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December 7, 2005 by Eric Simmons

Hello wrestling fans. First let me say that this is not meant to attack anyone, but to enlighten what the WWE is doing (or trying to do) for the fans who are watching in today's era. Now, on to the article:

I have read a lot of articles lately, not just on this site, about how lame a lot of these new heel characters are, and how lame the other experienced heels are, and I have to say I am kind of upset. With how many people are saying "I wish wrestling was how it used to be," I would think these fans would enjoy what is going on with at least the heel characters. So I think I should put some clarity on at least a few of these heels of today and show how they represent their counterparts from years before:

JBL - since the break up of one of the most dominant teams (in terms of power and strength), the APA, John Bradshaw Layfield has become one of the greatest heels of all time, showing signs of many of the best bad guys to step into the squared circle. You could argue that he won the title to soon, but the WWE new they had something special in this character and actually did something right with it, and he cheated and lied his way through a 9 month title reign. His equal counterpart: of course it's Ted Dibiase. Both waiving their riches around and hold themselves above any other person around, and why shouldn't they. They are RICH! Both aligned themselves with other wrestlers to form an alliance to make sure they themselves remained on top. If you liked Dibiase then it's kind of hard not to give JBL what he deserves.

Chris Masters - you look at him at you say he is just a muscle bound fool with no skills. Well number one, he wouldn't have made it past the minor ranks if he had no skills, even the wrestlers I can't stand have some form of skill. As for his counterpart, I can think of two right of the top of my head: The Narcissist Lex Luger and Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff. None of these men lacked skill, but as their character portrayed, all they needed was to be powerful in the ring and show of there body's outside the ring. Masters is still young, so give him some time, he has done what he has needed so far.

Carlito - this guy has to have the coolest character yet (yeah I said it, and I apologize for the corny-ness). He has a great attitude for his character, and it is so easy to hate him or like him, because you either hate people like him or you are a person like him. Now I have two different names that go with Carlito: the first is just based on his attitude, and that is Curt Hennig. Enough said. The second is a man who I know I am gonna get a lot of heat for mentioning, Ric Flair. Both Flair and Carlito hold themselves on a rank higher then others, each flaunting there coolness whenever they step through the curtain. These two also have the same in-ring ability, and don't give me that crap about Flair being a great wrestler in the ring, yes he has some skill, but this is an issue for another time. Both Flair and Carlito cheat their way through the match to win in similar ways, and it might not be the most technical sound match, but its fun to watch.

Ken Kennedy - there is only one guy you can compare him to, and that is Roddy Piper! Just think about it: the mouth, the talk, the attitude, the in ring style, just the whole character completely! Piper was an amazing heel, as is Kennedy. There is really nothing else to say about this guy, just watch and interview and match of both and compare.

That's all for now, and if anybody wants to throw at me a wrestler who isn't based on someone else then please do, I like a challenge. There is only one wrestler, that I can really think of, that is not based on another one, but more based on a bundle of wrestlers, and that's Triple H. There is a reason why he is great, so don't tell me it's because he is married to Stephanie, he was getting the story lines before they were married.

Thank you for reading, and please reply!

by Eric Simmons..

Jesse Lee wrote:
Although short, this was a great column. It seems to me that the smarks and marks alike are attacking new faces too quickly. Either they're to be a great technical wrestler right away or a man with high spots. I've always been a huge fan of the JBL character (except for last December when he won the four-way) and Master ever since his debut. I'm not on the bandwagon for Mr. Kennedy all that much, but mainly because I was one of the first people to love his gimmick, now that everyone else is gah gah over him, I'm going somewhere else. I don't see much for Carlito's immediate future, but he's still young and still has time, however WWE isn't the type to take time. Expect a lot of heat for praising three of these four wrestlers, because from what I know of, not many enjoy the likes of JBL nor Masters and Carlito is in the middle. Call me dumb, lame, whatever.. I just know that these are my own opinions.





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