Smackdown... No Longer the Minors
August 2, 2004 by Dwayne Nicholls

Everybody is complaining about the under utilized cruiserweight division on smackdown! and I admit to being one of those people who disagrees, everybody knows that Kidman, Moore, London and Even Jimmy Yang (akio) could stage a match better than some of the re occurring boring matches. It was a shock to me to honestly see Triple H have no real 'it didn't happen' angle after wrestlemania and everybody let Chris Benoit go on to be champ... as was Eddie's run as champ but it just proves you don't need to be the biggest to be the best... little does Vince McMahon seem to know.

Rob Van Dam, a slightly larger cruiserweight but still the technical wrestler has been pushed asides for the past few weeks... when he hits the ring the fans jump and when he points to his chest everybody knows and everybody chants with him 'R-V-D', he is one man with a little mic in hand could have the fans eating from his hand like the rock of the mid to late 90's. Naming 5 Other current WWE stars that can get each time they hit the ring the fans to feed on their energy, the fans to chant a catch phrase along with them. If I remember correctly apart from booker t and Chris Jericho there is no real fan interaction that way. Maybe Stone Cold in 2002.... RVD has the in ring capabilities to make the worst of wrestlers look like gold and has proven to mix it with the big boys, Kane for example.

There are guys on Smackdown! I've been reading who have been complaining such as Billy Gunn and hardcore holly, but as good as both these men are look at the talent smackdown is oozing at the moment... Theodore long... the most entertaining managerial type since jimmy hart is now the general manager and with his charisma I could see him carrying out the whole face G.M thing... and if you have a long hard think it cant be that easy... GM's are the heel's number one source for heat. But Teddy can stick it to the man... B'Lee Dat. Smackdown has potential coming from orifices everywhere with Paul London and Kidman beating the dudleyz could reignite the dead tag team division. You asked a person who hasn't watched wwe in a month who the tag champs are on raw and they would have to think... Smackdown! On the other hand has a nice feud involving, spike, rey, the champs and the two head challengers, and if need be they have the bashams waiting in the balance to just add one more dimension. Bubba may be rather stale on the mic but he can perform in the ring as can d-von and im next to assured that soon enough 'little bruddah' will turn heel and just become another classic Dudley family story line.

The Main event status may not be the best it has been but who is to complain, Bradshaw may not be the best wrestler technicality wise but week in week out in singles competition he has improved in leaps and bounds and from the moment he returned with the new look, gimmick etc I thought he would work wonders on the microphone, already being on TV prior and doing the backstage things with faarooq back yesteryear I was assured this would work and now everybody is turning there thumbs from down to up about ole JBL... and if you do listen close enough sure enough you can hear them all... JBL... JBL... JBL... ha-ha. Undertaker with the part time role is not the best especially being in the title picture but with the title in hand we might see the ruthless re formation of the deadman, the grey or purple, the dark vests and control over a stable of drones would be great, maybe giving the bashams a new role as the undertakers drones or something along the lines, this faction could give the underutilized good superstars a new chance at the wwe, stamboli maybe and possibly they could try the useless heidenreich and his atomic wedgies or Suzuki and his ugly ass faces and silly segments... Undertaker needs his power back to get over with the die-hard fans.

Why Chavo is out of the cruiserweight title picture is little be known to me but if I seen a 4 way ladder match between rey spike Chavo and akio or ultimo dragon or even noble I would be over the moon, I even think its possible that hurricane shows up on smackdown to fight the evil of the dudleyz if and when spike turns heel the throwing him into the picture that is slowly coming back together.

But if you are asking me I defiantly believe that smackdown! Is quite entertaining and weather you like him or you don't the ringmaster for it all is none other than JBL, he at the moment has me and I am sure plenty of other viewers and fans tuning in just so we can see what this man is going to do next, the squash match over a local, classy, true heel champion and hell the young guy looked good getting thrown around, the historical video with great pictures of the long forbidden mullet was great and worked well for me. John losing to the undertaker although the undertaker of the early to mid 90's being my favourite if not all time would be disappointing, JBL has been busting his ass so hard to become better and there just a few reasons we watch smackdown... the variety. On raw you have evolution, edge, benoit and Eugene and pointless matches to begin the show... smackdown has depth and meaning to 4 fifths of their matches and 4 in every 5 matches defiantly delivers... being Australian and having tickets 5 rows from ringside when they visit late this month I am sure I will enjoy this more than my visit to raw last year.

by Dwayne Nicholls ..

XtremeFalls wrote:
First off Smackdown is still horrible just cause they have given some new people a chance doesn't mean its better. First yes London and Kidman are Champs but there goin to fued with the Dudley Boyz for the next couple of weeks and were goin to see this match 23 times. THe Main problem with the show is the repetitivness of the show, the US title at Summerslam is probley goin to Be Booker T vs. John Cena ok we seen this match 50 times sense April and it hasn't changed, and The JBL Undertaker match isn't exciting to me either, either is Angle vs. Guerreo i mean Angle vs. Cena i would get excited about but Eddie vs. Kurt was the same match at wrestlemania, So just to say something this show is still in huge trouble.
Jay Fraser wrote:
I must say that in recent weeks I've been watching Smackdown! on a Saturday morning with a great big smile on my face. A few months back, I used to watch Raw religiously. I used to either watch Raw or tape it every Friday night and watch it once, then rewind it to my favourite parts. But when it came to Smackdown, i never used to make much effort to watch it. I know thats not being a great wrestling fan, but.. When i was flicking around and i found it on, I'd watch it. But i'd never cancel anything for it. But nowadays, since the lottery, it's gotten good. Booker T, the Dudleyz and Spike have now all had titles since being moved to Smackdown, and Teddy Long is now the GM. Smackdown has gotten interesting. I have begun to notice such wrestlers as Bradshaw and Rey Mysterio. There arent many on the SD! roster that don't impress me. Sure, there are a few that could use some brushing up, such as Scotty 2 Hotty and Akio, but Smackdown superstars never fail to impress. The Cruiserweight Division is a bit of a dissapointment though.. In the past few months you have only seen about 3 wrestlers up for the title, Chavo Guerrero, Rey Mysterio and Spike Dudley. There are many other Cruiserweights not getting a chance, such as Shannon Moore, Jamie Noble and Ultimo Dragon. Dragon is set to come back from his break from WWE, and i hope he could get thrown into a few title shots. But the bottom line is, the Cruiserweights need to be given a chance! It's Smackdown's only problem. Also, RVD signing a new multi-year contract should boost his chances of a title shot.

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