The Loudest Pop I Ever Heard... For Nothing
August 25, 2005 by Jay Ingram

The day was last Monday, August 15th, 2005. The place was Montreal. HBK was in the ring, cutting a promo for his match with Hulk Hogan at SummerSlam 2005. HBK is cutting on the people of Montreal, and Bret Hart, playing on the people of Montreal's love of Bret, and their hatred of HBK, trying to generate heel heat going into SummerSlam.

Chants of "You screwed Bret", and "We want Bret" constantly rise up from the crowd. HBK, being a master of the mic, allows it to happen, and encourages it to happen.

Before I go to the next part of this article, let me explain something about myself. I don't really consider myself a mark. I have been exposed to the business since Angelo Poffo ran ICW out of Lexington, KY during the 70's. I rarely get really pumped about wrestling, but I love it all the same.

HOWEVER, during HBK's promo, Bret Hart's intro music hits, and the fans in Montreal go crazy in a way I have never seen before. Me too. I had my surround sound speakers turned up for the show, and I found myself reaching for the remote to turn it down. The crowd was that loud. On television. I could only imagine how it would have felt to be in the audience when it occurred. It was the loudest crowd reaction I have ever heard in my life.

I jumped up from my couch, and scream at the top of my lungs. "Oh my God, it's Bret! Yeeeaaahh!!!" I grab my wrestling-loving four year old son in a bear hug, and run up to stand in front of my television, already wishing I had decided to tape this edition of RAW.

I wait. And I wait. And I wait.

No Bret.

I have never been so disappointed with a wrestling show in my life.

The thing that made this so difficult to accept, was that Bret had inked a deal with WWE to pump a Bret Hart DVD just days before. I guess in the back of our minds, we all just wanted him to appear one more time, even if is health kept him from actually wrestling. And a lot of us thought/think that this will give Bret the chance to do it.

Bret has said in the past that he will never get involved in another wrestling storyline. And I guess we all need to respect and admire his tenacity to stick to his word, no matter how much money is tossed his way. Most guys today would put their word on a back shelf for the right amount of money, but it seems Bret will not do that. I respect that, no matter how much I want to see him walk down the ramp, even if it is just to put HBK in the sharpshooter while he tries to cut a promo.

Don't misunderstand the title of this article. I am not saying that Bret is nothing, I am saying that the pop was for something that didn't' happen.

I hate to admit this, but I so much wanted to see Bret again, that I even thought that maybe Bret would answer the Masterlock challenge, and be the first person to break it.

So, though it is hard to accept by many, I now admit that we will not see Bret on WWE again.

Also, the hardest part of the whole ordeal was when my four-year-old asked me why I was so excited, and I had to look at him and say, "Nothing, Bud, daddy's just a dummy."

by Jay Ingram ..

Edrom41 wrote:
wow, short article but 16 so i kinda missed out on Bret since i didn't watch wwe or wcw when he was there. but i still know he was great. i have the iron man match w/ him and Shawn and i love it i like a lot of other young fans will have to learn about bret via his new dvd, and i hate to admit but i hope they include the screw job in there.
Eric Schomburg wrote:
It is reasons like these that I HATE the WWE. Despite that I still watch the crap that WWE produces, I still hate it. Why do I watch it" Because I remember a time when The WWF, was a kick ass show, but lately it has been everything but kick ass. I understand completely about your argument, granted I was mythed, but I knew that Bret wasn't coming out. I was pissed off when Vince McMahon decided to see how the fans would react to Matt Hardy's theme during Edge and Lita's "wedding." When it blared out, the fans went nuts. It was the first time in a long time that I can remember standing up in excitement watching a WWE program. It was unpredictable. It was unbelievable. It was bullshit. I remember standing in shock while watching Edge and Lita laughing. I wasn't pissed at Edge and Lita, they didn't GET me. I was pissed off at Vince McMahon. Why Vince McMahon" Isn't it obvious" While yes Stephanie maybe the writer, but Vince still pulls the strings, he still pushes the buttons at the WWE. Vince didn't have to do that, because the fans made it obvious with Vince that they wanted Matt Hardy back. "You screwed, Matt," ring a bell" Vince did it, so he can screw with the fans, especially the internet fans. Because that is where the love triangle started, the internet. Vince, with help from Shawn "I scrwed myself at SummerSlam" Michaels, decided to "stick it" to the Canadian fans by teasing them with Bret Hart's music, a new titantron video, and possibly a Bret Hart appearence. Shawn Michaels laughed. I'm sure Vince McMahon laughed. But, the fans WEREN'T. The bottom line is, Vince McMahon right now thinks that he will always have the fans in the palm of his hands; however, I suggest that Vince stops with teasing the fans and start getting things done right. Can you imagine if Matt Hardy or Bret Hart really came out" Vince would be seeing $$$$. But, alas, Vince McMahon's ego is bigger than his 60 year old prostate. That is why Matt Hardy's push was mediocre. Another example is of course Shawn Michaels' claim that he was going to screw, Hulk Hogan. As a fan, I was expecting it. It's like watching Halloween III. You're expecting Michael Myers, but what you get is a bunch of kids who wear halloween masks get cockroaches spewing out of their mouths. It's called a ripoff. I wanted to see Hogan get screwed, because it would justify Hulk Hogan as a face. Justify Shawn Michaels as a genuine wrestler. And it would make Vince a lot of money. So what happened at SummerSlam" Hogan is even more hated. Vince lost a lot of money. The WWE lost a lot of value as a wrestling company. and Shawn Michaels lost a lot of fan support, including myself. SummerSlam may have had a great match between the Legend and the Icon, but the only people that got screwed was Shawn, Vince, Hogan, and the fans of the WWE and professional wrestling. I understand what you mean, but this isn't the first, and certaintly not the last of Vince McMahon's teasers.


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