Everyone's Favorite Heel
December 28, 2006 by C.T. Pontes

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I am a college student, and for WWE fans my age, it is sometimes hard to tune in to Friday Night Smackdown! Most of the time I find myself reading the spoilers to figure out what will happen. However, there is one man that has kept me coming back to see what he does next. That man hails from Green Bay, Wisconsin. He is Mr. Kennedy (Kennedy).

I first became aware of Mr. Kennedy when he teamed up with one of my favorite wrestlers, Randy Orton, and his father Bob Orton in a 6-man tag match. Their opponents were the late Eddie Guerrero, Batista and Roddy Piper. Kennedy had a good idea of what he was doing in the ring, and I liked his heelish tactics, as they reminded me a lot of Orton. In the subsequent weeks, I began to watch Smackdown! more, and saw that there was a lot more than meets the eye when it came to Mr. Kennedy. From his ring entrance to his innovative and original finishing move, there was not a lot to dislike about the guy.

Unfortunately, in December of 2005, Mr. Kennedy tore his latimus dorsi muscle and was forced to miss six months. I feared that this was the last I would see of this man, due to him being relatively new to the company. Batista was also out with an injury, but being a bona-fide main eventer, there was no doubt that he would come back and make an impact.

Then, a funny thing happened. Even though he was hurt, Kennedy continued to make appearances on Smackdown!, including hilarious confrontations with his pseudo-rival, ring announcer Tony Chimel. He would appear in backstage segments, notably one where Paul Birchill's pirate angle first appeared. He announced a cruiserweight title match, cracking many funny jokes in the process. While all these instances were funny and helped to get him over with the fans, his best work was his appearance on Byte This!

For all those who have seen the episode of Byte This! with Kennedy, I think it would not be a stretch to consider this one of the funniest and most entertaining episodes ever to air. From him hassling the receptionist when he is first arriving at WWE headquarters(Open Sesame!) to his on set chemistry with host Todd Grisham, Kennedy established himself as one of the better and more creative heels in the WWE, all while not wrestling a match for six months. I cannot think of another superstar who has made that type of off the mat impact.

He made his return in June 2006, winning a quick squash match against Scotty 2 Hotty, showing off some of his new moves, including a new finisher, the Kenton Bomb. He had a mini feud with Batista before capturing his first WWE championship, the United States title. After requesting a trade to RAW, he started easily the best feud of his young career with The Undertaker. He and Taker exchanged victories, all the while with Kennedy cutting gripping and believable promos on the dead man. The rivalry came to a head at Armageddon with Undertaker winning his trademark Last Ride match. Kennedy's performance in the match was so impressive that he moved up on's Power 25 rankings.

It is hard to tell what is next for Kennedy. Whether he will remain on Smackdown or be traded to RAW is anyone's guess. There is no guesswork, however, in the fact that Mr. Kennedy will hold one of the World Championships by the end of 2007, at the latest 2008. Through his incredible work on the mic to his stellar work rate in the ring, it is truly special to watch Mr. Kennedy wrestle week in and week out.

by C.T. Pontes ..

Jon Rosaler wrote:
I actually went to the 6-man Tag Team match on Smackdown in San Francisco,CA. That was my very first time to a show. I had the honor of Seeing Eddie Guerrero for the first and last time in person. Ken Kennedy really got acknowledged that night and great things were to come for him. I don't know what's in his future, whether it's World Heavyweight Champion or just a guy we see in main events on a regular basis.





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