Wrestling - The Lack of It
November 25, 2004 by Frankllin Booth

I remember when I was younger, I would sit down every Saturday night with a bowl of Mr. Noodles and await to watch my wrestling. I recall begging my dad to let me stay up well past my bed time to watch RAW, and I remember being overly excited about matches, feuds, and the like.

Now a days thats more of a memory than a ongoing experience. Granted some things were bound to change, I no longer had to ask to watch RAW, and I grew to hate Mr. Noodles, but I also grew to hate the WWE's story line.

Many moons ago, there was a time when story lines were short, and tension built. The stories were more of a way to build up to a big massive match, and perhaps a rematch. Such events as the king of the ring and survivor series were pinnacle in the development of a story line, but alas, it's all gone down hill. I feel strongly, that during the WCW/WWE rating wars, they lost something. Sure events became more in your face, more agressive, and more graphic, but story lines were extremely drawn out (Evolution anyone" NWO perhaps"). these were great ideas, carried on too long. The events lost that certain feel, and although perhaps partly it's because I grew up, that's not the soul cause.

Back when I was younger, and my love for Mr. Noodles still existant, I remember even mid card matches would excite me. The headbangers being one of my least favourite teams, would always wrestle, and I'd never think of changing the channel, despite my lack of love for them. However, I can't sit through a full episode of Raw without checking out other channels, because Raw and Smackdown now follow the same template, which to me is utter crap. It's a really low card match, followed by commercial, interview, next toss in a tag team of diva match, commercial, interview, main event related story line, commercial, easily predictable match, and so on and so forth.

While this problem hasn't just sprung up, it has been far more obvious as of recently. I think to myself "why tune in"" when it's the likes of Mavin vs Snitzky. Both are finely tuned athletes, yet their matches are so horrendously boring, and the build up of Maven to superstar as of late has been one of my most hated turns. This is largely due to the fact he hasn't had a match where he hasn't screwed up yet, be it missed drop kicks, a missed top rope bulldog, or even on instance in which he attempted to dive through the ropes at Kane, and came up short, he just feels unpolished, and should stick to house shows. however this is not the case, they keep pushing useless talent, and it's making many people just lose interest. back in the Glory days of it all, you had to excite the fans, you wern't garunteed anything. Superstars went further than they have before, such amazing matches as Bret hart vs Mr. Perfect for the I.C. title, and heartbreak kid vs Razor, in the epic ladder match. Every match had that same appeal as even the PPV main events, you just never knew who was going through the announcers table, who was gonna get hit by a chai, which manager would interfere. I'm sure to many it sounds the same, but this all was done with some kind of plan to make it a strategic move to the story, now in every match Flair is interfering, a chair is brought out, or something or another.

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