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December 21, 2006 by Ian Gustafson

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Over the last five to six months I noticed a great deal of articles asking the burning question "What happened to the WWE's Tag Team Division"" Folks pointed out how superior TNA's Tag Team Division was and couldn't understand why the WWE would let such an important piece of the puzzle slide so much. The more I read those articles and talked with friends, the more I saw the same problem. However, in case you haven't been tuning in to the WWE lately because you're such a fan of tag team action, it's time to pick your remote back up.

The tag team division, especially RAW's has picked up tremendously in the past month and is now one of the more pushed divisions on the show. I'm going to start with the current RAW champions, Team Rated RKO. Teaming up Randy Orton and Edge was a genius move. There was a tag match prior to them connecting that had Orton and Chris Masters together and the chemistry just wasn't there. Although I think Masters would be best served in a tag team, it just wasn't happening with Orton.

Edge and Orton feed off each other so well and even tuck away their large egos when they pair up. In the matches I have seen, there have been quick tags between the two and they actually share the limelight well. It's also refreshing to see title belts around the waists of some heels. There has been an old-fashioned push for face champs and face wins all the way around. Just take a look at the Survivor Series results if you doubt that.

The next team I will discuss is Rated RKO's biggest threat to take the tag team gold, that threat is The Hardy's. Pairing Matt and Jeff Hardy back up was inevitable. It's obvious that Jeff is getting a big push and now that both are together Matt has been temporarily saved from jobber hell. There's no need to discuss the chemistry here because anyone familiar with sports entertainment knows that these two have some of the best tag team chemistry that's ever existed.

The next tag team I will discuss is Degeneration X. I know they are looked at as a faction due to their past but currently they are two members which in my book makes them a tag team. I'm not certain if the WWE is going to push them for tag gold at the moment but as I mentioned earlier, with the push to put belts on nothing but faces, it wouldn't surprise me.

DX is a quality tag team and definitely add credibility to the WWE Tag Team Division. Shawn Michaels and HHH are among two of the most well know wrestlers of all time and know how to feed off each other well. Much like The Hardy's, not much has to be said about these two other than it's nice to see them working together.

The next tag team I'm going to discuss is The Highlanders. They received a decent push cutting comedy promos before they actually stepped into the ring. Since stepping in, they really haven't done much. I'm not sure why the WWE hypes individual wrestlers or tag teams up so much just to make them jobbers. For whatever reason though, the wrestling world and my heart will always have special places for jobbers.

Speaking of jobbers, let's take a look at Cade and Murdoch. These two have great potential in my opinion and with the proper angle I feel they could gain some popularity and credibility in the heel ranks. There aren't enough good heel tag teams as it is but as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, there's always a need for jobbers. Personally, I think they should continue to use Haas and Viscera as the mainstay heel jobbers and give Cade and Murdoch mid card status at least.

Cryme Tyme is a tag team that the WWE has been pushing heavily in the last couple of weeks. However, that push has not been in the ring but in clips of them performing crimes against various segments of society which most recently, was a nursing home. They are somewhat entertaining but I can definitely see this team getting real stale, real quick. Cryme Tyme does have the skills and chemistry to be a formidable tag team but they are too new to be contenders for tag gold. Although they aren't on my favorites list, I will be watching Cryme Tyme to see which direction the WWE pushes them.

The next tag team I'm going to write about is probably the biggest surprise to me in recent weeks. That team is the return of MNM. With the push that Johnny Nitro was receiving I never would have guessed that these two would be getting back together. I will say that they are much needed due to the lack of quality heel tag teams. There is no doubt that Mercury and Nitro are cold blooded heels. Hopefully, the WWE gives them another push and doesn't make them a flash in the pan. I can see some good matches with The Hardy's in the future.

The last tag team I am going to cover is The Brothers of Destruction. Kane and Undertaker are among the most respected big men in wrestling history. Both have had long careers which is rare amongst big men due to the high potential for injury. Both have also been World Champions and they are also the scariest pair of wrestlers I have ever seen in the WWE. I hope the WWE gives these two some longevity together because Smackdown! Needs a tag team like these two. I wouldn't mind seeing Mr. Kennedy and MVP joining forces for a while in order to balance the scales a little bit.

Well, there you have it, the up and coming Tag Team Division of the WWE. Three teams are compromised of former World Champions and there is a great deal of potential in many of the others. I will admit that some more decent heel tag teams would be nice but considering the shambles this division was in only a few months ago, I'll take its current status.

by Ian Gustafson..

Jon Rosaler wrote:
Well, Haas and Viscera are done, The World's Greatest Tag Team are back! BRILLIANT! Absolutily brilliant. Haas and Benjamin were the 2003 London and Kendrick on Smackdown! They even made Edge and Christian look like crap. Their feud with Cryme Tyme is a true sign to either send them back to Smackdown or upgrade their potential staying on Raw with a number of other Tag Teams, but SD! really only has 3 Tag Teams. L&K, BOD, and Blue Bloods. Teacher's Pets and Gymini are in the developmental territories until they can be used again. Team Angle gave them the proper Heel Potential, then making them face was the at the right time, well, after two and a half years, WGTT are back and we have yet to see what they are capable of on Raw. DX, Rated RKO, Highlanders, C and M, and yes even Cryme Tyme need to watch their backs.

Now, onto your subject of MNM and The Hardyz. What are they doing with these guys" We maily see these 5 on Raw, but they have appeared on ECW and on Smackdown (Well, 4/5 anyway) unless this is a cross-brand feud, it's not working. The rumor is that they move Matt Hardy to Raw, but move Johnny Nitro and Melina back to Smackdown" It's definetily a given, but the SD! Tag Team division really needs to grow. Deuce Shade (Jimmy Snuka's son) and Domino are expected to join SD! soon, so just wait, Tag Team reunions are getting good this year, butr VKM just need to wrestle.
Adam Badger wrote:
you forgot probably the most exciting team right now in wwe. Paul London and Brian Kendrick





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