Wrestling Circle Of Life
October 13, 2005 by Denis Shkuratov

There is a common view with wrestling fans today. Wrestling is not as hot as it used to be. Most wrestling fans resort to Indy wrestling. The big talk these days is will TNA be able to knock WWE off its high horse" Will there be another War" Which side would we be on" Join me, as I break down and show you the wrestling circle of life.

The WWE may have been better back in the day. The Monday Night War brought out the best in both, WWE and WCW. We all remember the days when WCW was destroyed by the WWE. Everybody was shocked. As a matter a fact, most people were very certain that WCW is unbeatable. How could a company with the backing of a billionaire ever go out of business" Well, it did. While the death of WCW took years to happen, the glory years were a blur for most wrestling fans. A study was conducted by me to determine what the new generation of wrestling fans knows about wrestling. When I asked about WCW, only 5 out of 20 kids knew what WCW was. Only 2 out of 5 kids really knew more about WCW then the information on WWE DVD: Monday Night Wars.

RIC FLAIR, isn't he HHH's Manager" :
While surveying wrestling fans aged 11-13, a phrase from a young John Cena fan really stuck with me. "Ric Flair, isn't he HHH's Manager"" I was breathless! This young wrestling fan knew more about Chris Master's "Master lock challenge" than the 16 time world champion, one of the greatest wrestlers that has ever been in a ring.

Then the right hand hook hit me straight in the face with such power when another young man told me that "Heidenreich is a way better partner for Animal then Hawk could ever be". The next punch hit me hard as the teenager on the right hand side of me told me that "John Cena is the greatest champ of all time with Randy Orton following close after". Suddenly everything blacked out. I was knocked out. It was a disgrace! These wrestling fans knew nothing when it came to the history of this business.

As I was lying in bed at home I realized something. A breakthrough! Maybe this is just a big Wrestling Circle of Life" Everyone including WCW thought it was unbreakable but it died. Now the new WCW is WWE. The new WWF (I write WWF because it stands for WWE when it used to be good) is TNA. Imagine someone saying TNA would kill off WWE. Sounds stupid and impossible!

If WCW could be destroyed, then WWE could go down faster than a ship full of BIG SHOW'S. TNA would become unopposed! This all came together very fast in my head. Will we ever be happy"

If WWE is WCW since the shows are becoming rubbish and TNA is the WWF then history could repeat itself and WWE will be destroyed.

WWE gone, is that what we really want" While it may sound all well and good at this moment I don't think too many people have thought it through! If the WWE died and TNA takes over then it shall become the new WWE! Of course, this could take years but would this mean when TNA becomes a multimillion dollar company it will keep up with its quality programming" The wrestlers from the WWE would just get signed over to TNA.

Imagine TNA has now destroyed the WWE. It buys the company of Vince! HHH runs into the ring and pedigrees Jeff Jarrett or Raven. Now we have TNA Invasion number 2! Who knows, maybe with proper names and a good build up this could be the first Invasions younger sister with bigger breasts" We have Kane vs. Abyss and so on. Rumbles where WWE lose and Hogan in the Main Event. This would all sound too familiar.

Now it's time for WrestleMania!

Could it get any crazier" TNA presents the grand daddy of them all. By now of course HHH is the NWA World Heavyweight Champ. Paul London X-Division champion. AMW vs. The Heart Throbs anything can happen.

Goldust is inducted into the TNA hall of fame thanks to his father Dusty Rhodes. He joins such greats as Scott Hall and Lex Luger.

NWA is back in power and people are getting bored of the 6 sided rings and want something new!

What's old will once again become what's new. A Promotion with new talent! Four sided ring with such names as the retired Undertaker with a mix of TNA guys who got the cut when the WWE wrestlers signed over.

People can't watch TNA any more it's old and boring, when they need something new, this new promotion steps in. They cut a deal with UPN!

Will there be a war between TNA and this new brand who will win"

This is ladies and gentleman, the wrestling circle of life. Henry David Thoreau once said "Things do not change; we change." I think it's the other way around. Things change and we don't.

Who knows what's coming in the future. Nobody can really say they have all the answers on what's going to happen in the squared circle.

Finishing with the quote of Real Live Preacher "This isn't good or bad. It's just the way of things. Nothing stays the same."

And it never will.

by Denis Shkuratov ..

Curtis Mcmullen wrote:
Did you ever think that maybe the reason the nkids are not knowlegeble is because they prbably only startyed waching wrestling after 2000. you should have expected it.
helena ritz-unzueta wrote:
Good stuff, but you completely forgot to factor in Ring of Honor. That is all.
Keith wrote:
Lets face it aside from a few good matches TNA really sucks. Sure WWE isn't dong that great right now in terms of storylines but at least the have stories. Yes, AJ Styles has a bunch of great moves but when given a microphone he may as well be Al Wilson (RIP). Speaking of these great moves, seeing X-Division guys being dropped onto their heads from 20 foot cables is cool, but these moves are wasted when the company's champion's finisher is The Stroke (worst finisher ever).You may like TNA and hate WWE but when you step back and look at it there is no comparison. Take away 4 of the guys from the X-Division and what does TNA have left" An compilation of Sunday Night Heat matches. There's a reason the majority of the heavyweights (not Abyss) are in TNA, they failed out of the WWE. I love how so many fans can be given such a big part of their lives by one company (WWE) and then bash it when they are in a bit of a slump.
Aaron Tolles wrote:
Ok,most wrestling fans period don't have a knowledge of wrestling,because fan base changes so much.I am 26 and began watching in 1984 and have found myself at times drifting in and out of watching when storylines become too outrageous or bland.How many current fans know about tradition of NWA prior to TNA era"Or what about World Class,AWA,UWF,USWA and so on"I don't see anytime soon where WWE would go down,do to the simple fact that you put it correctly...TNA is boring.If anything it will be the opposite way around and once again Jeff Jarrett will be out of a job.
James Thequietkid wrote:
The thing of about Ric Flair. I've been a fan since the early 90's and the first thing I think of when I think of Flair is HHH's manager. Its the role that fits him best. Then I think of the horsemen and then I think of his 16 World Championships. It's like Teddy Long, Smackdown GM, referee, manager.

As for the comments on Cena and Orton, I think there in lies the problem with the WWE today. As long as the WWE has a steady supply of fans who love whatever it is they give em (ie Cena and Orton), the WWE is going to make money and as long as the WWE makes money they aren't going to listen to any radio show, columnist or message board.
Jeff (37,MI) wrote:
"Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Four-time PWI Wrestler of the Year!! Well, that is the first thing I think of. I am 37 years old and started watching in 1985. I had nightmares about Ole and Arn Anderson + Ric Flair. Flair and the Andersons sold it well, as they brought the greatest treachery to the squared circle, dressing rooms, and parking lots ... unmatched by any I've seen today. Some might imitate, but none have duplicated. They appeared invincible in the 80s. But as the circle turns, things obviously change. 20 years ago, it did not occur to me, just how reduced the character of Ric Flair would one day be.

I want to say that wrestling of today really does not match up to what it once was. But is that fair of me" I am not trying to be a Henry David Thoreau , but maybe it is just me that is changing. For all I know, wrestling has not changed that much as we travel through this circle. If there is not much in the way of change, why would history not repeat itself, or worse" WWE does not care about You and me. The bottom line is the bottom figure ... money. What sells ... SELLS!! But my personal opinion is ... that if they do not do something soon, their Women's division is going to descend into a ridiculous, humiliating, and "talentless" sideshow. Get some female "wrestlers" in there, and let the models manage (silently).

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