Christian: Part One of Four
March 3, 2006 by Derrick "The Apoc" Cannon

Hello OWW readers it is I Derrick "The Apoc" Cannon. It has been way too long since I last wrote for this website, the last time I wrote had to be mid 2005 or earlier. Over the past few months there have been several superstars who have grabbed the spotlight; one in particular stands out to me, his name Christian Cage.

Over the next few weeks I will bring to you a four part column on his career, or his career as early as the Brood to present time. The reason I'm starting out with the Brood is because this is when I was first started paying attention to this incredible talent.

Over the summer of 1999 Gangrel feuded with Edge. The two engaged in several blood baths literally and non literally, it was during this time that Christian first made his presence felt. Gangrel was in Christian's corner during his first (WWF) match against Taka Michinoku for the light heavyweight championship which Christian won. The third piece of this group was Gangrel's sworn enemy Edge, why would Edge join a group he had sworn to fight off. The reason was later explained that Christian was Edge's brother. The group would come to be known as the brood. Does anybody remember the movie the Lost Boys" If you do you'll know the whole gimmick of the brood, party all night by living the gothic lifestyle. (The gimmick could have been that they were actual vampire) On February 1st 1999 the Brood fought a match against Mideon, Viscera, and the Undertaker, which they won by DQ.

The match itself may not be memorable but it was the after match that really stood out. This is the night that the Brood would join an even darker entity, the Ministry of Darkness. The pinnacle of their stint as members of the ministry was WrestleMania 15. Big Bossman fought the Undertaker in what many call the worst hell in a cell ever, after the match the Big Bossman was hung by all three members. Many would claim that this was because of the Undertaker's failed attempt to get a decent match out of an out of his prime Big Bossman.

In the next few months the Brood started to have conflicting interests with the Ministry, thus they were kicked out of the group after Christian revealed the whereabouts to Ken Shamrock's sister.

Soon after Christian and Edge left Gangrel. Gangrel took Matt and Jeff Hardy under his wing to form the new brood, needless too say the two teams next feud was against each other.

The new brood didn't last long, and the Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian went on to compete in the Terri invitational. The winner of this gained the services of Terri Runnels. Very soon I will give the details for this rivalry (this is when things stated to really heat up so expect this column to be much longer).

Hopefully you have enjoyed today's column, it's my first in awhile, so hopefully it isn't too bad.

by Derrick "The Apoc" Cannon ..

Joe L. wrote:
I can never understand you people. First, you blasted the WWE for not pushing Christian Cage to the main event picture and not giving him a World title. Now you're attacking TNA for giving him the World title just because you think he is a WWE reject. So what does that make Jeff Jarrett, who held the Intercontinental title six times in THE WWE" Shouldn't he be considered a WWE reject" What about Raven or Ron Killings" Are they considered WWE rejects"

Here is my definition of a reject: a wrestler who are hired by other companies and push in the moon due to his name value and reputation from other organizations, not by their talent. Perfect examples are Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and Kevin Nash. Christian was never a reject for many reasons. 1.) He was being misused, poorly booked by the WWE creative. 2.) He QUIT the WWE, in spite of financially richer contract. 3.) He CHOSE to go to TNA and 4.) People recognize Christian for his skills, not because he is just Christian by name. Hulk Hogan never chose to leave the WWE, he never chose to go to WCW and he was never given the World title via his talent (as if he has any).

So your interpretation of Christian as a WWE reject is just plain absurd. What's even more ridiculous is that you're the same people that begged a World title run for Christian and now you're against it. What you people need to do is get your point of view straight and stop being hypocritical on certain subjects. And for once, appreciate a great moment in wrestling for a change.
Jack MacLaine wrote:
In response to Joe L. : You have it completely wrong Joe L. We know Jarrett, Raven, are rejects but all those rejects have one thing in common, they earned the belt by busting there @$$ (with the exception of Jarrett). Christian is a reject. He was just put on the job squad instead of being fired. He came to TNA and now all of a sudden he is Jesus Christ. The gave him the belt instead of Christian earning it. All he did was beat Monty Brown and 3 months later he is champ. They should of build him up slowly so he can get rid of the reject stinch off him but we all know TNA management is too retarded for words. Christian getting the belt is a slap in the face of everyone in the TNA locker room (especially Monty Brown and Abyss who have been in the title picture forever). Does this make Christian bad" No. I'll give his run a chance but I can't help but feel dissaponted.
Alex wrote:
This is where I get hot headed. I can't believe some people believe that Christian doesn't deserve the title. Christian did indeed work for a title opportunity (*a little nudge* he was given one in the WWE in a triple threat match with Chris Jericho and John Cena), but he lost it. That definitely makes you a championship contender in my book in TNA. I know that a lot of people will flame me, but TNA is just trying to put a recognizable face on their title because if they wanted to make an impact they could put the title on Sting, but he is just their to help put other guys over. So please don't judge Christian just yet before he finishes his title run because I believe that's what is wrong with wrestling today. Us fans at least should give him a shot.
Rick and Nancy wrote:
ok,... I don't get,... it somebody plans to wright a historical article, in 4 parts and you guys all seem to think that this is going to be some sort of article about him being just another wwe reject! did you even read the article (let alone concieve the title) F*&^%$& BLOODY S#!* some people are just too paranoid (and I'm pretty paranoid so thats saying somthing) but do you realy think that someone is going to spend the time it takes to write 4 articles, HISTORICAL articles, on someone just to $#!T on then. CAN YOU READ!!!!! "The reason I'm starting with the brood is because this is when I was first starting to pay attention to this incredible(!!!!!!!) talent." : the Apoc paragraph 2 last line. AND Apoc good so far (although you can see some "ring rust") I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your SERIES (the caps lock is one last shot at the first to responders)


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