WWE/ECW: Why It Shouldn't Happen
June 14, 2006 by Cruz Barnard

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Since this is my first article I have the need to introduce myself. My name is Cruz Barnard and I am 17 and have been a wrestling fan since I was 10. I am an avid wrestling fan and some say I'm well, obsessed with it. I watch WWE, TNA and now it looks like I'll be watching ECW! All though I am excited about getting a new wrestling show to watch I'm not sure that I like the idea of WWE bringing back ECW, Which is why I wrote this column, Enjoy!

The day is May 21st, 2005, I am watching WWE Monday Night RAW as usual, when something peculiar happens: Paul Heyman's voice announces on a commercial that WWE is producing a PPV entitled ECW: One Night Stand! At the moment I think "Cool! ECW for One Night Only! Sounds cool right" Well it did for about five seconds until I realized I had no idea what ECW was! This brings me to my first point of why I think ECW is succeeding for the wrong reasons: The ECW fans of today are not legit! Well okay maybe there are some true ECW fans who were excited about ECW coming back but not as much as there are fake fans who pretended they knew what ECW was and pretended that they used to watch it all the time! This point may not be valid today because 'fake fans' got to experience ECW for the first time last year and maybe now they are true ECW fans.

Flash forward to May 29th, 2006, Once again I am enjoying WWE Monday Night RAW and Paul Heyman announces ECW is coming back full time! This time I'm not so excited, now I'm thinking 'Isn't one day a year enough"' WWE bringing back ECW One Night Stand was okay with me but full time is not and I'll tell you why! Most of ECW's original wrestlers are old and can not wrestle any more and most fans just want to see them even though they will fight shitty matches!

This brings me to my another point concerning the ECW roster, WWE fans such as myself, will only be compelled to watch the new ECW because of wrestlers such as Kurt Angle and The Big Show! I, myself, am only watching it because of this reason (and because it's wrestling!).

Another point is that former ECW wrestlers oppose WWE's resurrection of ECW! For Example: On an episode of TNA iMPACT! We heard Brother Ray make a comment along the lines of 'You should not try to resurrect something that it's heart is located right here in TNA' or something like that! Even though Brother Ray quickly directed the comments toward The James Gang, we are all smart enough (or at least I am!) to know that the comment was directed towards the WWE.

My final point of the day is that some old ECW Alumni are elsewhere. Raven, The Dudley Boyz, & Rhino are in TNA. New Jack is doing some promotion that's supposed to air on MTV. Johnny Grunge and Rocco Rock are deceased (R.I.P.). There are plenty more I am excluding, but my point remains the same!

Although I had never seen ECW before One Night Stand I do know a lot about it because I went out and researched a lot when ECW was brought back that fatal day! Maybe, my opinion will change about ECW once I get a chance to see it this Tuesday on the SciFi channel (Damn there's another point! SciFi what were they thinking!) Anyway that's it for now!

Rock N' Wrestle on! (I know its lame, but it's my catch phrase and I'm sticking to it!)

by Cruz Barnard ..

Jonathan wrote:
Hey Cruz, what's going on. You bring out a lot of interesting points. I've actually watched ECW from when it first started in 1994 to when it was shutdown in 2001 and to be honest, I was excited that they decided to come back full time because the difference between ECW and WWE is that WWE is more about storylines and ECW is actually more about Wrestling with a hardcore twist of course. It'll be competition with TNA, considering that TNA is more focused on the wrestling side of things instead of storylines. I'm glad that ECW came back but I'll be honest. After seeing ECW O.N.S 2006 and seeing the first ECW show on SCI-FI, I was disappointed. The new ECW brand has too much of a WWE feel to it and the reason why is because Vince McMahon is really in charge, not Paul Heyman. If you are a true wrestling fan and watched this year's ECW pay per view and watched their first show on SCF-FI and couldn't tell that Vince McMahon was behind the storyline and scripting primarily, then people aren't real ECW fans. You can tell the difference between Paul Heyman's work and Vince McMahon. The only way ECW is going to be successful is a few ways. 1, Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn need to step back from the storylines and booking and leave that to Paul Heyman and Tommy Dreamer. And 2, they need more wrestlers. And I'm not talking about going to RAW and Smackdown and pulling wrestlers. I'm talking about going elsewhere. Like maybe ROH, or even TNA. I like Kurt Angle there to be honest, but when they have Edge, John Cena, Big Show, Randy Orton and other wrestlers going back and forth all the time, it loses its ECW feel and feels more like WWE. If they could accomplish that, then the new ECW breed would be cool!!!
Nicholas Johnson wrote:
FINALLY-- SOMEONE THAT AGREES WITH ME!!! Cruz, I totally agree with your column... and all I read was the title! At first, I thought that it was just going to be a one night only deal, as per last year. However, like Brother Ray said on TNA Impact last month: "It seems that 'taking it to the extreme' has become the flavor of the month-- AGAIN!!! I don't mean any disrespect to Rob Van Dam, Tazz, Sabu, and Kurt Angle, but come on, now! Honestly, I believe that Vince McMahon is so scared of TNA whuppin' the WWE in ratings that he has to dust off an old walnut, so the speak. Stop beating a dead horse and let the dead bury the dead, Vince!
Jose Aguirre wrote:
I have to agree with you completely even though your column sounds kind of childish. I myself was not a legitamate fan, I watched ECW on TNN at the end of 2000 and begining of 2001, that's the only exposure I got to it because I live in Texas(Go MAVS!!!). Plus I was only 10 so I didn't quite understand how the business worked.
Brian Folan wrote:
Nice article Cruz, you certainly seem to be an enthusiastic wrestling fan. I have to disagree with some of your points though. Regarding "fake" ECW fans and real ECW fans, I think you are approaching this question the wrong way. ECW knows they will always have their rabid, cult-like following, but they are trying to branch out, and reach new fans. If they don't expand their fanbase, they will never succeed. Also, they need to reach younger viewers like yourself who didn't get to experience ECW the first time around. In ECW's prime, there was absolutely nothing like it, and they are trying to recreate that experience for a larger audience than they had in the mid- to late-90's. As for ECW's wrestlers being too old to put on good matches, I'm not sure which ones you are talking about. Rob Van Dam, Sabu, Rey Mysterio, Masato Tanaka, the FBI, Stevie Richards, Justin Credible, Tommy Dreamer and several others still have the goods to deliver in the ring. Obviously Terry Funk is dangerously old to do what he does, but he keeps getting it done with his hardcore style. The Sandman looks in better shape now than he did in the late 90's. And guys like Mick Foley, Balls Mahoney, Roadkill, etc were never in very good shape to begin with. Add their WWE draft picks Angle and Big Show, and other possible defectors like Edge and Rey, and they still have a very impressive roster. They even have a dream announce team in Joey Styles and Tazz (although I miss him in the ring). Regarding the Dudleys, I think they would be very happy to be back in ECW, but they cut promos against it because they are in a rival company. I believe the Dudleys have always had ECW in their hearts, and they would have been first on line to defect if they had been with RAW or Smackdown! instead of TNA. And of course we would love to see Raven, Rhyno and New Jack in the new ECW, but I think there are enough of the original players available to make this worth a shot. My ultimate point is that ECW is a one-of-a-kind wrestling experience. I was in the Hammerstein Ballroom for this year's One Night Stand, and there is no live event that can even compare. The crowd is completely out of control. 2,500 ECW maniacs were louder than any sold-out WWE crowd of 25,000. The chants were creative and timely. The sick bumps and high spots are amazing live or on TV (the Foley/Funk barbed wire board bumps were about 5 feet from where I was sitting). The hatred for Cena and the eruption when RVD won the belt were unbelievable. This is why ECW needs to return. It is a singular wrestling experience that every true fan should have a chance to be a part of. The big question is whether or not they can bring back the magic from 10 or so years ago. At One Night Stand, the magic was back for sure. Tuesday night on Sci-Fi was a different story (Zombie""""" Cena drops Heyman"""). WWE just needs to realize that you can't tape an ECW show in front of a Smackdown crowd. And Paul Heyman needs to realize that Zombies, Cena and limiting Kurt Angle to 10 second squash matches are not the way to bring back ECW.
Matt Jordan wrote:
You need to shut up, and shut up quick. If you didn't see much of ECW, then why in the hell would you write an article about it" If you want to see why ECW was so good, why don't you buy the Bloodsport DVD, or the Rise and Fall of ECW DVD, hell, even last year's ONS before you write another stupid article like this one.
Jason Lock wrote:
Cruz, the main thing that I have to say to you is: your are only 17, ECW happened manily before your time so you cannot say that ECW fana are fony and all that crap. You also stated that you think the fans only want to see shitty matches... WHO WANTS TO WATCH SHITTY WRESTLING"!" I think Vince McMahon is a genuis for bringing back this old-school, street fight wrestling style that the WWE attempted create with the Hardcore Championship. Do you think that Tommy Dreamer is ever in any of those shitty matches" Because WWE must be a piece of shit too seeing Dreamer held the WWE Hardcore Championship on 14 separate ocassions. And I have to apologize for your because you have not been a fan of wrestling for 7 years. You have been a fan of sports entertainment
Gus wrote:
If you've been watching comericals for ecw, you may notice "a new breed unleashed" quote. That means new ecw-style wrestlers will called up from OVW and DSW. examples are CM Punk, Kevin feritg (he was the vampire), Trinity (looked great in that "Outfit" she had on during the FBI's intro to the battle royal), possibly Sylvester Turkay,possibly others but who knows. What I want to see is Paul Heyman shoot on TNA. TNA has done that to WWE a couple of times, so whats stopping ECW for doing that. And alomost everybody on this site will agree that the debut episode sucked! The squash of Justin Credible was sad to see, the zombie (became alot better when Sandman kicked his ass with the cane).
Patricia Stocks wrote:
I agree with you. I'm only 16 but can claim I never missed a episode on TNN and for my birthday one year went to Anarchy Rulz 99( I'm Still pissed Justin Incredible pinned Sabu). Now that doesn't make me a old fan but more like a casual fan. When ECW went belly up I quit wrestling for 4 years until ONS and it was a fun to see everyone having fun. But it coming back full time even with my favorite wrestler Steven Richards it sucks. You can tell they had to bend to network rules again( a frickin Zombie,Vampire!"!"!"). They should have let it's great legacy in the words of the Undertaker " Rest..In...Peace"
The David wrote: problems with this article is that why do these types of fans tend to assume rather than wait and see the product first" I dislike the fact that people automatically say that ECW will fail because it's under WWE and Vince McMahon. Granted, the ECW debut was a let down but that was just only one show! And look at the rating that it received...a 2.7! Which is a better rating for a debut than TNA and Smackdown! have received as late. Now my other problem, I respect your opinion've been only watching wrestling for 7 years! I've calculated it and you've been watching wrestling since 1999, way after ECW established themselves as "Extreme!" I don't want to bash you because you're only 17, but I've been watching wrestling since 1989, and I am a lot older than you just leave it that. My suggestion is research your topic first and wait until ECW finally happens, wait for the summer to end to make this statement on why ECW shouldn't never happened! Now, my last thing about Brother Ray and other TNA/former ECW talent bashing the new ECW...if they actually cared for ECW like they all have said in the past, why would they bash the new ECW" Is it because they are bitter towards the WWE for letting them go" As I recall the Dudleys wanted MORE money, but the WWE didn't want to give them MORE money so they went to TNA who either offered them more money for less work or they just offered the same equal amount of money as they were making in the WWE and for less work. I just feel on what they are saying is pretty much sour grapes! Remember, the Dudleys left ECW to head to the WWE for more money. Trust me, if TNA were to let go former ECW talent from their roster, they would jump ship to the new ECW brand. Those were my thoughts.
Bryan Pasquale wrote:
I must admit that I reluctantly aggree with you. I started watching ECW in 1995 at the age of 15 and stayed with it until the end. ECW shows were the only shows I would actually pay my hard earned high school money to see at that time. ECW was like the counter-culture movement of the 1960's; you had to be there to understand it. Recreating ECW today is akin to Woodstock 94` or 99`. The "new promotion" will only be a coporate ripoff of something the was right and true at one point in time. Also, the venue for this brand of entertainment is all wrong. ECW was never about filling massive arenas and fany pyrotechnics. Fans of ECW tuned in to see a little of everything, but above all else we turned in to see great fueds, characters, and storylines that are sadly missing from the world of "sports entertainment". The WWE is caught in a period of general malaise and ECW is not going to solve their problems. What is true is that competition breeds excellence, and neither ECW(WWE) or TNA can provide this competition, we are living the post cold war era of wrestling.
Steven Matthews wrote:
My friend, you're the last person who should talk about ECW. You are one of the detractors to the promotion, not the brand. You look at it and see hardcore wrestling. Not knowing that in the past, some of the biggest draws for Paul Heyman were Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Lance Storm and Taz, among others. These wrestlers were not exactly "hardcore" competitors. Those three letters really stood for what that promotion was all about. They were extreme with the flaming tables and Singapore canes and all of that stuff. But most importantly, they were wrestlers. Hey, I'll be the first to say that I was stunned when Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman locked in simultaneous figure four leg locks on The Dudleys at One Night Stand '05, but no matter what you say or TNA fans would say or WWE fans would say, garbage wrestling or not, it was wrestling. There was little talk involved, not like Raw or SmackDown where there are only four matches that total about 45 minutes of the show and the rest is Edge and Cena going back and forth on who is the better man. If Edge and Cena were in ECW, they wouldn't talk, trust me. If you have Bloodsport: ECW's Most Violent Matches, then there are two things that you should watch and pay attention to. Both parts are on disc 2. The first part that you should watch, along with everyone else is Paul Heyman's closing piece following the Awesome-Tanaka match at ONS '05. Paul Heyman says this verbatim, "On behalf of everyone involved, I just wanted to take this minute to say thanks. Thank you for the support. Thank you for never letting it die." ECW never died. The company folded, but the audience kept it alive, somebody tell Bubba, sorry, Brother Ray that. The second thing to watch is in the extras section, under the title, ECW and Blood. On that piece, Joey Styles tells everyone what hardcore wrestling is. It's not garbage cans and Taipei Death Matches. Hardcore wrestling was taking two pure athletes and letting them loose. No 10, 15 minute time limits. Let these guys exhaust themselves to the absolute maximum, to the absolute "extreme." And by the way, the only reason Angle is in ECW is so he can bring the pure wrestling styles back to them. As far as The Big Show is concerned, ask yourself this question. "How many serious WWE Championship shots is he going to get on the Raw roster with Cena, Edge, Triple H, Michaels and so forth" I applaud that wrote this piece although I don't agree with you for the most part. I must say however that, in my opinion, ECW WILL FAIL!!! Vince McMahon heavily edited Tuesday's show and it was awful. I don't want to see it fail and I hope it doesn't, but I fear that it will.
Kristin F. wrote:
I 100% believe that WWE should not have brought back ECW...Yeah so ECW:One Night Stand sounds fun....for one night only! The original ECW is good however now it is not! With the likes of the Big Show, Kurt Angle and many more being taken from where they belong to someone they don't sucks!
Josie Santiago wrote:
Cruz, I agree with you that WWE should not bring back ECW. However, my reasoning is different. Now, I do not claim to be a "True ECW fan" never having the oppertunity to watch it. Just read about the over-the-top violence in PWI, The Wrestler, and other such magazines. My only visual exposure to ECW when it came on Spike TV back when it was called TNN. I knew that what I was watching was only a small percentage of the true ECW experience, but it was enough for me to "get it." Having said that, I rather enjoyed the 1st One Night Stand. And although it was a strange concept, enjoyed the 2nd ONS as well. What I did not enjoy was this new ECW on Sci-fi. Even though it was "better" (production-wise, bigger venue) it has WWE written all over it. Just because you have a few of the old ECW wrestlers and "ECW rules"-type of matches doesnt mean much. Like a shitty sequel to a blockbuster movie without the original actors, or the new MTV version of Headbanger's Ball, it just doesnt have the magic of the original. Yes, the "bingo halls" and crap production are all laughable, but it was all the more reason to love it. Thats what made it all the more intimate and cult-like. And that was a major ingedient missing from this new Sci-fi show: the fans. Rabid, blood-thirsty, obscene M F'ers that will shit all over you if you do not please them (listen to the anti-Orton and anti-Cena chants at ONS). But will give a guy his just dues if after a helluva showing, you still lost whether face ot heel. (See Big Show -vs- FBI) In concusion, I say this: ECW should not be brought back if this is the way it would be, Though I am sure it was brought back with the best intentions, the original is 10,000 times better and should be left alone. If by chance there is a person reading this who is curious about ECW, buy a bootleg DVD from the internet. Please dont watch this (not so) cheap WWECW version on Sci-fi under the inpression that this is the real deal.
Joe Spaz wrote:
I think as fans of ECW past and present need to step back and ask the question...WHY did ECW fold in the first place. There was the TNN deal and also financial issues as well. But the facts that really stand out were brought out in the "Rise and Fall of ECW" DVD. Any ECW fan new or old need to watch this great DVD set. I know some "Die Hard" ECW fans will say that it only shows the WWE's perspective on this, but it brings up some very good points made by Vince McMahon and Eric Bishoff. Eric Bishoff said that ECW catered to a small group of fans almost regional. He's correct. Every match weapons and blood will never make it to the mainstream no matter how great the product is to some fans. Any television network will listen to many of the fringe groups Eric talked about. It does not matter if you or I do not agree the network will do what' is best for the network. Vince made a great point that "You can only throw caution to the wind so often." The body can only take so much. Let's face it Vince is one of the most successful business men in the world. He is also the MOST successful wrestling promoter ever. That is why there is a WWE and there is NOT an ECW/WCW, because of business decision that were made.
Carl Haske wrote:
Ok Cruz, I agree with most of what your column supports, but with ECW back it will give more opportunities for more wrestlers to come in and have the old guys retire. If you look back in early ECW there was Terry Funk who was getting the young guys ready for the business, odds are its going be the same way. I remember before TNN I was trying really hard to find the syndicated TV at like 2 or 3 in morning just to wonder what it was all about, just watching it a couple times before TNN just blew me away and when it was on TNN it gave me a reason to watch wrestling compared to the same old shit with the WCW vs. WWE clash, they were in a different league which was interesting to me. My opinion on the ECW: ONS thing, after the 1st one, it got everybody fired up to be at a 2nd one I just think they didn't plan it ahead soon enough but as they say Easy Come Easy Go. As for the fans, the true ECW fans are the ones who wait hours and hours at the ECW Arena to sell tickets and know what the look for in a wrestling match. One thing is for sure, I was expecting more from the 1st ECW Sci-Fi show, why the hell is it on Sci-Fi anyway""" somebody wrote about Vince McMahon being in charge and more storyline is to it, he has a point there, the original ECW was about the wrestlers coming up with there own storylines. Paul Heyman is more of the booker than the "promoter." But for those that do not remember the past, Paul E was never the best business man.
Dartagan67 wrote:
Personally, I don't think it's gonna be the same with ECW since their under WWE. The Dudleys just making a realistic point when Brotha Ray said & I quote; " You can't breathe live into something when the heart & soul of it is here (TNA) & not there (new ECW)". Do you think they're going back there knowing that Vince McMahon is involved" HELL NO!!! ECW was anti-establishment & in your face before they folded. Some of you people need to understand that POINT!! Also I agree with the Dudleys in what they're saying about the new ECW. I mean after watching the 1st show on Sci Fi; it was like it watching a WWE production for real. I'll wait to see what happens.
Jason Bach wrote:
I completely agree with you Cruz. ECW, as much as the king stated on RAW, was, and still is "Extremely Crappy Wrestling." Being a follower of ECW from it's initial start, to its end in 2001, It was a mediocre promotion at best. One thing that bothers me is the rise of these so called "ECW loyal fans" who wanted ECW resurrected, talking about, the hundreds of thousands of fans who wanted ECW reborn, which I can tell you are mostly posers jumping on a bandwagon they know little to nothing about, because when ECW first started out, they had big venues, and on their way out, they had small venues, and in most if not all instances, none were sold out. Look at the ECW buyout rates, they were pathetic!!! Smackdown! and TNA's PPV buyouts put ECW's Best ppv's to shame. If these fans are so loyal today, and remember supporting ECW then as they do now, are full of it, cause ECW went Bankrupt, when the so called "loyal fan base" could have kept it sustained if its "true believers" stuck with it.

ECW for the most part, was the place where complete wastes that wouldn't fit into WCW or WWE time. Mostly wrestlers past their primes (Like Funk) and Wrestlers that nobody cared for, or wanted to deal with cause they were garbage (like Shane Douglas) in which ECW not only catered to these chumps, they made them champions. Most of the matches were so boring, they made Velocity and Heat matches look like Killer App PPV Events. Most of the championship reigns were so unmemorable that one would question was the ECW belt even worth having" Going to the point Matthews made about competent wrestlers, fine, ECW was the breeding ground for many up and coming wrestlers who otherwise wouldn't get a chance in WCW or WWE, who at the time were concentrating on Steroid Junkies, with their dated chain wrestling. So the likes of Mexican wrestlers like Psicosis, Mysterio, and Guerreo, and Canadians, like Chris Beniot and Chris Jericho got their start at ECW. And let's face it, once the Monday Night Wars were in effect and both the WCW and WWE were looking for the next big thing, each of them left ECW. Leaving the Loyal crew of ECW misfits to remain. Tazz, Dreamer, Snow, Raven, Kidman, Lita, Beniot, Jericho, Guerreo, Mysterio, Funk, Foley, Dudely, Storm, Richards ALL LEFT ECW the first chances they got!!!

And everybody goes crazy over the fact that ECW was innovative because of it's hardcore matches. It's hardcore matches, mostly out of the fact that the majority of the ECW roster (who couldn't hack it in a better promotion) lacked the ability to carry matches, thus beat each other senselessly with various items till they bleed, broken, and destroyed their bodies and any sense of dignity in wrestling. However, when WCW and The WWE got to making Hardcore matches, they put ECW to shame, adding actual wrestling talent to the mix, causing actual moments in wrestling worth remembering other than somebody getting smacked in the head with a keyboard. ECW was left with hardcore matches that otherwise had no hook, angle, or context to them.

Surprise, Surprise, that's exactly what the first show offered as well. Cena didn't even talk, or add any commentary, it was just senseless beating after beating on Edge and a few other ECW superstars. The "oh-so-Impressive" Sandman, who basically fought his toughest opponent in the new ECW, Zombie, with a kendo stick. Kurt Angle, who is suppose to be the new face of ECW, is forced to take one for the team and try to add dignity and credibility to this floating joke that is called the resurrection, either by destroying jobbers, or jobbing to wrestlers who's career's should've been destroyed a long time ago.

Then there are the One night Stand PPV's that everyone is using as a crutch for their otherwise pathetic attempt to defend ECW's rebirth. One night stand in 2005 was a B-rated PPV that was successful, mostly due to 2 things. 1 being that the WWE's otherwise poor choice for another Draft had interest in matches drop, and the PPV's prior to One night Stand were otherwise, boring and Uneventful. The idea that for one night, fans who were disappointed nearly 4 years before hand got a second chance to see it, and see a worth while PPV, since the WWE bought out control of the product. And 2, because it offered those who didn't witness ECW's fine moments(not like there were many to begin with) was all about. And low and Behold, some of the Best Matches of the night were of From WWE Superstars. Notably, Just released/jobbers Dudelyboyz, Mysterio, Guerreo, Beniot, and Dreamer. Causing wresting matches that sparked minimal attention, and helped to gain some extra hype to a bunch of 13 year old kids that ECW was something that it mostly never was.

Fast forward to 2006 ONS, which was a pathetic PPV from beginning to end. This ECW vs. WWE couldn't have played out more pathetic. Tazz's Long awaited return to the ring, had no moves other than the Tazzmission applied and lasted a whole 20 seconds. The Hardcore Match, featuring Terry Funk (who was past his prime 10 years ago) Mic Foley(The teddy bear who can barely walk himself) with Edge and Dreamer,(who were the only capable wrestlers in the match, held back by the fact that instead of having an actual wrestling match, they were subjected to beating each other senseless with weapons. The matches that were worth watching, being Cena Vs. RVD(two WWE superstars) and Mysterio and Sabu, who for the most part were and still are(despite fan belief or titles held) are mid card jobbers, who had the most anti-climatic end to their match. Fans got ripped off from this ppv which failed to live up to the standard the previous ONS put up, still bought into it.

ECW Now, is more of a joke, than it was back then. It's the cheapest brad extension. A smarter move would've been to get away from any and all WWE involvement, being it's own brand, of former ECW Stars, Some WWE stars who's talents go unnoticed on Heat and Velocity, and Had superstars from TNA and ROH compete with each other. What this is, is trying to compensate for 4 hours of boring wrestling and unproductive storylines, and try to fuse it with a 5 year old, 1 hour, dead idea to help milk whatever's left of the preverbal cow that is ECW.

Any of you so called "Wrestling Fans" who buy into this New ECW are the furthest thing from a fan, but a front runner, rooting for anything the WWE rehashes at you. The newest breed in wrestling that's worth watching, that's worth attention, that's changing wrestling as we know is ROH, which promotes more death defying, timed out, beat for beat pure wrestling at it's finest, scraping storylines, and changing the way we think of quality matches. TNA's x-division, in the last 3 years, accomplished more in wrestling than ECW has in nearly 10 years of it's existence.
Richard wrote:
I agree with you. ECW should not be resurrected, as long as Vinnie Mac is calling the shots. That so called "debut" program for ECW felt like a third string version of Smackdown! and we all know how boring and pathetic Smackdown! has become since Rey Mysterio became Champion. So pathetic in fact that he is now known as the World Champion not World Heavyweight Champion because he is a featherweight trying to fill a heavyweights shoes. If Paul Heyman were calling the shots, ECW might succeed. I'll give ECW six months before it dies a slow WWE style death................
Dizmal Dizmal wrote:
theres alot more reasons y it should not happen like the fact that WWE made ECW just like WWE its bullshit an lame they should focus more on hardcore wrestling an try to do real good match an get some better hardcore wresters cuz like u said ever one is getting old i cant help but laugh the hole time im watching it becuz i cant belevie what a lil.. well alot of money can do to a person i mean shit it made sabu TALK!!! he said some to john cena last night on ECW i cant realy rember what it was it was one word lol im sure u all heard it lol but this ECW WWE thing SHOULD NOT HAPPEN! unless it can be ran by some one that is ECW an have nothing to do wit WWE besides the money!
George wrote:
I agree with what you're saying. I'll be honest with you. I'm still to young to remember a lot of the stuff that happened it sucks for me that I missed when ECW debuted (I was 2 years old at the time.) I really think that the "ECW New Breed" shouldn't happen because of the fact that it's still a WWE product. ECW really isn't ECW. I really do miss the old ECW. The old real ECW was entertaining to me. I think I remember the first time I saw ECW. My brother showed me it. The Dudley's doing insane jumps onto tables and lighting them on fire. But no matter what the new "ECW" tries to do that energy and passion will never be brought back. And now that Kurt Angle and Big Show are on it this so called new "ECW" isn't wrestling, it's Sports Entertainment. The WWE should let ECW remain in the grave.
W D wrote:
yea man liked the article but your asking why wwe has brought ecw back a few words for why they are bringing it back rise and fall of ecw dvd that dvd broke the record for top selling sports dvd also one night stand 2005 about 350,000 ppv byrates now i was a fan of ecw back in the early 90s when it was eastern championship wrestling i seen it all in ecw from shane douglas throwing down the nwa title to mike awsome going to wcw as the ecw champion i mean i seen everything in ecw untill 2001 when it closed now when i first herd of ecw i was excited to but i knew deep down that it wasnt going to be the same cause everyone knows that they cant replace somthing great as the old days of ecw now the new ecw is under the wwe name everyone thinks it is coming back because wwe is scared of tna thats not true tna is like ecw right now a small time promtion who is on spike tv who is ran out of fla time except live shows that are not on tv now the dudleys they sayed seems extreme is the flavor of the month and yall think it is a stabb at wwe yea thats true but see dudleys are like all the ecw guys getting paid by boss's so if they want to have a job they have to say things that there boss makes them of course tna is going to take a stab at wwe its bussiness and wwe knows that is why they brought back ecw the dvd sales the ppv byrates ecw right now is a hot flavor of the month so vince isnt stupid for bringing it back he is a creative genius to see that somthing this hot should not just be dvds or ppvs it should be a full time thing i mean ecw was the number one rated show on tuesdays these past two weeks so yea call vince stupid but i call him genius

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