The Death of WCW: Who killed Who"
March 31, 2004 by Donald Garner

For years Ted Turner's "World Championship Wrestling" went head to head with another professional wrestling company owned by Vincent Kennedy McMahon Jr., that company was called "World Wrestling Federation". After a lenghty battle WCW fell victim to WWF, later known as WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). But was it WWF(e) that killed WCW or was it WCW that killed itself"

In its height, WCW dominated airways each week when they debuted a new storyline, a new stable, and new era, it was called nWo. The New World Order helped WCW destroy WWF each week with excitement, brutality, and revenge, but all good things must come to and end. WWF(e) quickly fired back with a stable of their own known as Degeneration X, a more racier, more exotic stable than that of the nWo, led by Shawn Michaels, and HHH, they would be accompanied to the ring each and every week with their bodygaurd and third member Chyna. WCW was now in trouble.

Not to fall victim to WWF(e) yet again they fired back with a spinoff if you will, of the nWo, it was known and the "Wolfpack". Gaining some of WCW's favorite superstars such as Sting, Lex Luger, Macho Man, among others, and still the battle was not over. WWF(e) added new members to their stable such as Road Dogg Jesse James, "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn, and former WCW and nWo wrestler Xpac (WCW's "Syxx-pac" and "Syxx"). These new members did stuff others could only dream of, such as urinated on someone else's motorcycles, mocking an African American group, and to top it all, invading the competitons show. So that brings us to our question.....who killed WCW" Well lets look at it....

Sure WWF(e) had the better wrestling that clicked with the public, such guys as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and "HHH", to name a few. Whereas WCW only had wrestling that we seen from as early as the 1980's. Sure they had a few up and commers, but none that could compete with WWF(e). Fault #1: They needed new faces.

After the tragic death of WWF(e) wrestler Owen Hart, his former partner, Jeff Jarrett went to WCW, there he would become a member of the dried up nWo, paired up with former WWF(e) wrestler Bret Hart, WCW was to lazy to come up with something new, so they slapped on the name "The NEW Outsiders" . They would be in the third redintion of the once popular New World Order, but this time it was called "Silver and Black". Basically it was WCW's last run at a good thing. Only it turned out to be "too little too late". Fault #2: They couldnt let the past become the past.

After the final run of the nWo, WCW had this brialliant idea to turn every wrestler into a pimp, and flock them with ladies. It started with Scott Steiner, went through Alex Wright and "Disco Inferno", and ended with "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Seriouslly didnt we already see a wrestler come out each week with a feather boa" Note to Macho Man: Your a legend, you CAN turn down an idea, you have the money. Fault #3: WCW goes stupid.....very bad idea.

Before I wrap this up, lets run though a few more bad decisions made by WCW. Goldberg goes heel. Lenny Lane and Lodi go "West Hollywood Blondes", Buff Bagwell has his "mommy" cart him to the stage each week. Trust me I would of rather seen a hot nurse then some 50 year old woman each week. Mark Madden gets a commentating job, Cruiserweights get unmasked, so as you can see WCW made a lot of bad choices, but yet again so did WWF(e). So that brings us back to the question at hand.....who killed WCW"

Donald Garner..



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