The Last Laugh
May 1, 2005 by Jarrad Russell

Hey, my name is Jarrad Russell. I'm 14, I've been a wrestling fan since I was knee high to a grasshopper and I live In South Australia.

To guys, girls and wrestling fans of all ages:

Has anybody ever noticed that the show before the pay per view, the superstar that gets THE LAST LAUGH or the superstar who gets his music played at the end of show always seems to lose at the pay per view 80 percent of the time.

Now I have written this letter on Wednesday 27 April 2005 after I had watched RAW (RAW comes on at a different time in Australia) and I want to see if my theory works. Now let's see what happened on RAW" Shelton T-boned Y2J and Triple H pedigreed Batista, therefore, Shelton and HHH got last laugh.

Now I haven't just come up with this on the spot, here are some examples going back over a year:

The RAW before Bad Blood (HBK vs. HHH hell In a Cell) HBK beat Randy Orton in a one-on-one match. Every Evolution member interfered but HBK overcame them and then attacked HHH in his skybox and got the last laugh.

The RAW before this years Royal Rumble, Y2J and HBK defeated Edge and Christian and then Edge defeated HBK at the Royal Rumble.

At the RAW before New Years Revolution, Randy Orton beat Triple H one on one but in the Elimination Chamber Triple H pinned Randy.

When Eddie Guerrero was champion on SmackDown!, the show before the Great American Bash, JBL had a match against El Gran Luchador and JBL said that he was going to send a message to Eddie by dominating El Gran Luchador and he did. El Gran Luchador was thrown out of the ring and a mysterious double came out from under the ring. A switch was made, who was later revealed to be Eddie. Eddie Guerrero punched JBL a couple of times, did his little dance and clotheslined JBL. Eddie hit the three amigos on JBL and a frog splash. Eddie got the last laugh but then lost the title at the Great American Bash to JBL.

This always happened in JBL's long title reign as well. The Undertaker got the last laugh before he lost at Judgement Day, and Booker T got the last laugh on JBL before he lost in his title match against him. The Big Show also had the last laugh the SmackDown! before he was defeated in the threat match at Royal Rumble and before he lost to JBL in the cage match at No Way Out. In fact the only time that JBL did get the last laugh in his entire title reign, it was on the show before WrestleMania 21, where he lost his title to John Cena.

These are just a few examples off the top of my head, please reply and make your comments and keep in mind this is my first article so no hate mail please (joke).

by Jarrad Russell ..

michael nader wrote:
Jarrad I know exactly what you mean. It's been going on for years. My view on the matter is that the reasonthey do it is because they (the writers) want to write out the following scenarios:

1. a face who was given a serious disadvantage before the pay-per-view overcome the odds. For example HHH had his leg totally destroyed by jericho before there match at wrestlemania in 2002, when he not only pinned jericho, but he pedigreed his "ex-wife".

2. a heel who is made to look like a fool before a ppv main event match, and as a result the crowd feels he poses no threat. Then at the ppv, the heel shocks the crowd and wins the match. An example of such would be when Jericho became the first undisputed champion. Angle and Jericho lost a tag team match to austin and rock. Angle furious angle slammed jericho and left the ring while rock and austin toasted. And who do we today refer to as our first undisputed champion" Y2J

In some cases, usually the important ppvs i.e. wrestlemania, summerslam, survivor series, they don't use the last laugh rule at all, because they want to keep people guessing.

It's pretty sad if you think about it, cause it usually gives away the results, making the main event sort of predictable. The MAIN EVENT of all matches should NOT be predictable.




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