What Matt Hardy Is Not Saying
July 18, 2005 by James Chason

We can all talk about the Hardy/Edge/Lita issue. Matt was hurt and we all know that. Matt blew up the internet, Matt blew up the support of fans and Matt got the world on his side. However I want to examine some reasons that I feel that Matt isn't telling us the truth concerning his reasons for coming back to the WWE. In fact I want to turn some of them around to say what I think Matt was really saying. Keep in mind, I support Matt, I believe he was in a bad situation but on one hand Matt says one thing and then his reasons don't support what I think he stands for. Ok, here goes. These reasons may not be word for word what Matt has said but these are what I pulled from what I read and so I am wording these reasons based on my own opinion and what I made of this.

1. TV Exposure of the WWE vs. TNA

Matt had said that he was concerned about TNA not having a major TV deal. Ok, with that said Matt then why did you talk about you were happy to be free and be able to do everything you wanted to do" Matt tells us, his adoring fans that he was concerned about his exposure. This may be a valid concern but Matt, I thought it was all about freedom with you, I thought it was all about being your own man. Matt gives me the impression that unless his face is on the tube each week that he feels his wrestling career is based on that. It is not how many people see you on TV, it is how many people come to see you at the shows. The viewing public may contribute but the paying fans who are there live are who you should worry about. The WWE crowds may be bigger but what you are saying to the fans that support you is that you care more about being seen on TV than having faith in yourself in an arena full of people who came to see you. TNA does need a major TV deal and they should get one soon as they can, however does that mean that people like yourself could not have changed that" I find it strange that this man who talks about his independence doesn't seem to want to show that somewhere else and go to a place that knows how to use him properly. The TV may be the reason but I feel that Matt doesn't have faith in wrestling itself. People know that the TV helps but what goes on in the arenas is the real deal. Had Matt been a top star in the WWE which he was not then I could see the argument but here again, Matt Hardy was NOT bringing in the ratings. He wants to use his judgement for something that he does not affect or control and especially when it wasn't he the world was focused on as well. The WWE will be putting more time in Muhammad Hassan and Cena than him so the TV exposure he is worried about will be short lived at best and then what" Would it not have been better to at least test the waters and get back to wrestling grassroots like TNA is and make sure you did not burn your bridges"

2. Not being worried about money

Now Matt talks about he will be ok, he talked time and time again about how many shows he had booked and trips overseas and returning calls. Perhaps Matt was not telling us the truth. What he is really saying here is that " I don't want to worry about booking myself, when the WWE did it things were easier". It is a whole lot easier to let somebody else handle what shows you are doing and going to because if you are doing it yourself that takes up more time than you want for other things you want to do. Matt told us that he had shows booked up through the early parts of next year if not through the next year as well. If that was true then why did Matt just not go ahead and start working those shows" For a man to stand there and say he isn't worried and then do that says something totally different about what is really going on. I am sure he was being paid well but if money was the issue then the WWE must have been paying him better. So much in fact that I bet he didn't want to risk losing a regular salary and then be concerned about what happens when the buzz dies down" Matt knows that this is going to be short lived, he has to. The five minutes of fame is already over and most people are ready to move on now that he is back in the WWE. Matt is just like a lot of the other wrestlers, they don't want to work but so hard. Working too hard means you don't know where your paycheck is coming from and that makes the biggest difference in the long run doesn't it Matt" You may love your fans but you still have to eat and pay the bills and the WWE gives you that security does it not" How independent is that and does that show you have faith in yourself and controlling your own destiny" I would say no.

3. Lita

Matt has called Lita or "Amy" as she is legally named all these names. I won't say them here because I think people get the point without the trash talk. On one hand Matt says " I hate Lita" but what he is really saying is different. Matt does not tell anybody but he still loves the woman. There are pictures of his new girlfriend on his website and all of that but Matt is trying to show that he can move on in the face of despair. Is this true" I hate to say I don't believe you Matt but I do not. A lot of the fans who have a brain do not believe you either because if you want to move on then why be right back in the same hell hole around the same people that caused you the pain in the first place" I, as well as others can see that eventually he is going to take Lita back. Ever stopped to think that Matt may be doing this so that he can stay close to her" Edge and Lita are not together in real life but who would know that watching WWE TV" Matt isn't ready to let go of Lita as much as he may say it, so he needs to admit he still loves her and let that be that.

4. The angle will help boost his career

This has not come out of Matt's mouth directly however, I tend to read between the lines. By choosing the WWE after Matt was so outspoken and then to go back shows the possibility of two things. Either this was a work as some people are now calling it or Matt is in fact afraid to step out on his own. I have heard rumors that he is going to wrestle at some of the shows he supposedly set up. Matt can't possibly believe that he will be better off in the WWE for short lived success. In about a month or two this angle will be very stale. Hatred can only go on for so long until people become bored with it. He may hate Lita and Edge for years to come but the viewers won't be interested in that past the Great American Bash if they feature the angle there. Matt was a mid card guy at best and he was never a top choice for the management to push. It is true to say that Matt is one of the few guys that got every fan he earned on his own. He really did work to reach the popularity he has now. The only problem is, the WWE will put him right back into mid card hell in a few months. You can not build a career off one angle. People want to see it but one big problem that people are not recognizing is that when they played Matt's music to see what the crowd reaction, it was never needed in the first place. I never saw the WWE do something like that before to "test" a crowd reaction. As long as Matt had been wrestling there why "test" the crowd" The truth we will never know but this sounds more and more like a work every day. If Matt dreamed this up then I can not hate him for that but I can hate him for using us to get there. This angle does not have what it takes to get Matt to the top and Matt won't be a World Champion because of this and when was he traded to RAW" Is he going to be on RAW now" Interesting how he ducked the draft and was not a part of that "official" decision. If a man things that he is better off for short term benefits then he can't possibly be telling the truth. Search your mind and heart and think about it.

5. His position in WWE

If anybody thinks Matt got a new contract, more money, perhaps some perks because of this then you are wrong. If I were Matt and they wanted me to come back then I would have made some demands of my own. I guess being on RAW was the only thing Matt could get out of this. If so then that is sad. Matt never commented one time on his website about anything he may have done contract wise to get anything special for all he went through. A man as loud as he was about this should have shared the facts. I would guess contracts are legal issues but Matt seemed to want to shoot on Edge and Lita so what would stop him from telling his adoring fans that he negotiated a run with the World Title for coming back" If that had been me or you and you knew the WWE was hot for the angle then it's time to bargain. Matt will never see a World Title in the WWE and this was his perfect chance to make that happen and he didn't. If he is going to fight the power after all he has been through then why not fight for a better contract" If NWA-TNA wanted him so badly or he had all of these options, would not the job environment itself have been a factor" You don't have to be in WWE to be respected, you don't have to be on TV to be a great wrestler if you are good at what you do. Guys like CM Punk and Samoa Joe have their respect and they haven't had hardly a shred of the TV time Matt has had. Something does not sound right. Plus with the WWE firing people how do we know that Matt won't be out on his rump in a few months after this" Vince is a cold guy and if this was not a work then Vince will get Matt back by firing him after using him for what little he was worth. Vince does not have long term plans for Matt Hardy, just as he does not for Chris Jericho who I think is facing the twilight of his WWE stint. They are letting guys go to make way for guys they WANT to market. Matt does not see that after all he has been through" Brock Lesnar comes back to the WWE and they let 16 guys go and Matt does not feel the hand on his shoulder coming" Matt can't be that stupid if he thinks this situation is going to fix things and he didn't get Vince to do anything for him to come back. If they were going to do something with Matt then take a look at how long they had to do it. They never had World Title plans for Matt and Edge is closer to that title than Matt will ever be and any wrestling fan with any brains can see that something is wrong. A man who wants to be free will take his freedom and Matt hardy ran right back into bondage.

Then again that is the business of wrestling isn't it" Good luck Matt we wish you well.

by James Chason ..

Jose Perez wrote:
I think you make some strong points and they do make sense when you justify them, but all I want to say, is that his first article after being fired from the WWE said that he would be willing to go back to the WWE if they asked him to, so he's not really lying when he accepted the comeback. What I do agree with though, is that when this Edge/Lita/Hardy feud ends, Matt will be moved to the bottom of the list like he was before.
Justin Maxwell wrote:
Your evidence is really weak here especialy in point number three. You have no facts what so ever to point to that conclusion! Even the reasons you do have could hardly be construed as what you have written! And as for your opinions on his actions in coming back to the WWE, he has the right to care about a stable income and he shouldnt get a a title shot from a contract but through earning it. Matt Hardy chose to go back to the WWE because it is the best in the bussiness and he shouldnt be critizises by someone who has never even met the man.
Ieuan Johns wrote:
This is the first time I have responded to acolumn ever but I had to this time. James Chason, you have written one of the most idiotically contradictory column I have ever seen.

1. You say it should be about thenumber fo fans who come to an arena to watch Matt and not about TV, well WWE regularly hosts over 15000 fans per taping compared toa few hundreed at any other wrestling event.

2. Money, do you honestly blame the guy for wanting a regular income "

3. Feelings may still be there, frankly that is none of our business.

4. (a) Matt was on RAW BEFORE his contract was terminated. In storyline terms his contract fell through the cracks during oe of the many GM reshuffles on Smackdown! Do you not remember the whole turning on Lita, then joining her again before Kane came along thing "

4. (b) As for one angle never made anyone, you have a point. Bur EVERY major superstar had one or two angles that pushed them to the top. Shawn Michaels had the barber shop, Triple H had DX, Rock took over the Nation, Steve Austin has 3:16 before Vince came along. With the exception fo the Rock they all spent time in the mid-card before one right angle took them beyond that. This may or may not do that for Hardy, time will tell, but to condemn it after what little we have seen is idiotic.

5. (a) Since when do you have the insider information to know what Hardy asked for or got """ So he never mentioned that he got any benefits on his website, so ruddy what " Do you thnk Lesnar will tell everyone exactly what he gets fo re-signing " Did Eddie Guerrero say what he got when coming back " Hell no.

5. (b) Lets get this straight once and for all, for all their ability guys likePunk and Samoa Joe are NOTHING to most people. Maybe 10% of the wrestling audience even recognise the names. AJ Styles, CM Punk, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe and Austion Aries could walk onto the stage on SmackDown! on Thursday and still get outpopped by Heidenreich.

Let's be honest. Matt going back is best for Matt, it's best for Vince (he can make a lot of money from this) and it is definately best for Hardy's fans becasue a hell of a lot of them can not see him in some indy backwater. So instead of writing bitter articles suggest you look objectively for a change.
Luis Talavera wrote:
How do you know he came back" How do you know the entire affair wasn't a work" Here's the thing. I don't know how much of this whole situation was a work and how much wasn't, and honestly, I don't care. All of you people who are sitting here over-analyzing the situation need to quit complaining about every little thing, because honestly, this is one of the best storylines in professional wrestling history, mostly because we don't know what's going on. For once, can these smarks who feel that they have to know everything that goes on in the industry shut their mouths and simply enjoy this brilliant storyline"


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