Flirting With Disaster
June 3, 2005 by Daniel Garcia

The WWE is in the business of giving the fans what they want to see. Sometimes they strike out, as was the case with the much scrutinized 'Invasion' angle. Other times they crush one out the park by making Vince McMahon the white Dr. Dre and launching the marketing machine known as John Cena. Although I am not a fan of his, I know that he has made the WWE a lot of money by capitalizing on his commercial appeal.

Something else that has been profitable for the WWE is the success of 'The Rise and Fall of ECW' DVD. More and more rumors have been circulating about a possible return for the promotion. At first, I was skeptical that this would really work. After all, wasn't the defeat of the 'Alliance' the official end of ECW for good" Money talks and it's loud and clear that people still want to fill the Extreme Championship Wrestling void.

But could the WWE really be on the brink of reviving ECW as its own entity" I would think it would have to depend a great deal on how well 'One Night Stand' does this weekend. Judging by the ticket prices the WWE was confident that people would pay good money to see it, I know I would like to. Just looking at all the alumni their putting together for the PPV it's shaping up to be huge but then what" Would people really continue to buy into an ECW that's run under the umbrella of the WWE"

I suppose some would but I'm pretty sure that some of the hardcore fans would look down upon it. Perhaps even they would even consider it a bastardized version at best. Don't let the WWE's collection of about 40 years of wrestling history fool you. You cannot buy a legacy, you have to create it, one match at a time. I think if they ever intend on bringing it back to life they should stay away from making it a different show to compete against Monday Night RAW and SmackDown!

I think in order to preserve the continuity of ECW's legacy they should keep it as separate as possible. Wasn't part of their appeal as a wrestling company was that they broke all the rules and answered to no one" Wasn't it designed to be the Anti-WWE" I believe that the resurrected ECW can operate as a separate entity and still hold on to its credibility. However it should not be produced as a weekly television program.

They should have mostly non-televised house shows and periodical PPV events. Now before ECW purists go into a frenzy about how this couldn't work because the World Television Title that RVD made his name with would be useless hear me out. House shows typically emanate from smaller venues. I'm sure the new ECW would have no trouble at all selling out arenas with 2500 to 8500 seats.

Not only that but with the European and international tours the WWE has been so successful with lately, one could only imagine how well it could do. In addition, PPV's could be spread out more effectively. Does either show need more than two single brand PPV productions" After 'New Years Revolution' I decided the only ones I will watch from now on are the joint-brand shows with the exception of 'One Night Stand'.

If the WWE is going to fit 18 PPV's in one year (with 2 in June alone) I think at least three should be ECW PPV's. In addition, it would give the existing fueds and storylines for both shows more time to develop. Not only that, it would give people that other option they have been craving for so long. But who knows, perhaps this could be one of those 'be careful what you wish for' situations. I myself am looking forward to it. I'm eager to see just how badly they will ruin ECW's legacy.

I'm eager to see if they do in fact prove me wrong and live up to all the hype. I'm eager to see who wrestles who and what kind of matches they will do. I'm eager to see how Bischoff's RAW 'Crusaders' and Kurt Angle's group of SmackDown! superstars involvement plays out. I'm eager to see actual fallout, if any from the PPV the following month and its impact on the much anticipated Draft Lottery. I think it will definitely be a historical night. Whether or not it will live in infamy or become something special is still up in the air.

by Daniel Garcia..





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