Calling All Hypocrites
August 1, 2005 by Ditto Robertson

It's funny how people always seem to bash the champions, isn't it" It seems that before John Cena was champ, everyone loved him. Now, people still love him, but there are a lot more Cena bashers out there (you people are reproducing like mad!) But something I couldn't help but notice was the fact that so many Rock fans are fed up with Cena. How interesting....

First off, if you complain about John Cena, then you should be complaining about The Rock. I mean, whatever irritates you about Cena, The Rock does the exact same thing, though in a more annoying fashion. I'm going to try and close in on what three factors I notice people hate about Cena and show you exactly what I mean.

1. People say Cena talks too much and doesn't do enough wrestling. I'll agree with that, because one of Cena's promos are usually longer then his wee little five minute matches. But that's more than The Rock did; he used to be just like Cena, but then even that became to overwhelming. He seemed to give up the past while he was with the company and would just pop up to get publicity around the same time one of his movies would come out. Yes, Cena did take time off to film a movie, but he was there full time before that and is now there full time again. Not only that, but I've seen The Rock waste almost a half an hour just talking about his millions (and millions) of fans. For Gods sake, man, shut up and wrestle!

2. People say Cena has lame third grader jokes, whereas The Rock is funny. How the hell do you come up with that"! I mean, The Rock goes around saying "Jobroni" and "monkeys anus." Yeah, very mature and hilarious of him..... At least Cena usually belts out something funny. Plus, lately, he seems to have lightened up on the poop jokes.

3. Cena's arsenal and over-sold finisher. Come on people! The Rock has a basic move set with a couple of punches where he dances around first. I actually like Cena's arsenal better than the supposed Great One's (great at what, exactly, I'll never know.) And even the marks at the top of the mark food chain can't deny the People's Elbow is oversold; more even than the FU. The FU would at least knock the wind out of you. The People's Elbow... Well, it just plain sucks.

I know, this whole thing is a bit one sided because I don't much care for The People's Sell-out. Obviously, I can't change your opinions. I'm just stating what I assumed was the obvious; Cena is a slightly less extreme version of the ever popular, ever annoying Rock. Why is the Rock put so much higher when he is the magnified version of everything we can't stand about John Cena" I can't help but wonder; what goes on in the minds of all of you Cena bashing Rocky fans"

by Ditto Robertson ..

Nathan (Melbourne, Australia) wrote:
Ditto Robertson dont try and compare John Cena to The Rock because they just arent the same !!!. I reckon u just dont like The Rock so u are trying to compare John Cena to him so more people will like Cena and u wont get teased about liking Cena..... But thats just my opinion on you. My opinion on Cena is that he is so lame and old ... Come on !!! he does the same thing all the time. He picks out a person to start a grudge with and calls them gay makes a rap about them which is also very lame and then has a little brawl with them and next week hes in a mainevent match with this person at summerslam. Cena u should lose your title to Chris Jericho and then HHH should come back and take that title off Jericho and then Cena can never get it back cause we all know Cena cant beat HHH .
zels III wrote:
Yea I think it's pretty interesting that a lot of Rock Fans are Cena Bashers. But I think that ORIGINALITY has a lot to do with it. I lost interest and stopped watching wrestling all together in 92' and came back in 96' (thanks in large part to WCW) but I stopped watching Nitro for a second (during commercials) to see how the floundering WWF was doing when I first seen him. Yea I have to admit when I first saw the Rock back in 97' (I think) watching him doing his once "dumbass" move, "the People's Elbow," I couldn't stop laughing at how retarded it looked when J.R. announced rather uproariously, "OH! Here comes the people's elbow!!" And here this wrestler just kicked the guy ran on one side to the other, stopped (freezing all the momentum mind you), and performed a common looking move and acted as if he could've killed the guy was crazy! I couldn't stop making fun of him. I knew from that point on why I left the WWF in the first place, crap like that. But when WCW began to plateau with all the "...Wo" nonsense and especially when the Giant left to go to WWF, I gradually started paying attention to it a little more, you see I wondered why the Giant would want to go to a shitty show like RAW. But then I seen what would be the changing of the guard in my whole wrestling world when McMahon came out to introduce Paul Wight on RAW when out came The Rock, the guy I couldn't stopping laughing at for months, stopped everything and said those words that still echo in my head today, "...So you think can come on The Rock's Show!!" I was a Rock fan ever since. But the outlandish, over the top behavior, and more importantly, the attitude of the Rock is what sets him apart from everyone else. You did get the feeling that he really didn't give a f#ck about anything, including the fans! Which is what made him so cool, that ruthlessness and freedom that he was going to do anything and didn't care what you thought. Fans hated him (much like Cena today) as a face, so he turned on them, did his own thing, and became what would be "the Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment." (Self-accredited of course) And Cena, well, everything seems contrived, like Austin in a sense, "me against the system" crap. It could've been that way with the Rock but he knew how to sell it. Yea he talked a lot like how Cena does now but whereas the Rock was in the context of wrestling (most of the time) Cena is more in the context of hip-hop, and you're left with a feeling like, "I've seen this before, and better too." The jokes are funny; I like both the Rock with his unabashed put-down style and Cena with his more poetic put-down style. In terms of finishers, you can't top the Rock-Bottom and the People's Elbow, that split-second timing that you have in both moves to raise the expectation and intensity level of the sell is what separates "the great ones" (Hogan, Hart, Michaels, Austin, HHH, etc., etc.) from the one-time champions. Now, Cena's F-U is cool and all and the Five Knuckle Shuffle leaves something of a query, but both moves suffer from the same thing, that they are both on the slow side. Granted it takes a lot of effort to put a 200 to 400 lb. man on your shoulders to do a finisher but if he wouldn't look at the camera every time he does it and just do it, maybe it would be better. In conclusion, for the Rock to go back and forth doing publicity and promotions for his movies seems pretty practical, given McMahon has produced all of them anyway, why not appeal to the fan base. Now I don't really have a problem with Cena as a "champ," I actually kind of like Cena, but I do have a problem with him being on RAW. He just doesn't seem to fit...yet.
Jonathan Batista wrote:
I agree about how people hypocritally turn on a certain wrestler once they win the WWE/World Championship(I still vividly remember people whining about Benoit's victory at WMXX), and while I'm not a John Cena fan(I'm far more of a Batista fan--yeah, feel free to bash me for it), I tolerate him and I don't feel the need to childishly attack him on message boards. However, I completely oppose your criticisms of The Rock. No, he is not a technical wizard and he can get repetitive. However, the reason why Rocky is far more admired is because he has a certain energy and "drive" that Cena clearly lacks. The Rock's offense is lightning-fast and crisp while Cena's offense is as basic and unremarkable as you get. When The Rock lays the verbal smackdown, he is a commanding and endlessly charismatic presence whereas Cena's raps are not-very-funny nursery rhymes. And if you're still pissed about him now being a movie star, these four words can help you: GET OVER IT ALREADY.
Jesse Lee wrote:
Hey man, I've spotted a few things with your article. Yes, Rock was a lot like how Cena is now and no, neither of the two actually paid hard dues like Austin, Taker, or HBK had since when they started, the whole territory system was either begining to get out of fashion (Rock) or already done with (Cena.) There's just something that makes the so very different.

While Rock is able to tell stories in his matches and go up for twenty minutes for nearly every PPV during his main event status, Cena's done very few quality matches as champion, but then again, it's so early for Cena.

Rock never had a huge amount of moves in his arsenal, but he does each move with a profile. While a simple punch becomes the best punch in the industry and a freakin Elbow could knock out just about every opponent, they were to still pretty basic. Cena, however, just about screwed himself by going from a DVD to a Fireman's Carry. I liked the dvd version of the FU, but now it seems like he's getting lazier and lazier with it.

As for the mic promos, it was funny for the Rock because, once again, he said it with profile. He took time for the fans to react and would come up with slogans every week, but he NEVER kissed the fans' asses. He was "cool" because he knew he was. John Cena is able to come up a few slogans of his own and made just the same amount of gay jokes and scat jokes, but they got annoying. One thing that sets him apart from the Rock was that, Cena does kiss up to the fans' asses. He would portray himself just how the fans want while the Rock would do his own thing and the fans would still enjoy it.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of the Rock and I've never been a fan of Cena. I just find it funny how your first comment was true. No matter how much people enjoy your performance, once you become a champion, people will turn on you. Batista and Cena are the two best examples of this.
John Asplund wrote:
Mr. Robertson, let me tell you what is wrong with John Cena. First of all, his gimmick: A nearly 30 year old rapper acting like 15 year old. Come on, does that make much sense" Ever since he started those rapping things I haven't liked him anymore. Compared to the REAL rappers such as Snoop Dogg, Dr.Dre and Ice Cube, Cena ain't got s**t.

When he was a rookie he had good matches, even his debut match against Kurt Angle was good.

But after Wrestlemania 2004, he hasn't improved anymore. He became the US-Champ and what does he do" Turned the title into a freaking spinning toy!! Is that suppoused to be funny or something" When he finally lost the US-title to Orlando Jordan, I was happy because using that toy as a belt obviusly dropped it's image. But then what happened" He beats JBL in a sloppy and boring match at WM 21 and turns the WWE title into a toy...Way to go Cena. I'd call him the belt rapist.

And what about his moves" The 5-knuckle shuffle is like the peoples elbow, compared to the Rock. And what's the FU" A firemans carry to a slam, nothing more. That FU just was formed when he had the feud against Brock Lesnar in 2003 and started calling the "restricted Death Valley Driver" that. Sure Rocks moves are oversold but you may blame the writers for that.

I haven't been much of a Rock fan myself but saying that he's more annoying than Cena is quite bs. Rock has an own gimmick, his own unique one. He can get the crowd react anyway he wants. Cena hasn't got that gift yet, because he isn't as charismatic as the Rock. Rock can be funny in many ways, wether it's making fun of someone or just talking. Cena can't. And again, those lame jokes they tell are made by the writers. So the bottom line from a "Cena bashing, but no more Rocky fan" is this: Cena still needs to improve, not only ith his mic skills but also in the ring. He has time, he's not that old yet. Then MAYBE someday he may become a great entertainer, not a halfassed one like he is now.
Eduver3 wrote:
well, i myself like cena, dont love him. hes making money for the company and doing everything vince would like hes athletes to do. now, as for the rock, he's a way better wrestler than cena, and would be bigger than cena ever wont see cena in an iron man match, you wont see cena be the steal the show at a wrestlemania like the rock at wrestlemania 18. cena is not the rock, yes, the ppls elbow is oversold. but it is called "the most electrifying move in sports entertainment" b/c it is. as soon as the rock does the spinebuster everybody gets out there seats, while all the ppl in the front get ready to hope they catch his elbowpad, all the other ppl get there cameras ready, and the whole crowds joins in unison to count along w/ the ref "1...2....3!" all in all i think cena is not better then the rock, but i'll sgree w/ you as far as saying that whoevers the champ on either brand will go from being adored to being bashed 24/7.
Udontknowme6547 wrote:
Ok I don't like Cena at all and I love The Rock. I will admit that everything you said was right with the talking to the jokes to the moves and to the finisher. But the Peoples elbow isn't his finisher its the Rock Bottom, but anyway you missed one tiny detail that matters to me and a lot of people... THE GIMMICK. I know it doesn't matter to YOU that much but c'mon the Rocks gimmick...the peoples champion, Cena's gimmick...a rapper. I hate it! Livin' with the Mic in my hand I'm a bad man, I'm a bad man, I'm a bad man. God look what he's done to me LOL I mean I'm starting to like him a little since he moved to Raw, but he still annoys me. In my opinion he doesn't deserve to be champ and I can name 10 guys who do... Kane, Jericho, Matt Hardy, Edge, HHH, Angle, HBK, Shelton Benjamin, RVD, and Ric Flair deserves 1 more title reign before he leaves. So you were right, and that is what matters.
Wilson wrote:
The reason why i oppose Cena so much is that his in-ring talent sucks. I cant stand his Gimmick character and the fact that he trys to change everything he touches [[ the titles ]] what irritates me more is the fact that in "his" rap song, he has less lyrics than his sub-rappers. At least with The Rock he had In-ring talent and his character was actually funny at times - the only thing i cant stand about the Rock is the fact that he speaks down on Wrestling and when he acts like he still loves wrestlign and wants to come back - he'll come back for one episode a year and say thats enough. he hasnt been back to the WWE full time since 2003" The least he can do is promote the WWE instead its him making an NON-wrestling appearance everytime he has a new movie so he can promote that. Hes using and abusing his erasable identity as the Rock - how many know him as Dewayne Johnson"
Dank Boods wrote:
You've got most of this Cena/Rock thing totally wrong. Both of them are great on the mic, I can't pick a winner there, but it is painfully obvious who the better wrestler is. Cena has let his arsenal deplete as his rise to stardom escalates, almost to the point that I change the channel when one of his matches are on...except for when he's wrestling someone like Jericho or Christian, who can carry him to an entertaining match. Anymore, it's punch, punch, back body drop, five knuckle shuffle, punch, f-u, punch. Just named half of Cena's moves. I challenge you to name at least ten others you've seen him use since he became champ. I doubt you can. The Rock, on the other hand, had natural wrestling talent passed on to him from his father and grandfather. He had a rather large arsenal and was very efficient when executing his moves. Yes, the Rock Bottom is simple, and the People's Elbow is way to exaggerated, but damn it, the F-U is a standing fireman's carry. I can't believe someone would make a standing fireman's carry their finisher. Not very creative at all. And at least the Rock didn't try cramming a crappy white rap album down our throats.
Tony Bruce wrote:
I'd like to address your points.

1. You are comparing cena now when he has just reached his peak. to the rock when he was at the end of his peak, and wanting to do other things like make movies. and he makes returns because he wwe need him for a quick ratings boost. Yes rock did long promo's but they were better and more spontaneous, and rocks matches werent usually 5 mins, he had a much better grasp of psychology and how to work the crowd and was able to put on much more entertaining matches. Cena needs to be carried by a veteran, admittedly not to the extent batista does.

2. Cena isn't funny, the rock is. yes he said jabroni, that was one of his phrases and its a word used in the wrestling industry for goon. Rock was funny not because of his words but because of the stories he came out with or them stupid songs which were also funny, and he always kept his promo's fresh. He didnt have to repeat the same thing week in week out.

3. The rocks moveset include, peoples punches n layin smackdown, ddt, kip up, jump swinging ddt, samoan drop, spinebuster, belly to belly throw, clothesline, flying clothesline, flying forearm, spinning back elbow, version of facebuster, dragon screw, sharpshooter, rock bottom, peoples elbow, small package. aswell as typical wrestling moves (headlock, armbar etc). he does not have a basic moveset he has a solid moveset. I'm not gonna claim to be an expert on cena's moveset, ever since his first smackdown match with kurt angle i havent seen a good enough match to take note of so i dont watch him. peoples elbow doesnt look impressive high impact but the crowd always went crazy for it because it had a huge build up n suspense. The F-U wouldnt exist if cena wasnt tryin to rip off brock lesnar, it was only made to shock people that he could actually lift brock lesnar, and the end result is a standing firemans carry, which frankly is pretty disapointing in my opinion. dont call it a death valley driver because it isnt a driver. he lifts onto shoulders one way n throws em off the other thats a firemans carry.

4. I'd like to add another point, when the rock was a main eventer, raw managed to draw a 7.4 in ratings. at the moment raw is lucky if it touches 4.0 at any point during the show, and when that does happen its for the diva search. John cena gets out rated by... the diva search. argue that point.
Ken Lord wrote:
How exactly is being a fan of the Rock and disliking Cena even hypocritical" You started the column correctly when you said there were a lot of bashers once Cena became champion, but making comparisons between the two and what fans loved about the Rock and what the fans loathe about Cena is not being a hypocrite. I can tell you why Rock fans probably are not huge fans of Cena, and you more or less give the reason away yourself in your last paragraph.

"Cena is a slightly less extreme version of the ever popular, ever annoying Rock. Why is the Rock put so much higher when he is the magnified version of everything we can't stand about John Cena""

Which is more or less saying that John Cena is a pale imitation of the Rock. Now you tell me, if you saw something which was an obvious inferior knockoff of the original, would you be singing it's praises" I think not.
Ditto Robertson wrote:
First off, no one EVER call me Mr. Robertson again. I'm a girl, for those of you who don't know. Second, the majority of you sound like total marks. Everyone is telling me "oh, The Rock has a HUGE arsenal." "The Rock has a great gimmick." What is The Rock's gimmick, really" "People's Champion"" What exactly does this mean" If I asked you to define exactly what this "gimmick" is, you wouldn't have a whole lot to say. And, the things you could say, would probably apply to Cena as well (rebellious, sucks up to the fans, claims to be 'one of them.') How can you say that Cena is not original, but The Rock is" As far as I'm concerned, The Rock is no difforent than your average, everday wrestler. But, because he has charisma, people take to him more. What about people like Jericho, who can wrestle extremely well and has more charisma in one finger than The Rock has ever shown in his life, but also has an ORIGINAL gimmick" He will never go down in the books to be as great as the self proclaimed great one. The Rock has a generic arsenal; he just dances around before and/or after every move. For the record, I'm not saying Cena doesn't; I'm just saying that The Rock does, and no one can convince me otherwise. Difforences on who's funnier; Cena or The Rock, are all a matter of who thinks what is funny. I'm not a Cena mark, and I may sound biased simply because I don't really like The Rock, but I've said it before; I'm just pointing out what I think is obviouse.
Rhey Higgins wrote:
Time for the official Cena-hater of this site to make his voice heard! This article makes perfect sense. The Rock and John Cena are both prime examples of how hypocritic people can be (i.e. everyone that made a response thus far). First off, it seems everyone says that The Rock has funny insults, while Cena's are childish. Bullshit. They're so alike it's scary. For example, Cena will call someone "Y2Cheap" (which is extremely stupid). However, when The Rock calls someone "popcorn fart" (also extremely stupid), the crowd eats it up. What's the difference" That The Rock has more "charisma"" That The Rock is more "electrifying"" Answer me that, Rocky fans! (and please try to do so without making reference to a monkey's nipple or llama's anus while you're telling me). Second, there's the gimmick everyone's talking about. What the hell is this gimmick The Rock has that everyone's talking about" What exactly is The People's Champion" The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment" The Great One" I'll tell you; it's all nicknames he came up with to suck up to the crowd like a little bitch. Now look at Cena. The Chain Gang leader. The hometown hero in EVERY town. Oh, wait! So is The Rock! *ahem* "Finally! The Rock has come back to __________(insert town here)". For anyone who says The Rock never had to suck up to the fans, climb out of your pathetic little bubble of self-delusion and take a look at the facts; THAT'S ALL HE EVER DID!!! THAT WAS HIS FRIGGIN CHARACTER!!!!! Third, there's the finishing moves. A lot of people (way more than I would have thought) have no problem with The Rock's finishers, yet don't like Cena's. WTF"!" Cena and The Rock both have lame, oversold, similar finishers. First, there's the Rock Bottom and the F-U. Both badly done, terrible looking, oversold finishers. Then there's the People's Elbow and the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Also, both badly done, terrible looking, oversold finishers. And I'm not even gonna' get into the move sets...I'll just say this: Tony Bruce (Who said "The rocks moveset include, peoples punches n layin smackdown, ddt, kip up, jump swinging ddt, samoan drop, spinebuster, belly to belly throw, clothesline, flying clothesline, flying forearm, spinning back elbow, version of facebuster, dragon screw, sharpshooter, rock bottom, peoples elbow, small package. aswell as typical wrestling moves (headlock, armbar etc)...yeah, he did all those moves at one point, but look at him in his prime! Punch punch clothesline Rock Bottom People's Elbow. Now for Cena, when he was in OVW/early time in WWE, he had a fairly large moveset. However, look at HIM in his prime! Punch punch Protoplex Knuckle Shuffle F-U. it just me, or did they both stop trying as soon as they made it to the big time" And as far as selling out goes: The Rock gave up WWE for his movie career, and Cena seems to be using WWE as nothing more than a springboard to his rap career. Everyone together now: "ROCKY SUCKS!!!"
Tony Bruce wrote:
Rhey Higgins, when the rock was in his prime his matches were always booked to see him nearly lose then come back from the brink of defeat, which basically meant his opponent would do move after move on the rock then at the end rock would come back n beat them in a flash. so he didnt have the opportunity to unleash that many moves. however in main events he always gave his all put on a full show, each match was always slightly different, he could always get the crowd buzzing, and most importantly, in how many years" Never got stale! since cena was stale before he won the title, the first time rocks already won. another thing, rock was a damn good seller, no one sold like the rock n he made his opponents look like a million bucks when he put em over.

I dont see why if you like the rock you HAVE to like cena or else you're a hypocrite. When the rock was in it wrestling was at an all time high, rock helped wwe take it to that level, now him, stone cold, and foley are gone its slumped back down, they're struggling desperately to revive it, so they're pushing guys like cena as a rock character, unfortunately he aint. And while cena blatantly and shamelessly sucks up to the fans, the rock endeared himself to the fans and although he went for his cheap pops, he did it in a way that says 'the rock is back, arent you all lucky', he had a demeanour of superiority.

Also Rock did nothing but wrestle in wwe for over 5 years before he started branching out into acting. besides who'd wanna be a wrestler forever" guys who wrestle til they cant wrestle no more generally end up as 2 things 'wrestling trainers, or on screen managers etc' the better option, or 2, bitter at the fact they've lost their former glory.

I'd like to mention aswell, a promo cena did for wrestlemania a year or 2 ago, a rap about the greats which basically included stealing lines from the rock n stone cold. they were only a year or 2 before cenas time, people remember them in recent memory not distant memory. admittedly they are legend material, but if cena wants to be the next big thing, he should have presented himself as their equal, but he presented himself as below them, and there he will always be.
Ryan Ward wrote:
The Rock could kick Cena's ass to the moon. I'm sorry, I don't hate Cena, but I'm getting so sick and tired of his "I'm about the fans and I'm fighting for all of you". God dammit Cena, whatever happened to your raps, although your white, I found most of them fricken hilarious. Back when Cena was the United States Champion (and in that catagory, not the "main event" catagory hes in now) he went out there and publicly humiliated his opponents and then went out there and kicked their ass. Now, he calls his opponents ridicoulous names and spins the spinner on his belt around. I love the fact that he is obviously nice and dedicated to the fans, but I HEARD YOU THE FIRST TIME. Now, The Rock is a sell-out, but he is still one of my favorite wrestlers. He has tons of mic skills. Yes the "popcorn fart" jokes are childish, and I know it's past the point of im-mature for me, but to be honest, I did laugh when he called the coach that. The Rock had fans (and me) pulled in and captivated when he talked, when Cena talks I roll my eyes, and thats only if I can't find the clicker to mute it or change the channel. Now, Cena's moves. It doesn't make sense that the F-U has only been kicked out of once (by the Big Show at Wrestlemania 20). For some wrestlers, that would be considered a weak move, but wait just a minute! Cena does it and all of a sudden it has enough force to knock someone out, give me a break. The Rock's Finishers wouldn't be hard to kick out of either but the People's Elbow would hurt a hell of a lot more then the F-U or the Five Knuckle Shuffle. It would make more sense for Cena's finisher to be the proto-plex (or spin-out powerbomb as some people know it). No i do not hate Cena, but I think a heel change would be great for him as a wrestler, not as a rapper.
Mathew Gunn wrote:
The thing is, they are both the same in everyway except looks gimmicks etc.But, who had it all first"The Rock Ofcourse!!!!Cena is just a blatant rip off and atleast rock never made movies when he was the champ.Cena doesn't no if he is a wrestler or a rapper.He is the champion and in the middle of a rap album.MAKE YOUR MIND UP CENA!As for Cena I hate him to be honest but only since he became us champion with that stupid spinning top for a belt.He never raps now in his gimmick like he used to when he had battle raps etc.Now he only raps if it promotes his album.Yeah sure the rock comes back to promote his movies but he doesn't do it 24/7 like cena does with his album. As for finishing moves Cena ripped Rock off not with the FU (don't get me wrong I love the FU)but the 5 knuckle shuffle"Give me a break. ALL TOGETHER NOW:CENA SUCKS,CENA SUCKS!!
Rhett Samios wrote:
You're absolutely, 100% correct. I don't need to go into it any further than that. Just know that you're completely correct. And don't worry about the overly verbose people above me, they don't have a clue what they're talking about.
BarriageG wrote:
Ok obviously a lot of you people don't get the whole bit about Cena and the Rock I mean when you see the rock hit the Rock bottom and connect with the peoples elbow it puts you on the edge makes you stand up gets the adrenaline rushing and it sells tickets for those of you who haven't seen a show live you don't get this but when Cena or the Rock comes out everyone cheers even if you don't really like the guy when you hear a guy run his mouth and then hear Cena or the Rock come out and say "get your candy a** down hear so the Rock can kick it" the fans go nuts!!! What I am saying is they sell tickets and I am a fan of both But the last time I saw the Rock was at the diva search last year and the diva search I think is really stupid after the Rock's career don't end it like that end it against a good guy like Austin who said he has a few matches left that would be awesome. The chance of the Rock doing another match is very slim .I have to say though let Cena defend his title Bishoff!!! He attacked Cena with Jericho now Angle let it go Eric!!! This is making the show crappy if they let Cena fight like Shelton Benjamin that would be awesome because Shelton is a good athlete I don't care what anyone else thinks he is amazing! No more title shots for triple h please he is gonna was like the millionth time world champ keep him away from the wwe championship he won the title 10 times because he is Vince's step-son and HHH gets whatever he wants whenever he wants it's not fair to the other wrestlers even when HHH lost the title who was all ways the number 1 contender HHH. That is why HHH shouldn't have the wwe championship or even be the #1 contender to Cena.


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