The One True Kiss of Death in Professional Wrestling
April 13, 2004 by Derrick "The Apoc" Cannon

Over the years there have been many females who have supposedly destroyed careers of the people they have managed, whether it be Lita with Matt Hardy, or the whole marriage angle she had with Kane.

Torrie with Kidman and Tajiri, who now lose the majority of their matches to bigger superstars just for the reason of being smaller. But in my view the person who best fits the image of the Walking Kiss of Death is Stacy Kiebler. Just look at who she managed, or on air dated, and look where they ended up - you'll see my point. For starters, Test; this guy could have been something then along came Stacy and the one word that would change his career forever for the worst - Testicles. After that it was pretty much down hill for Test.

Scott Steiner: his second WWE stint was more about Stacy than it was about him, which is pretty pathetic considering that one time in his stint he was a solid main eventer. Sure he might not have had four-star matches his second time but for a guy who has won several championships over his career in both WWE and WCW to be treated like he was is pathetic.

Sean Stasiak what more can be said that hasn't already been said" I mean he was a guy who came off as entertaining despite the horrible gimmicks that were thrown away. But then Stacy comes in and has her baby, or gives birth to a photograph t(ake your pick) but this totally ruined Sean's chances of ever becoming something in pro wrestling.

These are just some of the many reasons why I feel that Stacy, not Torrie or Lita, is the Walking Kiss of Death. Feel free to contact me with your opinions as your feedback will be well appreciated.

by Derrick "The Apoc" Cannon ..

Larry VHAROS Christison, wrote:
If I was a wrestler in WWE, I would love to have Stacy managing me! We can just skip past the unbelievable natural beauty she possesses, because it's easy to find a beautiful model willing to walk in and stand around looking pretty. Stacy has a charisma and presence that draws in the crowd, and can make a boring noncharismatic wrestler sell. And if the wrestler can sell himself, she can intervue with him with a naturalness that pushes his intervues even more. The people want to see her, so it is easier for her wrestler to get matches with more frequency (which is life or death for a midcarder). When at the sideline she knows how to work and milk a crowd, and when to distract it when the match is getting stale. Her cheerleading experience gives her an edge in recognising when to blend in, when to draw attention, and the knowhow to sell the action in the ring. As a wrestler, she understands what is going on in the ring intimately, and just try to name many women who have taken the wrestling shots from angry male wrestlers to sell her wrestlers' storyline as many times as she has. Writers love her (perhaps too much at times). If they have some crazy idea for a storyline that noone else could pull off leave it to her acting skills to at least give it a chance of succeeding. Do you want her partner to turn heel" Just have him do something cruel to her and see how fast the crowd will turn on him and how venomously. And Stacy can sell disgust far better than her competition (even when she loves the guy for real). Do you want the wrestler to return to face" Just name a straight male wrestler who would turn down a chance to have her run up and wrap her legs while kissing you with the crowd going wild. She is very rescuable and light to carry off. She plays a wonderful damsel-in-distress, and yet can climb in the ring as a wrestler and join you for a mixed match. Stacy is a wonderful resource for the company whenever they utilize her! Not only that, but take the chance to meet her sometime. She is one of the nicest, most fun, and enjoyable people you will meet. Her friends are extremely loyal, she makes aquaintances comfortable in seconds, and her personally can shine and fill you with her wonderful spirit. She has a wonderful positive sense of humor and sense of person and can make nerves disapear before a match. Now on to your comments about Test's girlfriend killing careers... She helped Test develop a more rounded personallity and career. He could go to heel quickly, and return to face just as quickly. It wasn't her, but the writers who led to his downfall. I (as well as she) await his return. Scott Steiner got caught in a 'knight in shining armor' storyline that did lead him out of the midcard for a couple of titleshots. I'd call that help, not hindrence. It was Scotts inability to sell the matches on his own that led to his dismissal. He had lost his aggressiveness and hunger to wrestle in the ring. Now Sean Stasiak. He needed someone with personality, because he was born without it. Without Stacy, he had little chance to have as many matches as he did, because he couldn't sell or draw crowds. Yes, he can wrestle, but without a mouthpiece he is forever in oblivion. I have noticed several young wrestlers in the same boat right now, needing just a nudge of a mouthpiece to push them to the next level. Stacy can do that. Give her to Chris Benoit, and he could pull off a title reign with flair. Her voice with his wrestling is the whole package. I just saw that a good woman speaker in Booker-T's corner could add a whole new dimention to him that might be enough to push him over the top in the last episode of Smackdown, when she cut off Curt Angle. Don't underestimate the power of a woman's voice. Especially when she has the ability to use it effectively. Stacy is one of the best in the buisness and has paid her dues. I really didn't think that she and Orton were a fit, but hope that she will find another wrestler to manage that needs her charisma to reach the next level. I hadn't thought of Benoit before writing this, but the more I think about it, the more I see a mutual benefit to that pairing, especially if it could extend a title reign for him. Stacy could allow Edge to develop a more rounded personallity, and actually become more likeable. Batista could allow his gentle side and loyalty to continue showing through a frienship with her. Just thumb down the Raw and Smackdown lists and see how many wrestlers could benefit from a spokesperson with her talant and experience. If I was a wrestler, Stacy kiebler could manage me anyday!
Esther T. 18 wrote:
I can't even believe anyone is is willing to give this Stacy chick the time of day, let alone write an article about her. The only reason I'm even replying is because I'm probably the only person who'll actually tell the truth about her.Mainly because I'm not some sex starved teenage boy who likes her tits and ass. That's all Stacy what's her face truly is. Tits and Ass. I mean to comparing her to Lita is just plain wrong. At least Lita has talent. Not only can she wrestle, she can do it a hell of lot better than most men in the wwe. As apposed to Stacy, who's (character) is mostly just doing most of the men in the wwe. When is the wwe gonna make her a serious athlete or at least a serious manager with a believable storyline.They gave Trish Stratus a chance and look what she's achieved. And there have been a number of successful female manager angles.e.g Stefanie and Triple H, Sherry and HBK, Elizabeth and Macho Man Randy Savage. When the whole her and Randy Orton thing started all i could think to myself was, "there goes his career". When i saw him RKO her on RAW, i couldn't stop laughing. I went to bed with stomach cramps. This girl truly is the walking kiss of death and what's worse she got nothing,professionally, to show for all her "trouble".
David Scott wrote:
I find it rather ironic that, in discussing the use of female valets, Derrick Cannon starts off by denigrating wrestlers who have been with Torrie Wilson; now, that might be argueable, but when the second name is bring up is Tajiri and you say "who lose the majority of their matches", it's funny when you remember that he's currently one half of the World Tag Team Champs with William Regal.

True, the team lost on the last episode of RAW to Hassan and his manager, but it WAS booked that way to promote them against Hogan & HBK.

Given that he is currently gold, you can't really refer to Tajiri as someone who is cursed by having been escorted by Torrie Wilson.

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