Deserving Of A Shot In WWE
May 1, 2006 by Jack Hessey

In recent years I have began to notice that the WWE is sacking many wrestlers with great technical ability or turning them into jobbers. For example: Charlie Hass, a fantastic technical wrestler who was released from his contract until recently. Sean O'Haire is another one, a great technical wrestler who also had great mic skills. These wrestlers seem to be replaced with talent-less people hired for their looks and build. Now if the WWE is going to release these wrestlers from their contracts then surely they should replace them with guys who can actually wrestle.

There are many talents in the wrestling world who I think would do a fantastic job in the WWE but have never been given a chance. Instead the WWE is becoming flooded with guys such as John Cena and Chris Masters who can't wrestle yet have good looks and a good figure. I often watch The Wrestling Channel on Sky and I was amazed at some of the talent that appears on some of the shows.

"The Wonderkid" Jonny Storm
I have seen a lot of his matches on TWC and this guy is phenomenal. He is a high flyer in the same mould as Paul London. All the matches I've seen featuring him have been outstanding and he never fails to get the crows going with his high-risk manoeuvres. Given a good gimmick and a chance in the WWE I really think that this guy could easily win over the WWE fans.

"The Phoenix" Jody Fleisch
This is another guy a lot like Jonny Storm. An excellent high-risk specialist who never fails to win the crowd over. Along with the previously mentioned Jonny Storm he has fought all over the world and each time has stolen the show. In his career he has fought Jonny Storm just under 200 times I think and each time the match has been spectacular. They know each other's moves perfectly and put on one hell of a show. The best thing about it is each match brings up something completely different and awe inspiring, no two match featuring Storm and Fleisch are the same. Id love to see the WWE crowds reaction if these two guys fought in the WWE.

"The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels
Another great technical wrestler with great mic skills. He can do pretty much everything - power moves, a submission, technical moves and high-risk moves. Popular with the crowds and with a brilliant finisher, if given the chance in the WWE this guy could easily become a main-eventer.

In this article I have mentioned three wrestlers who I think could have a big impact in the WWE though there are many more excellent wrestlers out there. These three guys are all tremendous athletes and some of the best matches I've seen have involved them. Forget the WWE matches involving so called "greats" such as John Cena and J.B.L. These guys are the real entertainers and in my opinion they would set the WWE alight.

Thanks for reading this article. I do hope you enjoyed it and that it shed some light on a few of the wrestlers out there who deserve bigger and better things.

by Jack Hessey ..

Kilo Charlie wrote:
Unfortunately, the WWE (Vince "Mr. McMahanism", someone slap me!!), seems to hate the, I mean Cruiserweight division. I have to admit even I have a hard time watching the "high-flying spot-fest o-rama" matches. There's something about seeing a guy take a spill from 15 feet up, and get up two seconds later to pull off a senton-hurracanrana-shooting star press (what happened to finishers!"). Don't get me wrong, I'm loving the Cruiserweight matches in TNA (although I hate the Ultimate X concept match). The problem I and possibly the public at large have with these matches is the pace is TOO much. Bodies everywhere! After 10 minutes it loses its appeal. Don't get me wrong I have my "Holy Sugar-Honey-Ice-Tea" moments, but it gets annoying. To really be enjoyable they have to find a balance between the moves that look planned, the moves that aren't, and wrestling. By this I mean 'holds'. I watched a ROH video once where a guy put his opponent in a headlock and the crowd started yelling out "REST-HOLD, REST-HOLD".

Does that mean he was resting" No, he could have been trying to wear his opponent down"" We as wrestling fans are killing our view of wrestling by mixing up good matches with "spot-fests".

If you are under 220 in the WWE you will definitely get pigeon-holed into Cruiserweight matches (reason why Eddie Guerrero blew up to 230Lbs at 5'8"). This is the reason why guys like A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels (shout out to Fayetteville, NC) should never jump ship to the WWE. Shane Helms and Kid Kash are being wasted in dark matches when they can be the highlight of the show. Little guys (that's relative btw, nothing is small about a 200Lb male) get no respect in the WWE. As much as I hate to admit it, Rey Mysterio is kinda unbelievable as a heavyweight champion (I can't believe I just typed that!).

Hopefully I didn't go too far off topic.
Jose Aguirre wrote:
The only one of these guys I've seen is Christopher Daniels. I'm sure these could be great competitors, but they are from hick town promotions wich most of us haven't heard of. I remember Lance Hoyt when he debuted as a wrestler for Dallas based, PCW. I didn't really think he could make it, but usually the greatest success stories are the ones of underdogs. By the way WWE isn't the only promotion, there is also TNA.



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