Christian Cage Vs Abyss/Full Metal Mayhem-Blood, Belts & Videotapes
May 9, 2006 by Jeff Springer

Before I start my first column I would like to introduce myself to give you some insight into the writer of this story. My name is Jeff Springer, I have been watching the WWF/WWE since I was very young .I always loved the WWF/E over all other promotions no matter what the circumstances were bad, good or indifferent I was WWF/E. Then about 4 years ago I came close to never watching wrestling again but than the World Wrestling All-stars tour and the Formation of NWA/TNA Changed my mind. I am a devoted TNA fan but have continued to give my former favorite company a chance, but enough about that time for my first column.

On March 4, 2006, during an interview with Christian Cage on iMPACT!, Father James Mitchell and The Monster Abyss came in and had some words for the champion. Mitchell said that Cage had leapfrogged Abyss for a title shot and that is was time he paid him back with a title shot. Mitchell Continued saying that if he didn't it would be "Click Doomsday!" before Cage could answer Mitchell, Monty Brown attacked him. That night the two didn't get there answer but that wouldn't be the last the champ would here from the demonic duo.

At Destination X. Christian Cage had retained his title in a defense against Monty Brown. The Impact after the PPV, Cage was not there because he was filming a movie in Toronto, Canada. Later in the night Abyss squashed Cassidy Riley in a match. When the match concluded Father James Mitchell got on the mic and challenged Christian Cage to a Match at Lockdown April's PPV. Mitchell after making the challenge, Alex Shelley asked Mitchell if he needed him for filming in which he replied yes. The next week on iMPACT! they announced that footage would be shown at the end of the night. What happened shocked everyone in the Impact Zone as it was James Mitchell and Abyss with Alex Shelley Stalking Christian Cage's wife Denise which ended with them leaving it with a to be continued. The next week part 2 was shown before they did Mitchell got on the mic and said that Cage ran off to make movies and they were going to make sure the he no longer ignored Abyss no matter what it took. They showed the footage with them at Christian's house and the champ catching them at his house as he went after Shelley, Abyss popped out and attacked Cage fighting him through his house to the backyard and basically drowning him in his pool leaving just a tiny bit left in him with a message across the screen saying to be continued... April 23.

After 3 weeks of not being at iMPACT! and after the two weeks of disgusting footage that Mitchell and Abyss had shown Christian Cage finally appeared on iMPACT! attacking Abyss with a tire iron. Abyss escaped from the attack which gave Cage time to get on the mic. Cage accepted the match for Lockdown and left this message with him '' are you prepared to die" Because I am." On the first TNA iMPACT! on Thursdays we finally got to hear from Christian Cage about the situation involving Abyss. He spoke about the match being more than just a title defense; he said it was personal. Three days before Lockdown Abyss and Cage had their final showdown before the PPV on iMPACT! with Abyss gaining the mental advantage, going in choking the Champ with his signature Chain. Lockdown was finally here, and the two warriors got into the Six Sides of Steel in a violent showdown. The two battled all over the arena before officially starting the match with them trying to destroy each other. Christian Cage hit a Frog Splash of the top of the cage for the pin which was unsuccessful. In pain, Abyss took advantage, bringing in his thumbtacks to take out Cage. Abyss was unsuccessful putting Cage through the tacks but instead was sunset-flipped on to them for another cover by Cage which was again unsuccessful. Cage went after Abyss to try to finish him but instead fell victim to the Black Hole Slam but again it was only a two count The match finally ended with the Champion giving his Unprettier to Abyss on the tacks to retain the NWA Championship.

The match was over, Christian Cage had overcome the odds and retained the title. Christian was not done though, he decided to go back and go after Mitchell who was who was the brains behind the sickening things that had gone on prior to the PPV. Before he could get his hands on him Abyss got up and knocked him out with his chain, busting the champ wide-open. Abyss proceeded to do what he did 3 days earlier and choke him with his chain. After finishing the job and destroying Cage, Mitchell grabbed the NWA Championship and gave it to Abyss saying that it was time for him to take his prize. In one of the most shocking moments of the night Abyss had stolen the NWA Championship from Christian Cage, and you then realized this feud is far from over. The following iMPACT! started with Mitchell and Abyss with the title. They challenged anyone to try to take the belt from him. Rhino the former NWA Champion accepted his challenge and was unsuccessful. After the match the Champion ran in the ring and went after Abyss and his belt but because he wasn't alone Mitchell ran off with the belt.

Christian Cage got on the mic and made a challenge to Abyss for a Tables Ladders and Chairs match but, since Abyss loves chains he decided that he would make it a Full Metal Mayhem match. With the announcement of this match it makes for an even playing field for both stars as they both have experience in this type of match. A lot is on the line at Sacrifice May 14th, not only is the title on the line but Cage's pride is on the line as well. After 2 months of having his wife stalked, almost being drowned and having his title stolen, Cage is in for the match of his life. As for Abyss, only one thing is on the line for Abyss, and that is to officially hold the gold he has wanted to hold for 3 years. May 14th at Sacrifice Christian has everything to lose and Abyss has everything to gain.

by Jeff Springer ..

-urq- wrote:
This was a good article for the most part. I have just started watching TNA, and it's a nice little package (i liked it better when i could watch Raw, then UFC, then TNA all in one great night of hard hitting action). Anyway, your article helped me catch up a little on the actions putting Christian where he is, as well as how the Abyss fills in. My one issue though is that there is no real voice here. I was a history major, English minor in college, so I wrote close to 200 papers throughout. I am not saying I am an expert, but I felt like you needed a little opinion in your article. Though informative, you could have given speculation or opinion as to when this former 2nd rate cruiser weight acting as a heavyweight champ might be relieved of his duties. Will it be Abyss at Sacrifice, maybe Monte Brown when he comes back, or Sting when he gets tired of botching lines with JJ" Good info, but next time, put a little of yourself in it...
Andrew Hill wrote:
I thought Christian and Abyss had a decent match. I had to mention a few points in reaction to your article, though.

First of all, I didn't see it as Christian "beating the odds". If Abyss won, I would have said that he "beat the odds". The storyline gave Christian more personal incentive to win, and it was during a time when TNA was continuing to build up Christian. Not to mention this was only Christian's second PPV title defense. Given this type of situation, I'd say the odds of the challenger actually dethroning the champion were quite low. It was just a matter of how believable they were going to make Christian's victory over the much larger and more vicious opponent look.

And for that, I'd give TNA a 2.5-3/5. The unprettier was pretty decent. And the fact that Abyss got up soon afterward and stole the belt anyway helped (isn't this something like the old Rock vs. Austin storyline where Rock had Austin's smoking skull belt"). The one thing that really bothered me was the sunset flip on to the pile of tacks. Did anyone else get that creepy déjà vu feeling" It was the exact move that AJ Styles had used to pin Abyss at Lockdown 2005. The commentators remarked on how great a move it was, and I was waiting for Tenay to point out, "You think he watched the tapes of AJ vs. Abyss from last year"" But he didn't. I guess they thought we had all forgotten.

Oh well. I'm rooting for Abyss at Sacrifice, though I doubt he will win. The next logical step in this storyline it would seem to me would be for Christian to get his belt back. But that won't stop me from supporting the underdog!
Jose Aguirre wrote:
Christian Cage is a mid-carder, undeserving of a "world championship," even though he is not a WWE failiure, but he dosen't have good enough wrestling skill. Abyss is a cheap knockoff of when Kane was masked. He has good wrestling ability but I dislike his gimmick. In fact I dislike TNA, except for A.J. Styles, Samoa Joe, and Raven
John Rosaler wrote:
Christian's promos are getting quite boring. That's why I keep thinking to myself, "Does Abyss deserve the title"" With the amount of Indy titles Abyss got, I'm pretty much rest assured Abyss deserves it. I just don't think Abyss will win it at KOTM. He is in not that type of shape. Like CLB calls him, "Shrek" won't be seen with a title in TNA anytime soon. John Cena" Rey Mysterio" Bryan Danielson" No, baby this is Christian Cage and that's How He Rolls.




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