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October 30, 2005 by Ditto Robertson

It's Sunday Night Heat. The lights go pink, the club music hits and the two heart throbbing babes known as Romeo and Antonio dance their way down to the ring, rip off their tear away pants and are ready to wrestle!

Okay, okay. Maybe not the most intimidating scene, but since their WWE debut I can say The Heart Throbs are two of my favorite wrestlers today. But why" They constantly job on Sunday Night Heat. They look ridiculous, and act so obnoxious many can't even stand to listen to them. But, when you actually think about it, The 'Throbs have so much potential.

They have amazing wrestling skill for such a young age. Both men are about twenty five, but already have years of wrestling experience under there belts, from the indy circuit to OVW (and man, does it show!) I know; not a lot of people watch their matches, but me being the total Heart Throbs mark that I am, watch every one that I can. If anyone actually takes the time to watch them, they are great athletes. It is obvious they are working very hard and their skills are always improving. I really do see them as tag team champs sometime soon.

Something they have that's rare to find is authenticity. Romeo and Antonio have been working together for years, perfecting the gimmick they have now. They have fantastic chemistry in the ring together, much more than a thrown together tag team like Rosey & The Hurricane or V-Squared. Even before The Heartbreakers (now known as the Heart Throbs) where formed, Romeo and Antonio were long time best friends and trained together, with hopes of one day being in the WWE.

Not only this, but they have amazing charisma. They take their gimmicks and make them work so well! The Heart Throbs really do keep people into the match, whether by posing ridiculously, flaunting their good looks or dancing around and keeping the crowd laughing. Their in your face personality and obnoxious antics are guaranteed to lighten your mood, whether they make you roll your eyes and smirk about how ridiculous they are, or have you laughing out loud because their constant smiling and prancing about is so over the top, it's funny.

Also, this gimmick is not at all new to Romeo, real name John Roselli. This flamboyant character now known as Romeo has been developing for years, so this now comes naturally to him. It's obvious he is comfortable with this gimmick and kept it evolving, from Johnny Heartbreaker to who we now know and love as Romeo. His career in modeling also has him used to being in the public eye. Antonio, real name Tom Matera, has helped keep this gimmick alive by adopting it himself, duplicating the hilariously awkward character and putting a slight twist on it to add authenticity, making him Antonio.

Say what you will about Romeo and Antonio. Maybe you disagree entirely, find them annoying, green and simply not material that's going to last. Maybe you love them as much as me and can't get enough of the way they make your heart throb. Maybe you don't really care and don't even put thought into the two weird guys who are always dancing about, grinning like idiots and cracking up over their own stupid jokes. Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, I firmly believe they will continue making their opponents go "no, no, no!", the fans going "whoa, whoa, whoa!", and the ladies saying "oh, oh, oh!" for years and years to come.

by Ditto Robertson ..

Jesse Lee wrote:
Nice article. I don't really fancy them at the moment, but I do give them credit. With exception of Hurricane and Rosie-whom had recently broken apart-these two were the only legitamit tag teams on RAW. Regal and Tajiri weren't really a legit tag team, mainly because they were just two stars put together. To this day, there are the Heart Throbs and the Rednecks (Cade & Murdock) performing as legit tag team members. Although I like the Masters/Cool team and the team of Vis and Val, I don't see them being any real members of a real tag team.
XxXSatansSpawn wrote: Kinda pointless to say this now, since they've been released. But I completely agree.


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