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- OVW Is Better Than WWE -
June 20, 2006 by Jeff Springer

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World Wrestling Entertainment has been the main staple for professional wrestling for the entire 14 years I have been watching wrestling. Since the Late 90's the WWE had used a development company to build not ready wrestlers to tune up their skills before being brought up to the big time. The company is Ohio Valley Wrestling, or OVW for short, and it is responsible for most of the new stars that come into the WWE. In the past year I have started watching OVW and while I watched I noticed something weird that I couldn't explain: OVW is better than the WWE. Monday Night RAW minus a few good segments are hard to watch due to how bad the storylines are and how three of the four championship divisions are in the toilet. Friday Night SmackDown is very weak with a roster that has no depth and a day and times that cause people to have a hard time catching it. After One Night Stand I thought the new third brand of the WWE might be good but if the shows continue to be like the first ECW will be as bad as the other two. While these brands fail, the development territory that is supposed to be the minor league is actually so much better in every aspect. It leaves the question, where is WWE going wrong if the developmental company is better than the main show"

If you watch the three brands of WWE on TV, you see that it is lacking strong storylines. If you watched OVW since November of last year you would see one of the best feuds I have seen in a long time - Brent Albright vs. CM Punk. On November 9, 2005, Brent Albright was supposed to wrestle Ken Doane in a match for the OVW television championship. Before the match could start, CM Punk hit Brent Albright with a chair and took him out of the match so that he could replace him. In the end CM Punk won the match and the OVW TV Championship getting not only a title but an enemy in Albright. The two had a series of matches with one of my favorites being a match where it went to a time limit draw and Albright asked for an extra five minutes in which he made Punk submit. It didn't count because after the submission Punk said that he never accepted it so he would retain his title. January 4, 2006 Punk lost his TV Title in a three-way match to Aaron Stevens but his feud. with Albright was far from over. The feud became even more intense when the OVW Championship was vacated. The two stars battled their way through the tournament to get to the finals where Albright beat Punk to become the OVW Champion. The feud. finally ended. After two months of Punk getting close to winning Albright's OVW Championship he finally did on May 3, 2006 beating Albright in a Strap Match. Please explain how this amazing 6-month feud happened in OVW and WWE can't even do something that good.

The funniest thing about the fact that OVW is better than the WWE is that World Wrestling Entertainment can use the storylines and characters they make in OVW and use them in the WWE, but they don't, and that is why a lot of the guys brought up from OVW fail. Look at former OVW Champion Nick Dinsmore for an example. He is a former 11-time OVW Southern Tag Champion, and more importantly, a former 9-time OVW Champion. He should at least be in the IC Title picture by now. Nick Dinsmore is not in the IC title picture because he is Eugene, Eric Bischoff's Special nephew, who is a low card wrestler at best. Rob Conway, Dinsmore's tag partner for 10 of his 11 Tag Titles and a former four time OVW champion as well, is a jobber on Heat with a lower status even than Dinsmore. I love the Spirit Squad right now but two of the five can't stay cheerleaders forever.

The point I am trying to get across with my rant is that WWE has the talent and writers to take their shows to the next level. If you watch OVW you see that if they put WWE production quality into the show and put it on TV, the ratings would be better. If you look at heavyweight titles in wrestling most of them have lost the luster. They have the type of feuds that have been tied in with the OVW title in the past year, and are up to par in my opinion with the best world title in the business today the ROH World Title. The Albright/Jeter feud into the battle of the Thrill Seekers over the title into the emotional surrender of the title by Matt Cappotelli into the tournament into CM Punk finally wining the title from Albright was some of the best stuff to come from a form of the WWE in a long time. I don't understand that while this wasn't on TV the crappy title reigns of both Batista and Cena were boring the fans of the WWE on TV.

Ohio Valley Wrestling is the minor league of World Wrestling Entertainment but it doesn't feel that way. If WWE wants to have a bright future in the wrestling business, they need to push the OVW guys correctly. If they push these guys right like they do sometimes you get success. John Cena, Batista, Carlito, Shelton Benjamin, Bobby Lashley and others have had a successful career in WWE coming out of OVW, I don't understand why Vince can't give that fair shake to all graduates of OVW who really deserves it. I think that they should also look at OVW for storylines because they are very strong. In conclusion, if the WWE wants to have an amazing future they need to look into OVW and try to think toward a future rather than a future release.

by Jeff Springer ..

Dylan L. wrote:
Okay, I may sound confusing on what I am about to say, but bare with me. You are wrong, yet you are right at the same times, because you have mentioned non-important stuff that has nothing to do with bad storylines, but have mentioned the only one thing that needs to be acknowledged. Feuds.

You mentioned stuff about this and that and all other kinds of things, but the thing that is right. Feuds. Feuds make wrestling history, Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant, Undertaker vs. Kane, Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat, Bret Hart vs. Davey Boy Smith. you get two wrestlers. Two wrestlers that have two different personalities, views on things, and the whole heel/face situation, and your GOLD! Leave it to the wrestler to put emotion, anger, pain, passion, and great matches into their feud. The only thing is, you need to be able to find 2 wrestlers who have enough talent to do this. That is all that needs to be said.
Randall Flagg wrote:
Simple-the WWE creative team sucks like a black hole, and OVW had (until recently) Paul Heyman running things. Now he's running ECW, but VKM still has final say. Let's see how well that doesn't work out.
Jon Rosaler wrote:
I know I've been wrong before, but wasn't the Spirit Squad already forming in OVW" Most of the members were former OVW Champions. They even wanted CM Punk to join (yeah, Imagine The Punker a Cheerleader, ha ham that's a laugh).
Ross Kilday wrote:
Jeff, OVW is better than WWE via storylines and matches because OVW is on UPN. UPN don't decide what happens in some storylines or what gimmicks should be dropped in OVW, unlike in WWE. The Muhammad Hassan gimmick was dropped because UPN didn't like the riskyness of it and wanted to keep "Terrorism" out of the UPN's image. This is the problem with WWE aswell. The writers get lazy because they can't do what they want.
Rohit Ramnath wrote:
Thats a good article... and I understand where you are coming from. The WWE certainly needs some direction if their developmental arena is better than the final product.

I believe more than complaining about the writers and how they suck, we should go one step further and look at the management. Vince McMahon had a very tight grip on the company before (i.e. during the attitude era etc...) and produced good quality wrestling. Now, with him having a monopoly, he is interested in other affairs (like Candice Michelle) and as such lost focus.

Also, he is aging and not very well by the looks of it. I don't think he has the creative genius he had before as seen by his bad choice of writers and the fact that he can't see his mistakes.

This is not a Vince McMahon of old, and I think its time the WWE gets a new leadership. It may be good idea for Shane to take over the company now and get to reformatting. What im worried about though, is that Vince may still run it and it will continue to be where it is.


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