"Hacksaw" Again; HOOOO!
November 5, 2005 by Curtis Rosler

I just finished reading the recap of Taboo Tuesday and plan on ordering the webcast. I was somewhat disappointed with outcome of the vote for the legends match with Eugene.

I had hoped that "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan had been voted into the match. I'm not fond of Snuka or Kamala for the plain fact, I have either never seen them wrestle or I don't remember it. I was young when they wrestled on TV and I didn't grasp the whole idea of professional wrestling. I admit that I don't remember much of Duggan in his WWF days either. Duggan became one of my favorite wrestlers when I started watching WCW television. When he went out to wrestle he seemed pumped to be out there. The expression on his face let you know that he wasn't out there to be in a storyline, but that he was out there to tell a story in the ring and give us what we wanted. When I first saw the 2 x 4 it let me know that not only did this guy go out to enjoy himself but that he was out to kick some ass. You can't beat that.

I remember Duggan joined team CANADA. He was involved in the storyline but in all reality it didn't really look like he was enjoying himself as much as when he just came out on the mid card waving the Stars and Stripes. It did get the point across though; Duggan was loved for his patriotism. Fans were hurt and noticed that a proud American, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, had pulled a Sgt. Slaughter on them. That may be one of the reasons the story lasted as long as it did. Plus Lance Storm can wrestle. The Janitor gimmick isn't one I like to remember. It seemed demeaning to a great wrestler, but then again that's Vince Russo. The fact that he found the WCW TV Title in the garbage and defended it was insulting. It would have been impressive to have a tournament for the belt and have "Hacksaw" come out on top. It would have been a nice highlight in the history of Nitro.

Anyone who is a fan of Duggan and a fan of WCW must remember the night that Duggan came out and gave us notice of his cancer. That was heart wrenching, because it scares the hell out of you. I don't even know the man but it still hits home. Unlike, that gives us J.R. updates, the WCW organization did no such thing. We didn't know anything until "Hacksaw" showed up on Nitro or Thunder, I can't remember, and told us of his good fortune; that the cancer was successfully removed. It brought a smile to my face to know a man, who is self righteous and good, would be around to smile and enjoy life a few decades longer.

Although Duggan may be about 50-51, for my money I would have rather seen "Hacksaw" on Taboo Tuesday. It would have been an adrenaline rush to see him and Eugene team up and take out Rob Conway. Not to take anything away from Kamala, but he doesn't speak English. I would have rather thrown a legend out there with Eugene who let us know that he really wanted to be out there.

After reading the interview with him a week ago I really think Duggan would have outperformed everyone in the ring with the exception of Rob Conway.

by Curtis Rosler ..

Tyrone.Hunter wrote:
Dude, Jim Duggan sucks, that is for sure why he wasn't picked. I mean he was picked over Kamala. Shouldn't that say enough, if your a kid, okay. I could see the ideal behind why you liked him, but we're a lil older and we can truly understand why he sucks, he's just a laughing gimmick, not someone to push or get over with title runs. Standing up for Jim Duggan is like saying Teddy Long can dance.
Christopher Boyd wrote:
The guy has an opinion about a wrestler that he liked when he was younger. When I was a little younger I loved Bill Golberg, but now I realise that he was crap. Jim Duggan is not crap. Jim Duggan cares about the business. Just because someone is not a technical master doesn't mean that he's a terrible wrestler. He seems to have a loyal following, which is more than I can say for you.

Kamala does speak English, by the way. I seen him on an episode of Memphis wrestling where he was on the radio and he actually rcorded a love song.

And by the way, beng an old fart doesnt make you a bigger or better, or a more knowledgeable, fan than others.
quiksilver wrote:
I think this was a very good piece on Hacksaw, he is the one that got my vote to be Eugene's partner. While he may not have been the best wrestler, he had a great passion for wrestling and you could tell he loved his fans. He was one of my favorite wrestlers growing up, and still is today. I think wwe should let Hacksaw get in there at least one more time and let him kick some butt, tough guy. 'HOOOO'.
JP wrote:
Jim Duggan would have outperformed that night he's in great shape and know's how to give what the crowd wants. Superfly only beat him out by 3 percent and Kamala was dead last with 17 percent so people wanted to see hacksaw wrestle, but people in there hearts wanted to see the legend superfly the problem is he's in his 60's -- I just would have liked to see hacksaw get in there keep the action fast paced and have a quality match.
Al Fucsko wrote:
Jim Duggan is my pick too... but for WORST WRESTLER EVER!!! He was the first wrestler that I saw totally expose the business. It was at a Survivor Series in the late 80's or early 90's. Randy Savage was tied up in the ring ropes and Duggan was on the apron. While Savage was tied up and helpless Duggan nailed him with an elbow to the head and a couple punches. Only problem is, all the punches and shots missed by like 7 inches!!! I knew wrestling was all a work, even then, but at least make it LOOK good. Jim Duggan is an example of how a wrestler can go a looooooong way on a gimmick that talks to the fans, and mainly young fans. Older fans know that the guy was never in shape, cut brutal promos, couldn't wrestle more than 10 minutes, and never put on a match worth more than 2 stars. I can't believe that WWE is dusting him off now for this 'Legends' stuff, just when we were rid of him. There are a LOT better Legends that they could give the work to.
Leaping Larry wrote:
I enjoyed Curtis Rosler's column. As for his critics...get a life. Giving an opinion on a wrestler, good or bad, is everyone's right. Criticizing another fan's opinion means someone has way too much time on their hands. Every professional wrestler is a gimmick, period! I grew up with Big Time Wrestling in Detroit in the early 70's where with the exception of Flying Fred and Johnny Valentine, every wrestler "was" a gimmick. Professional Wrestling's one and only goal is to entertain and Firpo, Sheik and Bobo did just that. I first saw Hacksaw when he was with GWF in the mid-80's and found him very entertaining. Cross-eyed, tounge out, back arched and completing every take with a thumbs-up "though guy!" was some dumb but funny sh!t. Saying he sucks because you caught him pulling a punch at 7" is like saying Barry sucks because he struck out or Kobe sucks because he missed a free throw. And if you think the extreme gimmicks are for kids only then you are taking this medium too serious. Lighten up Francis and enjoy it for what it is, Sports Entertainment"




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