Women in Wrestling And Why the Whole World Seems to be Sexist
August 4, 2004 by Glenn Turner

First of all I want to say I am writing this column, to prove that Women have a place in the wrestling world and it can be and should be the same as any man's.

The commentators on the two major shows of WWE have all shown hints of sexism at one time or another.

The most obvious commentator to show sexist views is Jerry Lawler; as to Jerry, all women seem to be is T & A.

During The Bashams and Shaniqua vs Too Cool 2-on-3 Match (at No Way Out 2004), Tazz was saying first of all that the advantage doesn't necessarily go to either team, but in ANY other situation he would say that the 3 person team would have the advantage, also he said that Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty's tactics should be to keep Shaniqua in the ring and weaken her down because she is a woman!

On a Smackdown this year during Rene Dupree vs Torrie Wilson, Michael Cole said the most sexist of all comments, he said that this match isn't fair because Rene Dupree is in there wrestling a woman---like it is some big deal.

At Armageddon 2003 one of the matches was battle of the sexes, Y2J and Christian vs Trish Stratus and Lita, and JR said that this was an unfair situation. I want to know why" There are two people on each team, and they are all experienced wrestlers, but oh wait, it has to be unfair because Trish Stratus and Lita are women--- by the way I am being sarcastic!

I looked on the WWE parents website the other day and I noticed the ratings for each of the TV Shows that they do and under the "Violence" section this quote is listed "Male characters may body-slam female opponents in the ring, and vice-versa" and.... what is the big problem, it's just like the pathetic age old saying of "A boy can't hit a girl", I accept this saying but not in the way that everyone else thinks, if a boy can't hit a girl, then a boy can't hit a boy, and a girl can't hit a girl and a girl can't hit a boy, I mean does sexual equality mean nothing to some people. I can understand the censors of wwe programming censoring violent shots to the head with weapons, but men acting aggressive towards women (e.g. Luther reigns dragging Torrie by the arm) getting censored is pathetic, if they do that then why aren't slaps to the face censored when female wrestlers or female WWE personalities do it to men"

I actually have experienced hearing some of this sexism, when I went to a live event in Newcastle, England, Nidia came down to the ring ready to wrestle her ex-boyfriend Jamie Noble, and a woman in front of me seemed frightened that "that man" was going to face "that woman" until someone reassured her that it was ok because the man would be in a blindfold. I mean what the hell is that about" That's pretty much a woman being sexist against women, it made no sense to me but I refrained from voicing my opinion towards her (after all I didn't know her). Also I was watching Armageddon 2003 with two of my mates and it turned out that the Battle of The Sexes Match was coming up and one of my friends just yelled out at the television "PUFFS" pointing at Christian and Chris Jericho, so I said to him (knowing full well why he said it)"why did you say that"" and yet again sexism reared its ugly head as he said something along the lines of boy's can't hit girls, and boys who do hit girls are puffs! I knew full well the superstars that my friend liked and so I started saying to him, Is Undertaker a puff" Is Kurt Angle a puff" etc... and he didn't say anything, so I reminded him of their matches against/involving Chyna, to which he had no reply.

I have nothing against T&A, there is room for it in the WWE but when good female wrestlers are looked over in favour of T&A Divas it is irritating, I mean if people can remember back a bit, on there was a story about fans complaining that we weren't seeing Stacy Keibler on television enough, were they complaining that Molly Holly wasn't being used enough, no they were more bothered about Wrestling's #1 Cheerleader.

In the Smackdown Here Comes The Pain Game, sexism yet again runs rampant; females cannot bleed and females are not available for selection in season mode, I have voiced my opinion on these two aspects of the game to my friends and I have had comments from two of my friends on this, one of my friends has said that playing as women in Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain Game is for girls, oh so does that mean that I shouldn't be Victoria and whip Steven Richards ass in a match" Another one of my friends says I am sadistic wanting women to bleed, so I explained to him my views and said that If men Bleed why don't women" Either both genders should have bleeding capabilities or neither gender should have bleeding capabilities, to which he said something about Women being the weaker sex and that I shouldn't want women to bleed, to which I said, if THQ are trying to make the game as realistic as possible then why don't women bleed, I mean males and females both produce blood. In a Hardcore match after a while of kicking ass against a male opponent they will start to bleed from the face, you can kick ass on a female opponent all you want and they will NEVER bleed, it makes for boring and unrealistic game play. Unfortunately I hear that women will STILL not bleed in Smackdown 6 or whatever it's gonna be called.

I know people criticize her about not being that good a wrestler, Chyna is in my mind without a shadow of a doubt the greatest female personality/character in wrestling ever, she was kicking guys asses left and right around 1999/2000 and proving that women can go toe to toe with man and still have a decent match/storyline/feud, which is why it surprised me when I was looking through a few of my wrestling books and found out that Chyna had been pretty much told that she had gone as far as she was gonna go in wrestling and that she would NEVER become WWE Champion, I mean how perfect would that have been" Vince McMahon is amazing at being groundbreaking and controversial, and Chyna becoming WWE Champion would fit in that criteria, she would have been the first ever female to become WWE Champion along with her other outstanding accomplishments, first ever/only ever women in KOTR, first ever/only ever women allowed in the royal rumble and last but not least the first ever/only ever women to become Intercontinental Champion.

I was happy when Jacqueline won the Cruiserweight Title, because I thought that WWE were taking a step back into the right direction, but, no they weren't, the Chavo/Jacqueline feud wasn't built up and it made Jacqueline look weak when she lost it after 2 weeks being the shortest reigning Cruiserweight Champion in ages, and it made Chavo look weak too after losing to a wrestler that hasn't wrestled a full schedule in like the past year.

Having read nearly all of my article now you will probably be thinking that I am happy that there is a women's title, well not necessarily, I am happy with it because it means that women wrestlers will still be recognised and will still be there. I am not happy with it, because, there isn't much point of a women's title, there isn't a man's title, in that sense it is a pointless title. The only true possible grand slam at the moment would be a female cruiserweight (all WWE females are eligible) that wins all titles on one brand and then switches and wins all the titles on the opposing brand.

I will finish by listing certain matches that are Male orientated and turn them into female versions, as I wish to witness them one day;

Iron Woman Match
Queen Of The Ring
Hell (hath no fury like a women's scorn) In A Cell (bad joke there)
LumberJackie (another bad joke there)

by Glenn Turner..

William McCracken wrote:
I must say that, in most cases, including the Armageddon 2003 Battle of the Sexes, which you cited, that women wrestling men in the ring do have a disadvantage, because most female wrestlers are not as physically powerful as their opponents (I give you the Nidia vs. Jami Noble Blindfold Match as another prime example). It's not that the women can't fight the men, it's that Torrie Wilson would have about as much luck against the Big Show as Shannon Moore. Size and strength matter.
XtremeFalls wrote:
Woman in Wrestling place is against each other i mean come on do you really think they can beat the big show and make it beleiable, Most woman say they can't compete with men. They are important people need them sometimes to be interested in something like Test Push worked cause of stacy but It wouldn't work if Stacy wrestled
Justin D wrote:
Your article is by and large a load of right on rubbish.

Firstly, the WWE Divas have certain roles to play, and just like page 3 girls, they are the glamour, making people happy with their fabulous looks and model-like figures, and helping to make different story angles. Some of them do the wrestling thing, and very well i must say, because it is the business they are around. You seem to be the sort of person who isnt happy until all is fully equal in a sort of fluffy clouds, lambs gamboling in the fields type of way.

The WWE has been guilty in the past of staging ridiculous, embarrassing stunts, but by and large, despite the over-acting by certain individuals, has a moderate sense of reality. I mean, come on, imagine Big Show against Victoria, or Jazz verses Test, or Lita in a no holds barred match against Goldberg. It just aint gonna happen because the reality of the situation is the women cant physically compete with male athletes, who are many, many times stronger, heavier and more powerful. And this is the situation even if it was staged in the womans favour. Imagine the poor quality of the match if, for example, Goldberg had to avoid hitting, slamming or holding Lita just so she could get a right on victory to please the likes of you. Women do wrestle men in largely low key matches because it is another story angle, but it is never taken too far because that just wouldnt be true to reality.

Going back to the women themselves, i hugely enjoy good matches between capable female wrestlers. A couple of matches that spring to mind is Victoria v Trish at SS 2002 (and there was blood and bumps in that match!), or the Womens Fatal Four Way at Judgment Day 2003. These types of matches have quality, excitement and skill, but that is because it is confined to women verses women. But until another Chyna comes along, i dont see why WWE should write a plot for a diminutive female such as Trish Stratus to start kicking the mens arses. If Stacy Keibler and Torrie want to get involved in lingerie matches, and take part in that embarrassing debacle of the Fatal Four Way in bed at Wrestlemania X9, then that is up to them. They get paid handsomely to be the glamour and wrestle occassionaly.

Lastly, in case you're wondering, i am no sexist, and it didnt even cross my mind that the WWE was sexist until your silly comments surfaced in what is one of my favourite website columns. Jerry Lawler loves women. Full stop. Tazz tries to watch his words, but occassionaly stumbles. Michael Cole is terrified of everyone-men and women. And Val Venis loves to entertain the women, but i dont suppose that crossed your mind. God help us if political correctness ever takes over the WWE!
Wes the Wizard of Gore wrote:
I totally agree that both men and women should be able to bleed in the video game. Except for Victoria,molly holly,jacquline could any other of the so wwe divas put on a convincing match with a male wrestler.They can barely put on a convincing match with each other. The problem with wwe female wrestling divison is that they take eye candy and exspect to to be on a match with breaking a nail or messing up there make up. And is there some kind clause in the diva contract that they have to get a boob job " I think what a woman looks like should matter when she steps inside the squarde circle. It should be based on there overall ability. And Ivory and lita can put on a good match when they are no concerned about there diva
Jordan Swaim wrote:
OK dude if you think women even having a fair shot against men would actually sell, you've gotta be a serious mark. It just isn't believable that women can beat a man in a fight. Sure there is plenty of good female talent in the WWE but they cant pull it off and that's the fact of the matter. I myself wrestle professionally in the indy scene, I like to think I have a pretty good understanding of the business, so the only way a female could sell a match with a male is if they weighed close to the same.
Un-Named Soul wrote:
Something that I feel the WWE Creative are failing to understand is that you can't put all the "Divas" under the one category. Instead of looking at a more modern perspective of T&A, they have to go back to looking at the way women were handled from the beginning all the way up to the mid 1990s.

I am reading that people are saying that Stacy Keibler shouldn't go in and pin the Big Show and here I agree. It wouldn't be believable unless there was an angle to it (ie. an interferance). However, I feel that the reasons people see it unbelievable and I see it that way are totally different. They say that the "Divas" can't put on a match to the standard of the guys. False. Some females in the WWE can't put on a great standard of a match. Stacy Keibler! That is such an over exaggeration. There are females in the WWE who can wrestle, who should be wrestling but instead are bumped off for the valets (Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson etc).

Another thing that people don't seem to understand is that with the female territory in wrestling comes the "sex sells" cliche, but that doesn't mean the women agree to it. From reading Lita's book you hear that she doesn't like being called a WWE "Diva". She was trained to be a wrestler, and that's what is under her job description. Women do not have as much freedom in the wrestling business as men do and that itself is sexist. Rena Mero (Sable) is a prime example of that because she has been fired for talking of sexism in the WWE.

How can people comment on Women vs Men matches without actually seeing a great one pulled off" In the end it all comes down to the writers and creative department and their views, not the wrestlers as I am sure there would be some male wrestlers in the WWE who would be prepared to go against Victoria, Lita, Ivory, Trish, Gail Kim, Molly for the Cruiserweight championship. This is the stepping stone. But instead, the WWE is shaking hands with sexism and regressing the Women of the WWE for a "Diva" competition that means nothing to no one.

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