What Happened to 50/50"
October 2, 2002 - By Monica Irizarry

Well long time no write it's been a couple of hectic months but this column is going to be about a comment made by Vince McMahon. Recently sports illustrated wrote an article regarding the state of the wwe, their angles, lost of money and what they need to do. Then Vince McMahon was asked about the article and he said'' why is a sports magazine interested in an entertainment story". I believe that statement explained why the wwe is doing so badly. Vince McMahon has forgotten besides the entertainment business he is in the wrestling business. It's a 50-50 partnership and Vince McMahon has lost sight of that, All the evidence you need is in the Monday Night Raw programs. Half of the time they are just filled with entertainment and maybe 5 percent wrestling, Where as Smack Down has more wrestling than entertainment value. I mean the tape show has more of a consistent audience than the live show.

Raw use to be the show that had it all, The tension was always there because you never knew what could happen. You couldn't wait to see Austin beat Vince's ass you couldn't wait to see what would happen after a paper view. And Vince can't figure out what is he doing wrong he is posting job offers on hot for writers who have 2 years experience in writing soap operas. He is out of his mind lets see how much of a genius do you have to be to figure out that the better show is the one with more wrestling and less entertainment.

So we are suppose to believe Vince can't figure out what he needs to do for raw .If you look at two of the top writers that have written for the wwe. One is Paul e. He writes for Smack down he has worked in the business for a number of years and he ran his own promotion. Then there is Vince Russo he had a wrestling radio show, then wrote for the wwf magazine then he became a writer for the promotion. So then Vince McMahon has the nerve to ask for someone who probably will have no knowledge of the wrestling business.

When you can just as easily get someone like dusty Rhodes his background is great he wrestled booked and wrote for the nwa and wcw and has ran a promotion. You could even ask Eric Bischoff for ideas he has had a number of years in the business and ran a promotion. In my opinion Vince use to have a war with wcw and that war provided the motivation needed for Vince to put on a good product. But once that was over some say that Vince had nothing to prove, but I think that is incorrect Vince's biggest war was maintaining what he won.

He could have saved the business and had the invasion angle work to his advantage. But no he felt that he could shove any product down our throats and we would have to take it, Because there was nothing else to watch. So now Vince does what he wants, puts on any product he wants and has no respect for the wrestling aspect it's no longer a 50-50 partnership it's more like 80-20. He won't take any advice about the product or say they need help, Because Vince won't be out shined or out done even if it means losing everything because his biggest war is with himself and his ego.

Well like I always say whether you like my opinion whether you don't respect it because it's coming from a true wrestling fan

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