Lashley vs. Kennedy
September 21, 2006 by Jason Lock

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Bobby Lashley has now been on the Smackdown roster for 362 days now. This Saturday will mark his end of his first year with the WWE. And after a mere year of wrestling at Smackdown, Lashley has his first shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.

Ken Kennedy has been on the Smackdown roster for almost 13 months now, only a month more than Bobby Lashley. Unfortunately, Kennedy has suffered through injury. He came back and just recently won the United States Championship pinning Bobby Lashley in a Triple Threat Match which Finlay also participated in.

Although both are new Superstars in their second year, both are 30 years old and may not last more than seven or eight years in this business. But, during those years, I believe that Bobby Lashley has the potential to be the more dominant Superstar over Ken Kennedy.

I am being as unbiased as possible to present my facts, but Lashley has already done more to prove himself because Kennedy was dominant as a result of his injury. First I want to look at the Pay-Per-View performance by both Superstars

Bobby Lashley has lately had a track record of being cheated out of his victories; this is true is some of his PPV performances as well. He had an impressive debut at No Mercy defeating Simon Dean and forcing him to eat 20 burgers. The new superstar proved himself in Smackdown by winning a spot in the Survivor Series classic Smackdown vs. RAW match. While he was eliminated early he was one of only a few people who blocked Chris Master's MasterLock and showed his power devastating Carlito and hitting Shawn Michaels with a Dominator before being eliminated. Lashley defeated William Reagal and Paul Burchill in a handicap match at Armageddon. He qualified 8th for the Royal Rumble and needed the large Big Show and Kane to eliminate him. The start of Lashley being screwed was at Now Way Out when he faced JBL. With interference from Finlay, JBL put an end to Lashley's six month undefeated streak. Lashley was screwed out again by Finlay and Sharmell at Judgement Day when Booker T beat Lashley to become the King of the Ring (and subsequently, King Booker). Afterward Lashley performed the most memorable moment of the match when he speared Booker through the throne.

Ken Kennedy also debuted at No Mercy defeating Hardcore Holly. In a poll on it was asked which Superstar had a more impressive PPV debut and 75% voted for Lashley. Kennedy only had two PPV's, his second via accepting an open challenge where he defeated Batista by DQ.

Kennedy is 100% at singles PPV's, all be it one of those wins was because Batista clobbered Kennedy with a steel chair. He only won by pinfall in 50% of his matches. Lashley is 50% at singles PPV matches. Both of his losses have come because of interference by Finlay. It is impossible to say if he would have one those matches or not, but, in both Superstar's wining percentage by pin fall, they are equal.

To me, Lashley is a better entertainer than Kennedy. Now i know what probably 90% of you are thinking: "Kennedy's introduction is original and more entertaining than Lashley's." I agree that it is original. I don't refute the fact that I get goosebumps when he yells: MRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR KENEDYYYYYYYYYY!!!......... KENEDY!!! It's amazing. But Kennedy doesn't know when to shut his mouth. He talks way to much and I can't talk him serious when he says anything. For example: after winning the United States Championship Kennedy said he was better than George Bush, the President. Lashley is soft-spoken. He doesn't talk much but when he does, it is memorable. Lashley has had beef with several Superstars many of them long-term feuds. The only main beef Kennedy has had was three matches with Batista; he won one by count out, one by DQ, and the third he was demolished with a Batista Bomb. Kennedy merely a three week stumbling block for Batista to get a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. And lets face it, drama between Superstars is entertaining, Lashley has a lot of drama, namely with Finlay and King Booker .

Both have accomplished the same feat: they have both been the United States Champion, Kennedy being the current one. But after Lashley was pinned but Kennedy in that Triple Threat Match, he put the second rate belt behind him and is now in contention for Smackdown's top prize.

In conclusion, believe what you want. I have presented the facts and my opinion on them. While both will be atop Smackdown standing within the years to come , I think "The Real Deal" Bobby Lashley will be the more dominant Superstar.

by Jason Lock..

SPEBY wrote:
I think you are being too generous when crediting Bobby Lashley's mic skills and promos as being "memorable". I think his mic skills and promos are horrible, absolutely horrible. It looks like he is reading from a script when he talks, and the stuff he says when he does talk makes me question what drugs the writers are on. Proof" On the 9/15 edition of Smackdown, Lashley says to Finlay and I quote, "You say your name is Finlay, and you love to fight. Well I say your name is Finlay, and your a bastard." I mean, WTF" This guy makes Lita sound charismatic. By himself, I don't see Lashley as a credible contender for either brands' heavyweight title. However, if the guy is given a manager as a mouthpiece, like Paul Heyman was for Brock Lesnar, he could be a success.
Mike Timko wrote:
In all honesty, I don't see either one of them having a very impressive career. The main reason is because they're on the sinking ship known as SmackDown! If Kennedy goes to RAW, then it's a different story. I look at Lashley as another Lex Luger. Vince likes to bring in these genetic freaks with muscles upon muscles, but are so limited in the ring. Don't bank on either one of these guys being the future of wrestling.
Spiz wrote:
Hey man you have got to remember that Mr. Kennedy was out for at least 4 1/2 month's. He came back a won the U.S. title witch is not a scond rate title. And before you know it Mr. Kennedy will be right up there with Lashley. My predictions are that Kennedy will be thw one to take the Heavyweight title away from Lashley if he wins it. In Lashey's first PPV match he beat a nobody Simon Dean while in Mr. Kennedy's first PPV match he beat Hardcore Holly. Overall Kennedy's record is more impressive than Lashley's. And Mr. Kennedy is not a big mouth, he is your average heel. I love his entrence and I love saying it MR. KENNEDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andrew David Irving wrote:
First of all, I'm sorry but you can't preach to everyone with all the neutrality of the New York Times (thanks JBL!) then finish the article with "I have presented the facts and my opinion on them". You didn't present the facts so much as mention them in passing whilst you bombarded us with how great Bobby Lashley is (and well, he's not!).

Secondly, I just want to make it clear that none of this is said with any malice, I like hearing what other people think, even if I don't agree. Nevertheless, Bobby Lashley is not exactly a wrestling technician in the ring and Kennedy does as least show signs that he has aspirations so to be. That said, if you want to watch great mat wrestling (which I do) then you should watch ROH (God bless The Wrestling Channel!) not the WWE, which is for entertainment only really (especially on RAW). Don't get me wrong, I like entertainment and WWE's cool, but I think you have to take it all with a pinch of salt before talking about "great superstars" (although WWE seems to like this word as it dissolves any suggestion of an ability to wrestle!)

One final thing, if Lashley does turn out to be a big star, the WWE will have to make sure that all of the following Smackdown wrestlers (sorry, "superstars") are involved in non-title feuds for the rest of his career; Booker T, The Undertaker, Fit Finlay, William Regal, Rey Mysterio Jnr., Chavo Guerrero Jnr., Shane Helms, Matt Hardy, Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Jimmy Yang, Chris Benoit, Kid Kash and James Gibson. Okay, that was a cheap shot but still, at least John Cena can rap!




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