What Does Kane Do Now"
August 8, 2005 by Jay Ingram

For the purposes of this column, I am not criticizing WWE, but simply bringing to light that a long time fan favorite character is possibly on the brink of being eliminated from the WWE.

The Monday, August 1st RAW, was the culmination (or if you prefer, the train wreck ending) of about six months of storylines between Kane, Lita, Edge, Snitsky, and Matt Hardy. Hardy proceeded to tell the whole world what they already knew, that the Kane/Lita marriage was simply a storyline. Not that big of a deal, we all knew that already.

However, in doing so, Matt Hardy or VKM have basically taken the Kane character and reduced it to nothing. The baby, the marriage, the attempted murder, the necrophilia, the childhood trauma, the relationship with the Undertaker, none of it matters anymore.

Kane has always been one of my favorite characters in the WWE, and subsequently, Glen Jacobs has always been one of my favorite wrestlers. Jacobs has been faithful and loyal to the WWE since he started. You never hear about Jacobs starting locker room trouble, and he has shaved half his head and all of his eyebrows for about a year and half now. Think about that. The man runs around in public with shaved eyebrows. That's dedication.

So what's in line for Kane now" It seems he will become a non-issue in the Edge/Lita/Hardy storyline, unless he is set to tag with Hardy against Edge and Snitsky. After that feud has been played out, then what" And, by the way, whatever happened to the movie Kane was making" Didn't filming end a long time ago"

When/if HHH returns, we all know he will probably push to have the title around his waist again, but he (Lévesque) will not work a major storyline with Kane. The Intercontinental belt" Nope. It seems to be reserved for developing/midcard wrestlers. Tag team title" Nope. To form another amalgamated tag team right now would be a disaster. Hardcore title" Doesn't exist anymore, right" However, it would seem suited to Kane's power-march style of in ring skill.

The only suggestion I have is to give the man about 2-4 months off, let him grow his hair and eyebrows back, and bring him back in the style they did after his biceps injury. Let him talk, laugh, and interact with the fans. Many of us loved the post-return Kane, although he skinny (relatively), and smiled, and seemed to be having a good time in the ring and with promos for the first time.

Kane is one character that I definitely don't want to see let go for budget reasons, or because the writers "don't have anything for him right now."

by Jay Ingram..

Erkka Järvinen wrote:
I agree with you. Kane is a dedicated worker, always have done what he has been told. This man has played some of the worst storylines in WWE/F History and is a massive powerhouse with skills. Although, it seems like there is no columns published to this site without HHH bashing in it. He will not take the strap back you idiot! Triple H has been thinking only WWE past years. Look at Randy orton and batista, they were put over by HHH and now they are big stars. They were both moved to SD! so they can continue their careers properly. Triple H will not take the strap back because if he would, he would have done it at Summerslam. Obviusly he took a break so fans could forget about him little bit, he was the main man on RAW for many years so ppl will always treat him like that if he would not take a break. When he will come back, Kurt Angle will be his first opponent, thats my guess.
Kevin Roberts wrote:
I believe the Kane of old can be rebuilt with a little work. I miss the 'tortured soul' Kane who just came out and destroyed EVERYBODY; face or heel. I want the monster who chokeslam Eugene through a table, hell he would even tombstone Christi Hemme if he wanted to, and for no reason whatsoever. That's the Kane that we all know and love, ain't it" Bring HIM back, the fire and brimstone, hell's next door neighbor, the big red machine.......Kane.
Chuck P from NY. wrote:
First of all, the Kane/Lita/Snitsky/Edge/Matt Hardy feud had gone on way too long in my opinion. What I think the WWE writers should have done was to make the match between Edge and Kane at Vengence to be a match with more stipulations, i.e Cage match, strecher match etc. However, Kane may or may not be "injured" or disappear for awile and the writers may repakage Kane as the Boogeyman that we have been seeing this past month on Smackdown and Raw. Anywhay I thought you wrote a good article but I could care less what Glen Jacobs does with his career as Kane or anything else.
Rene wrote:
I strongly agree with you. Kane is one of my favorite wrestlers, and, regardless of how weird it sounds, I think that if the writers made Kane masked again, reminiscent of post-surgery 2002 Kane, he would get over again, and he could possibly, given the fan reaction, be given a proper title reign, instead of that horrible 24-hour reign back in '98.
alan/scotland wrote:
i totally agree with you`but kane like many others will continue to be held back by the likes of triple h. kane like the big show has been made a laughing stock time after time (edge/hardy/lita angle) and the big show may be crap but kane is not`the wwe is going down the toilet so quickly that unless it starts to take note it will lose all it`s big names. with jericho leaving after summerslam and still no futher forward with the lesnar situation i strongly suggest the vince starts pushing the likes of kane`christian`booker t`benoit before the all decide to leave.
Eduver3 wrote:
well nice article. i know this is off subject but for alan/scotland, chris jericho is not leaving after summerslam, he has renewed his contract w/ wwe, he says so on his website. anyways, back to kane, i think he'll be back in good hands at wwe if he turns into the evil kane that just didnn't give a hell, heel or face.
Joey Milam wrote:
You are 100%,no doubt correct that if Kanes' music hit,and fire blasted from the walk-way @ SummerSlam,everyone would go NUTS!When Kane,before his arrest,was wrestling,you could see the tourture he was giving his opponents:Edge,Hardy,Snitky,(Shane)McMahon,Randy Orton,Stone Cold,etc.But one match that I would kill to see:Kane vs.Undertaker prt.3 (from WrestleManias 16 and 20,even though he lost both)in a Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania 22.Viva La Kane,Viva La RAZA!
Mickey Smith wrote:
The answer to what can be done with Kane is a simple one, and homage can be paid to two of the greatest heel characters ever... The man obsessed with fire, needs to be burned. The attack can be simple and perpetrated by anyone, most fittingly someone who has befriended him. Once his face has been burned he goes back to wearing a mask... claims he was disfigured, claims he was once again screwed over by someone who pretended, does everything he can to gain they sympathy of everyone, perhaps even becomes frightened by fire (including his own entrance). While he is "nursing his burns" the fire bug enters into a fued with the biggest face at the time. As Mr. Face is getting the beat down of his life and about to be burned out comes Kane, still frightened by fire but needing to put an end to the madness. Suddenly issues with fire pop up at arenas all over. Pyrotechnics don't work properly, Mr. Face is mysteriously burned by fireball before an appearance...Who is behind the attacks, none other then the mosty devious psychological mastermind since Jake the Snake Roberts and Waylon Mercy. A soft spoken killer who gets into the heads of his opponants and go straight to their fears... know what I mean.

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