I'm Better Than Everyone
April 2, 2005 by Layden Rose

I'm sorry, but I am at a loss for words. I understand that you accept submissions from anyone, but I must say that the vast majority of your columns are complete dreck. I thoroughly enjoy the massive amount of information you have compiled and categorized on your site, but your columns are unbelievably awful. I've never been so embarassed for another person in my life. At first I assumed that the authors on your site were simply young.. After a closer look I realized that this was not the case...not the case at all.

I get it, I really do. You want to give everyone out there an outlet to express their thoughts on wrestling, but like the companies we follow incessantly, you must draw the line somewhere. Most of the time I find your columns hillarious. The lack of organization, and in most cases, lack of any coherent thought at all make me laugh. But a column by a Mr. James Greasby, titled The Ladder Match Returns To Wrestlemania put me over the edge.

First of all, has Mr. Greasby ever edited an essay" Honestly, how old are you, sir" I'm 19, and I've had to edit my work for at least the past 7 or 8 years. I just don't get it. Would it kill you to, I don't your work" Or, even better yet, read it once" While I kind of understand what you are saying, if you actually try and read what you wrote, you're certain to get one of two things-1) an incredible headache, or 2) syphillis (not sure how that works). I'm sorry, I just can't rationalize the publishing of this "article" anywhere. I'd be too embarassed to even post this on an Angelfire site. In the event that James Greasby is 12 years old, I'm sorry, but stop, please"

Secondly, Mr. Greasby doesn't even get his facts correct. While I'm sure that many people assume that the Shawn Michaels/Razor Ramon confrontation was the 1st ladder match in WWF history, that is simply not the case. It's stated on your own website that the 1st ladder match in WWF history took place in 1992, and featured Shawn Michaels facing Bret Hart. Again, I understand that most people make this mistake, but if you are going to say something, you really want to make sure that you know what you are talking about.

Lastly, Jesus, you really need to edit your work. Sentences like this, "18, 742 fans inside the Arrowhead Pond saw The Dudleys, the Hardy Boyz and E&C (Edge and Christian) battle it out in what became the foundation for WrestleMania, which preceded it," don't even make sense. The Triangle Ladder Match at Wrestlemania 2000 did what" It became the foundation for Wrestlemania" Do you even know what the word "precede" means" "Precede" means to "come before." How on earth could a match set the foundation for something that occured before it" Honestly, this is starting to hurt.

Well, now that I've said my piece, I'd like to mention that I, myself would love to write for this site. I'm currently a freshman at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, and I plan on submitting some columns in the next month or so. I hope that I didn't come across too elitist, or picky in this response, but, I couldn't help myself...I hate dumb wrestling fans.

by Layden Rose ..

My name is Kirsty Quested. I am Online World of Wrestling's official Editor. Welcome to my outrage:

If you don't read each and every column posted on OWW in the last 30 days, before you respond to this email, it will to me be evidence that you have drawn an utter blank. That you have accused the hard-working writers at OWW so viciously, and without proper cause. I agree that some of our columnists will never win a Pulitzer prize - so be it. OWW is a website BY the people, FOR the people. You're saying that because a wrestling fan is no Salman Rushdie their opinion is not valid" Does not have the right to be publicly aired, as do those who are capable of eloquence" You are right - some of them are very young. Should we therefore, as arbiters of the cyber-wrestling universe, censor and squash them simply because their education does not match ours" Should we reply to all young, aspiring writers to stick to writing the labels on tin cans and leave the real writing to the professionals" Or is it not more productive for me as Editor to offer constructive criticsm on their articles so that they may improve and hone their skill"

Your arrogance astounds me, astounds and saddens me. It is people like you who perpetuate the rot in society, people like you who, secure in your own ability, belittle that of others, no matter how hard they try. As for writers getting their facts wrong, that is what each article's feedback section is for - for others to offer correction and feedback. As Editor I often receive articles I know contain factual errors - I do not correct them within the article itself, I post the correction as feedback because this is how people LEARN. LEARN Laydon, something you clearly feel some people are not privileged to do.

I could edit each and every article so that it adhered to my own ability but you know what would happen then" Each and every article would look as if it were written by me, and would thus lose the incredible colour and versatility and originality of the Columns section. This section is for the VOICE of the cyber-wrestling community; should they be silenced because their voice is not as literate as yours"

As for James Greasby's article on ladder matches, I myself was impressed with the dedication and the effort he clearly expressed in the writing of this fine piece. His is the kind of article I call "raw talent" - and by that I mean it's not perfect but it has passion, it reeks of effort and dedication and is the clear result of someone who has tried his best and not been found wanting. Personally I would rather read a hundred of James's articles than a sentence of yours.

I am OWW's official editor and I am prouder than I can say of each and every column posted on our website. I am proud of the effort and time that each writer puts into his or her piece, proud of the pride THEY take in seeing their work published, proud of the feedback each article generates, of the interest and debate each and every article makes.

Laydon, I would not publish your articles on our website if you turned out to be a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist who happened to be married to a WWE superstar. I am, however, going to publish this letter so that our community has the opportunity to defend themselves publicly against what is the most arrogant, the most precious, the most un-informed piece of email it has EVER been my misfortune to encounter. I think I speak for OWW's entire community when I say that I TRULY hope we NEVER hear from you again.
The Online World of Wrestling Puppet Master Brad Dykens wrote:
I must admit. Two months ago, I would have hung my head and partially agreed with you. I was somewhat upset with the quality of writing that I was posting on OWW. I decided to take a stand and make an effort to raise the bar by creating the 10 Commandments for Columnists. The only problem was that I had limited time to enforce this simple set of rules myself, so it didn't help a whole lot. Then, by a stroke of luck, I met Kirsty Quested, who is a member of the New Zealand Writers Guild; I instantly struck up a friendship with, despite the thousands of miles between us (I'm Canadian, and she is from New Zealand). She wrote several articles for OWW that blew me, and all who read them, away. Her articles covered the lives of Bret Hart and Owen Hart, respectively. These masterpieces became widely known as the standard bearers for all future authors. One day, as Kirsty and I chatted between ourselves; I joked that she should begin editing each and every article before it is posted. To my shock, she agreed! Ever since, Kirsty has meticulously made her way through each and every column before it is posted. She has, in my opinion, brought OWW to an unprecedented level of professionalism and I am damn proud of the columns section and I WILL NOT HANG MY HEAD IN SHAME AND LET YOU DEGRADE ME, KIRSTY, THE GREAT FOLLOWERS OF THIS WEBSITE AND THE FANS OF THIS TUMULTUOUS INDUSTRY. I don't care how many degrees you have, you are not welcome here amongst REAL PEOPLE who support each other and share a passion for WRESTLING and not just THEMSELVES.
ShaunCl wrote:
You sound very arrogant and snobbish. Show respect for other peoples work.
(Unknown) wrote:
Kirsty and Brad, you two deserve a round of applause from all of the readers at OWW. I really felt you put your heart and soulds into replying to Laydon's column, it was simply phenomenal to see such strength by two members of the OWW team. I take my hat off to both of you, call me sad but it brought a tear to my eye to see you fighting back at such a vicious, brutal and quite frankly self-centered attack on the OWW writers that are so dedicated towards their wrestling and writing.
Laurens Fuchs wrote:
I think Mr. Layden Rose just turned heel..... *lol*.... well, I agree somewhat with Kirsty Quested and Brad Dykens that this "article" really didn't contain some of the nicest things to say.... but more importantly than that I feel that this article is completely uncalled for in the first place since it only deals with one person/column.

Ok, maybe the first Ladder Match wasn't HBK/Razor, so what" Everybody makes a mistake once in a while (even me....) [TELL ME I DIDN'T JUST SAY THAT!]

And maybe some columns or articles contain some spelling errors and maybe sometimes one gets the feeling that a writer should have read his column through one more time before submitting it.... but in the end I didn't feel like Mr. Greasby's column about the Ladder Match returning to WrestleMania was too bad at all.... I actually found it quite interesting and quite a nice topic to come up with.... way more interesting than having to read the 10th or 15th column about how Tag Team Wrestling is going down in the WWE..... so I applaude James Greasby for coming up with something interesting that I enjoyed reading. And even if there was one or two things that you could've been better I say there's always something that could be better and it's all about learning and improving..... when I first read the column title I kinda hoped this would be (at least partially) about me (egomaniacal as I am *g*), but then again all I've done so far is writing replies, not a column myself..... I do have some good ideas but then it's all about time and since English isn't my first language (did anyone notice" Tell me if I suck!) it's sometimes difficult to come up with something that sounds intelligent.... considering different possibilities on how to express or describe something really takes its time (if you intend to write anything longer than 5 sentences).

But then again maybe I'll write a column in the near future, since I feel that I definitely need a push here at OWW.... plus if I suck too bad, maybe I can get a column from somebody rambling on about just how bad I suck - which might be justified then, because in this case it is not..... so to finish this off I say towards James Greasby: Don't take it too personal or too serious, instead I ask you to sit down and write another interesting column for me - and others here - to enjoy.
Jason "Xtremefalls" Simmons wrote:
First off the best thing about this site in my mind is that everyone can have a column like me i know at times mine have been sloppy and I admit my Grammer isn't the best but i'm working on it. To attack people is just stupid, it won't win you friends and i respect Brad for letting everyone talk and Kristy for helping people out. I think this site is great because i always wanted to talk about wrestling but i didn't know where to go but then i found this site and they were nice enough to put my columns online giving me a voice, and everyone has a voice so don't attack them for a couple of bad columns. If you don't like the column don't read the column.
Layden Rose defended himself with this reply to Kirsty Quested:
Easy there, lady. Take some deep breaths. There, have you calmed down a bit" I hope so. I must say, I'm glad you responded to my e-mail, but the way in which you did has had me laughing for days... You are ANGRY! Grrrr! Such a vitriolic reaction to my lil' ole' e-mail... I think you need to put some stuff into perspective here...

You are the editor of a website...about wrestling. You are maintaining a website that's main focus is the world of professional wrestling. I don't know about you, but I got interested in professional wrestling because it was fun. Is it fun today" Sometimes, sure. Does it sometimes suck" Of course. The point I am trying to make is, you need to lighten up a bit...

I highly doubt that the 7th grader that wrote the article in question read my response and then proceeded to lock himself in his room for the evening. If you are, as you say an outlet for wrestling fans to express themselves, that is fine, but you must acknowledge the fact that, with that outlet comes the possibility of a negative response. You are allowing these people to voice their feelings on wrestling, and I simply voiced my feelings about the quality of his column...that's all. That is going to happen. If these kids ever plan on continuing in this world they are going to be faced with the realization that others are going to disagree with them. They are inevitably going to encounter people who see things differently.

Greasy....err, Greasby* obviously thought that his article was great, and ready to be posted online. I disagreed. I wrote about how I disagreed, then you went on to say how you wouldn't publish my work, even though you claim that you site is FOR the fans, BY the fans...Whatever that means, it doesn't seem to be particularly true. I was just poking fun at a crappy article, get over yourself...
Kirsty Quested rebuttle:
To start off with, you didn't poke fun at just one crappy article, you choke-slammed the whole columns section, without, I guarantee, reading any of the articles I sent you to read. I bet you still haven't read them, being proven wrong would be a b*tch wouldn't it" Secondly, I don't believe you for a second when you say my response had you laughing, but further to that you seem to be labouring under the misapprehension that I give a tiny rats ass what you think, and I don't. You're right about how angry I was before, but I said my piece and now I'm over it... hell, you hadn't even blipped on my radar until now.
Brad Dykens wrote to Layden:
Your tirade on our staff of columists had nothing to do with "wrestling". It was a blatant attack on the human beings who write the articles about wrestling.
chris peacock wrote:
Ok first I would like to say that between Kirsty and Brads responses to this artical it made me get that feeling like when Hogan slammed Andre or when we seen Jeff Hardy come off that 20 foot ladder the first time. It in away gave me the feeling that wrestling still gives me till this day. I have never wrote a collum for this web site and probably never will be I have been reading stuff off of it for quite a few years now. I read every new collum that comes through really no matter what it is on. I respect every writer here for what they do regardless of how good of a writer they are. I learn here, I have fun here, and I enjoy being here. Now for someone to come in our house and start running there mouth with out being properly informed is wrong. You have the right to your opinion, everyone does. Even if your opinion is un educated and un called for. You basically told a bunch of people that they didn't know how to right. What gives you the right to say anything. Well I am gonna give you my opinion and that is that you need to grow up and learn to watch your mouth.
I would also like to thank Brad and Kirsty for the site and what they do for us. They probably don't hear it enough but there are hundreds of fans that enjoy your site and respect you and all the over columist here. Thank you guys.
Rhey Higgins wrote:
Wow...and I thought I sometimes was unjustly mean in some of my column replies...then again, I never wrote an entire column just on the subject of bashing a COLUMNIST. If you have a problem with him, fine. Just don't vent it on the ENTIRE WORLD!!!! And also, i you want ANYTHING posted on this site, it's probably in your best interest not to write an entire column on the subject of why you think one columnist sucks (I'm not in charge or anything, but I at least have common sense, something which you seem to be lacking, and common sense says that if you're a total asshole for no reason then it's gonna' be an uphill battle trying to get Kirsty or Brad to care one tiny bit about what you have to say.) You need to take some Ritalin before reading any more columns on this site.
TwistedArachnid wrote:
I have a few thoughts, and then I'll let this drop. First, I like a lot of the articles I've read on here. Yes some have different opinions than me, but I've been able to write in and express mine, and respect theirs. Secondly, I like Ms. Quested's articles, in fact a lot of people's articles, except for one person (which I haven't seen around here since). The reason I didn't like him, was because when I stated that the WWE was dying and Vince needs to focus less on boobs and butts and more on wrestling, he attacked me, called me gay, and said how stupid I was at the thought. I had things I found on OWW, and he said I was stupid, yet the idiot spelled like a kindergardener...Third, out of curiousity, how did this article get posted" It's ridiculious, stupid, and a cheap shot at one of the best, if not THE best, wrestling sites ever. My only complaint is their Vampiro section isn't updated with newer pics or results since January of 2004, and I think the Nail in the Coffin (from what I'm told is a sitout powerbomb, but I dunno for sure since I've never heard anyone call his sitout that). So leave OWW alone, because everyone makes mistakes, so it doesn't bother me. They still have wonderful info archives and great columns. So cut some respect, I don't see you writing articles
Phil T wrote:
Layden, you arrogant piece of shit. I hope you get an STD very soon, but I guess you won't because you first need someone who wants to touch you. Seeing your in college your missing one of two things. I assume you still have the peanut butter, but your dog is at home miles away. If you borrow a friends dog so to speak is that cheating" LOL! You have to be the stupidest person alive, (Even more then Rhey Higgins, sorry Rhey still not over you bashing Bret!!), to write this article and then think OWW would ever post anything you send in. Kirsty, I hope you guys stick to your guns and bury this asshole and never post another column by him again!! The only good that came out of Layden's article was seeing Kirsty's responses. Baby, if I'm ever in NewZealand I'm buying you dinner!!"
Josh wrote:
Let's step back for a minute and analize this column.. Is there a true subject about wrestling" NO. Is there anything positive about what could happen to change wrestling" NO. Are you basing an opinion on someone else's opinion about wrestling" Yes and NO. Is this in itself a column" YES. Is this worthy to be put in the columns with everyone elses. YES, but only for one reason...... IT PROVES YOU WRONG JUST BY WRITING THE TITLE OF IT!!!! Don't insult our intelligence level or our friends at OWW, because frankly, it shows how much you need to grow up and learn yourself. It's better to move on than it is to downgrade someone based on thier opinions. One last thought, If you are better than everyone, then why are you JUST a freshman in college"
Andrew Betts wrote:
first of all i would like to agree with Kirsty and Brad said about Mr.Rose he gave the entire columns section an RKO as if the colmunists were Stacy Kiebler and he was Randy Orton but he did make sense at first then he crossed the line by talking down all columnists on OWW saying that pretty much everyone writes at the 7th grade level which i think was uncalled for and totally disrespectful people put their hearts and souls into the columns they write granted all of them aren't 5 star colmuns but i admire the effort put fourth by all people that contribute to the wouderful site even Mr.Rose it's takes guts to wirte a column but don't take the attitude of being better than everyone else on the site which is not the case to sum up my thoughts i will just quote a song by slipknot "I wasn't promised a thing you keep mocking me but you never again"
Andrea Carter wrote:
Layden has a point. There SHOULD be some sort of cut off point as to what you will and will not accept. What is the point of posting an article that is worded and organized so badly that people will have to struggle to understand it" Allowing these people who send in articles of poor quality to have their work published will only reassure them that their writing style is acceptable. By not accepting them, and telling them why, we can help them become better writers by forcing them to re-read, edit, and re-think their work.
Angel Martinez wrote:
I don't know what's behind your tirade or the motive. probably you don't have much to do or simply you are an A-Hole. OWW is not only the only real site were people can put in words their opinion, but is actually the only place on the net where you can find fans from all over the world. Nobody knows about Puerto Rican Wrestling until Brad and Kirsty give the opportunity. Nobody knows about Indys until some good friends here takes the time and dedication to do it. Listen Cabron, next time you want to talk bad about this place, remember where you came from, literally!
HBKKID1017 wrote:
What do you think the spots below the column where everyone writes their opinions are for" If you have any objections, write it there. When a column is posted on OWW, another column is pushed down into the archive. Don't write a whole column bashing someone because all that does is push another good column down into the archive. All you are doiung is taking precious column space.

Also, I read James Greasby's column and I think it is great. While it might have some historic errors, it had great passion. OWW columns aren't for informing people about something they know happened. It's for speaking your mind about topics in wrestling. James Greasby expressed the fact that he is very excited about the ladder match at Wrestlemania 21 and he did a wonderful job expressing how excited he is. His first sentence was better than your entire column.

Here's a word to the wise (or a word to the ignorant) before you criticize a column, write a column. It's hard to write a good column and it takes a gifted person to do so.
Daniel Roberts wrote:
While I can see where you're coming from in a general respect, one thing that you have to consider is that when reading anything on -any- website that accepts submissions from non-specialist writers in the given field, not everything is going to be perfect. We have people for who English is a second language trying very hard (and doing very well in my mind) to put articles together about what they like. You may also have people who, horror of horrors, can't really spell that well, or whose grammar may be slightly off (don't you dare pick me up on who's and whose ;o)). What I'm trying to get at is this :- don't just judge an article after a few lines, just because there are no capital letters where they should be, or the commas are in odd places. Examine the substance over the style, and you'll probably find reading them slightly more rewarding. Approach without prejudice....
Bill Tyrrell wrote:
I just wanted to reply to Layden's article, because I figure I should defend myself to, because I myself have wrote a few articles for OWW, and though they weren't the best, I thought they were pretty good, and if I made errors I was corrected, actually I think Kirsty corrected me on one of my articles last year about Shawn Michaels, and I didn't get pissed off at her being right. I learned from it, and I also learned in a way how to be a better writer, because she corrected me, it made me realize that hey maybe I should re-read my work better, so I thank Kirsty for that. On to Layden, you are a d**k, what the hell gives you the right to come on a website, and disrespect the writers and fans of that site you have no right to do, because in case you didn't notice it is a site about wrestling, and your article had very little to do with wrestling. I would also like to say is that FYI the Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon was the first ladder match that everybody had the chance to see, because it was on a PPV, and the other one was at a house show, and maybe that is why millions of people have no idea that the Bret Hart ladder match ever existed I certainly didn't know that the Bret Hart ladder match was the first ever, and I have been watching wrestling for 19 years, and I am 23. Then you brag about your education, first of all I am smarter than you will ever be, and I sure as hell can write better than you, but I am not going to brag about my intelligence, well I guess I am a little bit. If you were so educated you never would of wrote that article, because it makes you sound stupid, and like an ego-driven ass pirate, and an educated person would learn to shut up, and keep their opinions that are so unnecessary to themselves. By the way Kirsty and Brad, I think you guys do an amazing job on the OWW site, it is by far the most imformative site about wrestling that has ever existed Great Job to the OWW Team.
phil haller wrote:
Mr. Rose. I am extremely insulted by your comment. Snot nose punks like you are a skid mark on the underpants of society(lol love that quote) you have put down every single columnist of the wrestling internet community. First of all i have wrote 2 columns for this site in the past and i put alot of effort into those columns and i know everybody who writes on here does the same. Since when has intelligance had anything to do with wrestling its about passion and you obviously lack it you are some nerd who has never had a life so decide to insult everybody because you think you are so clever but you are just sad and pathetic and will never make it in the writing business. I am not intelligant at all but i am addicted to wrestling and i love writing about it unfortunatly i havent had a computer for well over a year so i couldnt write columns then when i came back to this site to read these entertaining articles i see your blatant insult to the writes on the site. Writing is my life and its idiots like you that make it near impossible for these people to speak their minds on the sport we all know and love. It isnt about grammer, It isnt about how smart you its about dedication to proffesional wrestling and everybody on this site eats, sleeps and breathes wrestling and you obviously dont. In fact i wish i could see you face to face because i would beat you around a carpark all day and not get fed up. Next time you want to disrespect the writers disrespect me and i will gladly rebuttle. I am 18 years of age and have been watching wrestling since i was 6 years old and my dream is to write about it and everybody here loves writing about this business and you obviously dont i can imagine your column now a stale boring repetitive article about WWE and nothing else. You think you are smart go back to school and stop bothering us.
Joe L. wrote:
Great knowledge in wrestling history, refreshing analysis on today's wrestling products and always lashing out those being pissant jerkweeds on the Internet...Brad, two definitely deserve my respect.
Willis Smith wrote:
I guess I will be the one who agrees with the Layden. If you have a point to make, it should be correct-at least check, there are plenty of places to find out historical information-and it should be readable. I think it shows just how badly we are failing as a society if you cannot even write a sentence correctly. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it would be nice to be able to read a column without a big question mark forming over my head as to what someone is trying to say or how could they print incorrect information. Would you enjoy hearing music where it's just a bunch of noise and jumbled words" Or a television show with a scrambled picture" Then why would I want to read something that is incorrect or indecipherable" Oh, wait a minute, I'm sorry," me wnat to reed sum gooodd stuff on cumputr screene."
Joseph Huber wrote:
I have written for OWW many times. I have always tried my best to make my submissions clean, clear & crisp. I am sure I have misspelled a word here or there. That is why they invented spell-check and why I use it before submitting anything to this site.

I highly doubt that Layden Rose went his whole 19 years without spelling mistakes. I would rather see spelling errors then the blatant arrogance that you show in bashing others. Where are your columns" It doesn't take guts to bash someone if you have never written a column. At least some of us columnists, who make mistakes, have the guts to take the time to post our thoughts on wrestling. All you can do is bash others for their mistakes. To me, that is the sign of a coward. If you want to show some courage, you would try to help others, not put them down. You claim to be mature but your little bash-fest is full of immaturity.

I fully respect what Kristy Quested & Brad Dykens have done with this site. OWW is my favorite wrestling site. No other wrestling site comes close. The columns are entertaining. They give a view of wrestling from the view of fellow fans. This site is top notch. Is it perfect" No. Nothing is. It entertains though, and that is the whole point.

Kirsty & Brad I hope you keep up the good work. I look forward to writing more columns in the near future.
Harvey Collazo wrote:
LOL @ cabron comment by Angel. I'm from Puerto Rico so i had a good laugh out of that bit!

I've always wanted to be a columnist myself, but the one reason that i have never written a piece is because immature, immoral, and plain rude people like Layden Rose will take a few personal cheapshots at a column and it's writer.

The website has really good galleries, articles, and many more things that make it worthwhile. Especially it's columns, which are written by different kind of wrestling fans! OWW is not like other sites, where they demand for you to be the greatest writer in the world or a philosopher, because in here, what counts that you pour out your heart on an article, that enough, is great for the article to be at OWW.

Layden needs to get a life and to stop nitpicking at such things like grammar errors and mistaken infos, because i am sure that he couldn't write an article that could match up to a 1/4 of what Mr. Greasby has written.
Anthony Mcmullen wrote:
who cares if MR Greasby has not got his facts right. its one little part of the column. yes the WrestleMania X match was not the first ladder match and if he checked the history of the ladder match he would have known that the first match recorded was the ladder match in stampede, but your using the little piece of info to discredit the whole column, and worse using that one column to discedit all of the columns.

you are more arrogent than Vince Russo, Vince McMahon and Triple H put together If you don't like it, get out
Thomas Daley wrote:
I disagree with your column complety. After all this is a site for people that are" obsessed with wrestling," not themselve's.

I absolutley LOVE this site. Not only for the columns (which I like to read even though I don't alway's agree with them.) But my favourite are the profiles and gallerys sections. When ever I want to know something I can head here and find it. To put into perspective how in-depth these areas are, this is the only site on the internet that has not one, not two, not three, but four picture's of S.D JONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoa!

Anyway, I am a relativley new fan of your site. (about six month's) But I do know that Brad and Kristy both deserve every wrestling fan's respect. My hat goes off to you both. Thank-You.
Jake McDowell wrote:
Are you such a gimp and a perfectionist that an article that has one wrong fact an a few spelling mistakes p****s you off that much. If your that picky all the time then I wanna know if you have any friends cos I sure as hell wouldn't wanna chill with you if your like that" Plus if you had friends you wouldn't spend your time writing collumns about grammer for a wrestling site. Then you go on the personnel attack saying greasy instead of greasby or whatever. Have you ever met him" No. do you know if he's greasy" No. So just chill ya beans an shut up. This site is meant for people to express their views to other people about wrestling but your using it to make yourself feel big by slagging other peoples work off, you must have a low self esteem to make you wanna do something like that.
Dustin H. wrote:
When I first read this piece, I was nearly too offended for words. However, I fealt that there was a point that needed to be made here, which has sort of been touched on, but not clearly stated.

We live in a world where people have opinions, and the right to express them. The freedom to speak our minds is part of what makes this world a better place to live in. This is a right given to ALL people, not just the best writers, and to see so many people so blatantly disrespected for offering their opinion is not only a shame, it's completely disgusting. This sort of intollerance for people of different skill levels is, in my mind, no different than racism or gender descrimintation. How would you feel if someone devalued your opinion based on your hairstyle" or the color of your eyes" Not everyone was born with the skills of a great writer, that doesn't take away their right to free speach.

What this site does for writers and wrestling fans of ALL ages and skill levels, is a beautiful thing. Sure, we could each make our own website to post our own opinions, but being able to come to this ONE SITE and find so many opinions on so many topics, written from all these different perspectives is a wonderful service, and I aplaud not only the staff of OWW, but the columnists as well for providing this great service to all the curious readers out there.

Having just discovered this site, I am currently planning MY first column, and I will be extremely proud to join the ranks of the OWW columnists. My hat is off to all of you, and no matter what arrogant, intollerant people like Layden might say... you all do a great job. Keep on doing what you do, and it will fill me with a great sense of pride to have my OWN columns posted alongside all of yours.
Damian Andrew Connor wrote:
Okay, Layden, not only have you shown yourself to be a rather arrogant "writer" who seems to take pride and joy in destroying the efforts of others, but it seems you also have a rather large ego. Shocking...

Let's take a look at some of your "educated" comments in response to OWW editor Kirsty Quested.

1. "I simply voiced my feelings about the quality of his column." --------- No, actually Lay, you more or less Pedigree'd the whole OWW column-writing community with your unkind and, frankly, rather offensive piece. You suggest to Mr. Greasby that he should read his articles before posting them - perhaps you should re-read yours before posting inaccurate replies. 2. "If these kids ever plan on continuing in this world they are going to be faced with the realization that others are going to disagree with them." -------This is true, but there is a vast difference between "disagree" and "insult and offend", wouldn't you - such an articulate and well educated writer - agree" Most people who live in the real world have enough sense and compassion to know that when you disagree with someone, you can do it loudly, or passionately, or aggressively, but never pejoratively.

3. "Greasy....err, Greasby*" --------- Gee, how old are you again" While you slam Mr. Greasby over his age and his education, some seem to be in sore need of a few maturity classes yourself. You attend university" Man, they must have pitied you to let you in, if that is the height of your emotional maturity.

4. "I hate dumb wrestling fans." --------- Then don't look in the mirror. Okay, so that one makes me a hypocrite. At least I'm not a chav.
Willis Smith wrote:
Okay, read N. Panesar's response to the World Titles Mean Nothing article by David Barker. Now...try explaining to me just what in the world he, or she, was trying to say. I don't have any problem with communicating opinions to others. But, that's the point. It's called communication, and people should be able to communicate with some semblance of ability. I'm not asking for Shakespeare, but it isn't that hard to capitalize an "I" when talking about yourself, is it" If it's in your TEN COMMANDMENTS, then why not use it" Layden, everyone else might bag on you, but I agree. Oh, by the way. To Jake McDowell, with the "chill your beans," comment. It must hurt getting beat up everyday in high school. Does it"
Ditto Robertson wrote:
Layden Rose, I must say, I have strong feelings of not liking you right about now. In a way, you remind me of JBL; just because you have more than other people, you think that somehow makes you better and allows you to talk to people however you want. Think again, if you didn't do that in the first place. Obsessed isn't for people who are working towards degrees in whatever the hell, allright" It's for people who have a passion for wrestling and want to voice their opinions. Sure, the writing may not always be perfect, but it's not college. Anyone can write in (apparently, even assholes like you.) I wasn't about to send feedback, because I think that's something you want; attention. And the only way to generate that attention is to hurt them. So, you decide to go all out (any publicity is good publicity, right") And totally attack all the columnists. But, I figured one more bit of feedback couldn't hurt. As for Greasby" I say don't listen to him. Everyone makes mistakes (you should have seen the writing on my first column before I sent it in!) But, I am working on my spelling and with a little help (thanks Kirsty!) I made a column I am proud of. I enjoyed you article and encourage you to write another one. As for Rose" Settle down, you stupid sun of a bitch! I don't care if you're in college, frat boy, you're no better than me. (A special thanks to Kirsty Quested and Brad Dykens. Thanks for standing up for us; you guys are the best!!)
Unless Layden Rose has something to say"

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