The Most Violent Man On The Planet
November 22, 2006 by Cory Forgeron

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I have been reading forums all over the Internet, and I hear the same things everywhere I go. "Garbage wrestlers suck" and "no garbage wrestler has talent" but I am writing this to show those who seem to only believe that WWE is the only promotion out there, and guys like Edge and Hardcore Holly are some of the most violent men on the planet. Which is why I must introduce you to the man named the Necro Butcher.

Born Dylan Keith Summers from originally Texas, but billed from Morgantown West Virginia on July 13, 1974. Necro as we shall stay in kayfabe during this article, was trained by two wrestling legends in Black Bart, and a man he feuded with in Texas, Joey Diego. Necro started his career in 1999, starting off jobbing in tag team matches against men like Victor Pain and Canyon. He won his first wrestling title in Texas, working for Insane Hardcore Wrestling defeating Damon Richards for the IHW hardcore championship. He then had some more success in one of Texas's biggest promotion, Texas All Star Wrestling, where he smelt world title gold once, and the hardcore title twice, but Necro smelt better things, and the better things for this mad man was in the Mid South.

In 2001, Necro made his debut in Ian Rottens promotion, IWA Mid-South. He continued to make a name for himself on the hardcore circuit, but what was coming for Necro, he had no idea. In July of 2002, Ian had asked Necro to compete in IWAs deathmatch tournament, the King of the Deathmatches. This was Necros chance to make a big name for himself in the independent promotions, and he grabbed it by the Horns. Necro defeated Mark Wolf, "Mean" Mitch Page(2006 KOTDM), 2 Tuff Tony, then went onto the finals against Nate Webb and defeated him in a match that saw barbed wire ropes, lobsters, barbed wire pits, and of coarse, light tubes. Necro returned to the KOTDM in 2003, and defeated Toby Klein in a fans bring the weapons match, which still lives in peoples memories as the best fans bring the weapons match in history. Necro then went to night two, but came up short in a light tube coffin match against J.C. Bailey, when Bailey hit a senton onto the coffin, nearly killing Necro, who needed serious medical attention after the match. He came back for more in 2004, and just his luck, he got Toby Klein again in the first round in another fans bring the weapons match, which topped last years one, but Necro fell short this year, after taking a huge powerbomb off a ten foot drop, landing on nothing but concrete. Then in 2005, Necro made it to the finals, facing J.C. Bailey & Toby Klein in a sick 200 light tubes match, when Necro fell again to Toby Klein, after a Death Valley Driver off the apron onto a concrete floor. Since then, Necro has showed up at many other deathmatch events throughout IWAs regions and appeared in the 2005 IWA Deep-Souths KOTDM and went to the finals, but lost to Tank after a top rope double foot stomp.......oh yeah. Tank is nearly 400 pounds.

Next up came Necros Combat Zone Wrestling debut. In 2002, he made his first appearance, representing IWA Mid-South in CZWs first tournament of death, where he lost the opening match against probably the best deathmatch wrestler in CZW's history, the Wifebeater after Wifebeater hit a Chokenstein (Chokebomb) off a stage through some chairs and landing on concrete. Necro's performance turned some heads and in the combat zone, and he has been there ever since. Participating in the third tournament of death, when Necro went to the finals and lost again to Wifebeater after a sidewalk slam off the top of a truck through a Pyramid of Hell(2 tables lit on fire with a sheet of glass on top of the final table). Necro came back at CZW's fourth tournament of death, and went to the finals and won, defeating Nick Gage and CZW's owner, John Zandig in a sick match. Most recently, Necro was in the tournament of death which happened this July, when he lost in the semi-finals after a man or should I say the Terminator, Brain Damage knocked him out after a stiff right punch. He was in CZW's "Wrestlemania" pay per view, Cage of Death 7, where himself, Toby Klein and Joker faced Zandig, Justice Pain and Nick Gage, in one of the most violent matches of 2005.

Aside from the light tubes, the razor wire, and the blood, what makes Necro such a good performer is that he will fight anybody, deathmatch or not. Though his style resembles one of the late Bruiser Brody he has had great matches against Samoa Joe and Low Ki, which were all stiff as hell, and both were considered matches of the year from the fans point of view. Necro in both of his matches against Samoa Joe, was knocked out, but Joe went home looking like he just fought a bear. In his match against Low Ki, one of the "bumps" of the year might of happened, when Low Ki placed Necro on a table and double stomped him through it. Since promoters noticed that Necro could actually wrestle, and realized that Necro brings crowds in, they would square him up against such high caliber independent talent in Super Dragon, Chris Hero, & Homicide.

Necro has also spent some time in Japan, teaming and facing hardcore legend Mad Man Pondo, in many brawls in his time spent there. He has also been to Canada(Greatest Country in the World) at the Stranglehold Wrestling promotion running in Toronto's KOTDM tournament, where he went to the finals and lost in a sick match against LuFisto.

The Necro Butcher will go down as one of the best, if not the BEST deathmatch and/or brawler of all time. Hopefully after fighting in the CZW vs ROH cage of death, he might have caught the eye of Dixie Carter and TNA might call him up, getting Necro some television time, but until then, Necro will be kicking more ass on the independent circuit, until Vince hands him the six figure contract that he deserves, unlike guys like John Cena or Great Kahli who couldn't wrestle a beat. Now you know who the Necro Butcher is, and feel free to go over to: and purchase some more Necro Butcher action, as his stuff never gets stale. From my house in Nova Scotia, Cory out!

By Cory Forgeron ..

Andrew Irving wrote:
I'll try and explain this in the least offensive manner I can. I have seen quite a few Necro Butcher matches in CZW on TV . You say that Butcher can wrestle but I must have blinked a whole lot because, as far as I can tell, he does not even try to wrestle, at any point in the match. Combat Zone Wrestling is a promotion which prides itself on their roster taking their bodies to the limits and Necro Butcher personifies this ethos. His 'gimmick', as it were, is that he has an incredibly high threshold for pain and I can respect to no end his toughness.

However the problem that most wrestling fans have with this is that a tough guy's purpose in most wrestling promotions is to put over his opponents by allowing them to showcase more of their move set. Therefore one cannot deny that Butcher does an outstanding job for CZW but, at the same time, he is not going to be remembered as a great wrestler and I don't think that you could argue that. You must surely see this for yourself as his 'career highlights' as you see them are guys performing dangerous moves on him and not vice versa.

There are a few really outstanding young kids competing in CZW (I believe they have a japanese-style junior championship) and certainly Chris Hero comes to mind as a great wrestler on their roster, so noone should dismiss CZW as merely garbage wrestling. Nevertheless, if Cory (the author) wishes to promote CZW (perhaps he does not!) then he may wish to write a Chris Hero column next time.

P.S. Maybe we could mirror the ROH vs. CZW feud through articles! I used reverse alphabetical order.... I see my decision to respond to this column as a sort of outreach program!
Louis H wrote:
A very well written article, but I must say.

Taking large bumps onto concrete/cement is just stupid. The stints with weapons are safer than taking a powerbomb onto cement from any distance, as any bump onto cement could easily paralyze someone.

Also, as for being one of the best if not the best, I would have to say that Terry Funk is still the best deathmatch and/or brawler of all time, not to mention one of the greatest workers of all time. Mick Foley is up there too, but anyone who takes bumps onto concrete and cement and who works matches so stiff that he truly gets knocked out, is a few light tubes short of a 200 light tube match.
Aaron Fowlow wrote:
Greetings from Newfoundland, not far from you Cory! But I have to say, thats a magnificent column. I am a fan of the "garbage" wrestling. I am not ashamed of the term "garbage" either, because it describes the hardcore aspect of what type of wrestling we are talking about. I am simply a wrestling fan, who likes all types of wrestling. But one man that I have noticed in the past two years, through various video clips of some of the most violent matches in wrestling, is The Necro Butcher. Now I can say, I am not willing to put my body on the line the waty he does, and I am by far, not a wuss, but this man is insane, and if he's willing to do that stuff, then I am willing to watch. Your column describes him some more, and I have learned a few things about him. But woe to the people who say that this type of wrestling is crap. I know there are alot of wrestling purists out there, who don't want to change a thing, which really, is fine. But this is a different product, and what is the deal with you trying to change someting, that you say, is not your thing" It's like a person who is not a wrestling fan, coming along and saying, they don't watch wrestling at all because "it's fake", and i'm sure we've all known or met people who have said that to us. The fact is, they don't understand it, and don't have to, neither do they HAVE to be a fan, but PLEASE don't knock it, with such lack of respect.

Guys like necro Butcher have the guts and the bravery to do what they do, whether they are just crazy, or stupid, I don't know, but I also don't care.

It's crazy, it's action, and it's entertaining, to me, and thousands of other fans around the world. And Cory, again, I commend you, and say, I enjoyed your column. KEEP IT HARDCORE!
Glass Jaw (from Portugal) wrote:
Living as I do in Portugal, we dont get that much wrestling on tv (besides smackdown, raw and tna), but none of them have ever given me the excitement that a iwa mid south or czw match can give me. And, well, necro butcher and sick nick mondo are the best examples of what hardcore/ultraviolent/INSANE wrestling can be, expecially Necro! In the mainstream, Mick Foley is considered insane because of the bumps he is willing to take, but nothing seems to compare to necro butcher! As far as what I think of wrestling, perhaps the best "art form" is to be willing to suffer a high risk move, instead of doing it... And Necro Butcher does it like no one else!
Shane Porteous wrote:
First thing is first great column finally someone on this site talking about hardcore wrestling. I think there has been something overlooked by many people and that there is a difference between "Garbage" wrestling and "Hardcore" wrestling. Long story short ECW, hardcore wrestling XPW and CZW garbage wrestling. As for Necro Butcher he seems to be caught somewhere in the middle of being a Hardcore wrestler and a Garbage wrestler. Though I have only watched Nerco Butcher wrestler a handful of times the thing that got me and the thing I think he should be respected for is just how brutal his NON-Hardcore matches are. I mean it takes a lot of skill to make a wrestling match appear brutal without the use of thumbtacks and barbwire. Necro Butcher has done this with the likes of Samoa joe amongst others and for that he should be respected. just to make my main point stronger there is a difference between Hardcore and Garbage wrestling.




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