen his matches in AJPW or OVW" He's been limited(which should come as no surprise) but can still bring his moves with unbelieveble intensity and realism. Who the hell cares about interference" Ok it is a problem sometimes but it would be an overkill to let this newcomer beat HHH and HBK clean in two weeks, i mean there are few ppl on the current roster that has even beat those two. Did i hear someone say "Samoa joe has better mic skills than umaga""" Ok Samoa joe is great but he should really shut up, his over the top laid back promos suck and how can you even compare him to Umaga while Umaga's gimmick is to be an uncivilized savage :X
Jon Rosaler wrote:
Excuse me"""""" As I recall, Umaga has defeated 4 former World Champions since his debut. Ric Flair, Shawn Micheals, Triple H and John Cena since his arrival, and he has been doing some decent matches since then. Even though Umaga can't wrestle, he's a simple Fat John Cena Samoan basically when you think about it. And Now he is feuding with Kane, this is quite a montage of events.
Scott Stone wrote:
On RAW, there's a male cheerleading squad, the Highlanders (they look like what would happen if Roddy Piper and the Bushwhackers procreated), Eugene: a "retarded" wrestler who imitates legends, Viscera (words fail me on whatever he's supposed to be), Trevor Murdoch (who looks like what would happen if Dick Murdoch and Adrian Adonis procreated)...and on top of all this, we still have to watch dinosaurs like Hogan, Flair, Duggan, Kamala, Doink, and Snuka make cameos (no offense to these men, but enough is enough). Smackdown is only slightly better when it comes to gimmicks, with the Boogeyman and King Booker's court which features a leprechaun...although I notice that they have an Asian redneck coming on board, so they're at least making an attempt to catch up. It's not like Umaga is the only goofy gimmick in the WWE.

And's weird that they would take a marginal wrestler and push him to try to "combat" a star in a different company...but this has also gone on for years. The AWA put Greg Gagne in combat fatigues when the old WWF brought in a Rambo-clone named Corporal Kirschner. The AWA created a tag-team called the Midnight Rockers to combat the Rock and Roll Express and the Midnight Express. Remember when Dusty Rhodes and Nikita Koloff joined forces to become the Super Powers" The WWF answered with Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage as the Mega Powers. The WWF created Demolition and the Powers of Pain, which were both Road Warrior copies. WCW pushed a bald headed, goateed Goldberg after WWE's Stone Cold had made a huge name for himself. The list goes on.

Finally, I absolutely agree that Umaga is a stereotype. But you could write an pretty extensive book about politically incorrect stereotypes in pro wrestling; the history of the sport is full of them. Don't believe me" Here's just a few: Slick, the Iron Sheik, any Russian wrestler, any cowboy wrestler, any Native American wrestler, any wrestler from a Pacific or Caribbean Island, Kamala, Abdullah the Butcher, Outback Jack, Hillbilly Jim, The Highlanders, The Bushwhackers, Spirit Squad, Eugene, any Asian wrestler, any Arab wrestler...I think you get the picture.

Umaga is a goofy, stereotyped character who is a sad attempt to copy another company's star. It's ok to say this out loud...but don't act outraged or surprised.
Dan F from Kent. England wrote:
nice collumn and i agree with you but i also think that he has been defeated before since he was in the WWE as he lost some tag matches when he was in 3-minute warning and i do agree they're trying to do battle with TNA in sense of makeing another samoa joe type chracter in my veiw the WWE are beginning to get desperate
Tyler James. wrote:
First of all, to Rich Lehmann who said Umaga has a Pacific Islander tattoo over his face, that is facepaint. If it was a tattoo, how would he be able to change it from week to week" Plus, can't you see it wear off during his matches"

As for Umaga, the character is a blatant ripoff of Samoa Joe, except for the fact that he has an awesome manager. However Ekmo Fatu is an awesome wrestler, and I did enjoy his run with Rosey as 3 Minute Warning as Jamal. I had also heard good things about them before they joined the WWE when they were the Island Boyz, and his work in All Japan Pro Wrestling is said to be great. Personally I wished they would've reunited them and helped out the tag team division, but instead we have a second rate Joe.
Jenny Andrade wrote:
hmm david mcnab said umaga being the wwe's samoa joe i agree with that, and wwe is even gonna try to get more talent os samoan descent claiming a "new rock" type talent....oh i like AAE he's funny but the weird thing is he got the cuban acent down perfectly but the weird thing is he's not cuban he is i think of arab or muslim descent . umaga is pointless tho great article
Cole McManus wrote:
Well, I appreciate everyone's comments about my article, whether they were for or against my position. At least someone is reading the damn thing. Anyway, I wanted to make some things clear. First, I know I am not a wrestler and I must admit I have never seen Eddie Fatu outside of WWE. Eddie Fatu may be a fine wrestler, but Umaga is not. When I am commenting on Umaga, I am commenting on the Umaga gimmick, not Eddie Fatu personally. His move set IS part of his gimmick. I can't separate the two. As for wrestling being a business where gimmicks are recycled, that's crap. Part of the reason why so many fans are disappointed with today's wrestling is that it's not original. And it's not just in the gimmicks. It's in the storylines and the choreography of the matches. If you think that gimmicks should be recycled, than you are putting laziness over originality. Also, when I wrote " Samoa Joe is a REAL Samoan WRESTLER", it meant exactly what it looked like. Samoa Joe, the gimmick, is a real mat wrestler with real wrestling moves, not just a big guy who does flying headbutts. And is Samoa Joe were in the WWE, his success there is 50/50. WWE has been known to take guys from other companies and advance their careers (Benoit and Eddie Guerrero from WCW) while also doing the complete opposite (Shane Douglas). Once again, thanks for the criticism and the praise. Peace
Jonathan Preston wrote:
You people are killing me. I read the comments on this page and majority of you want to say that Umaga is an answer to Samoa Joe and how Umaga doesn't even compare to Joe. Well, of course. I mean think about it. Umaga is limited on what he can do in the WWE. Samoa Joe works for TNA and ROH where they don't limit your move set. If Samoa Joe was on the WWE, there would be no Muscle Busters, no top rope Emerald Fusions, No high risk moves for Samoa Joe being his size. He would be reduced to his standard kicks and punches like every other wrestler in the WWE is. I personally think that Umaga is a good fit for the WWE and that you shouldn't compare Samoa Joe and Umaga because they're different. Joe is actually a wrestler with a martial arts background and Umaga is just an Island Savage. He's like a new age version of Meng/Haku. I will say this though, he does need a different finisher. That Samoan Spike is a lame move. But besides that, he is agile, hostile, and mobile, and he has Armando Alejandro Esssssssssssssssstradddaaa!!!
Larry DaSilva wrote:
quick note: umaga's "tat" isn't a tat is just heavy face paint, it was smeared on his face last week. the wwe is simply doing a 2006 version of Haku when he was in wcw. Umaga is being built up to be a huge unbeatable monster only to have the wwe bring someone, or resurect someone and have them beat him. Whether it be a Batista or a returning Chris Benoit

As for the comparisons to Samoa Joe they are two completely different wrestlers, two completly different organizations. The WWE is at its lowest since Mabel was a maineventer. Bring back Jericho!
Tom Bellows wrote:
Recently I've been watching RAW and have realized one thing, UMAGA IS POINTLESS!

The Spirit Squad have more potential then Umaga, who I originally thought was a halfway decent choice by the WWE. Umaga has been nothing but this overweight guy with tatoos all over his body hailing from Samoa. Please, if I had a dime for everytime that gimmick was tried I'd be a millionarie! Umaga initially looked almost like The Wild Samoan's but then changed his hair, now it is retarded. Also he faces no one but stupid jobbers. The worst part is they get no offense! The only jobber to ever punch Umaga was Steve Lewington. Most of Umaga's matchs last as long as it takes to fill up the car at a gas station. First a splash to the ropes. Then a flying head butt. Next the running butt-crunch and now that awesome looking Samoan Drop, which is an amazing feat of strength. Then Armando Alejandro Estrada wastes a perfectly good cigar and the Samoan Spike!

Here is a list of Umaga's "bulldozed victims"; Colt Cabana, HBK x2, Steve Lewington, Ric Flair, Rory Fox, Tommy Martin & Kevin Martinson, Chris Wellman, Viscera, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, John MacCathry , Eugene, Kamala, Scott Wright, John Cena , Triple H, Wyatt Lara , Alex Sage

Honestly whose heard of Scott Wright" Also using Legends as jobbers is un-cool. I was horribly mad when I saw Kamala lose!

Umaga's "escaped" the wraith of such stars as Kane, Chris Masters, Big Show, Undertaker, Great Khali, hell why not the Spirit Squad. All those matches would be awesome, imagine Umaga in the Masterlock! Yet they will never be a reality.

In closing I have a suggestion for the WWE. SEND UMAGA TO ECW. I think he'd be a better fit there
Aaron Harwood wrote:
Yes, The Umaga character is a recycles version of the many samoan characters throughout the history of the WWE. So" Hulk Hogan & Jesse Ventura are recycled characters of Superstar Billy Graham, and they seemed to have done ok. Yes people seem to like wrestlers who are more closer to their real life persona than some gimick, but we also know that people like exaggerated characters as well. Kamala, Jimmy Snuka, the Moondogs, Undertaker, and the list goes on. You also asked who has he beat" Um Ric Flair, Shawn MIchaels, John Cena, Triple H, and former superstars Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Kamala were broght back to put him over as well. The jobbers like the ones mentioned, were used to make this guy look like a monster, but he's beat some established stars as well. Samoa Joe is over rated. Yes he's impressive, but his character is designed that way. TNA is desperate for talent, and he was in the right place at the right time. He's arrogant, and I personally am tired of him. As for Estrada, he's a cuban version of Coach, sooooooooo annoying, I'd like Umaga to destroy both of them
Damon wrote:
I've been watching wrestling for a long time, and one thing I personally find to make a wrestler good is if what he does is believable. What I mean is if his moves blur the lines between being "fake" wrestling moves and being real.

When Umaga interfered in the Johnny Nitro vs. Kane match, and gave Kane the Samoan Spike from the top rope, I thought Kane might have been genuinely injured. If this were true, then Eddie Fatu would trully be a bad wrestler, in that he made the move too stiff and hurt Glenn Jacobs. But since I haven't read anything confirming an actual injury to Jacobs, I applaud Fatu's ability in pulling off such a potentially dangerous (to his "victim") move. Sure, he's a big power guy and doesn't display many classic catch-as-catch-can moves, but you can't expect him to have that gimmick and wrestle with Dean Malenko's moveset. His moveset fits his gimmick perfectly in my opinion and I find his moves much more believable that John Cena's Five Knuckle Shuffle (which to me seems like a copy of The Rock's People's Elbow, but anyway). Fatu has talent, it's just the gimmick that makes him seem like a big idiot powerhouse.
Derek Morley wrote:
Ok, Great Article Only I Dont know why you didnt mention The SummerSlam Fiasco. I mean... I was at the theatres watching SummerSlam and the only time Everyone got out of there seat was when Kane came out to kick Umaga's ass. People love Kane and they want him to have a feud. Also the small amount of moves" Pfft who doesnt...

John Cena - Punches, Spinning Powerbomb, 5 knuckle shuffle, F-U, STFU... But we know he's a good wrestler when you watch Cena vs Angle and some Cena vs Lesnar

HBK - Gets his ass kicked, hip-up's, punches alot, flying elbow, Sweet chin music.

Hogan (The Worst) - Punches, Gets Hurt but gets up bieng powerful, Points saying you (oh that would make's me sooooo scared), Big Boot, Leg Drop...

So when you dont like him for his moves, atleast a Samoan Spike is better than a Big Boot.
Joe Mama wrote:
Let me play devil's advocate for a moment. Umaga is billed as a monster heel. The objective of a monster heel is to crush opponets and cheating to win. Umaga is certainly doing that. Yes, he's crushing shmucks like Alex Sage, but you have to start out somewhere. With that said, I personally don't care for Umaga. His character would be better served in the 1980's. This whole non-english speaking savage thing has been way overdone. You have to give the WWE credit, however. They're trying to get him involved in a workable storyline. It looks like he's going to get a rivalry with Kane going now. Kane knows how to handle himself in the ring, so I think this is a good idea. I don't see the Umaga character lasting that long, though. There's just no future for this kind of character nowadays.
Paul McCarthy wrote:
i am sick and tired of people complaaining about the new monsters of wwe you know somebody has to replace the undetaker someday you know why not give the new people a chance people have got to stop chewing the creative teams ass for everything that they dislike. ( i agree the the guerrero angle was sick) lets all stop complaining and start watching wrestling for what we used to watch for, to cheer on our favourites and boo are least favourites.


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