A Mark's Thoughts on Armageddon 2003
December 15, 2003 by Sean Goodrich

Match by match, this is just one "Mark's" opinions on WWE's last major PPV of 2003. I'll use this years rumble to help explain my grading system; 1=the worst world title match I dare say ever HHH Vs. Steiner or 1=BAD, 10=match of the year Angle Vs. Benoit or 10=GOOD.

1. Booker T. Vs. Mark Henry(3/10): Thank the sweet lord above the Bookerman went over in this one. Mark Henry is nothing but one big ol' fat waste of ring space and TV time, I literally almost vomited when he pinned one of the best workers on raw at the survivor series and then agian on Raw Roulette. Hopefully Booker's big win in this stinker of a PPV opener puts an end to this lackluster fued and ends henry's push. I really hope that Vinnie mac's #1 new year's resolution is to cut his losses with "the world crapiest wrestler" Mizark Henry and bans him from in ring action FOREVER! I give the match a 3 outta 10 just for Booker trying to keep things together.

2.Orton Vs. RVD (7/10): By far the show stealer Orton pins Van Dam for a title that RVD went on record saying he doesnt give a rats ass about anymore (i paraphrased there a little bit) good match, but i had to knock 3 off for what i felt was just a really bad finish. I for one like Orton and think he'll breath some new life into that 15 lbs of gold. By the way why the hell was this the second match"

Was I the only one who caught that the WWE gave away the finish to the world title match in the royal rumble spot. Now I wonder if they list Goldberg and Kane as participants in the rumble who oh who will win the main event"

3.Battle of the sexes (5/10): This match came off better than expected. Gotta say I feel a little mad that one of favorite male workers Chrisitian and my absolute favorite female Lita are being used as plot devices in the ongoing epic that is Trish and Jericho.Guess we'll just have to wait for the highly anticipated return of FACE Y2J

4.HBK Vs. Batista (6.5/10): Iet me try to understand this Batista character. He is supposed to be this unstoppable monster but he gets pinned by a guy that dances like a panzy, looks like a sundayschool girl compared to Batista and was wrestling when David Batista was a pizza faced 13 year old. That small factoid aside i dug this match and the ending no matter how much sense it lacked got me out of my seat.

5.Heat opener #1-V1AHH! Vs. Maven (0/10): as this wasnt a real match and just used to fill PPV and get Davey some of his heat back i wont rate it. But its good to see Hardy on the PPV rebound after his hard fought loss to the one legged wussbag Zach "not to rough guys" Gowen.

6. Tag Team Turmoil (6/10): With the Dudleys stale i wanted them to drop the staps to Storm and Venis i match that was nothing spectacular but kept my attention. I knew that wasnt going to happen and thought that La... I mean Garrison Cade and Jindrak the new golden were going to get them. One 3D later i was scared for my life when i thought the straps were going to Test and big Poppa Dump but once agian i jumped to conclusions and was wrong when they were eliminated. Then out of nowhere comes Dave "I Just got beat by catholic schoolgirl" Batista and his grandpa Ric Flair to kindly releave the Dudleys of their Straps. This is a little weird but i can dig giving a legend like Flair a belt he never had. And whenever whoever beats him for those straps they'll be that much more believable as champs for pinning a legend to get the belts.

7.Heat opener #2 Molly Vs. Ivory (0/10): I absoultly hate when pointless women matches are thrown into major PPVs unless they happen to be wrestled in mud or thongs. Sadly lacking both this is the point where i got my refreshments a mistake i would live to regret.

8.HHH Vs. Kane Vs. Goldberg(3/10): This puch and kick fest was almost as bad as the opener (This is where i should have hit the fridge for my refreshments). Its bad when the high point of a PPV main event is HHH's expression when he sees Kane stareing him down ( I mean come on if i wanted to see the guy act i'll go see Blade 3). Triple H wins the match,the world belt and caps off a truly lackluster PPV.

Armageddon 2003 (5/10): after a really solid Survivor Series we get this, a horrible ending to a medicore year. Evolution holds all the belts wait a minute Flair's stable holding all the gold i think i seen that 20 years ago! One more thing before i end this whole shindig does anyone else find it funny that Rock leaves to make movies and he is off of Television only to be mentioned when his flick hits theaters, but when HHH goes on location he gets to take the World Heavyweight title with him which leads me to my closing thought i'd like to wish the champ HHH and the Boss' daughter the best of luck with their marriage.

by Sean Erik..


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