Triple H: The Best Heel On RAW" - I Think Not
March 31, 2005 by Dan Staab

You hear it a lot, here at OWW, and surely other places. That Triple H is the best heel character that RAW has to offer. The best heel who would make a formidable World Champion anyhow. What I aim to do in this article, my first here in the OWW by the way, ss to point out that, no... he isn't. I'm not here to slander Triple H or even the WWE product, just show to those out there, who believe Triple H is the only good heel option out there for RAW, that there are most definitely some great, if not better alternatives.

First and foremost, I have to point out the most obvious, Chris Jericho. Now I realize that he's a face right now. But let's face it ladies and gentleman, the man truly shines as a heel. Not only is he a tremendous heel, he is also a tremendous wrestler. Far better than Triple H, in my opinion, and has the credentials to back up a lengthy and legitimate title run; does first ever Undisputed Champion ring any bells" If you think that Triple H can put on great matches, just think of what Chris Jericho would be able to do. Not only this, Chris Jericho is great on the mic and could have some awesome feuds.

Next, another obvious possibility is Edge. The guy is a great wrestler, good on the mic. Similar to Jericho in many ways on this aspect. However, most peoples excuse is that he isn't ready to be champion or that he wouldn't make a believable champion. All Edge really needs are a few key wins to put him up in the rankings. Maybe a win over HBK" I know that wouldn't be enough, but it would definitely be a huge start.

One of the not-so-obvious would be William Regal. Personally, I think this guy would be a great heel champion for RAW. He can wrestle a good match with just about anyone, having that adaptive style of his. Not only that, but you can't help but love to hate the guy. His mic skills are great; if you recall his promo about Triple H, while he was having that stint with Eugene. The anger he portrayed in his voice and just the things that he said sent chills up my spine; not many people can do that. And if you don't feel he's qualified enough, just look at his credentials. Former IC champ, Euro champ, Tag champ, even WCW TV champ. All of the proper stepping stones on the way to the top. Not only this, but he would make the World Title seem more... ya know... worldly. He is from England after all and let's face it; the furthest the World Championship has strayed from the US is Chris Benoit, who doesn't even live in Canada anymore.

Then another possibility is Rhyno. The former and last ever ECW World Heavyweight Champion. There is no question that the guy can perform in the ring and that he can carry himself like a champion. But the argument that you may bring up is, "What about his mic skills"" Well, there is a solution for that. And with the answer to this solution I ask a question, "What is Paul Heyman doing"" Oh that's right, probably getting stuck on another talentless rookie monster to propel to the top. With Paul Heyman at Rhyno's side, not only would there be some great feuds and storylines, there would be great wrestling. They could do something where Paul is trying to reclaim his former ECW glory days by having his champion Rhyno take the WWE World Championship, something of that ilk.

Well, there you have it folks. Four possibilities, all of them quite better than Triple H and none of them were Kane or Gene Snitsky... I realize there are probably plenty of others like HBK, Christian, or Randy Orton. But I'd rather Christian got a good lengthy reign as IC champ before wrapping the World Championship around his waist, that Randy waited awhile longer before he got his run again, and that HBK never held the belt again and put the guys under him over before he hangs up his boots. And as a great World Champ once said... "That's all I have to say about that!"

by Dan Staab ..

Sami Salonen wrote:
I have to say that you've written a great column. I share many of these opinions with you, and with propably the most of the wrestling fans. I agree mostly with you about Rhyno. I just think he should turn heel and should get a lot more airtime. Paul Heyman would be a great manager for Rhyno too because the storyline would be so easy to come up with (even for Stephanie). Rhyno has put on several great matches in the past too and he is a great wrestler to have if you want to get some hardcore action going. He's finisher might be a little lame though (at least its better than the pounce!) but it's easy to modify it to something devastating, he has gored several superstars through the table so... Rhyno might not be the most agile superstar but he has his own ways of going to the extreme, mostly with weapons though. If you want to compare HHH to Rhyno, is like you would compare Metallica to Motorhead (this is bound to get a debate started)... Metallica might have more power and strength than Motorhead, but Motorhead has some other skills to add to the power and strength that they have so Motorhead would win easily. In this case as you might have guessed Motorhead is Rhyno. The bottomline is that Rhyno should be the next heavyweight champion... And that Motorhead is better than metallica!
Samantha Liston wrote:
I have to say that I enjoyed the article. I too believe that there are other heel opportunities not being explored. After all, Triple H won't last forever. He created himself as the best man to hate with the help of HBK. When they formed DX, they set a precedence that no heel or group of heels has equaled.

Ryno proved in ECW that he could be the big dog if given the chance. I can't understand why McMahon has not allowed him nor his story line to develop into the explosiveness that he can create both in and out of the ring.

Edge and Christian seem to feed better off of each other rather than individually. The anger and deceitfulness that appears between them seems more natural than forced. I think that they would be a good tag team heel, but not sure that individually they could pull it off together.

William Regal is past his prime and can't compete day in and day out the way he would have to to carry the full part.

They push for Randy Orton was to early. they needed to develop him more as a singles wrestler before handing him that responsibility. He was doing well. However, they took him from the best he could learn from. If he were given another opportunity to learn further from Triple H or from the old Shawn Michaels (I'm sure he remembers those days), he would go alot further.

I do believe that Batista will be the man to fill Triple H's shoes. His I don't give a crap attitude and his size give all the advantages that he needs. His eyes and body language speak volumes. Hopefully, the events in his personal life will allow that to happen.

The only other prospect that I can see on Raw is Chris Benoit. Everybody seems to have forgotten that at one time he was a Horseman. And after all, they were the biggest heels in wrestling for years whether they were together or separate. Can you imagine the reaction if he decided to be a heel again.
HirokishuKeita wrote:
Ok, this IS a very interesting article. Thing is, Triple H is booed no matter WHAT. That's why he's the biggest heel on Raw. People enjoy Jericho whether he's face or heel. Regal I don't think can be a mainstream stay as a champion. In England and a few parts in America, yeah he has fans, but overall he's not really the best choice. I enjoy regal and thought his work was good. I even had him on my all time favorite list. However, when you think about the roles and responsibility of a champion and how they have to put people in seats, no one would buy Regal's run as champion until he gets pushed back up as a heel. If WWE starts doing that (doubtful) then it'll probably take up to 2008 to make him a possible heavyweight champion.

Edge, I enjoy his new run as a heel. It reminds me of when he first debuted in WWE. Remember how he was oh so filled up with rage, it's almost as though it's returning to him. However, his whole heel has been so focused on being screwed over by HBK, it's somewhat impossible for him to become champion and stay heel. Unless of course HBK returns to challenge him for the title. Afte redge beats HBK it'll take something clever for him to stay heel and keep putting butts in the seats.

Rhyno will not be a contender for the heavyweight title. If he ever does then it'll most likely be a very short run. I like the guy, but because he was an ECW champion doesn't make him a legit runner for the Heavyweight or World title. Taz couldn't, Sabu wouldn't, Raven couldn't and Tommy Dreamer couldn't. They were all given decent pushes (except for Sabu who never worked for WWE) but the fans never truely grasped their character. Rhyno, I have to say is more out of luck than Regal.

HBK would never go heel anymore. Orton's only chance is by being his pompous arrogant punk. Christian's a good contender for it, but he doesn't another IC title, he's already proved himself that he can be IC champion anyday. Kane's a good contender, but he isn't a heel anymore. Snitsky... no.

Final arugment is Triple H is the only guy on Raw who can make people hate him inside and outside the ring. He may not be the greatest in-ring performer, but if the fans are wanting you to lose, you don't have to be the best, you just need to keep them hating you. Triple H has been able to do that for the longest of time without once having to turn face after he lost to Hogan.


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