Are Tag Teams A Thing Of The Past"
December 12, 2005 by David Temrick

I watched the Road Warriors/Legion of Doom DVD last week and it got me to thinking. Back in the 80's and early 90's Tag Teams were all the rage. You had the Fabulous Freebirds, Powerteam 2000/Blade Runners, The Bushwhackers, The Road Warriors/Legion of Doom, The Rock and Roll Express, The Rockers, the list goes on and on.

The Tag Teams were just that. A team that looked alike, complimented each others style and cut promos and had feuds team VS team. Until very recently (over the past year) Tag Teams have become a thing of the past. Sure you still have MNM and The Heart Throbs, but really they're the only teams that exists as a traditional tag team anymore. While Big Show and Kane are impressive, they don't look alike, have tandem moves or come out to a joint song. Just a bastardisation of both their songs. What I would like to see is a few less of these young guys who don't care about anyone but themselves, and more of the guys that were trained together, or joined their first promotion together and live as friends inside and outside the ring.

So who's my favorite tag team" They're only the best team ECW ever had (yes including the Dudley Boys), the freshest spin on a tag team I've ever witnessed and all and all the most successful team in recent memory.

The Impact Players.

Think about it now. They were very different wrestlers. They had very different styles, despite being trained by the Harts. Lance Storm looked like a typical wrestler with tights, Justin Credible looked like a punk rocker reject. They were the clean cut boy-next-door and the boy-your-mother-warned-you-about. Perfect mix. Add to the mix Dawn Marie and they had a vicious manager that would add to their vicious style of wrestling.

What's the point" The point is this. While I do like seeing my favorite wrestlers tag up to take on another team, I really prefer the seamless tandem offence that excites the fans and gets them up off their seats. Think about it. When the Rockers would do the double jump over the top rope you just KNEW someone was about go down. Or when the Bushwhackers would do that ridiculous arm pumping around the ring before setting up their opponents for a huge clothesline. Better yet, how about the tandem finisher employed by The Road Warriors or The Rock and Roll Express"

I guess there's just a part of me that really misses the tandem Tag Team action of the 80's and 90's. I know these days it's all about the big fireworks, the fancy catch phrase or the new piece of T&A, but there will always be a part of me that really misses the good old days of Tag Team wrestling.

by David Temrick ..

Mike Adams wrote:
Tag team wrestling may be virtually dead in WWE, but its still alive and well in the indies and TNA, where you have teams like AMW, The Naturals etc etc. If a person only watched WWE they might get the impression that this was indeed the case, heck if a person only watched WWE they might get the impression that all wrestling cards and shows were 100 minutes of wrestlers talking, skits, angles, diva contests, HHH monologues and commericals with maybe 20 or so odd minutes of wrestling thrown in as filler. Give something else a try and you might be pleasantly surprised.
Peter Abonza wrote:
I don't think the tag team division is the thing of the past but the WWE has screwed some things up in last couple months, especailly on Raw. They break tag teams up: The Superheroes.....Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch...... In the draft they could have aquired both Bashams but they only grabbed one (which is pointless). but on another note Smackdown! has been doing very well with the tag team division. Smackdown! has a full rooster of very potential tag teams: M.N.M (which has already been 2 time WWE Tag Team Champions), L.O.D 2005 (I know you would find these questionable but if it weren't for L.O.D 2005 the tag team division would have been dead after the draft and probably scrapped) and many others like: The F.B.I, William Regal and Paul Burchill, The Mexicools, The Dicks, and Paul London and Brian Kendrick. So the tag team on Smackdown! is doing good but I question the WWE why they gave it to Rey and Batista but I am sure the tag team division will bounce back and be on it's feet again.





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