Multi-Federation Stars
June 23, 2006 by Eddie E.

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I'm only 14 years old and have been watching wrestling for a few years. I started just watching the WWF. I was then introduced to WCW. On Mondays, I regularly switched between RAW and Nitro. My T.V. was on RAW a bit more often though.

ECW didn't come into my life until close to the end of it's original run (it's great to have to write that before run now, isn't it"). I think I caught maybe one or to shows on TNN before ECW went under. I never even got a chance to formulate an opinion on it.

I was one of the lucky ones to see the big three compete. Loads of people didn't though. Their opinion on their favorite wrestler may not encompass all of their qualities; a bunch of superstars competed in each company over the years. Here are 5 Superstars who did that. This is in no way a Top 5 list, but just an example of multi-federation stars. I've also included gimick differences and success rates.

1.Bam Bam Bigelow - Bigelow first appeared at Starrcade ' 91, teaming with Big Van Vader against Doom. He arrived in the WWF in 1987. He pretty much played the monster part all through his career even though he saved some kids from a house fire one time. He was at one time a part of the Million Dollar Corporation. A few of his match - ups include him and Luna Vachon vs Doink and Dink and him & Diesel vs Tatanka & Psycho Sid. His most famous match in the WWF was at Wrestlemania XI when he faced NFL Superstar Lawrence Taylor. Bigelow left the WWF in 1995.Before spending some time on the independent circuit and Japan, BBB wrestled Terry Gordy at ECW Ultimate Jeopardy ' 96.He returned to ECW in 1997. While there, he wrestled, and beat, the likes of Little Spike Dudley and New Jack, among others. On October 16, 1997 he scored a win over Shane Douglass to win the ECW Title. In one of his most popular matches in ECW, BBB beat Taz for the ECW Television Title at Living Dangerously ' 98.1998 was his last year in ECW. In 1998, Bam Bam came back to WCW to feud with Goldberg. After that, Bigelow made a name for himself in WCW Hardcore. He beat many, including Hak and Brian Knobbs. Bam Bam, DDP, and Kanyon joined together to form the Triad and one combination of this group - Page & Bigelow - defeated Raven & Saturn for the WCW World Tag Team Titles. A few weeks later, Bigelow attacked DDP, further cementing his mean reputation. One of his last matches in WCW was a win over Sergeant A - Wall.

2. Raven - Raven debuted in WCW as Scotty Flamingo in 1992. He was managed by Diamond Dallas Page. In his first, but short, tenure in WCW, Scotty beat Brian Pillman for the WCW Light Heavyweight Championship. He lost it, though, less than a month later to Brad Armstrong. After this, it was a short road out of the WCW. Along the way, he KO'd Johnny B Badd in a boxing match and was defeated by Too Cold Scorpio. Scott was signed to WWF in 1993 and sadled with the gimmick "Johnny Polo". Instead of wrestling, though, he became a manager for The Quebecers & Adam Bomb. He guided the Quebecers to many title reigns. He helped them defeat Bret &Owen Hart, Marty Jannety & The 1-2-3 Kid, Men on A Mission, and The Steiner Brothers. After a while, Johnny was taken off of TV and that, as well as the fact that he yearned to wrestle, contributed to him leaving the company in 1995. He was welcomed into the waiting arms of ECW, where he was christened "Raven". He and Stevie Richards wasted no time winning the ECW Tag Team Championships. They beat The Pitbulls on June 30, 1995 for the belts. The Pitbulls regained the belts on September 16, 1995. Raven and Richards recaptured the belts one last time on October 7, 1995, but lost them again later on that very night to Public Enemy in a triple threat match also involving The Gangstas. After that, Raven engaged in a bitter feud against Sandman with the highlight having to be when Raven stole Sandman's own family from him. Raven didn't stop there, though. He ended Sandman's Heavyweight championship reign on January 27, 1996. Raven would only be temporarily stalled when he missed one show and Stevie Richards unsuccessfully defended Raven's title belt against The Sandman. Raven forcefully took it back on December 12, 1996. In between this match and Barely Legal ' 97, where he lost his title to Terry Funk, Raven engaged in a bitter battle with Tommy Dreamer. Summer camps to pudgy kids to Bi-sexual girls where just some of the ingredients making up the hate in this story. Finally, Dreamer sent Raven packing to WCW at Wrestlepalooza ' 97. Raven made his first appearance in WCW in a few years on June 30, 1997. It seemed he was only there for the show though, as he never left the front row. On August 21, ' 97 Raven made a move. He brutally attacked Stevie Richards in an unsanctioned match. Over the next few weeks while sitting in the front row, he slowly formed the Flock. It eventually included Riggs, Van Hammer, Sick Boy, Lodi, Horace, and Billy Kidman. After failing a few times, Raven finally gained the WCW United States Title at Spring Stampede ' 98. It had to be considered a bad run though, as he lost it the next night to Goldberg. Before and after this disappointment, Raven engaged in a lot of specialty matches including a No-DQ match against Chris Benoit and a Bowrey Death Match against DDP. He had somewhat of a losing streak after losing to Goldberg that night, lasting through August to the October 25, 1998 edition of Halloween Havoc when he lost to Chris Jericho. Add to this The Flock's slow disintegration, and it was too much for Raven. He took some time off to live with his rich mom. Raven returned in early 1999 with Chastity, who eventually betrayed him.T he rest of the time, he tagged with Saturn, getting the straps on May 9, 1999. Saturn, defending by himself, lost the titles a little less than a month afterwards. Raven left soon there after. Raven resurfaced one last time tn WCW. He was a part of the Dead Pool, but stayed only about 21 days. Back in ECW, Raven won the ECW Tag Titles with Tommy Dreamer and Mike Awesome before ECW ended. Finally, in the WWF/E, Raven competed mostly in Hardcore matches, winning the title a record 20 times, participated in the Invasion of the WWF, and feuded with such stars as: Steve Blackman, Taz, Big Show, The Hardy Boyz, Maven, and many others. This last run in the WWF/E lasted from 2000 to 2002.

3. Terry Funk - Terry came into the WWF in 1985 with his brother, Hoss, as the Funk Brothers. They were managed by the legendary Jimmy Hart. They faced of against such greats as: The Junk Yard Dog & Tito Santana and Hulk Hogan & Junk Yard Dog. While not teaming up with his brother against these foes, Terry faced the likes of: Tito Santana, JYD, Moondog Spot, and others. The Funks left the WWF in 1986. Funk came to WCW in 1989. He didn't have much luck here, though, as Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair, and Sting all defeated him. Although Funk went to ECW in 1993, he continued to work dates for WCW; including: WCW Slamboree ' 94 where he wrestled to a double DQ with Tully Blanchard, Bash at the Beach of that year where he & Bunkhouse Buck beat Dustin Rhodes & Arn Anderson, and Halloween Havoc ' 94 where the Nasty Boys beat he and Bunkhouse. In ECW, Terry wasted no time racking up the belts. First, he defeated Jimmy Snuka for the T.V. Title. At November To Remember ' 93 Terry unfairly lost his title in a Tag Team match. Not to be deterred, though, he won his first of two ECW Heavyweight Titles at Holiday Hell 1993 from Sabu. 3 Months later, at Ultimate Jeopardy, Funk had another bad break. Shane Douglas won the ECW Heavyweight Title in a 8 Man War Games Match. His next title reign didn't come for another four years, but when it did, it was big. He beat one of ECW's finest, Raven. He held on to the strap for four months before dropping it to his old rival, Sabu. In between Heavyweight titles, Funk and his brother, Dory Jr., engaged in a bloody battle with Public Enemy, continued a long tradition of destroying and being destroyed by Cactus Jack, and forming a successful tag team with Tommy Dreamer. When Terry Funk left ECW, he was not just a legend, but an extreme legend.Funk returned to the WWF in late 1997. Not as Terry Funk, but as Chainsaw Charlie. Chainsaw Charlie & his longtime friend, Cactus Jack, formed the tag team, The Hardcore Legends. They weren't afraid to compete against each other, though. In the 1998 Royal Rumble, they were the first two in. Predictably, they brutalized each other for five straight minutes. At Wrestlemania XlV, the Hardcore Legends won their one and only WWF Tag Titles. They beat the New Age Outlaws in a Dumpster match. The glory was short lived though, as the Outlaws regained the titles the very next night on Raw. At Fully Loaded ' 98, Farooq & Scorpio defeated Bradshaw & Terry Funk. Afterward, Bradshaw attacked Funk. This was Terry's last match in the WWF. Terry came back to WCW one last time in January of 2000. He was assigned the role of WCW Commissioner. He also headed the "Old Age Outlaws". Larry Zbyszko, Paul Orndorff, and Arn Anderson joined him. During his short run as Commissioner, Funk annoyed Jeff Jarret by making him wrestle multiple times in one night. Kevin Nash, who saw the potential power in being Commissioner, quickly began to envy Funk. Taking the matter into his own hands, Nash defeated Funk for the title of Commissioner at Souled Out 2000. Wanting, in his eyes, a more prestigious title, Funk beat Norman Smiley at Spring Stampede 2000 to become WCW Hardcore Champion. In what had to be considered an upset, WCW Head Honcho Eric Bischoff beat Funk for this title on June 5, 2000. For the remainder of his time in WCW, Terry Funk proved that the number 2 was his lucky number; as he beat Lance Storm for his second United States Title reign on September 22, 2000 and beat Crowbar at Starrcade 2000 for his 2nd WCW Hardcore Title reign.

4. Rob Van Dam - Van Dam's first appearance in one of the big 3 was not a long one. RVD appeared in WCW in late 1992 and was on his way out less than a year later. Reason" Booking changes and an outlawed top rope. On January 5, 1996, RVD started a new year with a new company, ECW. He defeated Axl Rotten in his debut match - up. Between the two A-months, April and August, RVD engaged in maybe his most famous rivalry against Sabu. High-lights of this feud were Respect and Stretcher matches. After the respect was established between them, RVD & Sabu became an unstoppable team. They feuded with both Doug Furnas & Dan Kroffat and The Eliminators before Van Dam became unhappy with his role in ECW and left in 1997. May 12, 1997, RVD debuted in the WWF in a winning effort against future rival Jeff Hardy. He then paired up with Jerry "The King" Lawler and was given the nickname "Mr. Monday Night". Three weeks later he beat Flash Funk. In the summertime, The King & Mr. Monday Night defeated The Headbangers in the Raw Tag Team Tournament. Shortly thereafter, RVD returned to the land of extreme. Back in his native home, RVD wasted no time getting back to what he does best. He at once feuded with The Innovator of Violence, Tommy Dreamer. RVD got the better of Dreamer at Born to Be Wired and November to Remember ' 97. On April 4, 1998, nobody knew it, but RVD started a record breaking title reign. He beat fellow multi - federation star, Bam Bam Bigelow for the ECW Television Title. The subsequent reign cemented Rob Van Dam in wrestling history. During this reign, he and longtime rival - turned ally, Sabu started their first one as a team. They beat the tandem of Lance Storm & Chris Candido for the Tag Titles on June 27, 1998. Then, in a phenomenal show of athletic ability he fought Jerry Lynn to a 20-minute Draw on August 8, 1998. In another frustrating match, Van Dam & Sabu lost their titles to the Dudley Boyz on October 24th. However, in December of ' 98, due to extreme conditioning, willpower, and skill, Van Dam, along with Sabu, beat the Dudleyz to reclaim the titles in the same night that they beat Hayabusha & Tommy Dreamer. They held the titles until the spring of the next year, when the Dudleyz upset the team again. While RVD was by no means undefeated, he was so, so far in Pay-Per-View (PPV for short) match-ups. Because of that fact, RVD became known as Mr. PPV. Rob Van Dam, RVD, Mr. PPV, The Whole F'N Show, whatever you wanted to call him, held the T.V Title for 23 months before being stripped due to inactivity because of a broken leg; which he sustained in a match against Rhino ( which he still won). He had retained against the likes of : Bubba Ray, D - Von, and Spike Dudley, 2 Cold Scorpio (who we'll get to later), Taz, and Sabu. After returning from injury, RVD feuded with Jerry Lynn, facing him at Hardcore Heaven and Heatwave 2000. After briefly feuding with Scotty Anton, RVD tried to recapture the old magic by facing Rhino for the Television Title, but Rhino turned RVD away. In the main event of the OLD ECW's last televised event, Anarchy Rulz, RVD beat his old rival Jerry Lynn. After the end of ECW, RVD returned to the WWF. This time around, he stayed around a lot longer. RVD came over this time as part of the memorable Alliance. Not long after he arrived, at the first official battle between the WWF and the Alliance, named Invasion; RVD beat fellow daredevil, Jeff Hardy, for the Hardcore title. The following month, August 13, 2001, Jeff wrestled the title from the hands of RVD. But at Summerslam, RVD broke the tie by regaining the title in a ladder match. After this, RVD went on an impressive victory streak over top stars such as: WWF champs, Stone Cold and Kurt Angle, as well as WCW champ, The Rock. In just a few months, RVD had beaten all of the top champions from each company. This impressed Vince so much, he offered RVD a spot on the official WWF roster. RVD, being an Alliance man through and through, refused. On October 25th, RVD beat the Rock a second time to defend his Hardcore title. Over the years, RV These are: 6 Intercontinental titles, 4 Hardcore titles; once the Undisputed champion, but the decision was reversed. He's been a Tag Champion three times, teaming with Kane, Booker T, and Rey Misterio Jr.. He recently defeated John Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship at ECW One Night Stand. He is now recognized as the ECW Champion also. On June 20, 2006 RVD debuted in ECW, leaving the WWE for the time being.

5. 2 Cold Scorpio - Scorpio first came to WCW and formed a successful tag team with Marcus Bagwell, winning the tag titles. In the mid 90's, Scorpio competed in ECW, becoming a 4 time Television Champion and Tag Team Champion with the Sandman. In the late 90's, Scorpio came to the WWF and competed as Flash Funk for about a year. He reverted to his old name and became a part of the JOB Squad before being fired for testing positive for marijuana. After that Scorpio went back to ECW. Where he competed at last of the big three.

I hoped you liked my first article; part two is coming soon!

by Eddie E. ..

Christopher Powell wrote:
No offense, but THESE GUYS ARE STARS" Terry Funk, Rob Van Dam, and Raven are the only stars on this list. Raven and the Funker weren't really stars in WCW. Raven wasn't much of a star in WWE, either. You want some stars, how 'bout Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, Rey Mysterio, hell even Hawk, Psicosis, and Lance Storm! A 10-man list would have been better. This was a decent article.
Dylan L. wrote:
I just have one thing to say about this column. I hope that you are joking that there is going to be a second. If you're not. Then you should get someone who actually was there watching. Not someone like yourself who just look at the results and did a little research.
Jesse Lee wrote:
I'll try not to be too picky here, seeing it was your first column and all. First off, I would like to thank you for allowing me to bring back a few short great memories of Raven, who I wish was still in his prime. However, next time, try writing a bit more. Rather than looking back and giving of history of so-so wins, write what impact they had on the wrestling industry and/or company. For example, write about Raven's controversial crucifixion of the Sandman on a cross or how important it was for Terry Funk to pass the torch down to the younger wrestlers in ECW (and that how he was honored by winning the ECW at their first PPV, Barely Legal.) That will put more impact in a column than just grazing over a segment of careers.
Bill Parkman wrote:
If you are 14 years old now in 2006, and WCW/ECW went under in 2001, that would've made you 9 at the time. How can you talk about the days of the Monday Night Wars when you were barely even old enough to comprehend what happened back in those days" Even better yet, the WWE/F's Attitude era started in 1998, which would make you 6, at the time. I really don't think you have the experience or the age to talk about that time period in wrestling.

As far as the article, I've got to agree with Christopher Powell and Jesse Lee. You've totally missed the boat with the "Multi-Federation Stars". ECW was the breeding ground for the up and comers of the WWE/F. They had people like Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, the late Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Brian Pillman, Cactus Jack, Rey Mysterio Jr., and the Dudleys (just to name a few). Many of the wrestlers I named carried over from ECW to WCW or from the ECW to WWE/F.

After re-reading your article, I still have no idea what you were trying to get at. Possibly the mis-used wrestlers that went between the Big 3"
Eddie E. wrote:
I will talk about 5 more superstars in part 2. I was, in fact, very young when alot of this stuff happened. I therefore present it in more of an informational way, holding back strongly on the opinions, because of lack of reccolection. A lot of the stuff happened before I was born and/or watching wrestling. So in Part 2, I'll try to focus more on the wrestlers inluences and such. I understand where a lot of you are coming from, and will try to adjust accordingly. Thanks to you who made constructive criticism and not just criticism.




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