A New IV Horsemen"
September 29, 2006 by Jamie Clifford

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Hello to all the people who follow this web site. I have been a wrestling fan since the age of six and I still follow it to this day. I look back over the years and think about all the groups that have made their mark on the wrestling world; Degeneration X, NWO, The Heenan Family for example . But one will always stay in my mind along with others of the wrestling world, The IV Horsemen.

When you here about this group you instantly think all the legends who have had the honour of being apart of wrestling history. Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson, Barry Windham, Lex Luger, Tully Blanchard, Sting. We have past the start of the 21st Century, I now think if the Horsemen were still about, who would be apart of it" Here are a few I think would make great members of the IV Horsemen and why.

CM Punk - A risky choice some people may say, but his history speaks for himself. Former 4-time IWA Mid South Heavyweight Champion, 2-time ROH Tag Team Champion, ROH World Champion, OVW Tag Team, TV and current OVW Heavyweight Champion; he is also competing in the new ECW. Apart from multiple championships he also stands for the business, it traditions and its ethics. His charisma shines during interviews and sparkles even more during matches. What's more this has all been accomplished at the age of 27. He has the future of World Champion written all over him.

Ken 'Mr. Kennedy' Anderson - A real up and coming superstar, irritating good heel and has skills like no other. Former ACW TV, 2-time Tag Team and Heavyweight Champion, UPCW Tag Team Champion and current WWE United States Champion. Like Ric Flair during his time as a Horseman, he has the ability to be hated and people still want to see him. Horseman Material.

Bobby Lashley - Where do I start" During his college days he was a former 3-time National College Champion and can now add Former WWE United States Championship to his growing résumé of honours. What's more he fought for his country and still wrestled amatuer for the Army. He has power, elegance and grace in the ring and has authority to pursue anything he wants.

Christian Cage - Deserves the title Captain Charisma whether it be in WWE or TNA. Whether he's a face or whether he's a heel people love him or love to hate him. Former SSW Tag Team Champion, ECWA Heavyweight Champion, 2-time PCW Heavyweight, ICW Street fight Tag Team Champion, WWF Light Heavyweight Champion, 9-time WWF/WWE World Tag Team Champion, 3-time Intercontinental Champion and 1 time WWF European Champion and, more recently, former NWA World Heavyweight Champion. One more piece of evidence is that he is one of the elite Alumni's of the TLC match.

Samoa Joe - Power and authority of a heavyweight with the grace and agility of a cruiserweight. At 30 he has become the longest running UPW Heavyweight Champion. He has also had an impressive run in ROH becoming the ROH Pure and Heavyweight Champion. What more he is a former 3-time TNA X-division Champion having some classic matches with Sabu, Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles.

I know there random choices but, from what I've seen, read and heard, they have the potential to be great. If your great you'll be remembered, to be remember is to be apart of history and a part of history is the IV Horsemen. If anyone has any comments to add to this please feel free, i like to hear what others say. Thanks for reading and keep smiling ..

by Jamie Clifford..

Jon Rosaler wrote:
Mr.Clifford, This was a nice piece, but you made an error on Punk. He lost the OVW title a few weeks ago to Chet Jabloski and also, A lot of discussion going on about how the horsemen should feud with DX instead of the nWo, just read my article.
Seymour Furburger wrote:
CM Punk- He would have fit in great in the four horsemen because the horsemen were about excellence inside the ring and on the mic.
Kennedy- A decent character but his ring skills aren't anything special. He is overrrated, and doesn't belong in the Horsemen stable.
Lashley- The horsemen were great at cutting promos... Lashley has some skills in the ring, but putting Lashley in front of a mic equates to disaster. This guy would, in fact, be much better off in a stable to hide is poor mic skills, but he would never fit in with the Horsemen.
Christian Cage- Good in the ring, great on the mic. Still though... his gimmick would clash with the Horsemen. You never saw Arn Anderson giving shout outs to his peeps did you"
Samoa Joe- How can a Horsemen member be native to Samoa"
... I'd say the only person suited for the Horsemen that you mentioned is CM Punk.

Brian J. Adkins wrote:
The original Four Horsemen (technically with their manager James J. Dillon it was five guys) had some specific traits. The main one being they were a heel group,except for a very brief moment in late-`89-early 1990 with Sting as a member. But history shows they work better as a heel group of four,one who is the official leader,two whom function as contenders for the tag team titles and one whom can be a contender for any secondary title,such as the current U.S. or I-C title,and which can be seen as someone willingly there to help thwart any challengers who want to usurp the World title from the leader of the group.

Your picks are interesting but the only one i could see in such a stable would be Christian Cage ,whom would fill position of secondary-title holder.

C.M. Punk does have ethics and therefore is better cast as the sympathetic babyface. Bobby Lashley also seems to be better as a babyface and does not seem the type to adhere to coercion. Samoa Joe and Mr. Kennedy have had and do have heel tendencies,but for the most part i see them as loners.

Right now there is a group on Smackdown who comes close to the original fomula and that is King Booker`s "court". There is five members if you count Queen Sharmell and Finlay`s "leprechaun" who hides under the ring.

If i were going to try and bring back this concept i would have an actual tie to the original group such as having either Ric Flair,or at least Arn Anderson as the manager and go from there.
Jonathan Preston wrote:
Absolutely not. A new age 4 Horsemen" I'm sorry, but there's not anybody in wrestling who plays the part. The closest thing there is to a new 4 Horseman was Evolution (Flair, HHH, Batista, and Orton). So no. I like where your heads at though. The Horsemen were a very elite group and bringing them back into the picture would be cool, but I can't see any wrestlers that could play the part.
Jon Rosaler wrote:
Also, Joe is a 2-time X division Champion, not 3. But one man I'm hoping will become a 3-time X champion is "The Future" Chris Sabin. Even if he doesn't, I'll still be a Sabin Fan.


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