The Tag Team Scene
May 29, 2006 by James Matthews

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With the break-up of MNM fresh in the memory I thought it was time to look at the tag team scene in WWE, ECW and TNA and look at where the next best tag team is going to come from.

WWE: RAW: Well this is a sorry state of affairs which-ever way you look at it. The Spirit Squad are doing OK at the moment and they seem a solid team with some nice double team and finishing moves but with the only real competition being the freak team of Goldust and Snistky, I think it is a while before we will see a title change. I hope The Highlanders are brought up from OVW soon and that Cade & Murdoch reunite so that at least you can call this a tag team division again.

WWE: Smackdown!: The WWE had a nice little scene going on here before the break-up of, probably the best tag team they have produced in the last five years, MNM. You had the London & Kendrick going strong with a nice little run and you had the Gymini destroying the competition on Velocity with The Mexicools in the background in case you ever needed them. Now it looks like its going down to two teams with The Mexicools probably going to ECW. It looks like some jobbers or two under-carders (Noble & Kash) may have to be introduced to get this scene back together.

ECW: Well i think that when this returns they may have a nice little division on there hands. It seems like Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten may be reunited and along with some old & new teams this is shaping up nice. The BWO (Stevie Richards, The Blue Meanie & Hollywood Nova) is probably set to return as well and may be joined by ex-alumnis The Mexicools (Super Crazy and Psicosis) and ex-alumni Nunzio and new addition Vito.

TNA: They have the most teams but they're not sticking and working together and a title change is long overdue. AMW haven't had a decent title feud in ages and one is long overdue. The Naturals (set to be managed by Shane Douglas) are looking good and The James Gang and Team 3D have a nice but weird feud going on, whilst Team Canada and The Diamonds in the rough sit back and recover from their own personal feuds. And with Daniels and Styles together it's starting to look good again.

I think from looking at all of them, TNA will probably produce the next best tag team but whether they get the airtime they need to get a decent push is a another matter. But you can never count out WWE and their development territories, they may surprise us with the next best thing after all.

So hopefully until next time this is:

James Matthews, signing out.

by James Matthews..

Bjoern Asprem wrote:
A nice little column which sums up the tag-team scene pretty well (although it suddenly changed somewhat with the break-up of MNM).

However, you forgot the promotion with the best tag-team scene in years, RoH. They have the Briscoes, Strong/Aries, Reyes/Homicide, Shelley/Rave lots of undercard teams such as Irish Airborne, Blade/Mikaze, Ring Crew Express and foreign tag-teams and stables such as DragonGate's Do Fixer and Blood Generation visit now and then.
Ralph wrote:
If it were up to me, there would be 2 Tag Teams that I would bring back...With one of them being possible being that last time I checked Mark Jindrack and Sean O'haire are both under contract with WWE again...If everybody remembers correctly, they teamed up in WCW for a short time before trading partners with Pulombo and Staziac. If you ask me putting them back together would be a great idea, and you could, put them right on smackdown and have them go for the tag team belts...

Another team I liked while they were around was yet another team from WCW. And they were Big Vito and Jonny The Bull as the Mamalukes...I mean I'm sure Big Vito would love to drop the whole cross dressing thing and go back to being a champion..And they can be put on Raw and maybe go for gold there...Idunno...Just a thought...WWE Would just have consider bringing back Jonny The Bull...

If anybody out there knows Vince, please show him this article. maybe he'd be smart and consider it and realize that this could possible bring back his tag team division before Snitcky and Goldust become labeled as the greatest team in the WWE...LOL...Yeah right...Like that would ever happen...I can just picture a Goldust/Snitcky DVD comming out in 20 just like the Road Warriors DVD which was actually a Big Hit...Well as for me...I wouldn't hold my breath for that one...
Jonathan wrote:
I must say the WWE better get their act together when it comes down to Tag Teams because TNA is definitely leaving them behind in that aspect. Everybody is claiming that MNM was the best tag team in the last 5 or 10 years, but as far as I'm concerned, that's not accurate. I feel that they could assemble way better tag teams than MNM. For starters, they need to end that garbage with all 5 Spirit Squad members being the Tag Team Champs. 5 men can't hold the Tag Team championship at the same time. I think that concept is absolutely ridiculous. I'm not taking anything from the Spirit Squad because I actually think that they're entertaining and that they're all good wrestlers, especially Kenny, but the concept of all 5 of them being the Tag Team champs is absurd.

I actually like the Tag Team divisions in TNA. I was really disappointed with the break up of Triple X (Daniels and Skipper) last year but it was all for the best. But other than that, I'm impressed with the Tag Teams in TNA. I like AMW, but you're right, we need new champs. Putting AJ Styles and The Fallen Angel together was a great idea and for that I applaud TNA!! The James Gang, The Dudley's, The Naturals, just to name a few, all great tag teams and all exciting to watch.
Richard wrote:
I do remember someone else posting on another column that the WWE likes to do weird things, like making a cruiserweight its World Heavyweight Champion, and that would explain why all five members of the Spirit Squad are the Tag Team Champions. Perhaps the WWE could come up with an old NWA idea and create a six man tag team championship so the other three members of the Spirit Squad don't feel left out in the holding of a title.......... (Trust me, I am only kidding about a six man championship)
Simeon Hubbard wrote:
TNA has BETTER Tag Teams, I mean you got AMW, The Naturals, Team 3-D, and many others, and just recently Fallen Angel and A.J. Styles became NWA World Tag Teams Champions def. AME @ TNA Slammiversary 2006.

The WWE ain't got NO kinds of Tag Teams, I mean once when they win the Tag Team Gold they eventually break-up, they even broke up the most dominating Tag Team in WWE history Kane and The Big Show by having them job to That STUPID Spirit Squad and now Big Show is in ECW which is now onwed by Vinnie Mac.

I mean the WWE has let their RAW and SD! Tag Team belts go to waist, I STILL have faith in TNA, but I have no faith in the WWE.





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