The Demise Of John Cena
January 17, 2006 by Denis Shkuratov

It was on a faithful RAW that everybody booed John Cena out of the building. It was the beginning of the end for the WWE champion and fanboy favorite. Join me The Outsider as I break down the exact reasons for Cena's Demise and talk about the future of the Chain Gang.

The Hatred for Cena Builds Up
As most people know, John Cena was hated way before he got booed out of the building on RAW. A fanboy favorite Cena was never accepted as championship material by most fans due to many factors. Some people hated Cena because of his try hard rap gimmick and other people hated him because of the fact that Cena put on "spot fests" night after night. Many others hated him because he was getting chances that greater wrestlers couldn't even dream of.

The hatred while unnoticeable at most events was very easy to see on forums and discussions about wrestling. While Cena sold merchandize and made WWE money he also made a lot of fans angry and upset at WWE programming even more so then before.

"Cena Ruined WM 21"
"Cena Ruined WM 21" was what a long time WWE fan had to say when asked about the no talent rapper. As many may remember the very below average match between Cena and JBL that was even more boring then Big shows sumo match. As Cena and Batista walked out of WM 21 as champions, most of the WWE fan base felt like the future of the company would one day bring it to demise.

Many people would argue that Cena's matches are fairly average compared to his ugly sister Batista. However, is average really good enough when it comes to being a WWE champion"

The Reason Cena finally Flopped
Many people are wondering why has it taken so long for Cena to be booed out of a building" The truth is that it is entirely WWE's fault! You see, John Cena who has been hated by many went up in a feud with all time great heel and one of the best wrestler in the world today Kurt Angle.

While Angle is an awesome talent, the wrestling world can't help but cheer for his awesome promo's and great caliber matches. As Cena and Angle built up their feud every week, more and more people cheered for Angle. The fact was that people wanted Angle to be champion right from the start and the longer the feud went the more agitated people got over the fact that Cena would pull off countless wins over the Olympic Gold Medallist.

It was this factor mixed with a Cena that grew to become duller as time went on. So dull that he could never be compared to the heel John Cena around 2003. People were sick of his T-Shirts, his music, his unbearable matches and predictable finishes. People were even sick of the WWE spinner belt that made the WWE Championship seem like a cheap piece of bling.

Everything was pointing to an untimely end to the Cena face character. How much longer could the fanboys drown out all the boos" How much Cena merchandize could they really buy"

WWE destroyed their own creation
In the end WWE destroyed Cena by over-pushing him. This was also combined with the fact that Cena should have never been switched over to RAW as he wasn't as established as the RAW superstars. If he had stayed on Smackdown then maybe this mess would have never happened in the first place.

The third factor was of course that the WWE kept the WWE title on Cena for entirely too long. The people were sick of seeing him beat countless opponents that fans knew were better then Cena. If Cena lost the title even with all his bad points he would have still being able to stay afloat as a face character. Nevertheless, the WWE were blinded with all the money coming in from Cena's merchandize to see what was really going on.

"In attempts to improve your character, know what is in your power and what is beyond it." Francis Thompson

Cena of course isn't going anywhere. He will continue to take up precious time on RAW whether he's booed of cheered. If WWE have any brains at all, they will turn him Heel as soon as possible. Cena will still be a main event player but will now be booed. Who knows maybe he will salvage the same fire he had when he first started as a heel. The smart thing would be to send him packing back to Smackdown where there's a shortage of both face's and heels.

As Elmer G. Letterman once said "Personality can open doors, but only character can keep them open." and the doors aren't closing on Cena anytime soon.

by Denis Shkuratov ..

if john cena is hated so much and wwe are blinded by how much merchandise he is selling then erm would you buy a t-shirt of somebody who you hated.... no!... he sells because he is loved......geordiedan!
BarriageG wrote:
I have read a lot of columns latley about how cena sucks and it makes me sick! Why is it that everyone hates faces but cheer guys like hhh" John Cena is a great wrestler and the only reason he is getting booed is he is so huge. Look at a president or a priminister people look at them and say they suck but they also keep order in the country! Power brings hate and that is the case here.
Ian a.k.a. Mr. Undertaker wrote:
Well, for me, John Cena is being overused, that's why he's getting booed by the fans. I blame the WWE for pushing him too much and making his title reign spanning for more than 9 months.

John Cena is a great competitor when he was a heel, and I really love his character. When he became a face, I love the character even more. But when he had his first reign as World Champion, all has fallen. He was a good technician when he was a face, but when he became World Champion, every match is like this... Five-Knuckle Shuffle, F-U, and the 1-2-3. That's it. Where's the wrestling aspect" The WWE is making Cena a modern-day Hulk Hogan, for goodness' sake"!

I know that Cena's favorite wrestler is the 'Immortal One' himself, but I think that he shouldn't be following his footsteps. Why shouldn't he make a name and build a legacy for himself instead of that"

Really, it's the WWE's fault that Cena's getting booed. He should lost the title to even-better wrestlers like Triple H or Kane or Shawn Michaels. I didn't say that Cena's a boring champion, but Cena's time is not always going to be forever, there must be someone who's a in-ring general who will take the prestigious title.
Cheryl Burke wrote:
I think the reason John Cena is getting booed is called the tall poppy syndrome. Everyone likes a person when they first get on top , but after a while they get sick of seeing that person on top so they dislike them for being successful . Hence the tall poppy. John Cena is successful his merchandise sells well and regardless of his wrestling abilities , he is very popular. People will always love to hate him. Any way I like John Cena I think he is entertaining.
Der M. wrote:
I totally agree, John Cena is not a Main event wrestler, he should work on his wrestling ability and stop his stupid raps, and WWE needs to stop using that stupid spinning WWE belt, it destroys the value and history of the title, its a good thing that the WWE gave the title to Edge, he has better wrestling skills and mic-skills.
- - -!high voltage! wrote:
I think the honest truth is that John Cena had worn out his welcome with the title and the fans. So we have a bling wearing champion, so he lasts a month. So he wins a few PPV's and retains, captiivates with some of top guys. But at summerslam when he was put over by Jericho I felt like permenatly turning of WWE programming. His move to RAW was obscene and he is in a running tie with JBL for men who are THE FACE of Smackdown! They need him to go back to smackdown! so that I can watch my real favorite program . . . RAW, unannoyed by a loud mouth, repetative, clown. Speaking of John Cena being a great wrestler I think I feel a shoulder block coming on in his match tomorow night. YEP I see it happening.
MegaPowers786 wrote:
Why does everyone hate John Cena so much, you ask" Because he is TERRIBLE. The man cannot wrestle. The man is not funny. I dislike the fact that he tries to funny like The Rock was and he is not anywhere close. As far as his wrestling abilities and matches, he is horrendous. The man has about 3 actual wrestling moves/holds and every one of his matches are predictable. Doesn't matter what anyone says....He will NEVER be as popular as Hogan, Austin, or Bret Hart. Bottom Line.
Mike. wrote:
Up front article. These are some of the things that go on in the business of pro wrestling. As a kid a grew up on old school WWE and I have witnessed a lot of mistakes. The mistake dealing with John Cena is not with him, it's with the story writers. I mean, to be one hundred percent fair to Cena one cannot attack him for what he isn't getting done in the ring. Each and every one of those guys who tries to make a career out of wrestling is an athlete. Respect that fact.

The issue then is with the employer giving Cena to much to handle. I see Cena has being able to carry the crowd just fine and have good microphone skills, but he is boring to see in the ring. This is what kills him. He does the same moves over and over. Punch, kick, kick, punch, kick, and then the f-u. I'm not entertained. I wont talk to much more trash about the guy as I my self am working on my own business and it has to deal with dvd sales. So I understand what it's like to say something is stupid or sucks and how it makes you push harder to make a better product. John Cena has to sell his career to all of us the fans, and...Yeah he almost did it and could come back, but he cant be this boring. If the WWE does not put his career on pause I believe his career will be ignored by fans.
Justin James wrote:
Great article! The reason people are booing John Cena is because he was pushed too early and has not been allowed to develop. He is a great wrestler and rapper and anyone who has actually listened to his CD or watched him in OVW would know that both of those things are true. His gimmick is not fake or stale. I know some of you think this just because he grew up in a rich neighborhood with many of the finer things in life, but your personality is not made by material things of social status. A preacher can still become a serial killer and a wealthy man from West Newbery Mass. can still be a rapper. His moves and lame rap promos that you see on Raw are made by the writers and not him. We shouldn't be blaming him for the lame non selling matches we see with other wrestlers like Kurt Angle, who is consdierd the best wrestler in the business. Kurt has the persona of a world class wrestler so he can use a wide range of moves and a more technical based move set. Case in point blame the bookers of the WWE for making these matches. The way the clowns backstage have Cena set up wrestling Angle only makes Cena look like a crap wrestler when he is not. If they were smart the writers would have dropped the whole Big Show vs. HHH bull and put Big Show vs. Cena in a title match. They could have brawled it out and had Big Show win the belt. After a few defenses (about 3) with, Cena, maybe Kane twice. Show could have had dropped the belt to Angle at the next PPV. They already had some great matches and this could have been no different, we already know Kurt can Angle Slam the Show. After this they could have had Cena move to Smackdown instead of Angle and let Cena retool himself with new moves and try and rebuild his fan base. This would have saved WWE big time by not having stupid un-intresting matches. They could have had Cena turn heel and build a stable to go against Mark Henry in a type of gang wars i.e. The Nation of Domination, Los Boricuas, and DOA. Then WWE wouldn't have had to give Mr. No Charisma Mark Henry a push out of nowhere and the Undertaker could have fueded with Batista instead of Angle. I belive that angle would have been much better since Takers and Batistas wrestling styles mesh more resulting in better matches. In fact, Taker could win the belt and make a stable of his own recruiting Batista maybe even going back to the old gimmick of Leviathan (the demon from the pits of hell). The truth is most of today superstars got thier big push coming out of stables, HHH out of DX, The Rock out of the Nation, Orton out of Evolution. The point is Cena dosen't suck and his career and wrestling ability shouldn't be made a mockery of just because some people on staff don't know what they are doing. Do what's right and in time when he is ready and with his own talent and savvy we should see John Cena back on top again.
Harrison wrote:
I believe John Cena is getting booed because he is getting to repetative. He always tries to change his act some way or another. When he was on Smackdown he was the most loved superstar in that industry thats why i think so many superstars had to shift over to Raw ( Orton, Angle ) Cena started his career as a hell people loved and hated him, they loved his raps hated his character. Then he became a face when he challenged the Big Show and won the U.S champ which gave the WWE a little something to look at and then he had his disputes with Carlito and Jesus whcihi got him really into it when he apperently got "stabbed" by Jesus and was off for a couple of weeks to probably get other superstars to shine and turn Carlito to more of a heel, and finnaly ended his diputes when he got his title back and tricked it out adding a " SPIN" to the title and really got noticed but then quickly lost his title to one of JBL's cabinet members (i forgot who he was) and then started to get a feud with JBL after he screwed him of his title, and you all know the rest with John Cena and JBL. And this my friend is what started the John Cena band wagon. His new intro, his new shirt, his new Chain Gang, and then all you will see in every Smackdown show is the " CENA " posters and finnaly gaining his shot at WM 21 where he won his title and became every wrestling fans household name. Sharing the cover with the other title winner Batista in the Smackdown vs. Raw 2006 cover. He got everything a hell turned face wrestler can ask for but then... quickly got moved for Batista in the WWE lottery which i think was a big mistake. His first apperance when he F-U'd Tyson Tomko and then Christian he got the praise for every fan in the building week after week after week but when he had a regular friendly match against Shelton Benjiamin you can he the chants coming back and forth back and forth. "LETS GO CENA!" " LETS GO SHELTON" LETS GO CENA" "LETS GO SHELTON" which became a big talk with me and my friends. Then week after week you can he a boo here and there until they just got bored with his raps (which he has stopped) bored with his new shirts, hats, belts, wristbands,headbands, chains,beltbuckles, and every single merchandice that comes for Cena.

So I believe the fans are just getting tired and bored of the same hes gonna lose hes gonna win matches, The little getures he makes after every entrance signature move or hjust plain winng the match the fans are just tired.

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