Reasons to Watch WWE AND TNA
July 7, 2004 by Dre McPhail

What's up everybody" My name is Dre, and you might recognize me as the writer of All My Divas on,, and I hope you aren't about to stop reading this because my cloumn is based on the women of wrestling, because I watch evrything, and I have opinions on them too. When I read Emer's column, I knew I had to respond. All this talk on the internet of TNA being much better than WWE, and people boycotting Smackdown because of JBL's Title Reign has provoked me to ask one question:


WWE airs programs on Monday(Raw), Thursday(Smackdown), Saturday(Velocity, Bottom Line, After Burn), and Sunday(Heat, PPV's twice a month). TNA airs on Tuesday(Xplosion), Wednesday(PPV), and Friday(Impact). *I'm going by the times they come on in my area, but I'm sure the companies' shows don't conflict with each other anywhere else.* Each company has some good things that draw us to their product, as well as bad things that piss us off for wasting time. Who says you have to watch just one" I'm going to give you five reasons to watch WWE and five to watch TNA.

1) Established stars- The WWE has the biggest names in wrestling, including Chris Benoit, HHH, Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio, and The Undertaker. These guys have given everything they've had for years, and they continue for different reasons. It might be because of the fans, money, or love of the the profession. They put on five star matches week in and week out, why shouldn't you watch them"
2) Great Product- You can complain all you want about the backstage politics or whatever, but the WWE is a professional company and it shows in their work. There are rarely any audio or visual problems, and you can acredit that to a superior staff.
3) Talented Mid and Low Carders- Edge, Randy Orton, Shelton Benjamin, Rhyno, Christian, Booker T, John Cena, Chris Jericho, Rene Dupree, Paul London, Billy Kidman, and many others posess undeniable talent and , as JR would say, "limitless potential". They draw in crowds also, and are another big part of WWE's success.
4) The Divas- You guys can't tell me you don't find Trish Stratus, Victoria, or Lita attractive. These women, along with other women who have major skills in the ring(Jazz, Molly Holly, Gail Kim) put on entertaining matches for crowds, even when their efforts aren't appreciated. If the technically sound women aren't your type, then look no further than WWE's beavy of T&A beauties. Miss Jackie, Stacy Keibler, Dawn Marie ,Torrie Wilson, and Sable provide all the treats! This is the only place where I think TNA lacks. Trinity, Desire, and Tracy can't make up a whole division, which is why I doubt TNA will bring in a Women's Title. This alienates a lot of fans.
5) Can you really stop watching WWE altogether" For most of us, our love for wrestling started with the WWF, and I know I just couldn't abandon it because of one asshole.

1) The X-Division - AJ Styles, The Fallen Angel, Primetime, Amazing Red, and others flourish in this free-for-all division. The matches are unbelievable! This is reason alone to catch one of TNA's shows(preferably Wednesday Night or Impact).
2) Former Big Three stars- Where else can you watch Raven, D-Lo Brown, Jeff Hardy, and others" Nowhere unless you go to a lot of indy shows, or have old tapes. If you ever find yourself asking "Whatever Happened To ------", watch a TNA show, they just might be on!
3) Unique Matches- The Clockwork Orange House of Fun, Ultimate X, and other matches that you would have to see to believe are exclusive to TNA(until WWE decides they need better ratings)!!!
4) Fresh Characters- TNA doesn't have a defining line beteen their faces and heels, which provides great television. You might see Raven beat the shit out of Sonjay Dutt one week, and help attack Jeff Jarrett the next just because he feels like it. I ,for one, love that concept.
5) Fan Interaction- TNA actually listens to what their fans want, which is why they are enjoying so much success. I doubt WWE will ever let their fans decide who will challenge for a title, but TNA trusts their fans judgement, and it pays off big time.

So, in conclusion, I'd like to ask the question again. Why do you have to choose between WWE and TNA" If you love wrestling, embrace both companies. Just remember, for every JBL or Don Harris, there is a Chris Jericho or AJ Styles.

by Dre McPhail ..


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