Fantasy Warfare NWA vs WWE
February 8, 2005 by James Field

Here we go folks my first column. I have chosen a rather interesting subject. Something we have seen done a million times before between the WWE and WCW. We no longer have the privalege of viewing WCW unles you have some of their old stuff taped(Like I do). We are however faced with a new challenge. Lets match up the best of each organization and see who wins. I am talking lets put the champions against each other and lets have a few matches that we all know we wanna see. Here we go. Obviously their will be a couple Triple Threat matches but it will be good to see.

Match 1: Lets start right off with the Tag Titles

AMW vs La Resistance vs The Bashams Not what I wanna see but we are going with the current champs I would otherwise like to see the Dudleys somewhere in their but can't always have what you want. The way I see this coming down is the Americans ganging up on the RAW champs then I see AMW and the Bashams fighting it out in a good match. In the end I see AMW's experience taking this one. Current scorecard NWA 1 WWE 0

Match 2: Team Canada vs Team America

Sorry I do not like team Canada but this would be a match everyone could enjoy. Team America would consist of Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak, The Dudleys and Orlando Jordan. They are all proud Americans and would do anything to hurt some trash talking Canadians. I think you know who is gonna win this one people. NWA 1 WWE 1

Match 3: Brothers War Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy

This would be incredible its tough to call as well In the end I think Mattitude overtakes the Charismatic Enigma. NWA 1 WWE 2

Match 3: Monsters Ball Abyss, Big Show, Undertaker, Kane, Slash, Sinn, Heidenriech, Snitsky, Killdozer Brian Lee

A match to scare the kids their would be a lot of punches and kicks and chokeslams but in the end The Phenom claims this one. NWA 1 WWE 3

Match 4:X Division vs Cruiserweight Division All X and Cruiserweights in a ladder match

I don't know about this one it would be the absolute match of the century. So many high flying moves I think I would die watching this match. In the end though after much hard work and many broken bones..... The winner The Phenominal AJ Styles. NWA 2 WWE 3

Match 5: Return Grudge Match RVD vs Jerry Lynn

This match will pick up their fued they left in ECW. These two men could put on a match like no other. Some of ECW's greatest matches to be seen were put on by these two men. In the end Jerry Lynn shocks the world by finally pinning RVD. NWA 3 WWE 3

Match 6: Battle Rap Jon Cena vs 3LK

I know a battle rap right but what would a fantasy war be without Jon Cena. Jon Cena wins the battle rap but gets his ass whipped by 3LK. NWA 3 WWE 4

Match 7: Hardcore Wrestlers Heaven Any hardcore wrestler in either organization.

This match would showcase the toughness of each organization. But the end result is Sandman knocks everybody stupid with the caine and knocks some beer while doing it. NWA 4 WWE 4

Match 8: Legends Match Ric Flair vs Dusty Rhodes

A true legends match right here. These two men have waged war on each other before and this match would be no different. We would likely see run ins from both mens sons. The end result would still be the same as Slick Ric takes this one out from underneath The American Dream. NWA 4 WWE 5

Main Event: World Champions Showcase NWA Champ Jeff Jarrett vs World Heavyweight Champ Triple H vs WWE Champion JBl

This match right here might not be as good as past fantasy warfare matches such as Hogan vs Flair or Hart vs Sting, It would however show how the business has changed since those days. Their would be a lot of back and forth action in this match. We would see JBL and Triple H teaming up for the most part but JBL's greediness would be his downfall as Jeff Jarrett takes him out with The Stroke and gets up to show off and gets taken out by The Pedigree. Your winner and the best in the world of wrestling Triple H.

Final result the WWE takes the NWA. Did that surprise you any" Well their it is. Criticize if you want but that is my view of how things would turn out if this was to ever take place.

by James Field..

Llion Jones wrote:
I Luv the whole card u put some very interesting matches, especially the grudge Match between RVD & Jerry Lynn & Nature Boy vs Dusty Rhodes (PURE CLASSICS IN THE MAKING). I was wondering with the monster ball, introduce Batista into the match and Monty Brown To make it a bit more intresting (I wuld luv to see a match between him and Heindendrich. And Also ( I KNOW THIS MIGHT SOUND A BIT CLICHE (Sorry About Spelling) ) But Have RVD vs A J Styles As well.




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