The Good, The Bad, The Orton
March 28, 2005 by Ditto Robertson

Before you begin reading this column, I would like to make something perfectly clear; yes, I am a newer wrestling fan. This was made obvious by my false (and rather embarrassing) statement on one of my feedback letters about why Bret left the WWF (I apologize to Bret fans everywhere.) This time, I'll make sure I have my facts straight before it comes out of my mouth... Keyboard... Wherever it comes from. Anyway, onto business.

After reading a previous Obsessed column concerning the Undertaker/Randy Orton match at WM21, I realized how much controversy it sparked. But it's not The Undertaker I'm writing about; it's the Legend Killer, Randy Orton. I'll be the first to admit it; I like watching Orton's matches. It's obvious that wrestling is in his blood. He's got the 'it' without a doubt. I find the most surprising thing about him is his speed. Orton's 6'4, 250+ pound frame has the agility of someone half his size. He's very quick on his feet and, on occasion, the turnbuckle. Once he steps into the ring, his focus is set like a laser beam; it seems almost nothing can break his concentration (except for... well, himself.) He delivers a great DDT and seems to have that sort of "gravity defying" power only so many superstars possess. When he does his dropkick or the RKO, he seems to kind of hang in the air for a second before falling. At first, I thought the RKO was one of those hyped up finishers like the FU. But, I've grown to like it more. He gets amazing height when he does the RKO, his whole body going level with their head. Say what you want, but I can't get enough of Orton.

But that infatuation is only as far as the ring goes. Apparently, Randy Orton is somewhat of a jackass in real life. Okay, he's a BIG jackass in real life. He's arrogant, rude and plays women like an X-BOX. Like, for example, just a while ago; he decides to hit on one of the many nameless divas the company sort of picks up every now and then. She blows him off, so what does he do" Shits in her bag... Literally! I always knew Orton was a rumored asshole, but when I heard he went that far" That gave me an idea of just how bad this guy really is. And not only is he obnoxious, but he's an arrogant bastard, too. I couldn't imagine it even possible to be more cocky than his character, but hey, when it comes to bad traits, Orton always finds a way to surprise us, doesn't he" Obviously, his push has given him a big head. But as long as it's not literal, their will always be a Randy Orton fan or two out there somewhere if you get what I mean.

The big question is this; does he really deserve his push" I think he could deserve it, but he's not earning it now. Orton's monster push seems to be making his already god-awful ego worse. What they should do is squash Orton's character until he can learn a thing or two about how to behave himself like a twenty-four year old man, not a sixteen year old kid. Crime and punishment works for kindergarteners, and since Orton's close enough, do it! If he wants that push, he should have to grow up and earn it. You can't deny he has good potential. Too bad he has to be such a jackass at times.

But, whether you like Orton or hate him, may as well get used to him sooner rather than later. Face it; he's not going anywhere but up right now, and he'll just keep going up until either there's nowhere to go or he self destructs and finds himself at the bottom of the barrel. Keep in mind he's only twenty four years old. At the bare minimum, he's got another ten, fifteen years left on him (providing he smartens up and settles down.) But, your guys' opinions matter just as much as mine. So voice it; what do you think of Orton" Love him" Hate him" Maybe a bit of both" I'll let you decide.

by Ditto Robertson ..

Dave Hanson wrote:
Well, being that you referenced my article about Orton needing to beat Undertaker at WrestleMania, I figured I should comment on this article. You ask what people's opinion of Orton is" Well, my opinion of Orton as a wrestler is about the same as yours seems to be--I like him, I think he's got a lot of potential, his character just hasn't been handled as well as it could have been up to this point. I think it was very smart for the WWE to turn him heel going into WrestleMania, since Orton was already getting half boos anyway as a face. As for your other comments about Orton...well, I try not to delve too much into the internet looking for stories about what these people are like in real life. And when I do hear things about wrestlers' real lives, I try to not let it shape my opinion of that person as a performer. I'm a hugely devoted Bret Hart fan, but I don't hate Shawn Michaels. I think he's a phenominal wrestler, and he's put on some entertaining matches and promos, and that's all a wrestling fan should expect from a wrestler. I don't care what Kobe Bryant does in his spare time, I'm still a Lakers fan. By the same token, I don't care if Orton is a jackass in real life or not. The only thing that should be a concern to wrestling fans is what somebody does after they walk down that ramp. Everything that goes on backstage and off-camera is for the wrestlers themselves, the bookers, the writers, the agents, the roadies, and Vince to be concerned with.
Rhey Higgins wrote:
Ditto: Bravo. A well written article about the good and bad of Randy Orton. You make some good points (comparing Orton to a kindergartener was hilarious), and show some insight on how much of an asshole he is in real life. I don't say this very often but: good job.
sharon naughton wrote:
Well as seen as you are a new wrestling fan i obviousely can't expect too much back up research.Because if you did you would know that he didn't shit in a divas bag,he simply poured a mixture of shampoo and baby oil in it.And it was for a perfectly good reason too, the diva was a newby and got a little too aragont for her own good.Orton did her a favour because if he didn't do it someone else would have. You should really get your facts straight before you start saying absolute crap like this.



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