Voodoo Kin Mafia"!"
November 22, 2006 by Corey G.

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Let's get right down to it - Monty Sopp and B.G. James need to get over it. Before the reason why they need to get over it is explained, one thing needs to be cleared up. That thing is the fact that I have nothing but respect for the two when it comes to the hard work they put in to make it to the top of the WWF. The two of them contributed to one of the greatest factions of all time, and their contributions were certainly not insubstantial. They made a huge difference at a time when the WWF needed it and that will never be forgotten. However, that was nearly ten years ago.

Today, on the eve of 2007, the two are once again undergoing a gimmick makeover in an attempt to keep their stale careers over with the fans. It seems as if every incarnation of the two since Sopp's arrival in TNA has had something to do with the past. Be it 3LiveKru, the James Gang, or the newly dubbed Voodoo Kin Mafia, they have stuck to a similar formula. (Although I am sad about not hearing the cool James Gang music anymore - "Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt." - whatever.) What the hell is a Voodoo Kin Mafia anyway" It is easy to understand the whole VKM (Vince K McMahon) connection, but it seems that these guys (or the writers) picked three "totally cool" words that started with the appropriate letters and threw them together... way to go, that should help TNA. Nonetheless, TNA programming is really starting to take off and it is discouraging to have to see these guys continue to complain about the past because there is no other gimmick for them.

The most disappointing aspect of this situation is their constant smearing of HHH. Face the truth VKM, Paul Levesque and Michael Hickenbottom have worked harder than you. They have always been more willing to give it all and to risk it all. They have come back from injuries that would have ended other people's careers (not that you haven't had injuries) and not complained about it one bit. It seems that every time something doesn't go your way, you either give an interview bashing HHH (that makes its way onto YouTube) or break kayfabe in the middle of your promotion's primetime debut. It seems that many people assume that HHH is a kiss ass and a power player and he doesn't deserve to be where he's at because of to whom he is married. That's a load of crap. Everyday throughout the United States there are people accused of benefiting from nepotism. Some are guilty, some aren't, but how can you argue that HHH hasn't worked his tail off" He was making his move well before anyone could have predicted who he would end up marrying. Don't bash him because he ended up in a good spot. Sopp accused him of holding down Randy Orton. If you follow the WWE you'll notice that Randy Orton is doing quite well for himself, despite numerous rumors circulating about all of his problems. That's pretty good for a guy held down by HHH. There's a reason VKM doesn't work for the WWE anymore, they can't cut it like they used to.

The WWE is certainly not the only place to find talent, so don't take these words as a knock on TNA or as a claim that "only the best" work for the WWE. There are a number of talented wrestlers who are putting TNA on the map and don't need the WWE to make them as good as they are. The beautiful thing is that this proves VKM should shut up and move on. TNA is a great place to be, and that alone is enough reason to forget about the past and get the creative juices flowing. Bashing HHH will not make one any better, it will just make you look like a fool. VKM aren't the only ones who bash HHH when things don't go their way either, it seems that everyone is doing it lately (*cough-cough* Kurt Angle *cough-cough*).

In conclusion, I (who have zero credibility and absolutely no reason to do this) challenge VKM to move on, quit whining, and face the facts. The facts are quite simple, you're washed up and you have to rely on a smear campaign to get over with the fans. It's actually kind of sad.

By Corey G...

Nick the best Ball wrote:
too right, i agree totally with everything you say. the james gang (or Voodoo kin maffia) need to either get a better image by either ading people to their group or just straight go solo.
Antonio Lopez wrote:
Dude, I totally agree. What the hell is a Voodoo kin mafia" Even I could come up with something better. If TNA wanted to do it right they need to: 1.) waited at least 6 months to build up the company higher. 2.) Have a Faction that has younger stars as well as older wrestlers that have a reason to rebel against WWE. 3.) Did it in a way that got Vince Mcmahons attention. and 4.) waited until they could go live

I mean seriously do they now think that that promo will do it. For now all Vince is going to do is ignore it like it never happened. And if i were the James Gang and Tna management, I would hope it never happened either.

TNA dropped the ball on this one, and if they continue to do this gimmick they are going to screw themselves out of what could be, theyre chance at beating wwe.
Brent Matthew Denny wrote:
You know what Corey G I couldn't agree with you more. Before I get started allow me to say right off the bat that I am NOT a TNA fan and there is going to be some serious TNA bashing at the end of this response. However before I get to that allow me to give my perspective on the whole "Billy Gunn" and "Road Dogg" situation.

How I came about finding out that BG James and Kip James where bashing Vince Shawn and Hunter was via this website OWW.Com I decided to see what the turncoat/traitor Kurt Angle was up to in TNA after having read the results of the most recent TNA PPV. I caught sight of the segment involving Kip James and BG James and I was both shocked and disgusted at what I read. I thought those guys where friends with Shawn and Hunter's evidently not if they do what they did on the PPV.

An despite being a huge WWE/Vince McMahon fan I have to admit I failed to notice that the initials of Voodoo Kin Mafia was a reference to Vince McMahon.

Personally and quite honestly I'm 50% disgusted and 50% not surprised by this move weather it was thought up by the writers of TNA or BG James and Kip doesn't really matter to me.

The reason I am disgusted is because as you say Corey they made the biggest impact of their careers in the WWE. After years of bad gimmicks (Billy Gunn of The Smoking Gunns and The Roadie Jesse James) they owe their success at least part of it to the WWE, Vince McMahon, Shawn and Hunter, because with out Vince giving them the push and with out Hunter and Shawn there to help them they would have continued to be misused. Instead they where given the opportunity to show what they could do.

(Here comes the TNA Bashing)

The reason I'm not totally surprised by this move is because Kip James and BG James or whatever the hell their calling themselves these days know as do the powers that be within TNA and the TNA fans know that their best days are behind them. An yet they don't want to accept or believe this so they are using anything and everything they can to hold on and not become has-been's. Well I have news for them their too late they already are has-been's.

Another thing I hate is how everybody talks about Kurt Angle's jump from the WWE to TNA being big at first I did think it was a big deal but then when I thought about it I realised. So what" I mean Kurt Angle was a great wrestler he had held every title in the WWE he'd even held the WCW title despite never technically working for WCW he'd also had a none-wrestling role for a while as GM of SmackDown! What else did Kurt Angle or what else could Kurt Angle have achieved in the WWE" He'd been to the top of the mountain in the biggest wrestling promotion in America if not the world where else could he go from there but down which is exacterly where he has gone and what he has done by joining TNA.

Now I have seen some of the TNA wrestling shows and in my humble opinion I don't see anything great or special about TNA. In point of fact I consider it to be exacterly what I considered WCW to be back when it was still running and that is the "kindergarden" of pro wrestling where young wrestlers like Monty Brown and AJ Styles etc go to be discovered by the WWE. An old wrestlers like Jeff Jarrett BG James Kip James and Kurt Angle go to either be re-born or re-discovered or have their career's end.

An I'll admit that WCW proved to be more than what I labled it however I'd be willing to put money on TNA not doing what WCW done and that is compete let alone beat the WWE in rating etc.

My name is Brent Matthew Denny I'm Anti-TNA and Pro-WWE and this is my opinion.
sam watkinson wrote:
I totoally agree with you cory mr james and mr sopp should get over it and move on there just jealouse of triple h and hbk talent and contributions for the wwe there done they can't cut it. anyway good article keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Zach Stanco wrote:
I thought this article was going to try and break down the VKM angle from both sides, but I was a little disappointed that that wasn't the case. I don't think the author looked hard enough or objectively enough at it. First, I didn't think Voodoo Kin Mafia was so bad a name. True, the words are kind of contextually questionable but as a whole it works, and on the flipside of theings, it doesn't matter what those two call themselves because they just need to be together. Another thing - how much of this angle do you think is the fault or responsibility of the wrestlers" Vince Russo came up with this, basing it somewhat on real life happenings, to bring back some interest in the team. It's working. Nobody is breaking kayfabe; kayfabe was destroyed by one of Triple H's close friends, Kevin Nash, and a guy named Hollywood Hogan a long time ago, with just a poke of the finger. The job heard round the world. This VKM angle, like many angles nowadays, although not that many successful ones over the last few decades, is a worked shoot. In real life, Brian Gerald James worked his ass off for the WWF, like all the James'/Armstrongs, and when he had a problem and he asked for help, they fired him. They knew Monty Sopp was a solid worker, but without Road Dogg it didn't work. Now one of the most talented and entertaining (and don't take talented to mean technically skilled, because that's not what I mean) duos around today another chance to shine, to show people why they were so big for so long. And unlike some born-again pretty boy who makes an ""X" with his hands over his stomach and not his crotch, and a musclebound egomaniac who stays on top by being married to the head of creative control trying to recapture a time 10 long years ago when he was funny and not just formulaic, VKM can go out and absolutely enthrall an audience on the mic or in the ring - watch their matches, the pacing and give-and-take you need for a great tag match is there. I watched the iMPACT! primetime debut with some friends who arent' into wrestling but wre at my apartment and had no say in the matter, and even they wre impressed with the VKM segment, more than anything else on the show. That's what TNA needs - good talkers. That's what they're capitalizing on by bringing VKM back to the forefront of the promotion.
Miguel David (Portugal) wrote:
I totally agree with your column. Every Wrestling fan was exited with the comeback of DX,and im not a "mark", but i think Dx is the hottest thing in wrestling these days,with their comedy promos and humor and matches that make everybody who loves wrestling laugh and enjoying the show their watching and that's what wrestling is all about,entertaining the fans, not spend primetime minutes bashing and blaming other guys because of the simple fact that their single run in the WWE suck'd(Remember Billy Gunn as KOTR"). TNA is getting better by the day, please VKM, Vince Russo don't blew it ,get over.
Fraser Allen from United Kingdom wrote:
Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear. Why oh why is the former Road Dogg and Billy Gunn sniping at the WWE, it's obviously the work of one Vince Russo, but more to the point why did they agree to this storyline.

Firstly, the former Road Dogg initially was in the WWE in late 1994, as Jeff Jarrett's manager, he walked out in the summer of 95, sighting 'burn-out' but the rumour mill was saying he had failed a drug test. He came back in 1996 and eventually found success in DX/New Age Outlaws. I also thought he did a lot for the WWE hardcore division as well. I still think he would have been a big-part in the WWE now, but after teaming with K-Kwik, he went into Drug-rehab and then got sacked for appearing in a 'no condition to perform'.

Secondly in the case of the former Billy Gunn, he was in the WWE for eleven years and was hugely successful in the tag-team division, DX/New Age Outlaws, however, his last major storyline was the Chuck-Billy wedding and his last feud was with Jamie Noble. After that, had a short-lived tag-team with Hardcore Holly, then he was alleged to have had problems and was released by WWE in late 2004.

In both cases, both performers contributed to their own downfall, and in the case of Gunn, he had numerous shoulder injuries between 2000 and 2004, yet WWE continued to employ him. Certainly HHH, cannot be blamed, although the 2nd forming of DX as a heel-unit was nowhere near as good, as for Shawn Michaels, he was not even wrestling when DX re-formed.

I've said it continually about TNA, they have to concentrate on making their product successful and quit 'knocking the WWE'. Does Vince honestly care (or anybody for that matter) that VKM are invading the WWE HQ, if he did, then I fear for TNA. Monty Brown who has signed for WWE, is described as having a wrestling background, but no mention of TNA, which kinda goes back to the era, when you don't mention the opposition.

I wonder if they will regret the alleged opportunity to rejoin WWE in 2006 as we were led to believe that Vince was keen on the idea of all of DX reforming, but pulled the plug on it due to them blasting HHH.

I am feeling the itch to write an article on this TNA obsession.
Allen Mycrft wrote:
Oh this is just boring to me. Number one, to respond to a response, DX being the hottest thing around" HA! It is a sad attempt to bring back the past, to capitalize on something that was hot nearly a decade ago. Do you know the real reason it came back" HHH went to his father-in-law and said, I want to end my career as a face so that people will better remember me! It isn't because the fans wanted it, or they had great feuds lined up, it was the simple fact that what Hunter wants, Hunter gets (or Paul...whatever). DX was a group (in the 90's) that was a rebellion against society. They wanted to be controversial, they were friends only with each other, not with anyone else...they were a edgier version of the horsemen. Now, they are two old men who can't cut the mustard anymore. They're not believable for the sheer fact that Shawn can't stand the thought of doing a crotch chop because it defies God!" Come on, the guy has done a lot worse than that, a crotch chop won't get you sent to Hell.

As for the VKM, I find it refreshing. WWE bashes TNA everyday to the insiders, using TNA talent as opening acts, used to do the job. Hiring TNA stars and then firing them after they burned their bridges with TNA management. B.G. and Kip are simply making it easier to understand. They are comedic geniuses, the Target segment on IMPACT! was brilliant. Oh, and does anyone remember the WWF invades WCW segment a long time ago" When WWE did it, it was genius, TNA does it, and its a moral sin" Hypocrites, the lot of you. When Vince bought WCW, Triple H bashed them to no end, and why" Because he got buried there as Terra Ryzin'. So why can't the VKM bash where they were fired only because Vince didn't want to fork out the cash to help BG or pay the writers to retool Kip as something other than "Mr. Ass" or "The One"...the writers are at fault for Kip leaving. He could have been a star on his own, but nobody can find the right combination. TNA dropped the ball" No, TNA is carrying it a long way. Mark my words, TNA is going to replicate what WCW did, and then exceed it. Vince's days are numbered as the number one promoter, soon you'll all tune in to see IMPACT every week, and then I'll say I told you so, and I'll be more than happy to do so.
Curt Britton wrote:
Great column, Cory. One of the best I've yet to read since discovering OWW. Keep up the great work. I look forward to any future anything you write. I agree 100% on what you wrote. It's sad that TNA has to lower themselves to let them to clowns have their say. I wonder if Vince Russo has a grudge against his old company, now that he's working for TNA"
Jason "Xtremefalls" Simmons wrote:
I enjoyed the column personally I think this angle is pure garbage. The name it self is a joke. Second what TNA needs to understand they are no where near the WWE's level in anything in terms of business numbers and popularity. The Voodoo Kin Mafia is just a pathetic attempt by two former fired WWE employees to get there revenge. Now I am a fan of the New Age Outlaws, I liked the James Gang, but the Voodoo Kin Mafia is the dumbest Angle in a long time. First off any casual fan doesn't have a clue who there talking about. There arguments are not going to be answered. All TNA does with these "Shoot" angles is allow WWE to get free publicity. Why" Because some dumb TNA mark thinks oh my god I wonder how the WWE will respond" Problem is the WWE most likely won't respond nor care about these attacks. The biggest problem with the angle is just 2 weeks earlier they came out on TNA TV and completely buried them and Spike TV and now there anti WWE" That makes no damn sense.I mean anyone with a clue realizes 3 things about this angle.

1. BG James and Kip James were FIRED from the WWE so they have little credibility to begin with.

2. When you have a midcarder Tag Team in TNA trying to say there a bigger deal then the Main Event Tag Team in the WWE you just sound retarded.

3. Most WWE fans either will never see this nor care about it so what's the point"

This is pure Russo booking, and it will be just another mark on the list of dumb angles Vince Russo has booked over the year. Now Allen Mycrft your problem is your whole argument is wrong. DX invading WCW was one when both companies were on the same level. Two DX's claim had a leg to stand on. Third and final DX was funny and they actually went and confronted people just running towards a Target throwing eggs. Also Billy Gunn was not fired for not getting over. You ever think the fact that he was put in rehab for passing out backstage have anything to do with it" Or the fact that the man bitched nonstop about his push" Also BG James was fired because he was a drug addict and even he would admit that. Now I'm a fan of The New Age Outlaws and I hate today's DX but The Voodoo Kin Mafia doesn't have a leg to stand on.
Jonathan Preston wrote:
I will admit I like TNA. I think that they have tremendous wrestlers under their belt. Not only that, but they have the most prestigious titles in wrestling under their wing, the NWA World Heavyweight and NWA Tag Team Championships. But what TNA is doing with BG James and Kip Sopp is absolutely ridiculous. All they're trying to do is tear down the WWE and put TNA on the map and the best way they can do it is by BG and Kip. What TNA is trying to do is get the WWE to answer back on air that way TNA gets publicity through the WWE. Its an alternate way for TNA to get recognized now that they are officially "Mainstream".

But Vince is smarter than that. They have completely ignored it and haven't mention TNA at all. Vince doesn't need to. They already have the premiere wrestling show. If Vince decides to mention TNA its only because he's going to purchase them, just like he did WCW and ECW. As far as BG and Kip goes, I agree with you Corey 110%. They are washed up and need to find a new gimmick and fast.
Ian Taft wrote:
Ok this article has given me mixed feelings. Whenever a hear a large group of people chant D-X sucks it brings a warm feeling to my heart considering that the are single handedly destroying RAW (Survivor Series anyone"). But TNA needs to stop worrying about WWE and worry about their own horrible show.

D-X 06 is the worst thing to happen to wrestling. Any time there are heels being built up they crush them. Like how Rated RKO are stuck doing a segment (Not match) jumping Flair to maintain their heat. TNT (Cade and Murdoc) were destroyed by D-X, one of the best teams on RAW. And the Spirit Squad, which may not have been a good gimmick but had 5 of the most talented newcomers WWE has seen in a long time (This includes the overrated Bobby Lashley. And even the SUPER overrated Brock Lesnar). Not that the loss at SS helped Knox, Helms, or Nitro. Nitro is only now starting to recover because of the reformation of MNM. Knox was made to look like a joke, taken out less than a minute in and HBK's teammates said "who was that"". Way to go it is almost like HHH booked that match to get him and HBK super over despite the fact they can't wrestle worth a lick anymore. I find it funny that D-X has lost less than a dozen times since they formed. Good T.V." Hell no. HHH is a joke and does play into the whole nepotism thing. I can near prove this. HHH was in the world division, WWE brought in Goldburg, and Steiner only to Job to HHH then do nothing with them. After they lost to HHH a few times they were sent into throwaway angles. HHH beat HBK, what was considered the best wrestler ever. And held the title for a better portion of 3 years. (I am a JJ fan, and I will admit he was bad for the NWA title before people scream hypocrite at me). HHH is not in the tag division and suddenly we see an insurgence of Tag Teams. Wrestlers were told to wrestle a faster paced match. HHH can't keep up so they say to slow down and add a psychology element to it, because HHH think he is a ring psychologist. (20 punches, a Spinebuster and a finisher is not RP). As for the VKM. I love the D-X bashing and D-X is nothing without these two. In fact it is less than nothing, it is a horrible nightmare and a plague on wrestling. TNA needs to look into their own company and not to WWE. They have so much underused talent that they are going to fall apart. I find it funny when TNA bashes WWE and they are just WWE's fourth show, taking in those who are WWE rejects (Cage, Killings, VKM, and even *gasp* Angle.) So in short, TNA needs to look inward and D-X is awful. D-X creates and oxymoron, invincible faces. Going for cheap merchandise sales (as proven by their constant hawking for their second rate products). I could go on for 6 more Pages bashing D-X but I will stop here.
Dustin Federico wrote:
VKM is pure garbage, all they are doing is advertising the hell out of the WWE. Vince should just send them a thank you card, maybe a fruit basket. They say that everyone wants DX gone, but crowd reactions and merchandise sales say something completely different. Yeah DX is not what it used to be, but can hold a crowd in the palm of their hand like no one can. VKM talk about DX is just 2 middle age men acting like they are 21, does TNA realise they are doing the same thing" Why waste time on them, their skits are even more stupid then DX's.

Nothing good comes out of the VKM crap except they take a precious time on their 1 hour show. When you read how some X-Division wrestlers are hating about hot they are being used, the time they spend on the VKM could be spent on young wrestler who still have a use in TNA.

In the end, TNA just looks plain desperate to get a response from the WWE, but Vince is not a moron, he will not give the up and coming show a plug. TNA needs to stick with what they can do to compete with the WWE, in the ring. TNA will never out do the WWE in the out of the ring activities, but in the ring the can shine and gain new fans with their fast paced high risk action. I mean right now the X-Division is in the crapper, they have a bunch of solid young talent waiting for their shot. TNA fans need to send TNA the message they sent when they were doing the Jackass crap, you are at your best when you are in the ring.





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