Pros and Cons of "The King"
April 14, 2006 by Doug Kinsella

There are many up sides and down sides to Triple H. Some may love him, some may hate him. If anything, we can all agree he is a major contributer to World Wrestling Entertainment. He is combined with a powerful and old school style of wrestling. The many beliefs in modern day wrestling, most fans will love the new style with more of the weapon use, or the high-flying arial attack. Triple H is not a man who does the high-risk execution in his arsenal, or the technical wizard. This is why he may just be one of the most controversial wrestler's when it comes to style.

Triple H knows entertainment, simply put. If he is out there cutting a promo, he can be very funny indeed. The disposal of John Cena and his wrestling ability got many laughing, cheering and/or applauding. With The Big Show, they show the wrong video and he simply turns into a comedy strip, "We are live, I will just wing it!" Also, a very good with the serious tone he used as well to fire it up at the end.

There are many negatives in his segments as well. The key topic is quality over quantity. He can make a good promo in about seven to eight minutes. Have you ever noticed that when Triple H was the abundant World Champion, his opening skit on RAW wouldn't get over until :25 after the hour" Yes, the shortening of promos really should happen so we can fit "wrestling" into a WRESTLING program.

It is a very good thing Triple H can carry a match, any wrestling fan knows that. Additionally, his "mid-card" status helped him gain more fans in my opinion. We were sick of Triple H supposedly hogging the World Heavyweight Championship in the late 2002 through early 2005 era. The feud with Batista ended in a spectacular Hell in a Cell Match. His matches with Ric Flair were as well top notch. It is the greater stipulation type matches that make Triple H the great superstar.

However, is it just me, or does it seem that Triple H really just needs a stipulation involved to put on a great resulting match" If you take the first two matches with Batista at WrestleMania 21 and Backlash, those are two matches that in general were not that entertaining. The hype is what goes into it more than the actual match pleases at the end. The same exact thing with John Cena at WrestleMania 22. At WrestleMania 21, there was blood which excited that match a little more. This swing at your opponent with a chop, punch, or clothesline is just too old.

In a main event caliber match-up, I look for something that hasn't been seen yet. It should top everything from previous matches. That is what WWE has lacked in the majority of their Pay Per View main events. In between those clotheslines, you may notice there always seems to be a span of thirty seconds to even a full minute of just sitting there. That is the down side, I believe you need to keep a constant pace through the match, and go with it. A double knock out for about a referee's seven or eight count is always a good addition, just not every simple attack move.

The positive note is that he does know how to extend the match by stalling at times, but a serious decrease is needed. He will have to find some ways with his opponents in order to try finding other ways to go about the match. Everybody says that he has one basic wrestling move and his finisher. Well, it in a way is true, but I believe if Triple H can get some more effective moves to take it to that referee eight count, then Triple H will have a much better bout with his adversaries.

by Doug Kinsella

Kenpei Ryuujin wrote:
Nice article, it did have pro's and con's (I know a few collumnist and even a few guys on forums fail to follow through w/ both the pros and cons). And I agree w/ you totally, I remeber him best for his D-X days.

Especially when it was D-X vs Nation of Domination. I unfortunatly fell into the crowds "I hate seeing that big nose" or whatever hype of HHH being so boring stuff. But, I read some stuff on HHH and seen the DVD called "The Game" and see what HHH had done in the business and stuff. My respect for him has grew eminsly. I was pretty disapointed w/ the match at Wrestlemania 22, not that he lost, but, the match kinda seemed.... I dunno, it kinda seemed uncharacteristic to see him give up, I thought the match would have went longer, and both men beat the heck out of each other more. He was so close and just tapped. But maybe I'm playing into WWE's hands... I dunno, I only saw the match (after finding out the results) to hear Cena get booed. Nothing against Cena, but I like his old style much more, preferably when he was a heel, whhen it was him and Kurt on Smackdown! feuding. In conclusion, I'm all for an 11th time Champion, HHH!
Andrew Betts wrote:
i agree hhh has his good points and bad points but as far as skill goes hhh is a good Wrestler i mean he's more skilled than Goldberg or Hogan but not even close in ability to Kurt Angle or Beniot he lies in the middle while most people hate him for backstage politics but on camera he make a great heel and an even better face granted i'm not a fan of hhh but i respect his in ring ability and in the end that's what counts rember it's what we the fans see in the ring that makes love or hate a wrestler i could go further but i think i've made my point love him or hate him hhh entertains us
Richard wrote:
The "King of Kings" can not be faulted too much because the caliber of competion is not all that great as it was in years past. Cena" Batista" and an aging Shawn Michaels" A seriosly aging Ric Flair" Only Kurt Angle could make a match with Triple H "That Damn Good"............Suffice it to say, the WWE is almost in a boom to bust cycle when it comes to top-notch talent. For if the rest of the roster had even 30 percent of Triple H's and Kurt Angle's talent, then the matches would be more than entertaining, they would be classics...............






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