Not Making Smackdown! the "B-Show"
June 23, 2004 by Gurdarshan Dhillon

In the past little while, I honestly believe that of the 2 shows, Smackdown! has been more intriuging, I LOVE The Paul Heyman/Taker angle, JBL has shown a vast improvment, new stars are on the rise (Jindrak,Dupree,Mordecai) and the Mordecai promos have been great, but one thing that Smackdown! is lacking in peoples minds is star-power, people are saying because someone like JBL is in the main event, Smackdown! doesn't have a whole lot of star power, I think thats totally false considering Smackdown! has probably 3 of top 5 over guys on either roster (Eddie,Cena,Taker) there tag division is much better, i'd rather see the crusierweights then the womens division, and anytime Kurt Angle or Rvd are on the screen its a good thing. But to make the star-power seem more visible i propose a trade that can help all 4 guys in it, now alot of you will disagree I'm sure but hear me out, I propose Shawn Michaels and Christian for JBL and Big Show. all right now hear all 4 cases

SHAWN MICHAELS - For me HBK has done everything on RAW for him to do, hes feuded with all of Evolution, hes feuded with Benoit and his feud with HHH has completed its final chapter, I just can't see HBK being in the main event again on a RAW ppv.On Smackdown his character could be refreshed because think about it do you really want to see HBK vs. Benoit on a ppv, or would you want to see HBK vs. Eddie on a ppv,seeing feuds with guys like Angle,Cena,Eddie,Taker,RVD would be such a thrill to watch, also putting over guys like Dupree and Jindrak, trust me HBK would be much more exciting on SD!

Christian - AH CHRISTIAN, Our favorite CLB, I think this guy has a lot of potential but on RAW, hes going to get buried, look how many people are infront of him, ORTON,EDGE,SHELTON,EUGENE etc. I really think that WWE isn't focusing that much on push for CLB, you can counter with what makes you think things will be any different on Smackdown" look how many people are inline for a push there, well i counter with he can put on a amazing feud with Rey Rey who desperatly needs to get out of the CW division, be a top contender in the US divsion feuding with Cena and Rvd then when the time comes get a main event rub with guys like Taker and Hbk.

JBL- Heres a interesting one, JBL TO RAW, why I think this would be good. Having JBL traded to RAW for guys like HBK and CLB will make it look like he was really valuable to be traded for guys of this stature, have Kurt Angle act like he is very upset JBL has to leave, I would love to see a feud between Eugene and JBL, where JBL degrades Eugene equaling tons of heel heat, A feud with hiself and Jericho would be great having them cut great promos.

BIG SHOW - Big Show on a RAW would make alot of sense since Big Shoiw "quit" Smackdown! when eventually Evoultion dis-band I see Big Show being a bodyguard/ally for Randy Orton pitting him in a feud with Batista that could put Batista over well if done properly, then having Benoit trying to overcome the largest athlete in the world could put him over as a World Champ, theres not that many more pros for Show being on RAW but like I said it would make sense after "quit" angle

If WWE wants SD! to look like the B-show then this trade should not occur, but if they want SD! coming off as a excting show with star power back it up, this trade would help that cause.

by Gurdarshan Dhillon..

Joe Joe wrote:
Very good ideas. Throw in Stamboli for Rhyno and you got some nice changes. That way you have Rhyno who can play face or heel and be a US title contender, and Stamboli who can team wit Palumbo to make another team for Raw.

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