Exactly WHO Screwed Bret Hart"
March 31, 2005 by David Temrick

I thought it was over, I thought everyone was done being bitter about old news. I guess I was wrong. Recent trips into Canada still prove that fans hate Vince McMahon so much that they cheer his heels and boo his faces. It's gone as far as Vince putting the screws to the Canadian fans now by having Jericho come out to "Born in Manhattan, New York" and Benoit come out to "Residing in Atlanta, Georgia".

Obviously Canadian fans are still upset with Vince over the "Screw Job" to Bret Hart when he left for the WCW. In fact, they go as far as to boo Shawn Michaels out of the building, Earl Hebner gets harassed everywhere he goes in Canada, and all because Vince "screwed" Bret Hart.

I think everyone gets the picture by now, right" Wrong. You know who screwed Bret Hart" Well it wasn't Vince, the WWE is his life. It's his baby. He made it and he controls it. The whole family lives and breathes the business. Now his star, the guy he pushed to the top of the heap of talent, decides that he's going to leave for more money with Ted Turner's WCW. In all honesty, if I was Vince. I wouldn't have even let Bret Hart out to wrestle Shawn Michaels. I would have had the cameras backstage record me fire Bret and then go out to the ring and hand the title to Shawn. Now THAT would have been screwing Bret Hart. The wrestling business has no place for soft touches. Soft promoters are broke promoters.

Was it Shawn Michaels fault" Let's assume he knew what was going to happen. It's his job for crying out loud. If your boss told you to play normal even though he was going to fire one of YOUR co-workers you'd keep your mouth shut too. Don't lie to yourself. Shawn did what the boss told him to do.

Was it Earl Hebner's fault then" I mean he did call for the bell even though the match wasn't over. Right" Why was Vince out there" To tell Earl to call the match over. Once again. Your boss told you to do something. You do it, or you're fired. Plain and simple.

So if it wasn't Vince's fault, not Shawn's fault and not Earl's fault...then whose fault was it"

The only person who could and did screw over Bret Hart....was Bret Hart. Let's face it. He left one wrestling promotion for the other. He wanted to go out the champion of the old promotion too!" Are you kidding" Let's see, so you want to leave my company after I've given you all these breaks, and all these opportunities, AND you want to take my World Title with you" How about....NO" I am just sick to death of hearing my fellow Canadian's boo a great worker like Shawn Michaels every time he comes into this country just because one of our own got greedy and was punished for it!

by David Temrick ..

Kirsty Quested wrote:
OK, I don't usually leave feedback but this is a topic very close to my heart so I'm going to have to stand up. I'll defend Bret to my dying breath and almost everyone who visits this website knows my views so I'm not going to re-hash them here. I am, however, going to make one huge correction to David's article. BRET DID NOT SELL OUT. It's annoying when people base their argument on something that's simply not true. The WCW offered Bret three times what the WWF was paying him, and he TURNED THEM DOWN. He stuck with Vince out of sheer loyalty. Vince then turned around and told Bret he could no longer afford his 20 year contract, and ENCOURAGED him to go back to WCW to see if he could get his old deal. This is documented in Wrestling With Shadows and has also been ADMITTED to by Vince McMahon himself numerous times. It's not under dispute. It was with a very heavy heart that Bret signed with the WCW - he had no choice! You can hear him say it himself, TO VINCE, in the documentary Wrestling With Shadows. "I didn't want to leave this way. I didn't want to leave at all." So, having turned down a huge amount of money to stay loyal to Vince, he not only had Vince BREAK his contract, but had Vince HUMILIATE him as he was leaving. David, I agree that people need to get over the Screwjob and stop booing Shawn Michaels and Earl Hebner. I really do. I even wrote an article about it. It's right here But what I do NOT agree with is your assertion that Bret sold out for the money, and tried to take the belt with him. You are simply wrong.
Dave Hanson wrote:
Clearly this guy didn't read anything about the Screwjob at all. Vince TOLD Bret to leave, and Bret, who never had problems putting people over before, and always did what Vince told him, had one little request, which was to not have to lose the title in his home country before he left; he offered to put down the title on RAW the next night, and Vince didn't believe him, why" Because FREAKING ALUNDRA BLAZE screwed him over by going to WCW with the women's title" Bret got screwed because Vince didn't want "another Alundra Blaze"" That makes me so mad.
Brad Dykens wrote:
I don't think the Canadians are booing Shawn Michaels because they think he's a "bad worker". It's just become something for fans do to entertain themselves, since they're becoming decreasingly entertained by the product WWE delivers.
------------------------------------------------ By the way I agree, Bret did screw Bret!
Luis Malave (pronounced "Lou-is Ma-la-vay") wrote:
I am going to have to agree with Kirsty here. The whole Bret Hart leaving to WCW thing was encouraged by Vince, everyone knows that. Now David, I can understand and relate to all the points you happened to make. Vince wanted to make sure he had a Champion that wasn't going to another promotion. OK. That's fine. But if Vince really didn't want to grant Bret's last request, then why did he" If he wasn't going to do it, then he shouldn't have agreed to. It's just bad business ethics.

And, I could understand why some people would want the booing of Shawn, Vince, and Earl to stop, but...I for one don't. I don't live in Canada, nor have I ever been to Canada. But I STILL boo Shawn Michaels to this day. Is he a great worker and one of the best bumpers in the business" Sure. But does that mean we have to cheer for a person we don't like" Nope.

So I close with this, if you like someone, cheer. If you don't like someone, don't.
Laurens Fuchs wrote:
The Montreal Screwjob is just something else that people don't seem to be able (or willing) to get over, even after almost 10 years (note how I said almost).....

Now.... Bret screwed Bret. Yes, it's true. It's damn true.

This goes out to Kirsty: Unlike David Temry I know what you know. Bret wanted to stay, Vince offered him a huge contract, so Bret turned down WCW who would've paid thrice (like twice) the amount that WWF would've paid him out of "loyalty"..... but then Vince realized he couldn't keep his promise and that the deal he offered Bret Hart was out of question because he just couldn't afford that amount of money that he had offered him previously and told him to go and take WCW's offer (if he could still get it).

So, up to this point we can all agree on how things went down.

BUT - and now it's time to think things through very closely - and this is a huge BUT: Has it never occured to anybody besides me that why didn't Bret say to Vince: "Oh, so you offered me this long-term big money deal so I turned down WCW's money.... but now you're telling me you can't afford that kinda deal with me. Tell ya what, I really wanna stay with the WWF, I'm really with you in this (Monday Night Wars), know what, I'll stay and you pay me a less amount of money for now and we'll (WWF) work things out, get on top again and once business is better you'll be able to pay me what you first offered me - let's make a contract like that." I honestly don't think Vince would've turned him down on that and told him "nah, know what, how about you just leave"..... he knew what he had with Bret as a wrestler and as a draw, so it's more that unlikely Vince would've turned him down.

Which brings us back to Bret Hart. His loyalty towards the WWF didn't go that far at all, he didn't really wanna stay with WWF that badly, he seemingly didn't have faith in Vince or the WWF that things (in the Monday Night Wars) could eventually turn around - at that point he was simply after the money. That's all, really. Money, money, money. And THAT is an undeniable fact.

He was in the WWF when the WWF was having a hard time fighting WCW so he should've known at least a bit about how things were within the WWF and I say that he saw WCW as the "golden place" where all the money and all the other "big" guys were and since I think he was a bit unhappy with the direction that the WWF was going into at that time, all that summed up for him NOT to stay with Vince, for him NOT to be so loyal as some people claim he was and for him NOT to stick with the WWF in the end. And when you take all that into account, that's what's called being opportunistic. Bret Hart simply was an opportunist.

"WCW is up, WWF is down, WCW looks golden, WWF doesn't look too good, WCW pays loads of money, WWF pays a lot less if I stay".... so whenever Hart says he "really wanted to stay soooo badly", I say that's complete bullshit. He thought WWF was on it's way down the drain and would eventually get crushed by WCW (like many people thought at that time) so he took the money and left the seemingly sinking ship for the praised land WCW.

Well, too bad for him that things turned out completely different.

I also think that all of you Bret Hart supporters, fans, etc. should be less concerned with how Bret got screwed (by Vince in your opinion) because that really doesn't matter at all, you should all be trying to find someone to blame over at the then WCW to have something to ramble on about for the next decade or so as to why Bret's career went nowhere in WCW and finally down the toilet in this company where nobody really gave a damn about "The Excellence Of Execution" while he had some more great years on the top in him.... that's something people (Bret fans, Canadians) should be bitching about, not a "screwjob" that really didn't matter too much at any point in time. The screwjob didn't finish Bret Hart off, WCW executives and creatives did. Thank you!

I now invite everybody to bash me and my article for telling it like it is, so if you must, please. @Kirsty: while I seemingly had to take a shot at your beloved Bret Hart I hope you don't take it personal, I always appreciate your columns/articles, so keep up the good work.... but still, Bret screwed Bret....

P.S.: Propz to David Temrick for realizing that Bret screwed Bret by being greedy, faithless and opportunistic. Good article, I really appreciated it.
C Thomas wrote:
ALRIGHT ALREADY! This whole screw job story is too over told with alot of Vince supporters and Bret supporters having there say on this bullsh*t issue. I'm gonna put my Texas-Two-Cents in on this one (since the Texas remark is that Shawn is from Texas and so am I).

Now, Vince showed the typical unprofessional-ism that he has always showed. It was just the situation with Bret spoiled over. For as much as we now, this might have been brewing up longer than we all now. It was just that very day, it all boiled over with the screw job and the some how not talked about verbal and vulgar incident that was shown on the USA Network the following night UN-edited and UN-cut. Then, on that same night on RAW, Vince was attacked by Bret and ensued was a near locker room riot that was not scripted nor a shoot. So, as far as the guy who the column, yes, it is wrong for Bret to leave as champion, but there could've been a more civil way to end Bret's reign before leaving. At least give the fans that. They owed it to not just the Canadian fans who there that night, but also the fans around the world that watched perhaps the most disgusting act in wrestling history. HELL YES! I put that over the World Infamous Katie Vick Angle. Anyway, all i'm saying is that the whole incident left a black mark on everybody's careers. Shawn Micheal's is just not welcomed in Canada anymore. Bret Hart's career never really recovered from that.....ADMIT IT! And Vince is always known as the tyrant that wants no other promotion to be rich except him and he will cut your throat to get what he wants. All in all, WWF(E) has not been the same since that faithful night....ADMIT IT!!!!
Buddymachine wrote:
You want to know who really screwed Bret" It wasn't Michaels, Hebner, Vince or Bret because, in truth, they set him up for a great run elsewhere. No, Bret was screwed by WCW. Look at what Vince handed them. Bret "the Hitman" Hart, a man who was at that point, at his hottest ever. The fans wanted to see him cut loose. They wanted to see him put on five-star classics with the guys on that roster that he'd never worked with before on a global stage like Sting, Benoit, Jericho and even Hogan.

And what did WCW do with this gift" Nothing. They flushed him. They made Bret Hrt Hulk Hogan's flunky and then let him sit and bake for a year before trying to get anything out of him. And then they tried to feed him to Goldberg where he was injured. WCW even tried to rush him back from what ended up being a career ending injury.

Bret Hart should have been one of the two or three guys, along with Sting and maybe Goldberg, to finally end the nWo, instead he was forced to help massacre everyone's character including his own until nobody gave a damn about much of anything in WCW at all.
ShaunCl wrote:
I agree. Bret Hart as great a performer as he was, shouldnt have been so god damm greedy.
Scott Ryan wrote:
Whoa whoa whoa. Hold the phone here. You mean to tell me that "Bret Hart screwed Bret Hart"" Ha...right. Lets get something abundantly clear here. Bret was screwed by Vince. Vince encouraged Bret to go to WCW, and then after doing that, he decided it was a good idea to kill of Brets Character so that he wouldnt be such a hot commodity going into WCW. And I guess another question that would be brought up in that situation would be "Did Vince screw Vince"" Yes you read that correctly. Vince Mcmahon in his contract gave Bret Hart creative control of his character. Obviously McMahon could not keep that promise because he kept wanting Bret to lose the title.

Now, the screw job happend because Vince wanted Bret to have 4 major losses in a row, and then have a 5th win for a short little title run, where he would vacate the title later on to go to WCW. So Vince was trying to pull a fast one on Bret to kill off his character in the first place.

Bret Didnt screw Bret you twit. Vince McMahon did.
andrew betts wrote:
well i have to disagree with those who say "Bret Screwed Bret" for one i have seen the documentry "Hitman Hart Wrestling With Shadows" and in it Vince said he counld't afford to keep Bret and the contract was a 20 year contract at about a million a year so basicly "The Montreal Screw Job" was well an execution because Bret never really enjoyed as much sucess in WCW as he did the WWF granted Bret did win the WCW title on serveral occasions but his career was pretty much over by then which ultimatly led to Bret getting injured by a sloppy kick from Goldberg which ended Bret's in ring Career so after all Vince really did SCREW Bret
Kirsty Quested responded to Laurens Fuchs's comments:
Laurens, of course I'm not taking your comments personally. In fact, I applaud you for articulating your opinion so eloquently, well done :) You will, of course, allow me to retort" :)

Firstly, if you've seen Wrestling With Shadows, you'll know that when Vince decided he could no longer afford Bret's 20-year contract, and informed Bret of this, Bret said to Vince "Talk me into staying, please. I don't care about the money. I'll stay for the deal that we have." So in essence, he did say to Vince (and I'm quoting from you not him) "Tell ya what, I really wanna stay with the WWF, I'm really with you in this (Monday Night Wars), know what, I'll stay and you pay me a less amount of money for now and we'll (WWF) work things out, get on top again and once business is better you'll be able to pay me what you first offered me - let's make a contract like that."

Secondly, lets not forget that everyone's in the business to make money. But you're overlooking something - despite being offered $3 million from WCW, Bret still turned that down to remain with the WWF and fight in the Monday night war. You can't sit there and say it's all about MONEY MONEY MONEY when Bret turned down so much to remain loyal to Vince - how you can describe him as "faithless" is beyond me.

Thirdly, I agree that Bret was unhappy about the way things were going, but that direction wasn't specific to the WWF. All of the things that Bret was bitching about related to wrestling as a whole, not just the new WWF "Attitude." As for being an opportunist - which I don't think he was - what's wrong with that anyway" Why shouldn't you take the best deal that's being offered"

Fourthly, Laurens you've contradicted yourself. You say he left for WCW because he knew the WWF was a sinking ship - but then in your first paragraph you'd agreed that Bret turned the WCW's initial offer DOWN to stay with the WWF for less money, so how can that be true" If he thought the WWF was a sinking ship - as you say - then you have to give him additional kudos for wanting to remain with it FOR LESS MONEY - I think this underscores his loyalty rather than denies it.

Fifthly, as for why he crashed and burned in WCW, there are two main reasons for that. The first is that they didn't know what to do with a "Bret Hart" now they had one - something Vince had actually warned Bret would happen. Bret admits that. They didn't seem to know who to build him for, so they wasted him and his talent. That's not Bret's fault. Secondly, one of the reasons they didn't know what to do with him once they had him was largely due to the spectre of the Screwjob hanging over him like a dark cloud. In a world of theatre, something had happened that crossed the line into reality and left Bret in a limbo state. We will of course, never know for sure, but it's my gut feeling that had Bret gone to WCW without the Screwjob ever having taken place, he would have done alot better. As I said in my article, his departure from the WWF was marred by the Screwjob, rather than highlighted by career until that point.

One thing I will agree with you on wholeheartedly - WCW execs DID finish Bret off. And Bill Goldberg of course. I'm surprised that kick didn't take his head right off.

And finally, you're not "seemingly" taking a shot at my beloved Bret - you ARE taking a shot at him :) That's fine, because darling, you do it so well :) But no, I'm not taking it personally, it's just that I'll always defend him because what happened to him was an absolute travesty and completely, totally, un-necessary. Calling him greedy and faithless is just wrong, and I'm telling you why. Oh, and I'm glad you like my articles. Thank you for the compliment, and thank you for expressing your opinion so eloquently - I disagree with it completely but I respect it.
Redsoxfan3488 wrote:
First this is a good article, whether you like the poinion of the author or not. Second, Bret didn't want to drop the title to HBK because HBK had said when he was champion that he didn't want to drop it to Bret. That was a very stupid thing to say, but it is childish to reciprocate back with the same thing. Finally, as to the previous comment by Kirsty Quested, if WCW had any creative brains they would have seen that Vince gave them a good storyline to work with Bret, so it doesn't make sense that Bret's charachter did bad in WCW because of the "screwjob".
nathan jones wrote:
I am going to say this one time and one time only, Bret Hart screwed himself. Why would he care if he lost the title since he was on the verge of leaving the WWF shortly after" Now I know that he didn't want to lose the title in Montreal and in his home country, but its Vince's company, and Bret doesn't need to be so greedy. I can't blame Vinne Mac for taking the belt off of him, because as far as I'm concerned, Bret wanted to leave to the opposition, so I would have done the same thing if I was in Vince's shoes. Bret Hart screwed himself over when he decided to go to WCW. Earl Hebner just did his job, Shawn Michaels seemed apologetic, and Vince did what I feel was best for the WWF. If I was Vince, I would not have even let Bret wrestle HBK. I would have fired his ass the minuet he told me he was going to WCW. Also, why would Bret even continue the match if he saw McMahon out there when he wasn't suppose to be" Now if I did miss something, and in some way Vince did screw over Bret, Bret is still on the wrong side of it, due to acting unprofessionally. What was he thinking he would prove when he punched McMahon" And he still wont make good with the WWE" All he has achieved is making himself look like an ass hole. This is how Bret screwed himself. He killed his career because the WCW fans didnt want an ass hole in their ring and spend their money to see him tellin Ted Turner, Eric Russo, and Eric Bischoff that he has to be put over as the top guy. Bret Hart screwed himself, and thats all there is to it.
Joseph Huber (long time OWW loyalist) wrote:
I have to once again agree with Kristy here. I saw Wrestling With Shadows and it backs up everything Bret Hart said. I viewed it for the first time tonight, as a matter of fact. It was in Bret's contract that he could go out how he wanted to. So the only way Bret screwed Bret was by believing the words of Vince McMahon & Earl Heebner. Bret is guilty of being naive even though he saw it coming. He couldn't do anything to stop it. He thought he could trust Heebner & Vince and look where that got him.

Wrestling With Shadows is great. If any of you believe the lies told by WWE, Vince & HBK I highly recommend you view this. It shows Vince & Shawn Michaels to be liars, using their own words (straight from their mouths). Vince lied to Bret and said he could go out with dignity. Shawn Michael swore to god "I swear to God I had nothing to do with this." he told Bret in the locker room after the Screwjob. I wonder how God feels that a Christian like Shawn Michael lies to him so blatantly. Now Shawn Michaels says he was in on it all along. Which is it HBK" Which lie should I believe" Bret Hart's story is consistent and true. You contradict yourself.
Dev Hasan wrote:
Like Dave Hanson said above..He is right. This guy who posted this columb read nothing about the screw job. Let me tell the REAL truth.

Bret the hardest worker at the time of the WWF never missed one match in his 14 years of the company, he never REFUSED to put another wrestler over, he never bitched or complained about anything and he never abused his character control power which is hard for a wrestler to get those kind of power now days.

Vince McMahon offered Bret a $1 million contract I believe to stay with the WWF for 20 years/life till he retires. WCW had an easier schedule for Bret and they offered him $9 million for just 24 months.. Bret being Bret he said he loved Bret and looked up to him as he looked up to his dad Stu. Bret stayed loyal and signed a new deal with the World Wrestling Federation.

A few weeks before Montreal, Bret gets into a meeting with McMahon and McMahon saying he can NOT afford to pay Bret. Bret said he didnt care about the money. Bret said as long as he can be in the WWF it didnt matter how much he really got as long as it was something reasonable of course as he was the biggist star the WWF had at the time.

Vince said he cannot afford Bret at all cause he had new stars pulling up like Steve Austin and Rocky Mavia (The Rock) and Vince asked Bret to try and get his old deal back from WCW cause there was no way the WWF could afford to keep Bret as they were in a very very bad way. Bret phoned Eric Bischoff and got his old deal back.

Bret was on his way....but wait! Bret was the WWF Heavyweight Champion. Bret found out his last match was at Montreal, Survivor Series 1997. As all these years he worked his ASS OFF for the WWF and never bitched, complained, whined, had alot of respect by the guys backstage and never did anything to piss anyone off. He asked Vince if he could win his last match so he could go out the WWF as a hero. Especially infront of his people.

Vince said he cant and he was afraid Bret would walk to WCW with the WWF title and it would of reuined the WWF. Any real wrestling fan who knew Bret was the loyal guy outta the whole bunch, he asked to give the belt in the following night at RAW. Vince didnt want this. After talks and talks. Vince finally agreed and there is PROOF on "Hitman: Wrestling With Shadows" dvd that Vincent Kennedy McMahon DID agree for Bret to win.

Montreal comes up. Bret asks Earl to ref his match. Earl swears on the life of his childrens he'll call this match down the line. Bret before his match again agrees with McMahon how Triple H was supposed to get Shawn Michaels d.q by accident with Bret retaining the WWF Championship.

Onto the match. Bret gets locked into his sharpshooter. There is NO tap. Vince runs down the ramp screaming "Ring The Bell, Ring The F**cking Bell" quickly gets the WWF Title just when Bret counters the Sharpshooter into his own. Bret drops him afterwards and knew exactly what happened. Shawn Michaels did the stupid look acting like he was really mad about if Michaels ever cared for Bret.

McMahon looking relieved Bret hasnt got the belt. Bret spits into the face of McMahon as the crowd are pissed off like Bret. Bret looking embarassed as hell in the middle of the ring. Owen Hart comes down to carm him down.

They walk backstage. The Undertaker is backstage pounding on the door of McMahon's telling McMahon to open the door and when McMahon opened the door. Taker told him to get his ass over to Bret's lockeroom and apologise. Bret in the lockeroom with Shawn. Bret asks Shawn "Shawn you had anything to do with that"" Shawn replies "I swear brother, I swear to God my hands are clean on this one" and Bret at the time believes him.

McMahon makes his way to the lockeroom with a pissed off Bret with Owen and Davy Boy Smith there. McMahon is there with Shane on his side. Vince tells Bret it was the first time he ever lied to him. Bret started to shout at him telling him it wasnt the first time and dished out all the other lies McMahon did to him and told him after all these years after working hard for him he does this to him.

Bret tells Vince to get out. And the time he is down showering and if he aint out he is going to knock him out. Bret comes out of the shower 10 mins later and finds McMahon still there. Bret strikes McMahon, knocking McMahon right out and even breaking a few bones in Bret's fingers. Bret got jumped on behind by Shane and then Davy Boy Smith pulled off Shane and he hurt his knee cause he took off the the knee brace after his match.

Once Vince woke up from the punch. Bret shouted out at him "are you going to now screw me all the money you owe me all these years too"" and Vince groweled on the floor holding his face saying "No..." then Bret told Shane and others to "Get that piece of Sh!t out of here" meaning Vince of course. And he got carried out and you see Vince staggering baley on his feet walking outta Bret's lockeroom with the other WWF Wrestlers in the hallway listening.

Thats the whole truth.

Bret then told the camera Vince ran into his hand by accident...of course meaning Bret punched him out, thats why Vince had black eye. Mick Foley even said on Monday Night War's dvd that Vince knew deep down that Vince Screwed Bret and Bret did NOT screw Bret.

You want to talk about HBK doing what the boss told him to. He didnt have to do it. No one else would of done it. HBK hated Bret Hart in real life. It was no secret at all. HBK always refused to put people over. Bret phoned Shawn at the Iron Man Match thing and said "Shawn, I have no problem putting you over in that match" and then Shawn replies "well sorry to tell you, I cant do the same to you later on.." what kind of sportsman says that" Like I said it was no secret of HBK not liking Bret off camera. Onto Earl Hebner...he swears on his KIDS LIFES! that he wont mess up the match...what kind of sick guy does that" I wouldent. Vince wouldent of fired them, Vince would of probley gave them a formal warning. HBK had to say "Sir, I dont want any involement in this, what you and Bret have is your own busniess and I would like to have no part in it, no dis-respect towards you or your company" I think Vince would understood if that would of happened. Myself being in Shawn's position I would of done.

So the whole Screw Job happens...Bret goes to WCW. Bret wasnt greedy, selfish or anything he was a good worker and did nothing to hurt the WWF or the workers or anything. He asked this ONE LITTLE favour and in return for all his hardwork, pain, suffering, working with rolled ankles, and once defending his I.C Championship with his temptature ALL THE WAY UP and he only did it for the fans. Everything Bret did was for the fans and Im sure he did it to make his dad proud and Im sure Stu was very proud of him.

Anyone to say anything different to Bret is stupid. Anyone to call Bret's wrestling crap is dumb. You cant say Bret was bitching about Montreal, even if he did for abit, can you blame him" of course not. Everyone got over it including what do WWF do" they show the highlights of it all the time and they bring it back they say Bret is the one bitching or should it be Vince adding fuel to the fire.

So for all you people who know nothing about Bret 'Hitman' Hart you just now read the TRUE story. Not some dumb thing that was made up by what someone HEARD from others. That's stupid opinions. This what I said was FACTS. FACTS. Cause they CAN be PROOVED. To all the guys who stuck up for Bret just like me on the column, we just won the war and battle. No countering. End of it.
IHeartBretHart wrote:
It's no use arguing with people like this who don't know the real facts and only think they know the story. I'm not sure if these points were mentioned in any of the above posts, so I'm sorry if this is repetitive for anyone. Bret has said that he was willing to drop the belt to anyone on RAW or in another PPV before Montreal. The reason he did not want to drop the belt to Shawn in Montreal is because he does not respect a man who said that he would never job for Bret again and he knew that it would break the Canadian fans' hearts for the "American hero" to beat Bret on their own ground. I know that WCW was giving the WWF a fight at this time and I understand that Vince desperately needed the ratings, but he could have done it sooner. He knew Bret was going to leave because he is the one that told him to leave! He knew this way before Montreal, so there is no reason why Bret had to keep the title that long. I don't blame Earl Hebner as much because the man surely would have lost his job had he not called for the bell. As many have said before, it's time to let go of Montreal. Never forget it, but stop bringing it back up. I admit, it is a fascinating event, but even Bret admitted that it means nothing to him anymore after what he's been throught since. It seems silly to talk about the outcome of a wrestling match when your brother dies in a tragic accident, some of your siblings don't talk to you anymore, and you suffer a near-fatal stroke. So no matter what happened in Montreal, Bret Hart will always, ALWAYS be a better man than Shawn Michaels or Vince McMahon. Also, props to Kirsty (as usual) and Dev and all the others who stick up for Bret because they know they're right.
Bulldog Brower Jr. wrote:
Isn't it really something how all of this happened back in 1997" This issue about Bret Hart and Vince McMahon will never be over. People will talk about this 20 or 30 years down the road. Buy yeah I do agree with the people that said Bret screwed his-self. The problem with Bret is, he let his head get too big for his shoulders and his head swelled up. If everybody looks back in history, look how Bret Hart got a job with the WWF. When Stu Hart sold Stampede Wrestling Promotion to the WWF, he also stated that the only way he would sell was if Vince was to hire -- Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Jim Neidhart, Bruce Hart, and Davey Boy Smith. So yeah if it wasn't for Stu, Bret just might not have evered worked for the WWF. Bret Hart is stuck on his-self way to far, he doesn't think anybody can do anything better then him. All Bret had to do was drop the belt to Shawn in Canada and this would have nevered happened. But Bret had to so the world that he can be very childest and he wasn't going to stop until he got his way. Well he got his way alright, right out the door of the WWF. Another thing, like Bret tried to say the WWF screwed him over. He also said that the WWF killed Owen too. But once again did somebody push Owen off and made him fall into the ring" NO!! The person to blame for that would be the cable company incharged of that piece of equipment. But once again Bret blamed Vince for that to. I have always liked Bret Hart, but Bret needs to grow up and stop the crying and move on with life. He had his chance working for Vince, and now it's all over with. It's nothing but history. Bret Hart is truly the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be, but let me break it down for everybody. Bret Hart was the best there is (Cry baby), the best there was (screwing his-self), and the best there ever will be (acting childist).
Dev Hasan wrote:
Bulldog Brower Jr, Bret didnt get big did he get big headed.." If your saying cause he wanted to win, that didnt mean he was big headed. He wasnt even going to win by SUMBMISSION OR PINFALL. It was going to be a dumb d/q. The reason he wanted this is cause Shawn Michaels never jobbed to him and he didnt want to job to Shawn who never ever put Bret over. And Bret was happy to put any other wrestler over the NEXT night. He would of put over Shawn Michaels then! How the hell did that make him "big headed" thats being a hypocrite really.

Your just saying what you think. Theres a difference what Im saying and what your thinking. It's like Im telling you the facts and your not listening your thinking. You should be listening to what Im saying NOT thinking.

Actually let me put it this way.

Say your from Canada. Your Canada's no.1 wrestler and most importantly you are the WWF's no.1 babyface. A guy who doesnt like you refuses to put you over at Survivor Series after you just put him over at WrestleMania for the WWF title. That's right WrestleMania the grandaddy of them all, the biggist pay per view in professional wrestling. And all he asks in return is just to win by dq. Is that being big headed" I think not. So what happens is the guy who you worked for all this time screws you after working through injuries, pain, suffering etc and you never miss 1 match in 14 years screws you over infront of millions and infront of your own people in your own country! That will make you big headed or pissed off" If you say its different then your a hypocrite again. EVERYONE will be pissed.

Saying Bret is over it. Bret was over it in End of 1997. People saying Bret brings it up all the time and still bitches about it. How do you know this" where is the proof" there is no facts of this happing..I got news for you all it never happened. Bret on his commentary on his OFFICIAL site even said He and the Hitman fans were over it. But people bring it up all the time. Just like this column brought it back up. If there was no column, there would be none of I right or wrong" Im right. Here is the link.

If you look at any of the columns or anything, there is nothing about "whining" or anything.

If your brother died in a company, you would be really pissed off too, angry and frustrated. It was his BROTHER someone he GREW UP with. And before you say stuff without knowing again, this goes to everyone else and say "Bret did a lawsuit" it wasnt Bret. It was Owen's wife Martha Hart. She brougt in all laywers and Bret told her there was no point because Vince's lawyers beat goverment type lawyers. Bret just said if he was in the WWF he would of made sure Owen would of NOT had done the stunt at all.

You say Bret was only in the WWF cause of Stu selling his stuff. Thats bullcrap. Sure it was apart of why Bret to the WWF. But it wasnt t he only reason. If Vince thought Bret was crap, he wouldent of hired him or made him the guy to be the top baby face of the company or carry the company with the WWF Championship. Owen didnt come to the WWF till late. Vince didnt bring in Owen he only allowed Bret. Bret kept telling them to allow Owen to get a shot in the WWF cause Owen was wrestling other places. Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit and others trained at the Hart's and they got into the WWF. What was the exuse for that" Don't tell me Stu begged Vince to let them in" I thought so...enough said.

Just for the note RIGHT HERE

People who make up crap and have no real facts OR Proof please do NOT say stuff. Your full of sh!t and if when you send me some stuff that really happened and stop telling me stuff that never happened because it didnt. If you want to say stuff how the montreal stuff keeps coming up just like the column guy who made this column said...then why bring it up" no-one brings it up till someone on the internet posts it. Then it just gets escalated. Just stop this. Bret is OVER IT. You might like getting a laugh at something that aint funny but it was over. As the fans chanting "You Screwed Bret" at Earl, Shawn and Vince at Montreal, they deserve it. It's like someone ending Babe Ruth's career in the Yankee's stadium in front of all his fans and they wont give that person heat each time they come to New York" rigggggght! Point made.

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