Releases From WWE, Money For TNA
April 21, 2005 by Erkka Järvinen

Hi, my name is Erkka Järvinen and this is my first column. Now I believe many of you have heard about the new cuts WWE made with useful talents like Rhyno, Matt Hardy, half of their Women's Division and many others. For TNA, this is good. Why" I think it's obvious but if you want to see my opinions, look below.

Rhyno has always been good wrestler and a hardcore fighter but he was never given an appropriate manager or gimmick and that's why he never got pushed. WWE didn't see the potential Rhyno had over the years, and now they've decided to fire him just because he had an accident with his wife at the hotel. TNA don't care about this and I see the future of Rhyno in TNA with big matches. Think about it; I know you would like to see Rhyno going at it with someone like Raven, better yet, in a hardcore match. Rhyno never needed custom-made suits or a big entrance because what the people liked in Rhyno was his fast paced match-ups and hardcore. TNA can offer big changes to Rhyno if he is willing to pick it up.

I think WWE has a weird backstage politics system and Matt Hardy was a victim of this. Edge had something going on with Lita and Matt Hardy got mad at Edge, now Steph has decided that Edge is more important, so they are going to release Matt Hardy so Edge won't have troubles at work! Now I read a column a while ago where it stated about Matt and Jeff's reunion and I agree, it is a great idea and it would work. Hardy Boyz would blow the roof on TNA taking on tag teams like Team Kanada or AMW.

One thing TNA has missing is a Women's Division; they got Traci and Trinity and that's not going to do it for me. WWE just fired Jazz and Gail Kim to get in some new bimbos who nobody cares about. Not only that, I have heard about some impressive women wrestlers in the indy circuit so with that already, they would get a pretty good Women's Division.

To wrap it up, there are ton more wrestlers who have been fired from WWE, some are at TNA and some are without a place. Test, Billy Gunn, Rico and many others who I can't remember. However, Rhyno taking on NWA champion someday or Hardy Boys fighting for tag titles in a "Tag Team Ultimate X Challenge" "That's Cool" as CCC prefers it.

by Erkka Järvinen..

Wesley D wrote:
hey your absoluty right there are alot of people that WWE are firing i mean Ryno was a former ECW champion and WWE did not use him right just like RVD they dont use him right either WWE has alot of Potential in superstars but dont use them i mean they made there mistake when they started this whole DRAFT crap i mean they broke up the best tag teams ever Edge and Christian, The Hardy Boyz i mean i seen some potential in Rico and Hass they had good chemostry i mean they had a good thing going on with them and then Rico gets hurt and they decide to just let him go and then Matt Hardy is a former Crusherweight Champion and they had a good angle going on with him Kane and Lita then out of no were they fire him Test i mean they could not find an angle for him but he is a force that TNA needs i mean look at Gunn and Jeff to guys that WWE let go and now there making history on TNA the whole Hardy reuinon would be cool they would be a tag team to wreken with and the womans divsion in TNA would be good if they got more woman maybe they could bring a womans title in see the diffrence between TNA and WWE they see potential in alot of people and they find ways to use them i mean Billy Gunn former Intecontinal title king of the ring i mean a great steal for TNA i fell that Hardcore holly will be the next cause they ahd a good angel with him going on everyone thinking he was going to win the title then they give that up to give Eddie gureo the title and put Holly back on Heat just like Hass had a good angle with Rico gets fired then Hass is back on Heat see Sunday night Heat is there way of saying hey you only have a few months left in your contract so were going to have you do Dark Matchs and Heat till we can find a way in firing you see TNA is going to get all this good talent and in the end WWE will be threatned cause alot of Hardy fans will go to TNA Rico fans Ryno Fans and all them fans will watch TNA then WWE will do just like they did with WCW and ECW and go and try and buy they comapany cause they dont like it when they are losing money and i say if they dont like it quit firing people that bring the money that is all i ahve to say
Stuart Busby wrote:
This E-mail is a response to Erkka Jarvinen article Releases from WWE, Money for TNA. I have to agree with what you say, WWE are releasing their most talented members and replacing them with rookes. Look at Test. When the WWF began pushing him in 2001, he had great matches with Eddie Guerrero (WMX7), Kane (No Mercy 01), Edge (Survivor Series 01), Brock Lesnar (KOTR 02) and the Undertaker (SummerSlam 02). For his size and weight (6'6, 285lbs) he could wrestle a great power match and wasn't afraid to do a move off the top rope. How could the WWE release Rico!"! This man may not be the greatest wrestler in the world but his matches were the most entertaining I've ever seen in some time. I laughed till my sides split watching him kiss Bubba Ray Dudley at No Mercy 04. the look on his face was priceless. The WWE sure did misused Rhyno. His last decent match in my opinion was the Fatal 4 way at SummerSlam 03 for the U.S. Title. Since then WWE did fuck all with Rhyno. For Christ sake, this man could have great matches if he was used the right way. I feel sorry for Matt Hardy being the victim of WWE's polotics just like Chyna when Chyna's relationship with HHH was on the rocks they dumped her so Triple H could avoid trouble at work. Seeing people like Chris masters who has a great physique but is a terrible wrestler who hasn't done much to justify his spot in WWE. I feel WWE isn't as good as it used to be. I hope TNA dose snag Test, Rhyno, Rico, Matt Hardy and others and continue to build their empire and make more money. It would be great to see the Hardy Boyz reunited in TNA. I would love to see Test go 1 on 1 with the likes of AJ Styles and Abyss. TNA needs to kick WWE's ass a little and give them a wake up call. I love the WWE but apart from the Angle/HBK match the WWE hasn't done much to give the fan a great product like they used to do.
Tim Brazel wrote:
I'm still in shock that Matt Hardy was released from WWE. He was by far a better wrester with more personality that Edge. I think they call him Edge because he's always so close to being a "superstar", but never able to "Edge" his was into the hearts of fans. I am looking forward to a Hardy Boys reunion though. I haven't tuned into TNA much, but that would definetly get me hooked. I also think that Ryno would be a good fit for TNA. I didn't like Raven much before, but I've seen him on TNA a few times and they have done alot for his caracter development.I think they could do the same for Ryno...and maybe Test" If TNA is smart they'll stay away from guys like Randy Savage or Hulk Hogan. Those guys are good for nostalgia, but not long term.Anyway, I'm getting off my main subject. Rico" Why Rico" He not the greatest wrestler ever, but he is good for comedy bits. His "flamboyant" act was hilarious. The look on some of those grown mans faces when he kissed them or, rode them like a horse, or slapped them on the butt was pricless! I do agree that WWE has to many wrestlers on it's roster at this point, but why drop wresters that could work if they were pushed correctly. Why not get rid of wrestlers that are old as dirt and out of there prime. Not to mention any names--cough!!---Rick Flair, Hulk Hogan---cough, cough!!!---Oh, one more thing before I go, The WWE needs to push The Hurricane, I love that guy! If the WWE doesn't watch out I think TNA might start kicken a** and taken names!


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