Viva La Memoria
December 28, 2006 by Jamie Violette

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I find it amazing, that over a year after his death, the chants of the one man, that made millions mourn still roar through arenas across the world. Eduardo Guerrero Llanes, only 38 when he passed away, left his mark on many, many people, internationally, regardless of the feelings they had for him.

I, along with millions of other WWE fans, was moved by the ceremony held by WWE on RAW to remember "Latino Heat". As much as some people call wrestling fake, you cannot take away the fact that tears were shed simultaneously, world wide, for the loss of an idol to many, including myself.

Although his life was honored, one can't help but think his death is being exploited. WWE has held their ceremony. In my mind, it should have been left at that. Then, they started making money, by marketing products in memory of Eddie, which many fans appreciated, and WWE benefited from financially speaking.

After this, and still today, Eddie Guerrero is kept in context through such things as story lines, which disgusts me. At first glance, they were simply honoring Eddie; but now, so long after his death, the storylines and the marketing needs to be laid to rest, along with Eddie Guerrero's memory. I am not saying, in any way, that Eddie needs to be forgotten, but WWE fans need to remember Eddie by what he accomplished, what he believed in, and what he stood for. They don't need to remember him as a product of WWE.

One could argue, that Eddie would "want the show to go on", but to me, know matter how loved he was, and still is, there is only a certain amount of publicity you can "squeeze" from this man's tragic death. I just wish WWE would let it go, let Eddie rest in peace, along with his accomplishments, and continue on with the show. But instead, his legacy is being taken advantage of.

After everything Eddie did for the WWE, and the professional wrestling world in general; everything he gave, sacrificed, and put his effort into, WWE, is obligated to give it all back, and let the "Latino Heat" legacy live on, solely in memory.

Viva La Memoria.

by Jamie Violette ..

Luke Tobin wrote:
If Vickie Guerrero wasn't working in the WWE right now, I'd agree with you. I think still making a story line out of the Guerrero death is benefitting his family, who is now lacking the man who brought in their entire income, and that WWE is doing a good thing by continuing to support the Guerrero's by giving Eddie's wife a job. And what else are you gonna be able to do with her? It's not like she's got any talent. They'll milk this storyline as much as they can so they can keep Vickie around for awhile so she can keep some steaks in the freezer. She's got three kids.
Kirsten F wrote:
I totally agree that Eddie's death is being exploited...Although yes, they are saying that Eddie would say he wanted the show to go on, I don't think they should be using him in various storylines just to earn a bit of extra cash. I think they have gone too far and should stop using the death of a legend in this way. R.I.P Eddie Guerrero
Jonathan Cruickshank wrote:
I like how your article pays respect to Eddie, and I enjoyed reading your opinion on how WWE has handled his death. But, what I must point out, is that whilst Chavo and Viki Guerrero are still involved in the SmackDown! storylines, their current storyline involving Chris Benoit has barely mentioned Eddie at all, and this angle clearly isn't centered around him. I do admit that after Eddie's death, WWE definitly made a big issue out of it, but it's not really being continued strongly today.

Viki Guerrero is now, believe it or not, on-screen talent for the WWE, which is a position the company probably gave to her to help her move on with life, because without something productive to do, it can be a very depressing life for a widow.
Micael Holm wrote:
wow i cant belive that it's been over a year ,.. well i will for damn sure never forget the Memory of Eddie Guerrero .. and i agree with the thing that WWE have taken the Eddie involving Storyline too far , making his wife look like some ***** and same to his nephew , and involving Eddies best friends Rey and Chris ...
Dan F from kent, England wrote:
That is a well written column and I definitely agree with you. It saddens me that they keep bringing up his legendry name, in this storyline involving chavo and vickie. He should be remembered for being an excellent and popular wrestler, which he was.



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