Thoughts on Elimination Chamber, Nick Mondo & Jim Cornette
August 12, 2003 by Pat Blomovitch

I thought I'd bring my column back with a random look at a few things happening in the wrestling world today:

Sadly, nothing can change this match. This match will be a soggy bag of shit from start to finish, and I blame the creative people at WWE. I'll break it down by the participants and point out why this match makes no sense.

Triple H

What pisses me off is that Stephanie McMahon (Soon to be Stephanie McMahon-Levesque) has done her best to keep Mr. Levesque atop the hill. Trouble is, the fans want a change. Why fight it" Triple H is hurt, and everyone knows that. Why can't he be like everyone else and roll over and do the time honored tradition" I can name at least 10 people that would wear that belt and draw bigger and better than him, and some of them are still in OVW. It was great while it lasted, but for God's sake, enough already. He's already accomplished more than most ever will. Don't ruin it by shoving him down our throats.


Goldberg is a waste of money. All he has done is whine, bitch, moan and complain since he signed his contract. You "Do" for the business. When asked to step up to the plate (in the case of replacing Triple H in Australia) he flatly refused, and that is disgraceful. He should have been fired on the spot, or at least dropped on the card to mid-card status (where he belongs). He has to realize that he's the "new guy" whether his ego will admit or not, HE IS. Christian (Jay Reso) has more ring time than Goldberg, more talent, more heart, and more determination than Goldberg has ever had in this business. Christian would kill to be in the elimination chamber. Goldberg should realize that respect is earned in the ring, not by the figures on his paycheck. He's clumsy and refuses to work to perfect his craft.

Goldberg Just spent a few years sitting on his ass collecting a paycheck he wasn't earning. He has done absolutely nothing to impress anyone. All I have heard is that he's bitched and complained about everything since he's been there. They should dump this guy and count their losses. I hope someone in Connecticut is listening: GOLDBERG COULD NOT SAVE WCW, THEREFORE HE CANNOT SAVE RAW EITHER. Dump this whiney, muscle-bound bitch and invest your time and money into the talent you are developing in Louisville. While I'm on the subject, send Goldberg to OVW for a few months. Not as punishment, but as an eye opener. Let him pay some dues. That's why he is a pain in the ass. He never paid his dues.

Shawn Michaels

A few weeks ago there was a lot of heat between HBK & Y2J. Where is it now"""" Why waste the time in building the rivalry if you are just going to place Nash in with Y2J. I fail to see where Shawn fits into this match, but, whatever. He's Kevin Nash's friend, but so what. How did they end up in the elimination chamber match"""" Durrrrrrrrr.

Kevin Nash

Here is a guy that was a great WWF Champ prior to his stint in Atlanta with the NWO. Kevin Nash has to understand two things:

1. The finger tap job he did for Hogan was the single most stupid thing he could have ever done. In my eyes, he'll never be "over"again. Face it, "Coach"

2. Your best years are well behind you. You were at one time the biggest and baddest of them all, but just like HHH, you must pass the torch. I've seen worse performers than you, but I believe that you would be an awesome asset as a booker or road agent, and for health's sake (and for the sake of main event PPV matches) you should hang up the boots.

Also, Kevin Nash wrestled as a bald guy as OZ. It was forgettable and not much to look at.

Chris Jericho

This was the guy most effected by the purchase of WCW. His time as champion was a giant fustercluck of "what do we do with this guy now"" What makes it more ridiculous is the fact that they have mishandled Y2J since he dropped the undisputed title. If I was Jericho, I would be doing run ins on SmackDown so that I can have more great matches with Eddie and Benoit. Jericho is in a crappy dilemma, and they have got him pulling the cart. He and Michaels had one of the best matches in recent memory a few weeks ago, and here we are busting out the chains for the elimination chamber.

Randy Orton

Why" It's that simple. Why" The only thing I can think of is that perhaps Flair will help him turn on Triple H, causing us to suffer through another two-week face run for HHH. Randy turns on HHH, Flair sides with the younger Orton, and all is smiles and cheers until Triple H pulls out the sledgehammer again. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz. So much for evolution, which will disband, and what are they going to do with Leviathan (Dave Batista) when he comes back" If Batista was worth his weight in condor shit, I'd actually like to see him and Goldberg as a tag team, or as bitter rivals.

Pretty much, I look at the Orton angle as the most logical choice. Orton wins the title at Summer Slam (to get the strap from HHH, who does not want to roll over for Goldberg), and then Goldberg squashes Orton on Monday.

This brings to light another problem that I see with the Raw product. I remember when WCW was dying slowly, we had the "Creative Control" vignettes with the Harris Bros and Vince Russo. We all remember this crap when he called Piper in, and had Duggan cleaning toilets, and other stupid shit I'll skip over. Well I remember thinking to myself "Get the cameras back in the ring!"

Is that too much to ask" This is where SmackDown is kicking major ass. The story is being told and sold in the ring. The cameras are forever on Ross and Lawler (or Coachman), and there is too much backstage crap. I sat in amazement a few weeks ago when I realized that they had released some very good talent to make roster space for Rosey to prance in the ring wearing a purple mask and orange pajamas. Until this is fixed, we will continue to have crappy matches and storylines on Raw, and the only thing we will have to look forward to is Stacey climbing through the ropes. Sad.
Pat Blomovitch
"Duckingbulletz" in Ocean City


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