Victoria: What Happened"
June 20, 2006 by George Wait

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Hello, my name is George Wait. I'm only 13 years old and this is my first column on the website. I have fair knowledge about the industry and what it's about. In my article I want to discuss one of WWE's diva's Victoria (Lisa Marie Varon).

Victoria started out in OVW like many other wrestlers. She then became one The Godfather's ho's and was also called "The Head Ho". She led the "Save The Ho" campaign. Eventually Godfather slammed Victoria through a table, taking her off TV. She went back to OVW where she was known as Lady Victoria. After awhile in OVW she made her WWE debut.

Victoria made her in-ring debut on edition of Sunday Night Heat. She wrestled Trish Stratus. The next night on RAW she fought Trish, igniting the feud between the two. On the November 4th edition of RAW, she attacked Trish and challenged her to a hardcore match at 2002's Survivor Series. Victoria and Trish faced each other for the Women's Title at Survivor Series where Victoria would win her first ever WWE title at her first ever WWE pay-per-view.

Victoria was then given a crazy gimmick and aligned herself with Stevie Richards. She would compete in various title matches defending her title. She would eventually lose the title in a Triple Threat match against Trish Stratus and Jazz. But that wasn't her last title reign. She later won the Women's Title on the February 23, 2004 edition of RAW.

Victoria would then begin feuding with Molly Holly. The feud led to the first ever Women's Hair vs. Title match in the history of the WWE. She would eventually lose the title at 2004's Bad Blood. This would be her last title reign to date.

Victoria was on the title hunt for awhile. But she took some weeks off and then began acting heel on WWE RAW house shows where she would go against 2004 RAW Diva Search Winner Christy Hemme. And then she made the heel turn.

On the May 30th, 2005 edition of RAW, Victoria competed in a Bikini Contest. Christy Hemme would win the contest but soon after, Victoria attacked Candice Michelle, Maria, and Christy Hemme. She low-blowed The King and gave Christy the Widow's Peak. She began feuding with Christy and eventually won against Christy in 2005's Vengeance. The psycho was back.

After that her new target was the 2005 Raw Diva Search Winner Ashley Massaro. She aligned herself with new heels Torrie and Candice. She would beat Ashley in her first match ever. The Trecious Trio would gang on Ashley as the number's game continued. But on the September 12th 2005 the returning Trish Stratus would help Ashley even things up. Then a new diva, Mickie James, would add to the mix. Victoria would begin jobbing matches to the newcomer and Trish. She would look a lot sloppier in the ring and would never win a title match. She and her friends won some matches here and there but that was it. She and Candice turned on Torrie at Candice's Playboy Cover unveiling.

Now Victoria is jobbing matches to Trish Stratus and only wins matches on Heat. She is being put in the shadow. It's a shame that she went from winning the title to jobbing matches to divas they want in the spotlight. Only time can tell what will happen to the diva. Let's just hope it something good.

by George Wait ..

Jon Rosaler wrote:
Victoria is off TV until they decide what push she can have. They should just release her or put her in ECW or Smackdown. Raw is just a beehive with enough honey yo fill 2 more honeys.
Randall Flagg wrote:
The WWE is known for pushing style over substance. Big, no-talent hacks get the push over the cruiserweights. Think of Victoria as the female cruiserweight. She can actually wrestle, but she wasn't in one of those ignorant Diva contests, so she's treated like the red-headed stepchild. If she got a boob job, she'd probably be right back at the top of the list.
Dylan L. wrote:
Slightly below average for a first time columnist. You gave facts on Victoria's career. Yes, you did, but very little facts. It may have seem like you did, but it was very little. Look at other columns. You did a very poor part on that subject.

Onto the other subject. The subject of your column. i thought it was a waste, and unneeded. You may whine, and say what you will, but it us the truth. You picked a subject, that not a lot of people will be interested in. On a scale of 1 to 50 of what wrestling fans talk about when they talk about wrestling. I give it a 2 for the amount of time I hear the subject of divas brought up. No one really cares if divas get titles shots or if they rank high on the Women's championship contender list. They are there simply for eye candy.

So, next time you write a column, pick a better subject. Also, get some sufficient facts. Your grade: D-.
Simeon Hubbard wrote:
Well you know something: Vinnie Mac has struck once again. I mean Vinnie Mac has took the spotlight away from VICTORIA, b/c all he cares about is T&A, which is a crying shame. Also I am getting sick of WWE having Victoria wrestle on a computer screen instead of on TV. Well you know something: I think that it's time for Victoria to exit WWE and head to TNA (once they get their Women's Division straight) and also be w/her close friends Gail Kim, Jackie Gayda, and Christy Hemme. Also Victoria's other close friend and Tag Team Partner Lita is also getting screwed as well, by making out w/Edge. I say Victoria and Lita get out of WWE while you can and head to TNA before WWE does some MORE damages to your careers. I mean Vince is more interested in Candice Michelle instead of people like Victoria, Lita, and Jillian Hall. If Vinnie Mac doesn't get his act together then he might as well fold the Women's Division and let the REAL talented women head to TNA where they can @ least be respected for their in-ring abilities and not just based on their looks. I would rather see Victoria and others like Lita, Jillian, and Gail Kim compete in REAL matches as well as Street Fights/Hardcore Matches and Steel Cage Matches/6 Sides of Steel instead of seeing Torrie and Candice compete in STUPID Pillow Fights and Wet 'N' Wild Matches. Also if Stacy leaves the WWE then I will continue to support her, WWE is letting Victoria's talents and everyone else's go to waist. Message to Vinnie Mac, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, BEFORE TNA TAKES OVER THE WOMEN'S DIVISION. I will ALWAYS and FOREVER will be a Victoria Fan 4 Life.
Richard wrote:
What happened is McMahonism run amok. Victoria is one of the greatest female wrestlers ever and she has been given the shaft more times than I care to count. I agree with you one hundred percent. McMahopn is a full for killing Victoria's career in favor of Mickie Jerk and Trish Trashus............
Dartagan67 wrote:
I agree that Victoria should be a whole lot more involved than now. She earned her status among hte diva class along with Trish & Mickie James. At least she went up against new diva Beth Phoenix; but I second that of what you said.
Brodie Pullar wrote:
I hate whats happening to Victoria, but i still whant to see her fighting for the Women's title on Raw. No matter what anyone says she is more then eye candy she is a ligetimate wrestler with tons of talents just waiting to be expressed. As for Dylans remark he obviosly knows nothing about Victoria and Womens wrestling. Though lately the division is losing some of its more talented compedeters it has never just been eye candy otherwise they would call the womens championship the bra and panties championship or the most skin revealed on prime time TV award and i dont care if yout make up some fake statistics its important that talented Divas get a go. This is an important issue and im very glad you wrote about it.
George P. wrote:
I completely agree with the overall tone of the responses thus far. Jobbing out Victoria is a pretty lousy thing for McMahon to do. She has great looks, talent and charisma and ranks as a true class act. Her position in the company deteriorated right at the time when McMahon decided to emphasize Trish Stratus and the incoming diva search bimbos. In the past 2 + years Trish has monopolized the women's division virtually ending any sense of competition that used to exist and the bimbos McMahon has brought in contribute nothing but cheesecake. While there have been rumors of Victoria getting a push, it hasn't occurred yet. After all the crap she's been through she certainly deserves a break.

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