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October 5, 2004 by Dany Mercury

Times have changed and times are strange, here it comes but it ain't the same. What the hell am I talking about " Yeah of course, wrestling.

I was 8 and it amazed me. I remember that my uncle used to watch it as I grew up and I got obsessed with it. I started to watch it just weeks prior to Wrestlemania IX. I believe that what got my attention was the 7'7 giant known as Giant Gonzales. The first match I have of him is against Virgil. He was talking about The Undertaker and how easily he would beat him.

I told myself : "Who is Undertaker "!" Then I saw him. Images from the Royal Rumble where Gonzales totally dominated him though he wasn't in the match at all. I loved him since that moment.

Soon I bought my first magazine and there was a profile on Gonzales. He was noted as "almost 8 feet". There was Hogan on the cover I remember as he was WWE champion, having defeated Yokozuna at Wrestlemania IX in Ceasar's Palace in Las Vegas.

Then one era ended as Hogan "retired" to make movies such as Mr. Nanny. It was Bret Hart's era and to this day, I think no one is better than the Hit Man. I saw him a couple of times but I don't know why, the match I wanted to see the most was against Jim Neidhart in Montreal in October 1994.

I had rented and bought a lot of Coliseum Home Videos in one year and I read a lot of books/magazines. I became closer to the world of wrestling. I knew the history between Neidhart and Hart. To my eyes, there wasn't a better era than the Old School era. From 1985 to 1993. The Hogan era. Taker Vs Hogan, Hart Vs Hennig, Warrior Vs Savage...Etc.

Then in 1994, it changed a lot. Hogan finally moved to wCw and soon Savage and Luger would follow him. British Bulldog had done so too with The Nasty Boys, though Davey Boy would soon return in late 1994. Owen Hart and Bret Hart were the two biggest stars maybe though Yokozuna was champion for the better part of 1994.

From 1994 to 1997, it was Bret Hart's era. Problems between him, Vince and Shawn Michaels in 1997 led to his departure and fans never forgave either one of them.

Ok, I may be one of the only people on this Earth to say that but the Attitude era was not a great era I think. Ok, Stone Cold, The Rock and Triple H were great but people like Kaentai just killed it for me. Moolah and Mae should have retired (And still should ! Don't they have dignity "!)

I didn't like The Ministry as I didn't really like The nWo. Too big. When it's too big, you get lost in the storylines.

It got better when Kane arrived in 1997 but 4 or 5 men couldn't save the Attitude era for me.

My theory on why Attitude is considered better is that more people got intesrested in wrestling around 1998 so they don't know that before that, it was way better.

The WWE era was better I think. Is better. Angle, Jericho, Triple H, The Rock, Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, RVD, Booker T...Some of them were listed above but I think Triple H's best era is the current one. The Rock's best era was maybe the Attitude one but Before he left, he was wCw champion and was WWE champion in 2002. Lesnar and Goldberg made it big too but where are they now " Trying to make it big outside the WWE...

It's a shame that most people will remember Ric Flair as the guy that always cheats, always loses or always follows Triple H. That was a champion. Does Vince hate him that much to force him to stand in the shadow of his son-in-law " 16-time champion reduced to being Triple H's ass-kisser.

Anyway, what I will miss from wrestling, what I'm missing from wrestling I should say, Are great matches, great characters, great people, great talent...Something we have almost totally lost. There will never be another Hogan, another Hart, another Undertaker [The one now isn't the one I thought we'd have back], another Macho Man or another Ultimate Warrior. This is Dead.

And as the late Freddie Mercury sang : "The show must go on !"

by Dany Mercury..

William McCracken wrote:
Ric Flair has been a world champion more than the 16 times WWE gives him credit for. In reality, he's held the title at least 20 times, including ten in NWA, eight in WCW, and twice in WWF (both in the early 1990s). And the argument could me made that he has another world title reign in him..
Brad Dykens wrote:
I did a study on him -- Ric Flair: 20 Times the Man!..



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